Ramirez, Soriano and Other Cubs Rumors

The July 31 non-waiver trade deadline is 12 days away and several players on the Cubs roster have found their way into the rumor mill … most notably Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano.

Aramis Ramirez reiterated on Monday that he “would invoke his 10-and-5 rights and void any deal presented to him.” Ramirez wants to stay in Chicago and is not interested in any trade. Ramirez’s agent told Ken Rosenthal that if Ramirez does accept a trade he “would want his option dropped as a condition of a trade, a stipulation that would enable him to become a free agent at the end of the season.”

Here the update from the mill …

Aramis Ramirez
Several teams are rumored to be very interested in trading for Aramis Ramirez. The Angels have Ramirez on their “wish list” according to Ken Rosenthal and the Tigers on hot on his wheels according to Bruce Levine.

Rosenthal spoke with Ramirez’s agent, Paul Kinzer, Monday. Kinzer said that Ramirez is “unwilling to approve any trade.”

Kinzer does not see a trade happening before July 31 but indicated, like Levine has over the past few weeks, that Ramirez might be willing to waive his 10-and-5 rights in August after his wife and children return to the Dominican Republic.

Kinzer told Ken Rosenthal that Ramirez would want his $16 million option for next season dropped as a condition of waiving his 10-and-5 rights and accepting a trade. That would allow Ramirez to become a free agent at the end of the season.

Alfonso Soriano
The Soriano-to-the-Yankees rumors have been swirling around for a couple of weeks. Tom Loxas spoke with someone in the Soriano camp on Monday about a possible return trip to New York for Soriano.

Loxas was told “no one on their end has heard anything” about a possible deal that would send Soriano to the Yankees and “Soriano doesn’t want to go back to New York.”

Loxas indicated that he’s heard the Cubs might have to “take back a salary like A.J. Burnett” but “any deal for Soriano would be a tough one no matter what.”

Notes and Tweets from the Mill
Ryan Dempster has 10-5 rights (basically a no trade clause) and told XM Radio on Sunday that he does not want to leave the Cubs and would like to finish his career in a Cubs’ uniform. Dempster has a player option worth $14 million for 2012 … plus the Cubs owe him $1 million in both 2012 and 2013 as the remaining balance on the $3 million Dempster deferred from his 2010 salary.

Peter Gammons tweeted Sunday that “Jim Hendry has no interest in trading Ryan Dempster or Matt Garza during the season.”

A Cubs’ coach told Tom Loxas on Monday night “that he would hate to see Carlos Pena go anywhere.” According to Loxas, the coach indicated Pena “is a great clubhouse guy and there is a long list of guys he would like to see disappear first.” The coach told Loxas “he wouldn’t mind seeing Pena signed back for a few more years.”

According to a report from Bruce Miles, Jim Hendry is in Des Moines for the next three days “presumably to take a look at youngsters such as Brett Jackson, Ryan Flaherty and D.J. LeMahieu.”

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Well, that’s the latest … and I’m sticking to it.

Quote of the Day

"Pitching is the cornerstone of most championship teams." – Roger Craig

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  • Demitri

    Hendry is checking the youngsters to see if they can play bench. The cubs have no clue or plan to change it’s losing ways. Who cares about club house guys now.. They are out of contention

  • Agustinrexach

    Great news from Arizona; D-Backs are about ti release Aaron Heilman. Jim Hendry must be looking at his options and trying to figure out What it Would take to bring the coveted reliever back to the North side. I wonder if K. Gregg is available too.

    • diehardcubfan

      I was going to say the same thing.  Thanks for beating me to it.

  • T_Leise

    This is assuming you trade Soto, Baker, Fukudome, DeWitt, and Byrd for some pitching or possibly corner outfield prospects. Trade Soriano for a bag of peanuts or just dfa him and maybe someone would pick him up like the White Sox did with Rios. I would think someone could use him as a DH if we paid some of the contract.

    That is assuming we get rid of Hendry and Quade and then bring in a good GM and possibly Sandberg as Manager.

    1st Fielder
    2nd Barney
    SS Castro
    3rd Ramirez (for another year till Vitters is hopefully ready)
    LF Colvin
    CF Jackson
    RF Free Agent or trade 
    C Castillo 

    C/inf Clevenger
    inf LeMahieu
    out Campana
    inout Flaherty
    inf Marwin Gonzalez

    Can Ridling or Lahair play outfield at all?
    Also I wouldn’t mind see Byrd as a backup or possibly RF if he isn’t traded.

