Rambling as the Second Half is Under Way

Wasn’t that nice? What a great break. Three full days used to wash away the stain of a pitiful, pathetic and, well, piss-poor first half of the Cubs’ season.

If it could have gone wrong for the Cubs, it did. From head-scratching decisions to abysmal performance on the field, the first half was an awful display of baseball. The Cubs are only bested by the Houston Astros when it comes to the absolute worst team in baseball.

So, with that out of the way, the second half has begun, it is Friday, so let’s go do some friggin’ rambling. How about it?

  • Okay, did I just watch Game 6 all over again last night?
  • That is 7 blown saves for Marmol, and it is not even August. This is bad.
  • I will admit it: I miss the towel drill. I really do.
  • Let’s be honest, if the Yankees wanted Rothschild, he could not have been that bad. I think the pitching performance thus far in 2011 validates that.
  • I have a Kosuke, I have an Aramis, I have a Marlon and a trio of Carloses. Who is interested? Get ’em at a great deal now. This is your place for one-stop deadline dealing. We have what you need. Don’t miss out!
  • Your leaders in clubhouse for victories Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano with SIX!! Six wins. That is stomach-churning bad.
  • Many stats can sum up the Cubs season, but that one wraps it up pretty nicely.
  • Is it me or did Chris Berman only reference one Phoenix suburb on Monday night? That had to be an order from the higher-ups. And your winner: Yuma.
  • Samardzija has five wins. So, one of our middle relievers has ONE less victory than our two best starters at the All-Star Break.
  • Combing these stats feels like staring at an eclipse. I don’t want to, but I just can’t look away.
  • Who is renting Kerry Wood for two months? This could become a great plan for the next few years. Trade Kerry Wood every deadline for two or three years for a few low-to-mid-level prospects. One of them is bound to pan out.
  • Kerry Wood: The gift that keeps on giving and a Cub for life. Plus getting all these prospects in trades for him only benefits him when he is Greg Maddux’s assistant in a few years.
  • Matt Garza’s ERA is 4.26 at the break. That is best among regular starters. That is also awful. Thank you.
  • I would like to see a little more power from Starlin. Many pundits believe it will come with time, but I am anxious to see a glimpse. Anyone else with me on this one?
  • I was actually excited to see Starlin steal two bases in the All-Star game. Then he got thrown out at home. Sums up the Cubs perfectly.
  • Maybe some of Bochy’s knowledge and strategy rubbed off on the Q-man during the game. Starlin should be running much more often over the next two and a half months.
  • Or he won’t be doing any of that at all. I am done with thinking or even wondering what is going to happen. I am just in the game of watching and processing now. However, the processing part can be very difficult when so many things just don’t make sense.
  • Thursday night was Geovany Soto bobblehead doll night! I wonder if they can make one of Jerome Walton to go along with it. That would be a great set of shocking ROY disappointments.
  • Yes, I know I went there before regarding the Soto/Walton correlation, but I just couldn’t help myself.
  • Soto was hitting .228. I would really like to see a big second-half from this kid and Thursday night was a good start. Without it, many questions will arise about his future. A strong second season in Iowa from Castillo could portend of things to come in 2012.
  • Fukudome is still hitting .270. TRADE HIM NOW!!!
  • And we will finish it this way: Tell me what you are hoping to see during the second half of the baseball season. One thing. What is the number one thing you want to see from the Cubs?

And with that, we are done rambling for the column, but I hope the comments are just getting started.

Enjoy your Friday, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein