Dempster Wilts in the Heat – Cubs 1 Phillies 9

Game Ninety-Nine – Cubs 1 Phillies 9
WP – Vance Worley (6-1) LP – Ryan Dempster (7-7) Save – None

The blame game is in full swing on a team that is spiraling toward a 100-loss season. One day it’s the weather, the next it’s the umpires, on Wednesday it was a missed pop up and miscommunication by the Cubs young middle infielders … not the 86-pitch, three-inning outing by the veteran starting pitcher.

Following the game, Mike Quade said a missed pop up by Starlin Castro on the second batter of the game set the tone for the Cubs’ 60th loss of the season. Quade failed to mention Ryan Dempster’s horrible outing and a pitiful performance by the Cubs offense.

On an extremely hot day at Wrigley Field (game time temp was 97 degrees with the on field temperatures in excess of 115 degrees) Ryan Dempster labored through a 27-pitch first inning in which he allowed two runs on two hits and a walk. The Phillies scored two runs without putting a good swing on one of Dempster’s pitches … but that all changed in the second inning.

After a 12-pitch at bat from Domonic Brown that resulted in a strikeout to start the second, Dempster gave up a two-out double to the pitcher, Vance Worley. The Phillies went on to score three more runs and it took Dempster 37 pitches to record three outs. Dempster threw 64 pitches (43 for strikes) in the first two innings of Wednesday’s game.

The Phillies tacked on another run against Dempster in the third and ended up chasing him from the game after 86 pitches in three innings … 86 pitches in three innings, that is hard to do.

The Phillies scored at least one run in each of the first four innings (scored in six of the nine innings) while the Cubs were being no hit by Vance Worley.

The Cubs offense did not record their first hit until there was one out in the fifth inning. Geovany Soto broke up Worley’s no hit bid after the Phillies rookie had faced just one over the minimum over the first four innings.

On another hitter’s day at Wrigley Field, the Cubs only run came on a fielder’s choice in the seventh inning. The Cubs managed only four hits, two walks and Soto was hit by a pitch in the second inning … seven baserunners in nine innings.

The Cubs were overly aggressive once again and made it incredibly easy on a young pitch on a very hot day.

Ramon Ortiz gave up two more runs in his three innings of work and John Grabow was just plain horrible again. It is well past time for Jim Hendry to do whatever it takes to move Grabow to another team. In a blowout loss, John Grabow made it worse by allowing a run on three hits with a walk in two innings of work.

Kerry Wood retired three of the four batters he faced in the ninth.

The Cubs were charged with two more errors on Wednesday … the ninth straight game Quade’s squad has been charged with an error, the longest streak for a Cubs team since 1987.

The Cubs hit a new low on Wednesday. Not only did they lose another series (1-2) and another season series to the Phillies (2-5) but the Cubs dropped to a season-worst 21 games under .500 with a 39-60 record …

Ryan Dempster started the game by striking out Jimmy Rollins … then it went all down hill from there for the Chicago Cubs.

Michael Martinez, who had a huge series, reached on an infield single on a ball that Starlin Castro lost in the sun. Darwin Barney was near Castro and the young middle infielders did not appear to communicate. The ball fell and Martinez swiped his second bag of the year not too long afterward.

With Martinez at second, Dempster walked Chase Utley then gave up a single to left on a 3-2 pitch to Ryan Howard. Martinez scored and Utley advanced to third on the play.

Shane Victorino hit a weak grounder to third on a 0-2 pitch. Utley was running on contact and scored … 2-0 Phillies. Dempster retired Ibanez on a flyout to right center, the 27th pitch of the inning.

Starlin Castro worked a one out walk in the bottom of the second … but that would end up being only one of two baserunners for the Cubs in the first 4 1/3 innings.

Domonic Brown struck out swinging to start the second but it took Dempster 12 pitches to record the out … so it took Dempster 39 pitches to record his first four outs.

Brian Schneider struck out for the second out of the inning … but Vance Worley ripped a 0-1 pitch into center for the first double of his big league career. Jimmy Rollins followed with a double and Michael Martinez singled to center … and just like that the Phillies had a 4-0 lead.

Chase Utley followed with his first of two doubles on the afternoon. Martinez scored and the Phillies were up 5-0. Dempster struck out Ryan Howard to end the inning.

