Four Teams Interested in Fukudome?

According to a report from Bruce Levine, “at least four teams are zeroing in on Kosuke Fukudome”. Levine has reported the Indians interest in Fukudome for a couple of weeks and reiterated Cleveland’s interest in Kosuke again on Sunday.

Kosuke Fukudome has a limited no-trade clause and can block a deal to six teams. It is unknown if Cleveland is one of the teams on his list.

Bruce Levine reported that the Indians are “one of several teams that have a focus on bringing in a veteran outfielder” and Fukudome “may fit the bill.” The Cubs will owe Fukudome around $4.3 million by August 1. It is possible the Cubs will send cash in any deal involving Fukudome depending on the player (or players) they could receive in return for Fukudome.

Kosuke Fukudome hit just .229/.315/.385 in 28 games in June with seven doubles, a triple and two home runs. Prior to Sunday’s game against the Astros, Fukudome’s line in July was .259/.322/.352 with three doubles and a triple in 15 games.

Fukudome was 1-for-4 with a walk on Sunday in what could have been his last home game at Wrigley.

Kosuke Fukudome’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • Kojak Osborne Jr.

    Well lets deal him

  • Cha boy

    His career looked so promising after his first game …. 

  • Neil

    Brett Jackson hit his first Triple-A home run with one out in the third inning of Sunday night’s game against the Sounds

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      your right Neil give him some time lol

    • Chipguy2030

      unfortunately he is only hitting .175 in Triple A!  He is not ready!

  • RickinMSP

    Let him go and the sooner the beter.  No matter how much of his contract the Cubs eat they won’t get any legitimate prospects for him, so send him to whoever is willing to take on the most salary.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Just because the Indians got DeRosa and we got nothing in return doesn’t mean that they’ll skunk us again. Just think about Jim Clueless’ last deal, and how the Cubs made out like bandits when they traded for . . . Carlos Silva.

      • J Daniel

        Hey, they said we got good players for DeRosa and it was going to be good in the long run.  Bruce Lavine said so as well numerous times.  Should have gotten better or not have made that one.  That was the start of the spiral . . .

      • cubtex

        We got nothing in return? Chris Archer was the Cubs #1 prospect last year who we turned into Matt Garza. I think that worked out pretty good!

        • Ripsnorter1

          You can believe that if you want to–you know what I mean–that the Rays traded Matt Garza straight up for Chris Archer, and that the other four players were for Fernando Perez. If you want, you can believe that the Rays would not have made the deal if Jim Hendry had not acquired Chris Archer–that the Rays instead would have made a deal with the Indians for him. Go right ahead. It doesn’t bother me that you believe that. You have my permission to swallow that story. Me–I don’t believe it.

          And you then won’t mind if someone says that the entire deal was all about Sam Fuld. That the real key to the deal for the Rays was Sam.

          Now don’t scoff: that point has just as much validity as your Chris Archer angle.

          • cubtex

            He was the centerpiece of the trade! You can choose not to believe that but that is what has been reported. The Cubs got a very good starting major league pitcher for prospects! DeRosa has been a stiff since the Cubs traded him! I would do that Garza trade again in a heartbeat and I’m sure the Cubs would to!

          • studio179

            I do not remember the Rays saying it had to be Archer for the centerpiece of that deal. I remember the Rays insisted on a top middle infield prospect (Lee) and a top pitching prospect (Archer OR McNutt) and they let the Cubs decide which to include. The Cubs felt McNutt had better starting potential, so Hendry agreed to part with Archer.  

          • studio179

            Tried to look it up, but could not find actual quotes. Oh well, my above response was not meant to be harsh or too direct. It’s just I am pretty sure that when it came to the pitching portion of that deal, the Cubs were given a choice to include Archer OR McNutt.  

        • J Daniel

          The whole point was that what did it do for them then?  You have a team coming off of 97 wins, is very close, and you trade a guy for minor league players that can’t help you now?  Different story coming off a championship, like the Hawks (trade them all now if you need to but you won it).  And like a said, the spiral started with that trade without the championship.  So although it may have helped get Garza, who is really good, I see a team that is 42-60 and has to start the building all over.  How many years and counting?

          I don’t mind that they made the trade but when you are that close you need to make it for someone that is going to help you now.  Oh ya, that was to free up money for Milton Bradley ha ha ha ha who couldn’t hit right handers.

          BAD TRADE!

      • gocubs

        We did get Chris Archer for DeRosa, who helped us get Garza.  Im not happy we had to give up Hak-Ju-Lee, but Garza has been great for us and we have him under control for 2 more years after this year.  

        • cubtex

          Exactly! And if Garza continues to pitch well and the Cubs still suck in a year and a half….they could always trade Garza at that time and get back quite a substantial package of players. So this idea that the Cubs made this trade to win this year really doesn’t make much sense. They have next year to compete for a division and the year after.

