From the Wire … Cubs Agree to Terms with Mark Malave and Ricardo Marcano

According to a report from Baseball America, the Cubs agreed to terms with two more international prospects, catcher Mark Malava and third baseman Ricardo Marcano. Terms of the deals have not been released.

The Cubs have agreed to terms on three of the top International prospects since the free agent signing period began on July 2. Enrique Acosta agreed to terms on a $1.1 million signing bonus on July 2.

Mark Malave, from Venezuela, is a 16-year old switch-hitting catcher with a strong arm according to Baseball America. The Cubs were rumored to have a lot of interest in him prior to July 2. Malave is 6-foot-2, 200 pounds and “stands out for his left-handed swing” and may end up in the outfield.

Ricardo Marcano, also 16 year old and from Venezuela, is 6-foot-2, 180-pound left handed hitting third baseman (throws right) and according to Baseball America “he has one of the better left-handed swings on the market.” Marcano’s body and swing have reminded some of Victor Martinez.

From Baseball America, “Whether he remains in the infield remains to be seen. An average runner, Marcano will need work on defense, as his hands and feet aren’t ideal for third base. His arm also isn’t strong, though it could improve. Some scouts have looked at his body and thought about him behind the plate, though he could also end up in left field.”

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  • guest


    Things are looking good as far as international sigings go, but do we have any word on DeVoss I caught a glimpse of something that said he was at wrigley the other day? Any truth to this?

    • Richard Hood

      I know I am not Neil but yes it has been reported that he is signed but nothing is official yet. He was taking batting practice with the Cubs over the weekend.

    • Neil

      Yes, DeVoss was at Wrigley and took BP. From the way I understand it his deal should be announced soon.

      Also hearing/reading they are getting close on Baez

      • Richard Hood

        That would be awesome. I figured he would be the tough sign.

        • ldsteam2011

          Any rumors or news on Vogelbach?

          • Neil

            It might be a while on him. He’s trying to decide if he wants to play ball for the University of Florida or sign with the Cubs.

  • KevininSandiego


    Were you Listen to Roundtrip last night and hear Morgan’s Comments on what the Cubs should do?

    • Neil

      Yes, I listened and heard what he said. I did not disagree

  • cubs1967

    isn’t it about time that uncle bud and his band of owners decide that the ” national past time” have a draft for everyone; including the japan players like the NBA does; why should international 16 yr olds get to “choose” their team at the highest bidder while american kids are drafted (who have american parents paying american taxes)………..really…….???????

    i get no value out of a 16 yr old who is at least 4 yrs if not more away from the majors………all a waste of money.  draft them and save the dough for the “real” players…… prince fielder.

    • Richard Hood

      wow I guess that we should have given Starling Castro up and let him get drafted after he developed huh? How about Robinson Cano? Maybe you think that Roberto Clemente should never have made it to the Pirates?

      An international draft will happen but it has to be part of the new CBA. You can’t just say to the most power union in sports hey we got all these things going well but we are going to change the rules next year and you guys can suck eggs.

      “saving there money for Fielder” is what they are doing with all this action in Latin America. By investing money in Latin American players with huge talent they will be able to afford to pay the Fielder not just this off season but for years to come. What they are doing is if these players pan out is make it so they are on the roster and a low yearly salary for the next 5 to 7 years.

      You know how much Castro earned this year and he was one of the guys you are talking about not wasting our time signing?  he is making 440,000 this year which is currently the league minimum for a major league contract.  But I understand why it can be hard to understand the difference between a 1.1 signing bonus at 16 and Bryce Harper’s 6.5 million dollar signing bonus from last year. It is not even close to even money there bud. Harper was only 17.

  • Tom

    Tom (Chicago): The Cubs have yet to sign any of their top 15 draft picks. What are your thoughts? Are they signing them to overslot bonuses which is holding up the announcements?

    Jim Callis: I don’t think it means anything–they’ll sign their share of their top picks. Rumors are that Zeke DeVoss (third round) is on the verge of signing. None of the early first-rounder has signed yet, so don’t worry about Javier Baez, and second-rounder Dan Vogelbach was seeking $1.65 million. Fourth-rounder Tony Zych fell further than expected, so he’ll probably be over-slot too.

  • Tom

    My Q was answered on Baseball America