After two, Dempster’s pitch count stood at 64, 43 for strikes.

The Phillies added a run in the fourth after Victorino led off the inning with a walk. Raul Ibanez lined out to right. With Domonic Brown at the plate, Soto threw out Victorino at second. Dempster ended up walking Brown and the speedy outfielder scored on a double to right center by Brian Schneider.

Ryan Dempster’s day ended with striking out Vance Worley for the final out in the third.

Ramon Ortiz took over in the fourth. Jimmy Rollins reached first on a fielding error by Carlos Pena … then was awarded second when Pena threw the ball away. Pena was given a pair of errors on the one play.

Ortiz retired Martinez on a tapper back to the mound. Rollins held at second but scored on a double to right center by Chase Utley. Ryan Howard grounded out to first, Utley advanced to third but was stranded when Victorino popped out to right.

The Cubs finally kept the Phillies off the scoreboard in the fifth … the first time since the seventh inning of Tuesday night’s game in which the Phillies did not score a run.

Jimmy Rollins hit his first of two home runs in the bottom of the sixth off Ramon Ortiz … and the Cubs went down in order in the bottom of the sixth.

After six innings, the Cubs managed one hit, a walk and a hit by pitch against Vance Worley … he had faced just two over the minimum at that point.

John Grabow tried to give the Phillies a couple of run in the seventh … but Worley could not help his own cause. Grabow gave up back-to-back two out singles to Raul Ibanez and Domonic Brown. Grabow then walked Schneider to load the bases. Worley grounded out to first to end the inning.

The Cubs broke up the shutout in the bottom of the seventh.

Aramis Ramirez doubled to left center, the Cubs second hit of the game. Carlos Pena walked and Byrd singled to left. With the bases loaded and no outs, Geovany Soto hit a grounder to third that went off Martinez’s glove to Rollins who threw out Byrd at second base. Ramirez scored on the play … 8-1 Phillies.

Alfonso Soriano grounded into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning.

John Grabow served up another homer in the top of the eighth to Jimmy Rollins. Rollins two homers on Wednesday came from both sides of the plate.

The Cubs could not take advantage of a double to left by Darwin Barney to start the bottom of the eighth and Ryan Madson retired the Cubs in order to end the game.

21 below .500 and counting …

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

The Cubs will not suit up on Thursday and will welcome the Houston Astros to Wrigley on Friday for a three game series. Carlos Zambrano is scheduled to face Bud Norris in the opener.

Quote of the Day

"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • Ripsnorter1

    The Cubs, as Neil noted, need to win 24 of the remaining 63 games in order to avoid a 100 loss season. That requires that they play .381 baseball the rest of the way out. Currently the Cubs are playing .394 ball, which equates to 25 wins out of the next 63 games.  As you can see, there is very little margin for error! 

    August is a brutal month for non-contending teams. It is the month where losing teams completely quit in the hot weather and the daily grind of the schedule. It is possible for the Cubs to quit under the “leadership” of Mike Quade. If anyone hasn’t already quit, I would wonder why not. This guy is a total incompetent!

    Frankly, I want the Cubs to win 70 games. That is what I forecast, and Neil has promised a grand prize to the one poster who correctly forecasted their win totals. I personally will take a 2012 Yellow Camaro with Black Racing stripes, along with the 426 HR 6.2 liter V-8 engine. Make mine a six speed manual, Neil.

    • GaryLeeT

      Your prediction of 70 wins is the lowest of all, so start scripting that acceptance speech. However, if we apply the Price is Right rules, your bid will be over the actual total, and nobody wins.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Last year I underguessed by one game and lost. You have to be dead on the money to win.

        Baseball America had the Cubs going 80-82 this year. The talent really was there for a .500 team, or even a 85+ win team IF you had the management. We didn’t have the management at all . . . .. 

    • Tony_Hall

      You will give rides to fellow Cub fans…

      • paulcatanese

        Thats why I asked for a 56 t-bird, can only share it with one other(had one).

  • paulcatanese

    My gosh, Quade ought to send Barney and Castro down to AAA, they are ruining
    the Cubs with the way they are playing defense. But then who would Quade blame?
    Quade is just plain impossible.