          • diehardcubfan

            Sorry, but we will not be contending for any division titles anytime soon.  The Matt Garza deal was at the wrong time.  We gave up way to much for him.  The Cubs would have been better off to have kept those prospects.  By 2013 the Cubs farm system should start to produce several ML ready players with a handful for next year mainly DJ, Flaherty and Jackson.  By keeping those prospects the Cubs would have created depth, now we will not be as deep.  Once the Cubs actually developed into a contender then they could have traded some of the prospects for young talent like Garza who could actually help the Cubs win.  Garza has not helped us win now because this team was in no position to win and will not be for at least two years.

            You saw JH press releases.  The Garza acquisition was about the Cubs contending this year.  There was no intent to build up his value as a trade chip down the road.  JH remained delusional at the beginning of the year that we could actually win and that is why he went after Garza. 

            That is the only reason JH could justify parting with several of the Cubs higher level prospects.

  • Ripsnorter1

    All time high in RBIs:
    58 in 2008.54 RBI in 2009.44 in 2010.13 thus far in 2011–on a pace to set the record for least RBI by any player, any position in MLB HISTORY with at least 502 PA.

    Looks like a good fit for the Indians. They need less offense to ensure that they don’t make the playoffs. Remember: the AL Wildcard will go to the runner up in the AL East, so any playoff hopes requires that a team win the division in the AL Central. 

    Who is their GM? Maybe he could be our GM soon . . . . .you know, keep the tradition going.

  • Darrenmcculloch

    Fukudome won’t get traded till the Mets get rid of Carlos Beltan.  Beltran will start the domino effect when the teams that miss out on him start making deals.

  • J Daniel

    Let’s hope that is was the last home game for as many as possible.  If some of the last year contract guys are not coming back, they need to be moved. 

    It would be wonderful for Fuko, Grabow, and Pena possibly Pena to be dealt.  It would be a huge shock if they were able to deal Soriano and if Aram waives no trade.  

    Should be an interesting week but my instinct tells me ultimately not much will be done.  Need to be buyers for next year.

  • Cheryl

    If four teams have interest in him that says something about how he’s viewed outside Chicago. Yes, he did not live up to expectations. But this year he showed a change for the better. He is and has been an excellent defensive player. And the first part of the year when he first came to Chicago he was about the only player that showed patience at the plate. Unfortunately you can’t say that for a lot of cub players.

    • paulcatanese

      Cheryl, I know we are in the minority. But I feel the same as you do, I like the guy, think he is a journeyman pro. If he goes I will miss him,never had to worry when something was hit to right field. Wish he could hit a little better, but I would hope the rest of the Cubs could as well.

      • gocubs

        Im with you guys.  Fukudome has been one of the best defensive RF we have had in a long time.  He has been one of the best OBP guys we have had in a long time and his patient approach did help change the free swinging culture here in ’08.  He should have been our leadoff hitter all 4 years he was here.  Ill miss the guy, but he is at the end of his career and really has been since he got here.  He was not worth the huge contract Hendry gave him, but he has been a very good player.    

    • diehardcubfan

      Cheryl, you are right that Fukudome has great defensive skills and is the best on base guy with the most patience at the plate the team has.  If Fukudome had Campana speed then I would love to keep him.  Unfortunately he never developed into the player many thought he would be.

      I really think that first game of his created a lot of expectations and because he did not live up those made him not highly thought of in Chicago after that. 

      He is a good player and on the right team will make a good addition, he just does not fit well into the Cubs for the future.

      I think he will have good success on a contender.

    • Tony_Hall

      It also shows how desperate teams are, this time of year.  Fukudome’s #’s this time of year, at night, and away from Wrigley are just plain awful.  You would have to be ignoring all the data, and/or just want his glove to think that he can help a team get to the playoffs.

    • Tony_Hall

      We will see how Fukudome is viewed around the league, this offseason, if he is offered a contract to play in MLB next year.

    • Dorasaga

      I must agree these observations are legit. Fukudome has been different from all other Cubs players. He was not easily replaceable on that lineup 2008-2010.

      Now that his price of a half-year rental has dropped, with all considered, a playoff appearance is much more valuable than $4.3 Million. Clubs who want not power, but on-base and D, will need more insurance for pinch-hit or as a fourth outfielder to push them to the top.

      Here are three other outfielders rumored to be traded, and whose value are above Fuk:

      B.J. Upton, Carlos Beltran, and Hunter Pence.

      I personally believe that Beltran, with his track record and resurgence of power, is the best option among three. The rebuilding Mets must also satisfy cutthroat New York fans/media. With Wright and Reyes not movable, the club have little choice but trade the rightfield/former center as quickly as possible.

      The Rays might ask a ransom for Upton, so is the case with Pence.

      Two other contending teams whose outfield, blatantly, sucks:

      Tigers; best OF: Brennan Boesch, a sophomore with much to be tested as the playoff race drags on; the rest? a mixed bag with a tough year.

      Phillies; best OF: Shane Victorino; isn’t this a surprise? But the Team of Brotherly Love lacks offense with old veterans and repeating injuries.