    Sarting Pitchers

    CJ Wilson
    Cashner (If healthy)


    Kevin Roderick or Jeffery Beliveau

    • Aaron

      Yes, both Ridling and LaHair play OF….best suited for LF, which is why you’d move Colvin to RF, especially since there are no good options on the FA market. So your only other option is trade, unless Szczur plays well at Daytona the rest of the year and in the AZFL. An OF of Szczur, Jackson, and Colvin with Campana on the bench would be pretty damn exciting to watch, and I’m sure the pitchers would love it. 

      I like every single suggestion you made, other than Zambrano in the rotation. I think he’s finished being even a #3 starter. I also like your pen suggestions, but I wouldn’t take Maine. He’s had his chances, and he just flat out can’t get MLB hitters out. The guy I’d really like to see would be Dolis, but I’d much rather see him as a starter than reliever (again, like Russell, he’s in a position to fail, as he did MUCH better as a starter….go figure, Cubs then throw him in at closer)

      • T_Leise

        I left Zambrano in the rotation because I figured there was no way they would get rid of him. I think you hang on to him until some of the younger pitching is ready. I think you need a few veterans to fill in with the youth.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Jim Bowden, former GM of the Reds, wrote this analysis of the top available players at each position. His direct comments are put in quotes, folks. He lists them in the order of being most desirable. Cubs have no one desirable or available players at SS, C, LF.

    Bowden says one should not kid themselves: the Cubs are sellers!

    #1 Pena “A one-year, $10 million deal expires at season’s end, and Pena should end up with another 30-homer, 80-RBI season while hitting at the Mendoza line, with plus defense. The Cubs need to save those dollars to put toward a run at Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols come November. The Rays would take him back if the Cubs eat all the money, but that’s not happening.”

    #2 Chris Davis “has holes in his swing.”
    #3 James Looney –you’d have to be loony to want Looney. (MY comment)
    #4 Derreck Lee: “nothing left in the tank. No takers most likely.”

    #1 Hudson
    #2 Infante
    #3 Hill
    #4 Jeff Baker: “The Cubs are telling teams he’s not available, but isn’t every player available for the right price? Like Infante, he’s extremely versatile and could help a lot of teams for that reason.”

    #1 Aram ” Ramirez has a full no-trade and a vesting option that would have to be eradicated before any trade, making it unlikely he gets moved. However, the Angels and Pirates would be a perfect fit since they both desperately need some production from the hot corner.”

    Soriano is not even mentioned as a possibility. My comment on the suggestion that he might be traded: “AHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FORGETABOUTIT!!!”

    #6 Byrd”Too many contending teams need outfield help and the Cubs need to get younger. He’s hitting .306 and would help a lot of teams.”
    #1 Bourn, Astros. May be headed to Atlanta.

    #6 FUNKO! (Please, it hurts to laugh so hard). “The Cubs have been trying to move him and his contract for two years. They’ll keep trying. This is the last year of his four-year, $48 million deal, which will make him easier to move. Plus, his .373 OBP shows he can get on base. (My comment: He has a whopping 13 RBI in 300 PA. Can’t ya’ll understand that he won’t help your team? Or is this simply a dream that the Cubs think they can deal this loser?)

    Z is not even mentioned NOBODY WANTS THE BIG CRYBABY.
    Dumpster “He would be a great fit for the Red Sox or Tigers.”

    RH Relief
    Kerry Wood, he says, will not be traded. My comment”Who wants Mr. Clutch-less? Only a losing team like….the Cubs.

    LH Relief
    #1 Sean Marshall ” Lefty relievers are extremely important in the postseason. The Rangers, Red Sox and Yankees would love to have him.”

    Marmol is not even mentioned.

    • J Daniel

      Great info and a lot of what I have been saying for awhile.  At this point, a lot of it just doesn’t matter.  

      Fukodome, who cares.  The season is over, his contract is over, and you are not getting anything for him anyways.  Maybe just a little salary relief after eating a majority of what is still owed. The only value in getting rid of him is the roster spot.

      Byrd might bring a low level prospect that probably won’t pan out or is years away.  Again, the main value will be the roster spot.

      Soriano is not tradeable, period!  The only option here, is to eat just about all of the remaining contract or to take back similar bad money.  Would be a major shock if they could pull off a move.

      Pena would bring a decent prospect.

      Soto might bring a little in return as he is solid.

      Who want s Big Z with all of the paper left and the sideshow?

      Can’t see Wood going anywhere after coming back.