    • J Daniel

      Agree again!  Quade is out of his mind.  Your best performer when it was important was Castro.  Keep ripping him.  What about everyone else in April and May?  

      Complete joke, complete mess!!! Disgusting!

      • paulcatanese

        I know, this guy is beyond belief. He just continues to make no sense statements over and over. To go on and say that his vets are doing a great job is insane. He must be manageing from another city, as he cannot cannot go on this way. He is thumbing his nose at everyone,daring to get fired. So it goes without saying that he must be pretty secure with his job.

    • Reggie

      Spot on Paul.  I was actually delighted to see Quade’s “team morale booster” today with his
      uncalled for rant against Castro.  Keep doing it Quadey, the more you do
      it the more likely it is a player will stand up in the media and tell
      the world what a joke of a manager you are thus destroying your
      influence to lead and quickening your departure. I can but dream…

      • Darrenmcculloch

        Why can’t Quade rip guys when there is a runner on second and no one out and they can’t hit the ball to the right side to advance the runner.  Or when there is a runner on third and less than two outs and the runner doesn’t score.  That is what Byrd, Soriano and Soto do every time in those situations.  If I was Castro, I would tell Quade to stick to complaining about the umps.

  • The Maven

    Someone needs to ask what color is the sky in Mike Quade’s world?

    • Richard Hood

      There is not a sky in Quade’s world because all he sees when he looks up is veterans butts to kiss.

      • roseyc

        It’s dark because he has been kissing up to Jim Hendry and lapping up all of Hendry crap.

        • Reggie

          You took the words out of my mouth Roseyc, you can’t see sky when your mouth is kissing the lardy ass cheeks of Jim Hendry 24/7.

      • Agustin


    • paulcatanese

      It sure aint Cubbie Blue.

  • jey518

    Darn kids. It’s probably their fault it’s been so hot, the umps have made bad calls, the starting pitchers can’t hit their spots, the bullpen has been misused, and the list goes on. Darn kids, might as well send them down for some more “good club house” retreads.

    • J Daniel

      Yes, last night was Castro’s fault as well because he didn’t hit 2 home runs.

      Quade is a JOKE!  Bring back Jim Essian, please!

      • jey518


      • Agustin

         Makes you miss Ramon Martinez, Tom Goodwin, Neifi Perez and the Dusty Crew huh?

        • studio179

          Makes me realize when I thought Jim Essian and Bruce Kim were as low as it goes with Cub manager hires, they did outdo themselves. Quade rips the kid players and compliments the veteran players in public yesterday. This, for a 39 win team, 14 games back today. Makes me think Treblehorn’s ‘firehouse chat’ with the fans back then was not as crazy as Quade’s comments yesterday.    

  • Jmill76

    I see that Fuk is now down to .265 BA, as the annual 2H swoon is in full force, with a whopping 2HR, 14 RBI’s and 32 runs scored, as a leadoff man.

    I cannot for the life of me understand how some of the posters on here like this guy.I argued with some of you on this topic a couple weeks ago.  It just boggles my mind. His numbers are so incredibly pathetic, its beyond embarassing.

    And you will notice that he still wears cub uniform. Don’t think for a minute that its a coincidence, because I guarantee you that hendry has been begging teams to take his guy off his hands, but nobody’s biting. What a surprise. 

    Even if you had thoughts about bringing him back as extra OF,which many of you said, there is no way I would do that. He is bad, bad, bad.

    I just don’t get the love that is out there for this guy. never will.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Here’s a link to the Koyie Hill fan club. Can you understand this? I can’t.

      • jey518

        Wow, are they serious? Hill probably wouldn’t even be a backup’s backup on any other team. Only Cubs fans and that crazy koolaid.

      • paulcatanese

        You got me on this one, wow, makes no sense at all.

      • Agustin

        I asked to be accepted as a Koyie facebook  fan…the fearless Catcher! This dude is unreal…Rip you were not joking!    He has a page CCO I kid You not!!! and he actually has 125 members

        • Darrenmcculloch

          He must have a big family.  That is the only way someone would join his fan club.

      • Reggie

        That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.  You really couldn’t make it up.

