Rambling about the Comeback, yet the Reality

Don’t call it a comeback!! Holy wow. It was fun to be a Cubs fan last night. Yes, you read that right. It was fun to be a Cubs fan.

It reminded me of 1989. The Cubs were down 9-0 to the Houston Astros. The game was out of reach and a run away from the “mercy rule.” And then some Walton, Smith, Grace and McClendon, and the next thing I know, Jerome Walton is scoring the 10th run in the 10th inning to win 10-9.

What was the score last night? Right, 10-9.

The 1989 Cubs won the division. The 2011 Cubs will NOT win the division.

So, as Marshall Mathers says, “Back to reality, oh, there goes gravity … ”

And with that said, let’s go rambling …

  • The Cubs are 17 games under .500. So, let’s just go 32-10. Then they will be 5 games over, and be right back in the thick of things.
  • I had a real tough time finishing that bullet. I honestly do not think any person alive would bet on the Cubs to do that.
  • Matt Garza is, um; well, um, yea, not. Very. Good.
  • But look at the Brightside, we have him for multiple seasons and gave away three big prospects to acquire him.
  • So, it’s all good.
  • I predicted 27 homers for Pena. Most thought that number was low. I was looking good for awhile. Now, it looks low. He is HOT. SO HOT. Kinda of like Hansel.
  • Hey, buddy, I can’t see too well, is that Aramis Ramirez over there? It is! So good to see you.
  • Would ESPN have had a minute-by-minute update on their website during Paul Molitor’s run to 3000 hits?
  • No. The answer is no.
  • Fook’s average is dropping. As sure as fireworks on the Fourth! Trade him now!
  • Whatever you think about the Cubs or Marlon Byrd, you should respect the hell out of Marlon Byrd. If I took that fastball off my orbital bone, I would still be in the hospital. To come back and go for it like he has is nothing short of ridiculously admirable.
  • I am putting this out there. Just follow me. I would rather sign Pena to a two-year extension than open the bank for Prince or Albert … or Prince Albert for that fact.
  • This team is not going anywhere for a few seasons. It is a waste of money. I will take Pena’s defense and power for the next two years while others develop.
  • And he will also help Castro a lot.
  • Taking steroids in the Dominican league. Not a good idea.
  • Taking steroids … not a good idea.
  • Can Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds share a cell?
  • Sorry, back to the actual baseball.
  • I like Darwin, but he needs to bump up that OBP. If he can do that, he will make me excited.
  • Pena’s OBP is over .340. Dusty would have been upset with him for clogging up the bases.
  • I kid, I kid, I kid.
  • Three solid starts for Zambrano, and the hopefully, we will bid adieu to the face of the Cubs pitching staff, and actually get a little in return.
  • Who is the Blue Jays hitting coach? If Joey Bats is not paying him as well, he should be. The guy is ridiculous.
  • No worries, the hitting guru is in the Cubs dugout. They will be all good with him.
  • Hey, Blake DeWitt played last night. All those opportunities in left field are really paying off.
  • And I just ended a sentence with a preposition so I am done.
  • Almost done …
  • Question for discussion below: Will Clemens be convicted? I think he will. Then again there was another trial this week where everyone thought the outcome was inevitable, yet it wasn’t. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  • And another sentence-ending preposition.
  • Like Constanza after a great joke, I am out.

Quite a game last night, quite an event, but reality persists. It’s July 8th, so the Cubs have 23 days to get some decent talent. Let’s ship them, Jimmy. Please, let’s do it now.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure." – W.J. Slim

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  • cmschube

    +1 on Pena for a few more years.. he’s solid in the field and he’s starting to hit. The only thing is like Tom U said I think yesterday is that we have a few prospects for 1B, and LaHair is lighting up AAA, hitting .358 – 5th in the league to go along with 25 bombs and 73 RBI.

    I can’t believe the AAA Cubs have a team batting avg of .293. and that’s 6th (!!!) in the league! Reno is hitting .317 as a team!! That’s +40 points than the Red Sox (1st in MLB @ .276)

    Swap AAA with the AAAA club!

  • Richard Hood

    Good Ramble as always Brian.

  • jw

    cmschube….agree! Don’t want a Albert or Prince type contract on a team that is not ready to compete

    If you put MLB pitching in front of the AAA Cubs you would get a batting average considerably below .276

    A contender in the Central gets to fatten up on the hopeless team…this time its the Cubs turn to be the whipping boy… I would root for Pitt so we get the worst record and get rid of Hendry but has anything you  have seen from Ricketts suggest he wouldn’t screw up Hendry’s replacement.