      Castro and Barney aren’t going anywhere.

      Ramirez and Marshall could probably fetch the most in return.

      So, in my opinion, it is a complete mess with very little to trade off due to bad contract after bad contract.

      Oh, Grabow, lol!!!

      • paulcatanese

        Regardless of what most want to be traded away, and I have said this many times over the past few months. Aram will be back with a new contract, so will Pena, Soriono, for sure, Hill and Soto, all of these guys will be back next year. Not my choice, but they will be. No one wants them unless the Cubs shell out money and I dont see Ricketts doing that.

        • J Daniel

          Agreed, Paul.  Stuck with contracts.  Not sure if Pena will be back, though.  I can see Aram back.  Stuck with Soriano unless a miracle can be worked.  Probably no reason to trade Soto but Hill should have been gone long ago and not sure the reasoning behind this one?

          • paulcatanese

            Hill? Its because the Cubs have a new thing in their format, stealing bases.Hill showed his tremendous speed last night and Quade figures he fits right in.
            Reality? No one knows, Hill is the mystery of the universe.

          • Darrenmcculloch

            yeah Koyie Hill is the next Rickey Henderson.  That slide last night was about as good as an eight-year olds.

          • paulcatanese

            Love it, make me laugh,good one. I guess when he never slides,well?

          • ghostofelvis

            Hill must have some dirty pics of JH someplace. thats about the only reason he should be on any roster, including a minor league one. 

    • cc002600

       Rip,  You just confirmed what I have been saying for weeks on here and many have disagreed…….NOBODY is taking that garbage that we have …..these guys are all under-acheivers making boatloads of money….HELLO ???   Why in the world would any team want that ?

      These guys have no value, UNLESS the cubs eat a majority of the money remaining, and that ain’t happening. NOBODY is going to add $8 or $10M or whatever to their payroll for an average to below average player…..NOT gonna happen.

      There are too many people on here that need to remove the cubbie kool-aid goggles.

    • Mike1040

      Hey Rip,
      I’m not a big fan of Bowden, but some of what he says makes sense. most of it is no-brainer stuff that everyone already knew (re: Lee etc).

      I read this entire column today and have come to the conclusion that there won’t be much change coming and we are doomed to watching bad, poorly managed baseball.

      The only new development that I see is the possibility of your suggestion a while back of what I like to call the “Airline” promotion. Where you get a barf bag along with your tickiet. We could put a likeness of Quade or Hendry or better yet maybe a player like Grabow on the front.

  • Campbell Jordan25

    It was actually Tom Loxas of Cubs insider not David Kaplan

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Thanks for catching, corrected.

  • wrigleyhawkeye

    I would swap Soriano for AJ Burnett in a heartbeat.  First, AJ only has 2 year remaining at $16.5M each and Soriano has 3 years at $19M.  Plus, we could use another arm and AJ isnt that bad of a pitcher.
    That being said, I would reject this trade in a heartbeat of I were the Yankees…. unless they have another pitcher who can come in and fill the void– which they may trade for. Oooooh, maybe toss Zambrano in the mix as well and get a prospect or 2.

    • J Daniel

      I am glad that you said you would not do that if you were the Yankees.  I think many people fail to realize is that there is not much value on this team.  If there was, they wouldn’t be as bad as they are.  Quade can make mistakes but good players can overcome by getting timely hitting, fielding the ball, all of the fundamentals that are lacking.  It goes hand in hand with management and players but the players are not very good.

  • Griffnbell

    Is there a chance that Marmol gets traded to the Rangers, Phillies, or Tampa?? I know these teams could all use a closer and their farm systems are pretty deep. I think Marshall can fill the closer role the rest of the season and maybe move Cashner in to that role next year. Also, Ramirez needs to waive his no trade. I love ARAM, but who wouldn’t want to go to a contender and have a chance to be in a pennant race?? I would do Soriano for Burnett in a second…no brainer.

  • paulcatanese

    Think about it, if anyone were a Cub player why would you want to leave? You have great restaurants, great weather, and a chance to lounge around in the clubhouse with all the great guys. You don’t have to produce, hustle, and not listen to a manager who knows less than you do. You can go to the General manager and ask for a raise, promising you will return to your’e prior form before you got here, and lo and behold, you just  got a raise and an extension. Ricketts will be around on hot days to give you a drink of water. A great deal, no wonder players want to come to the Cubs.I was a great player 60 years ago, I think I will put my resume out there,I could use a soft retirement.

    • Griffnbell

      HAHA!!! i just don’t get how Z, Dempster, Wood,&  ARAM don’t want to take a run at a ring…we are heading (hopefully) into a rebuilding time and why would they want to be a part of that? Plus Hendry says Baker is untouchable?? Who says that? It’s embarrassing!! I live in Des Moines and get to see the next generation and I feel B-Jax, Flaherty, Gonzales, Lemahieu, Castillo, etc., need a chance and not be blocked by the overpaid vets. We won’t be a contender over night so let’s clean some house, upstairs and downstairs, and see if we can build a contender. The only thing that gives me a little hope is that we get a new GM with new ideas.

      • paulcatanese

        I dont think they do want a shot at a ring, it would require production on a steady basis. I could have seen these kids play last fall and didn’t, thanks to management and Quade,which in my opinion was deliberate. Less flack by fans and media if no one gets to see how good the kids are. The contracts they have with the vets had to be justified. Well it blew up in their face, everyone got to see what has taken place and are trying to hold management accountable( a very difficult task with Ricketts in agreement) Castro , Barney and almost all they have brought up for a limited time if given a chance would have pushed the vets out, and I dont believe it would happen until next year.

  • paulcatanese

    If you were a Cub player, why would you want to be

  • paulcatanese

    Neil, probably no need to wait for the lineup tonight. The only change would be at leadoff and catcher. Then again with Koyie Hill’s display of speed he may be back out there at leadoff, he has such a great eye at the plate.

  • studio179

    I have had this conversation many times. I get it, but it is frustrating.

    One side of it, I understand the players side. They earned the 10/5 rights via the rules or their no trade status their agents got the GM to include in their contracts. I don’t like it, but I can’t fault the players. I want to see trades, even though the value they would bring back is not going to be top shelf. The Cub players are not worth that caliber, but any bit of salary relief would help and bring in a couple lower level players that end up decent or serviceable players. More important though is this team needs to move on from old, broken contracts. Their refusal to be traded is their right, but it hurts the franchise.
    On the other side of it, I do not understand the players side. People move due to jobs all the time. Their families will be inconvenienced, but will do just fine. I understand child medical issues and wanting to to be with the family. First, the whole family does not have to move. Two, people get use to a certain level and lose reality of things. They get paid a lot of money to play a kids game and trades are part of it. It is two months, three if they make it to where every player should want to go…for a title. That is the profession they were gifted to be able to do and choose to do. Again, players who refuse to waive their rights have earned it. However, It is hard though for anyone associated with the team on any level or fan to understand not allowing the franchise to possibly progress. If they stay, no one believes talk of winning and how they want to win…blah, blah. 

    Frustrating for everyone.

    • Griffnbell

      I agree and understand the 10/5 rights and family concerns but like you said it’s for 2-3 months and Dempster and Aram could both be free agents if they wanted and go where they want next year. I’m tired of looking at the lineup every night and seeing the same old and tired bunch. If we moved some players it could look a little like this…not saying this would be next years lineup just for the remainder of the season…this would make me want to watch a little closer

      LF-Soriano (He’s not going anywhere)
      RF- Colvin

      • studio179

        You hit it right saying the ‘same old tired bunch’. We know what to expect out of the overpayed/underperforming names. We knew the team had to pay the piper when these deals were signed. It still stings. Maybe using the term fans being ‘held hostage’ is not proper, but it feels that way.  

      • gocubs

        LahHair is a career minor league player.  He is 29 years old and has been in AAA for 6 years.  He does have some very nice minor league stats, but hes not a prospect.  There is zero chance he is a starter on the Cubs.

        That team you field costs like $50 million including the pitching staff.  What are you going to do with the other $90 million we have to spend?   

        • Griffnbell

          Like I said, that lineup is for the remainder of this season, not next. Lahair deserves a shot at the bigs for the next couple of months not expecting him to be our savior!! With the remaining $$ I would spend some on a left handed starter (Wilson, if it’s not more than a 4 year deal), bullpen arms, and speed. No need to bring in someone who will cost $100 million yet…let’s build from within and fill in after we see what needs fixed.

        • studio179

          Keep in mind, money spent on the field is still questionable. The money coming off the books at seasons end does not mean it all goes back on the field. No one knows the percentages yet. Say ‘IF’ the Cubs move a contract, they will eat a portion. That comes from the budget. Everyone wants Kenney, Hendry and Quade gone. Highly unlikely all three go, but say it happens. That comes from the budget. Plus, there are no promises ownership allows the big splashes for signings. Maybe he allows one to prop up the fan base, maybe two. Maybe there are no big names and just mid level or second tier types, who knows right now. Ownership may very well put a large portion back in the coffer for now to ease debt, even more in scouting and development or in the ball park rehab, ec. There are so many holes that need fixing in this organization.