      • Tony_Hall

        It looks to be as dormant as his bat.  Not even his old fans, can support this guy today.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Funko–el busto. Ah, he’s down to .265. Career .261 hitter, so he doesn’t have far to go. Those power numbers are incredible. 


      His Real Offensive production is …..
      325 PA
      ..265 BA
      3 HR
      13 RBI
      2 SB/2 CS
      .364 slugging

      I am wondering if any player, with 500 PA, ever had fewer RBIs that Funko will have at the end of 2011. And if anyone thinks he’s going to be traded, let me just say . . . .

      IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY JOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ripsnorter1

        AND…..AND let’s talk Funko’s place in MLB history!
        You see, NO RF in MLB HISTORY has ever, ever had less than 32 RBIs in 502+ Official Plate Appearances. 


        If Funko can garner a mere 175 more PA, and yet somehow not drive in as much as 32 runs, he sets the MLB RECORD!!!!

        Here’s a complete list of RF players with the lowest RBI totals for 502 PA minimum in a year:
        1903 Willie Keeler   RBI=32
        1924 Jack Smith     RBI=33
        1919 Ray Powell     RBI=33 (he also lead the league in SO=79)
        1915 Doc Cook       RBI=33
        1906 Willie Keeler   RBI=33  (He did it twice!)
        1944 Wally Moses  RBI=34
        1908 Geo. Brown    RBI=34
        1980 Hoskin Powel RBI=35  The only modern era player.
        1941 Wally Moses  RBI=35
        1930 Roy Johnson  RBI=35
        1919 Max Flack     RBI=35

        Funko has a real chance to top them all.And to think that Mr. Jim Clueless would think that other GMs would pay $14 million per for this guy!

        • Ripsnorter1

          Let’s talk Hosken Powell, Funko’s modern era rival for fewest RBI by a RF in a season with 502+ PA.

          They are almost mirror image players. 
          Both LH hitters.
          Both LH throwers.
          Both almost identical BA: .259 vs .261 for Funko.Both lacked power: Powell was a .355 slugger (1980) vs. Funko’s .364 (2011)

          And lastly, I do not want neither of them on my team.

        • JimBo_C


          I really enjoy the fact finding but …..

          Willie Keeler is a hall of famer. Let’s not “rip” into him.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Shoot, some Cub fans, full of blue Kool-Aid, would have his face on a plaque right next to Willie’s. And why not? This could be Funko’s claim to the HOF.

          • JimBo_C

            I too will be glad when Fukudome is gone.

            What I miss is a guy like the Cub RF with a HoF plaque … Sweet Swinging Billy Williams. He personifies exactly what we a need, a corner OF that can hit .300 with 30 bombs and 100 ribbies.

          • Brp921

            Billy Williams played LF didn’t he?

          • paulcatanese

            Probably, but I remember him in right also. I may be wrong but then Im a Cub fan and we dont always see things clearly.

        • paulcatanese

          I remember Wally Moses, White Sox, (memory only) outfielder and believe he was a left handed hitter.

        • studio179

          Quade will not say a single negative word about Fukudome. They say Fuk and Quade are good friends and respect each other quite a bit. Then there is the fact Fuku is a vet. No way Quade blasts him. Saves it for Castro. 

  • Rbmercer

    1 hour ago
    Quade today talking about energy and playing hard??????? How would you like to be Reed Johnson and be the epitome of energy and the best outfielder we have when you combine the 5 tools together. Just look at his numbers and compare his offense against the others. He has more RBIs and better avg than FUK and Byrd. When you compare him to Soriano? Wh o would you want to take into a fox hole?

    He always makes something happen offensively, always plays great defense wherever he plays.

    He is hitting .336 and hits .333 with risp

    And he doesn’t just hit lefties. He has more ab’s vs righties and is hitting .308 vs righthanders

    Of all the outfielders we have, he should Be the ONLY ONE that plays everyday.

    • Ripsnorter1

      He’s the only Grade A player we have this year, imo.
      Castro makes too many errors. 

      • paulcatanese

        who wudda tunk that about Johnson in the spring? I didnt, shows what I know.

  • Aaron

    I think you might be feeling the same way as I am given your recap today….(btw, thanks for all you do with that, as I’ve missed quite a few games this year and come here for your excellent recaps to get an idea of what’s going on). I just don’t know what to say anymore with this team.