    • diehardcubfan

      The point about bringing aboard Prince Fielder is not to contend next year but down the road (2 to 3 years) when all the Cubs prospects start to mature.  Remember, Fielder is only 27 and Fielder provides presence in the middle of the order and a proven run producer something the Cubs lack.

      Sorry, but Pena is just not a good enough hitter.  He is fine if the team is strong but the Cubs are by far not strong.  The Cubs need a base an Fielder would provide that base.

      The Cubs could build the team around Castro, Fielder and Garza and that is a good base.  Garza given a little more time to adjust to the NL will get it.  I think he will develop, he has the potential to be a great pitcher.

      Personally, I would have no issues on passing on Fielder (I want nothing to do with Pujols) but that will further the delay the ability of the Cubs to contend stretching it out even further, likely 5 years.  Besides you need some veterans to show the young guys the ropes.  The Cubs could then use some of the developing 1B prospects to plug holes. 

      Sorry, but I will pass on Bryan LaHair.  He is 30 and if he were good enough would already be starting.  This on top of the fact that LaHair has been a career AAA player since 2006.  Should he warrant a look, maybe but if the Cubs did not deem he was the heir apparent 1B last year after DLee left then it will not happen next year. 

      There is no doubt LaHair has paid his dues but I do not see the Cubs taking him seriously as he will likely end up in Japan.


  • Peabodydg

    A short term Pena contract makes sense, but puuuuuhlese don’t let him bat against lefties.  His line vs. righties is an excellent .265/.374/.529 but his numbers against lefties are abysmal at .111/.244/.292.  Pair him with a lefty masher and we have some solid punch at first base. 

    • Richard Hood

      I have been saying on other sites that it would be a good idea to bring up a kid like Rebel Ridling to platoon with Pena the second half of this year. I know that will get Tom and Aaron howling about needing to play kids everyday if they are here but it just makes sense. Ridling to really use the day to day work with the big clubs coaches and he can play a corner OF spot ever couple days against righties to keep him sharp against them as well.
      If we do not move Fukudome or Pena then Ridling gets a chance to learn from to of the better teammates on the club and we get an extended look at if  he is a solution at 1st or not.
      A lot of people are saying that Bour is going to be our 1st baseman of the future and that is fine he needs to be playing at at least Double A at this point. Bour is pounding the ball at Daytona (.287/.353/.528) and deserves a promotion. We move Ridling up to take lefty AB’s with Pena getting the time against righties until he is moved or what ever. It just seems like a smart baseball move at this point.

    • paulcatanese

      Pena is starting to heat up. The shift is killing him, as a lot of his ground balls may be hits, but there not. He is so stubborn about “his” pitch that he is willing to take strike three rather than swing at a pitch that he feels he can’t drive. The shift works against him,but Ted Williams had the same shift used against him but still had a lifetime average over 300 even over 400 one year. But I realize that is a stupid comparison because there is none,Pena is not a Ted Williams. But he is putting together a decent power year and as I had said earlier many times, he will be re-signed. In a perverse sort of way I like him, he drives me nuts, but I like him.

  • PleaseStopLosing

    Nice Zoolander reference. Good name drop!

  • paulcatanese

    I saw where big Z passed all tests and will be back around the 16th. What tests?  I think the only test they needed to do was a CT scan of the brain, but then that wouldn’t show anything anyway, just a blank scan. I’m hard pressed to believe anything was wrong at all, except he didn’t have it and wanted off the mound. I have not heard of any medical reason except from him.

    • diehardcubfan

      The Rangers will likely be looking for another starter given that Brandon Webb will not be pitching this year I wonder if the Rangers would be willing to trade Derek Holland for Big Z straight up.  I will throw in the cash.

      I would love to have Holland on the Cubs.  He has a solid arm and could be really good. 

  • Angiemallara

    I think Aramis found Joey Bats HGH Supplier… can he work with the rest of the team too???

    • GaryLeeT

      I was thinking the same thing. Those outside pitches he lunges at, use to be popped up to right, or pulled to short. Now, and all of the sudden, they are flying out.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Cubs released Fernando Perez

    • Richard Hood

      It is pretty funny that he should have been the one doing the job that Campana is doing now but couldn’t hit enough to be relevant.

      • paulcatanese

        I think the difference is that everytime Campana looks around the dugout he puts both hands together, looks at the sky and gives thanks that he is where he is, and performs like every play may be his last.

    • ZT

      Do you know who the Cubs are going to bring up to Triple-A to replace him?