          I guess my point is do not assume all or even most all of that money coming off the books after 2011 goes back on the field. I might be wrong and ownership goes big and does spend it all on the field. I just doubt it. 

        • Skeldor

          He’s been a career minor league player b/c he has never been given a shot.  He had all of 1 year in the majors and only 150ish AB, how can you judge someone based on that?  Dude is a consistent 25HR 80RBI hitting near .300 in AAA the last 3 years and if it were with any other organization would have at least had a chance.  He’s only been given 1 chance which in my opinion isn’t enough.

  • roseyc

    Dempster and Garza out of the tradeable bunch is the only ones I would keep.Rameriz needs to go and Pena does too. Why would the Cubs say that anybody is a good clubhouse influence when they are LOOSING!!! If Soriano was hitting 40 homeruns nobody would question his strikeout or bad fielding the same with Z if he was winning none of his antics would matter. But you play to win the game not soothe feelings. If some compentant GM would tell Rameriz and Soriano and Zambrano we don’t want you and your not in our plans moving forward we are rebuilding if you don’t except the trade you will be on the bench. Marlon Byrd is a good player but we aren’t in contention and won’t be for the next two years. We need to find out if our own prospects are ml ready.The trades should bring in competition. This is not Phd stuff it’s common baseball sense.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Ya’ll think Cubs fans, as a whole, can think? 

    I have proof positive that the majority of Cubs fans are drunk on Blue Kool-Aid. Here’s the proof:#1 Fact: The Cubs are 19 games under .500 after just 100 games. That means this team STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #2 Fact: Bruce Levine posted an interactive score card in which fans vote on individual Cubs’ players, giving them an A, B, C, D, or F grade. INCREDIBLY the average Cubs’ player earns a “B-.” 

    Here’s the link. Prepare to laugh hard!

    Hill–grade C
    Soto–grade C
    Barney–grade A
    Castro–grade A
    Aram==grade B
    Baker–grade B
    Byrd–grade B
    Soriano–grade C
    DeWitt–grade C
    Funko–grade C
    Colvin–grade F
    Campana–grade C
    Johnson–grade B

    Garza–grade C
    Grabow–Almost a C,,D+

    Quade got an F.

    • Cha boy

      Quade got a C. Cub fans are afraid to give any player lower than a C- …

      • Cha boy

        from Levine that is, which is a joke. 

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      For me, Barney and Castro certainly should be the top 2 grades on the team.  Not sure where Marshall is on this vote, but he’d be an A too. No way can Hill have the same grade as Soto.  I feel Campana’s is too low as well– excellent glove, decent hitter and he’s a rookie.  I throw Marmol down a grade or two as well.

      • Ripsnorter1

        How can hardly anybody have a decent grade when the Cubs have one of the worst records in MLB?

        I only have one A on the entire team: Reed Johnson. The man is slugging .550 and leads the team in slugging. My other grades, if I were the teacher, are as follows:

        Pena–C  I ain’t giving a B to a Mendoza line 1B.
        Barney–B. He is slugging .367 and he never, ever walks.
        Castro–B. He can’t catch a cold, and he never, ever walks.
        Aram–B-.  Where were you when we needed you? Absent bat for 3 months.
        Funko–D. No power. No speed. No batting average. Only walks.
         Byrd–B. Not enough power or RBIs. He was 1 for 23 in RISP while batting 3rd.
        Soriano–D. No speed. No glove. No power past April. No hustle. I hate him as a player.
        Soto–C. Not enough with the stick this year.
        Hill–D-.  Mendoza was a slugger next to K.Hill
        Campana–D-. No power. No RBI. No glove. Only speed. Couldn’t play for me with Montanez in the minors.
        DeWitt–C-. SLugging a Barney-esque .367 with no speed and a lot of errors. 

        Z–D. Out of shape. Has the maturity of a six year old. Maybe.
        Garza–C. Inconsistent is his middle name.
        Wells–D-. The Cubs are probably the only team in MLB where he would be a starter right now. He has been AWFUL.
        Lopez–A starter; C in relief.