    And the more I know about the Ricketts (ie.-my cousin), the more I think it will NOT get any better.

    After all, how could you possibly watch the same garbage night in and night out, and NOT do anything about it already?!?!?

    Listening to Quade talk made my eyes and ears bleed when I saw that video. I literally wanted to punch him, and that’s an understatement. The guy is a turd through and through. 

    From the way he got the job last year riding the veterans, throwing rookies (Castillo and Castro, and this year Colvin) under the bus, to continuing with throwing Castro under the bus this year already twice and Barney once……meanwhile, we’re watching Soriano and ARAM routinely dogging plays. We see the errors by Pena….the crappy throws by Soto into CF…the crappy starting pitching, and then to compound matters, we’re watching Quade lose games almost exclusively by himself fairly routinely when it’s a close game. 

    Last night, I don’t think I ever saw a sequence of events that terrible by a manager…EVER. The whole pinch hitting for Baker with DeWitt, then subbing out DeWitt for Barney’s defense, and thus not having Barney available to pinch hit against a lefty the next inning. I’ll just never understand it.

    Here’s a letter I’d like to see sent to Ricketts.

    Tom Ricketts, 

    If you are reading this site, and you actually care about making money and saving face, and having your family actually be safe (and not egged) walking the streets of Chicago, then you MUST understand something.

    We, the fans, pad your pocketbook. We are DEMANDING changes. Why? Because most of us loved this team before you were a drunken college boy sitting in the bleachers. But we are fed up, and despite what you and your daddy thought when you purchased the team, we are ACTUALLY SMART PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    We understand a loser when we see it. We understand propaganda being thrown at us. I believe Cubs fans are like a majority of America right now, where they’ve woken up to the political establishment, and they see what they see, and no matter how many times they’re told in the media that “things are better” or “the economy is turning around”…they’re looking into an empty wallet, or a dwindling savings account, and they’re thinking, “Would I rather get groceries for my family this week, or pay for a tank of gas? Or would I rather watch a pathetic team lose in an uncomfortable, aging ballpark?” People have wised up, Sir, so I ask you…What are you going to do about it?

    If you’re not willing to make obvious changes to management that has driven this club into the ground, then sell it to someone that will. Because not only are you alienating a previously loyal fan-base, but you also are severely diminishing the value of your franchise at the same time.

    And you are looking like an absolute MORON from a PR standpoint. First of all, you come out, and say the Cubs will put more effort into player development, and will start bringing up some prospects to play everyday, then your GM essentially spits in your face, trading away four Top 15 prospects for a pitcher that is a solid #3 starter at present, and if he ever fulfills his unrealized potential, it’ll not only be 2-3 years from now, but he’ll also be far more expensive and hurt your bottom line even further. Your GM also goes against your wishes with his new manager, and to make matters worse, he refuses to play the young prospects you spoke fondly of. Then, that same idiot manager keeps running his mouth, making both the GM and yourself look even worse.

    Tom, I’ll make you a personal deal myself….If you fire Hendry and Quade before the season is over (which is a smart baseball move by the way, as you’ll actually get a head start on your improved player development), and hire smart baseball guys to take over, I will NEVER give you crap again. If you don’t, I’ll petition our even dumber Congress to institute a law (which they surely will nowadays) outlawing bringing your children up as Cubs fans, because it’s child abuse. Don’t doubt me on this one, Sir.


    Concerned Cubs Fan

    The bottom line, Neil, is that if the Ricketts don’t do anything quickly to resolve this situation, they’ll ruin the team for years to come, and a prime example of that is they risk alienating ALL young players coming up through the system when the players realize veterans can get away with taking plays off, dogging it, and acting genuinely disinterested in the game, but meanwhile, Quade is scolding rookies (both this year and last year) for mistakes. 

    Players are smart….they understand it. I’ve had coaches like Quade in the past that lost the entire team with shenanigans like that. Our college coach was one of them, and he got fired. You simply cannot have that level of incompetence and hypocrisy and have a successful organization.