      They’ll go for Beltran, and if impossible, Fukudome is a quick backup.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    alright what about Byrd, DeWitt, Pena, Big Z, and Soriano( wishful thinking)
    Oh Reed Johnson, Grablow (not a misprint lol) Koyie Hill, Rodrigo Lopez.

    Buy one get one free sale lol.

    • diehardcubfan

      With the way Lopez has been pitching I think some teams will look at wanting to rent him for the rest of the year.  Also, I think Byrd will draw interest and possibly Johnson. 

      If Grabow can put together some more good outings then he will again join the group.  He has to start pitching better though for anyone to want to take a chance.

      It would be nice if we could then give away Hill in that deal.

  • Tno13

    Anybody else notice there was no seventh inning stretch singer today?
    Hopefully, it stays that way.

    • gocubs

      There was, it was Walter Jacobson

      • Tno13

        Either it wasn’t televised or I had a mini-stroke.

        • paulcatanese

          You didnt have a mini stroke, it wasnt telivised.

  • Ron Sheasby

    Sayonara, Fukudome..We’d hoped you’d hit like 
    fat Man and Little Boy..  Instead, you fizzled like a firecracker in wet grass. 

  • Richard Hood

    There is now talk that Upton is going to Cleveland so that kind of takes them out of the Fukupalluza Tour of 2011.

  • wildtyme

    The real question to me is how much could they re-sign him for?  Obviously he’s in line for a huge pay cut…why not consider him as a bench player…good pinch hitter against righties…great defensive replacement…good teammate…classy guy.  This team is pathetic, but you have to create depth while you rebuild.

  • Jdarby

    Can someone please explain to me why the Cubs aren’t interested in dealing Dempster?  He has been nothing short of average this year, he’s not getting any younger and he’s making a ton of money to win 10-12 games.  Seems like everybody needs pitching out there and he’s a veteran guy who gives you innings.  If the only reason the Cubs are keeping him around is because he’s a good clubhouse guy, well that’s not enough for me.

    • paulcatanese

      He and Wood are two peas in a pod this year. Except for the salary difference they are much the same, a disapointment. Both are good clubhouse guys and their charity work for the city is excellent. Both have given the Cubs re-structerd contracts, lower amount and deffered monies. The Cubs must feel an obligation to both after the other weird contracts they have out there.You might say, “the peoples choice”even though they are not producing the way that was hoped. At this point, today I would have to admire the loyalty of players and club. As to how far it goes, who knows? Sorry, not really an answer to the question you posed, but the best one I can think of.

    • Zippy2212

      I think the main reason is Dempster has 10/5 rights and has stated he loves Chicago and has no intentions of waiving his No trade rights so Hendry and company aren’t wasting time discussing him.  Plus at least this year they have no one who can take his starts. 

      • paulcatanese

        Thank you for expanding on that regarding Dempster, I didnt think of that at all.

  • Richard Hood

    There is a lot of chatter this morning about Pena having too high of an asking price for the Pirates. The question then becomes is this a ask the moon first and come down to the market closer to the deadline scenario? Or is it that Hendry is just overvaluing his trade chips…………….. again?

    • Zippy2212

      Per MLBtraderumors, Jon Heyman is tweeting that “Pena will almost surely be moved” for what it’s worth.

      I’ll believe it when it happens.  I think the price is high and probably will stay too high for the Pirates, the only hope maybe Arizona. 

      • Richard Hood

        A bidding war? That would be great. We may end up with a really good prospect for a marginally good player.

        • Zippy2212

          Unfortunately, we will probably end up keeping the marginally good player and resigning him next year.   

        • paulcatanese

          I agree with you Richard, but again would be very surprised if Pena was
          dealt. Only if the Cubs were really serious about Fielder (Pujols isnt going anywhere) would I suspect them dealing Pena. Dont think the Cubs have any idea of filling first base from their system. Then again JH may be at all costs try to get rid of dollars, to me thats like cutting off youre hand to save a finger.
          It would be a panic move at this point. As a hitter I cannot stand Pena, but where would the Cubs go to replace his power, as they are firm believers in the home run? A good prospect is great, but then they would have to go after
          power hitter as even if they retain Aram that would not be enough. I also think though as you do a top pitching prospect would do the trick as that should be the priority move that they make.

          • Richard Hood

            I actually do think that Pena being traded is at least a possibility. Just because it gives us another option to sign him back this off season and we get some prospects in the mean time. The only problem with that scenario is that we are going to have to get at least the value of a type B free agent for it to be a fair trade.

      • Neil

        For the latest from twitter, from reliable sources, don’t forget to check the CCOs twitter feed on the right hand side of the site.

  • studio179

    I like Fuk’s baseball IQ, his D and his ability to take a walk. I just prefer a corner guy to be able to split the gaps and put the ball over the wall much more often than Fuk has his last 3 3/4 years as a Cub.