        Wood–D. Mr. Clutchless only pitches well when the game is totally out of reach.
        Marmol–C. He really misses Larry Rothschild.
        Russell–A as a reliever; F as a starter.
        Grabow–F- .  Really, how does he get to be on any MLB roster?
        Samardzija–C. Walks way, way too many.
        Carpenter–C-. No control and has been very lucky.

  • cc002600

    Just wondering……after last night’s game, does this mean that Rodrigo Lopez is now our ace ?

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ripsnorter1

      Don’t laugh. He IS our best starter.

    • paulcatanese

      Kind of what Rip or Aaron indicated, he has the lowest era of all starters, so I would consider him our ace, why not? I know you watched last night. Phillies were so frustrated with Lopez and his lack of speed that they all (leftys) started to try and hit to left field so they wouldn’t be ahead of the pitch.

      • cc002600

         Yea, but if he is truly our “ace”, than we are doomed way more than we ever expected, and that would be truly pathetic.

        My original comment was really tongue in cheek ….

  • cubtex

    Great article on baseballamerica.com by Jim Callis about Signings moving at Usual slow pace. With 4 weeks left before Aug 15 deadline…only 7 of 33 1st round picks have signed. Of 181 players drafted in first 5 rounds…only 77 have turned pro. He asks question….cause for concern? Answer…NO. Business as usual in the 5th and final year of collective bargaining agreement. He goes on to say that Every 1st round pick is expected to sign.

  • paulcatanese

    DeVoss, 5 stolen bases, wow. More speed.

    • cc002600

       did he steal a ton of bases in college ?  and does anyone know what his glove is like ?

      • paulcatanese

        I don’t know. Cubtex seems to know him from the College he played at. All I saw was Carrie M said he was a 3rd round pick in june draft and this was his first game. Cubtex said he was a secondbaseman so I would assume his glove is good.

        • cubtex

          DeVoss played shotstop in high school and at Miami was moved to outfield his freshman year. He played both cf and 2nd last year at Miami. He actually did a decent job there. He was moved to second because of an injury. I really think this is one of the reasons the Cubs drafted him that high.

    • cubtex

      I like it Paul! I also am liking the fact that he has been playing second base. He doesn’t hit for a lot of power but he can fly.

      • paulcatanese

         know, and you cannot have enough speed.

    • Griffnbell

      I see this kid Evan Crawford playing really well. He seems to hit for a high average, knock in some runs, and has good speed. You don’t really hear much about him but it seems like a really good trade for us, I think we got him for Fontenot, Crawford seems like a better prospect than Ha but you seem to hear more about Ha. I know we don’t have much power in the OF (minors) but we do seem to have speed and high average hitters with good defense. (B-Jax, Sczur, Crawford, and Ha).

      • cc002600

        yes, but I think he has really bad K / BB ratio….(i.e strikes out a ton, walks very little) …….like every other guy in cubs organization.

        great philosophy, huh?

        • Griffnbell

          Should have known it was to good to be true!!! I think Golden will be the same but his power might make up for all the k’s. Mark Grace’s of the world where have you gone!

        • cubtex

          Crawford has close stats to Hak Ju Lee. Crawford .334 .394 OBP Lee .326 .394 OBP They are both in high A ball.

      • Tom U

        Great to see you notice Crawford, Griffnbell. I’ve been talking about him since the preseason, and he certainly has delivered. 

        The Florida State League’s leading hitter does have a major flaw. Like cc002600 points out, he has a high strikeout rate. His strikeouts are two behind power hitter Justin Bour. He’s had this problem throughout his career, but this year has improved his average by about 80 points. 

        Crawford is a good outfielder with an average to below average arm. He has blazing speed, and may be the fastest player in the organization (and that’s saying something!) 

        Jae-Hoon Ha simply has more tools. He’s a little bigger, and hits for more power. He has above average speed, but is not a good base runner yet. He is very athletic and has plus arm strength. 

        Overall, Crawford is a better player offensively and defensively than Tony Campana. If he can cut down on his strikeouts, he could eventually fill Campana’s role on the parent club.

        • Griffnbell

          Thanks for the info on Crawford. Even if he ends up as a 4th or 5th OF I still feel it was a good trade. Fontenot would get us player who would contribute unlike the Derosa trade, Lilly/Theriot trade, and so many other trades that left us with career minor leaguer’s or uninspiring bench players. 

        • Vivid_Reality

          His .422 BABIP makes my eyes hurt. Like the kid but he is probably best served as trade bait with Jackson ahead of him and Szczur behind him.

  • studio179

    Can we can move on from the Randy Wells experiment when someone other than a scrap heap signing is ready.

    Just asking.