    I can only dream of protests outside Wrigley (it’ll never happen, but it should)

    • jey518

      I agree completely. I’m going to ask my dad when see him tomorrow why he has subjected me to this abuse. I need some serious counseling and an intervention, because for some reason I keep watching this crap. Its seriously like a drug, I know its bad for me, but I keep coming back.

      • Baron_S

        to a certain extent Aaron….

        you are waging a futile war, as does much of the CCO faithful…. There are only negative expectations to the future vis-a-vis Ricketts…

        You, Rip and others, still put forth your eloquence to an audience of mostly supporters….it is futile — time is better spent with family and enjoying the summer than analyzing this disgrace. 


        • Gramps

          You are right about spending more time with family! The best baseball I have seen this year is the games that my grandsons have played. I think their managers are more professional and smarter than Quade. And by not watching all those Cubs’ games, I get to spend more time on the golf course. I refuse to let the Cubs disrupt my life. I will always be a fan, but for the first time in quite a while, I am a disinterested fan. I caught a few games and was amazed to see so many empty seats at Wrigley. I am glad to see that fans have stopped going to games. That is the only way changes will be made. I get most of my info on the Cubs from this site and I echo others who commend Neil for his great wrap-ups on each game. Now if I can only start putting better! lol

          • Aaron

            let me know how….I have a bad baseball swing, and I refuse to pay for golf lessons. Any recommendations?

          • Baron_S

            trade deal: free golf lessons from me (half-decent, been playing for ~30 years) — for some pitching lessons!

          • Aaron


          • paulcatanese

            I played “Big Run” golf course( southwest of Chicago) in 1951, shot a cool 146. And thats with allowing no more than two putts a green, I thought I was great.

          • paulcatanese

            Good post Gramps, I as well were out of the loop as my sons,daughter and grand kids were playing. Didnt miss a game. And played golf five days a week. As of late, the last three years have been at home with a personal reason that keeps me here. Well I got a computor and got hooked on it at home to pass the time. It also allows me to watch well over a hundred and forty games for the year,along with is on TV. I am a Cub fan, but have blocked out any hope of them going anywhere. I stay watching not for them to win but for how this all plays out with this managment and the players.Its like a bad soap opera that keeps on going and going. I want to turn it off but can’t, I’m hooked. And of course the site and all the input just makes it that much better.
            Baseball is such a great game its sad to see it come to this, and honestly do not know how it will all pan out. All of the suggestions to better this team are valid ones, but frustrating to see them not implimented, or even recognized ,but its what keeps me going and fire up my hopes and passes my time as well. Frankly I can lay awake at night thinking about the posts I have read. So as much as I may be disapointed its my lifeline an appreciate all the posts and Neil,Tom.Bryan and all the others.

          • Tony_Hall

            Right you are.  I run my son’s team, and we are just finishing our season this week, with one last tournament (24 teams).  I enjoy those games so much more than watching the Cubs, as these 13 yr olds listen and respond more than these vets (and that’s saying something talking about 13 yr olds).  

            I normally dig in deeper with the Cubs at this point of the season, but just not sure I can handle watching the Cubs games from start to finish, when the manager makes so many mistakes, that are so obvious.

            I have only golfed once this year, and is was in a work play day.  I miss golfing more, but don’t have the time to do it anymore.

          • Dorasaga

            Congrats on your boys’ team. Hope they catch up with the bigger boys one step at a time. But now, are you willing to teach a career-minor leaguer, below-average third base coach, how to earn respect of players? You know what they say about old dogs. Let them stay as dogs.

          • paulcatanese

            It’s “if you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”, not correcting you at all, but I think this old dog(Quade) had fleas before he laid down.

  • Aaron

    I also wanted to add something about both Hendry and Quade lately. Both of them seem to be in “CYA” mode.

    Quade is blaming everything now. Umps, weather, injuries, rookies, you name it….he blames everyone but himself…and the veterans.

    I also find Hendry to be hilarious, because he’ll spend the whole season blaming everything from injuries to sheer bad luck, etc., then miraculously, after the season is over, and they’re well into the offseason (meaning he knows he won’t be replaced), he starts accepting blame for everything. Has anyone else noticed this routine from him?

    But here’s where Hendry might actually be a genius (don’t get me wrong….from a baseball standpoint, the guy might be the dumbest GM I’ve seen in my life…And THAT is saying something when you have guys like Littlefield, Duquette, Phillips, and others before)….but do you realize that Hendry has created this illusion that he has all these brilliant scouts and management team around him, and if he goes, they’ll go too.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm…let’s put that one to the test, shall we?!?

    Over the past 15 years (about how long Hendry has been with the organization), the Cubs have produced ZERO perennial All-Star/superstar caliber players. 

    During that time, the Cubs have brought just Wood, Patterson, Prior, Colvin, and Cashner to the big leagues as 1st round draft choices…..FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 15 years, they’ve only brought 5 damn players up through the system as first rounders. 
    *Montanez (O’s) and Garland (White Sox) made it with other teams first

    So…..player development and the scouting department have lagged considerably for internal matters….but even externally, they’ve suffered BIG TIME!!! How many times have we heard both managers and players say that they had no idea what to expect with a new pitcher they’d never seen before (Quade basically just indicting the whole advanced scouting department)? Furthermore, how often have we simply seen the hitters struggle against rookies, or pitchers that switched leagues recently? 

    How about the international scouting? The Cubs brought signed international free agents like Juan Cruz, Carlos Zambrano….and that’s about it for solid MLB players. Guys like Cedeno, Pie, Choi, etc. never panned out. Hak-Ju Lee has the greatest chance of succeeding of any of the international signings not named Starlin Castro… international scouting has failed too during Hendry’s tenure.

    I’m still trying to figure out why he seems to have put the fear of God in Ricketts in terms of firing him and losing everybody. If I’m Ricketts, I’m saying, “good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Meanwhile, the Rays, Brewers, Reds, Rockies, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Braves, Marlins, Blue Jays, Phillies, and even the Cardinals seem to consistently develop their own domestic and international talent….and it’s not just regular players….they develop stars.

    Hendry is a buffoon, and I hope this is over sooner rather than later for both him and Quade.

  • zipdog

    Mike Quade is, in my opinion, the worst manager I have ever seen in a Cub uniform. How long do we fans have to watch this incompetent?

  • Ryan7_21_05


  • Nathan

    Quade is just a joke…there is nothing really left to say

    • Zippy2212

      I’m a die hard reader here but I rarely post.  But today I just couldn’t help myself.  I agree with everything said on here already.  I have been a Cubs fan since 1982 and this is the first time that I am almost disappointed when the Cubs actually win.  And the only reason for that is I can’t stand listening or even seeing anything about Quade anymore!  I have a feeling if they lose 100 games Ricketts will get rid of Quade.  Hendry may stay but there is no way he is going to bring back a manager that turned a team that would have been around .500, maybe a little below, but non the less into a 100 loss team.  Especially, when he continues to attack the only marketable player the Cubs have right now!

      I do have to say one thing about Quade, he maybe smarter then we think.  By coming out and attacking Barney and Castro no one is even mentioning the fact that he is pulling his best starter the last couple of weeks, Lopez, in favor of Wells who probably has been the worst because “he owes it to Wellsy to get him back on track!”  Need I mention that when Colvin needed to get back on track it was off to the minors but for a pitcher who hasn’t won since the 1st week of the season we will just keep running him out there every 5 days because he owes it to him.  WOW!

  • roseyc

    In a 9-1 loss he blames Castro and Barney the two players who have hit the whole season a classless smuck…Quade is. If he had class he would have said nothing other than say openly the play should have been made and move on and talk with them behind close doors. Castro makes too many error and Quade hasn’t helped him improve in fact he hasn’t helped anyone improve. The only positive that Quade has done is Jeff Smard. and Russell but that is more default than by design. So in actualatity he hasn’t made anyone better this entire season. He manages like he doing what he’s told and that he has no answers to problems when they arise. A child can manage when everything goes right but it takes a baseball person to correct problems which Quade is not .Ricketts should be ashamed for this club. This should n’t be this bad they aren’t a contender but they shouldn’t be this bad.

  • Marvin Ferguson

    But the Philies played in the same heat and came out the winner in a 9—1 Cub defeat.

  • Marvin Ferguson

    The Philies played in the same heat with ninety degree weather and high humidity. In reality the Cubs needed a better defense and offense in spite of the heat.