Talkin’ Cubs and MLB Trade Deadline

Will the Cubs be quiet today as many feel they will … or will Jim Hendry make a few deals to shed salary and players that do not figure into the Cubs plans beyond this season? Who will stay? Who will go? The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is 3:00pm CDT on Sunday afternoon.

According to the rumor mill, teams have checked in on Marlon Byrd, Carlos Pena, John Grabow and Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez does not want to leave and the Cubs do not appear motivated to move Pena.

Will Sunday have has much activity throughout the league as the last five days? Welcome to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.

The CCO will post updates from reliable sources as information surfaces … check back for updates leading up to the deadline and follow the CCO on Twitter: @TheCCO.

Will update as reliable information and news becomes available …

Updated 7:15am – According to a tweet from Buster Olney on Saturday night, the Cubs have informed other teams that they will not be trading Carlos Pena before the deadline.

Updated 8:19am – According to Jon Heyman, Cubs told others they want to keep Carlos Pena & Marlon Byrd. Pena’s a FA, but Byrd might have brought a haul

Updated 11:36am – According to George Ofman, the Rangers were interested in Carlos Marmol but the Cubs turned them down.

Updated 1:23pm – From Jon Heyman: Cubs players dont want to leave (Aramis, Wood), Cubs dont want to trade their players (Pena, Byrd). One big happy family.

Quote of the Day

"Whatever you think, be sure it is what you think; whatever you want, be sure that is what you want." – T.S. Eliot

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  • Tony_Hall

    Why would JH be selling off anyone?  They are only a few moves from being real World Series Contenders.  (1. give ARam new contract 2. resign Pena, 3. resign  Grabow)  Just 3 moves needed.

    This team is almost stacked for 2012.

    The lineup should look like this, if JH can resist the urge to trade off all of these All-Stars

    1. Castro SS
    2. Barney 2B
    3. ARam 3B (with a new 3-4 year deal!)
    4. Pena 1B (with a 3 year deal!)
    5. Byrd CF (might even give him an extension)
    6. Soriano LF (under 300 OBP, NP, with this guys power)
    7. Soto C (nobody in our system can hit 230 as a catcher!
    8. Colvin RF 

    Baker (untouchable)
    Dewitt (wow, did we steal him from LA)
    Hill (How fortunate we are to have such a great backup catcher)
    R. Johnson (untouchable)

    Rotation (Our rotation is all coming back!)
    Garza (stud ace)
    Zambrano (old Big Z is coming back) 
    Dempster (old reliable)
    Wells (15 game winner in 2012)

    Marmol (Senor Nasty, his slider moves so much)
    Grabow (if we can outbid the other suitors in FA)

    As you can see, why would you mess with this roster, that is already set for 2012!

    • EqDoc

      And we have a brilliant manager on the field!  We might as well not even play next season, just give us the trophy!

      • Tony_Hall

        I totally forgot, JH and Qball are both signed for 2012. It’s a good thing, because, I am sure alot of teams would be trying to sign them.

        They are Qlueless you know!

        • J Daniel

          You and I basically just made the same post.  I did forget that Qball and JH coming back though.  I feel much better now.  

    • paulcatanese

      Just got up Tony to see youre post. Exactly the way they will play it.We must all have been blind this year to not recognize the talent we have. We are in the playoffs and dont know it.How stupid of us.

    • Henry

      Tony, you nailed it!  How did we not all see it!  JH must be a genius! That is why he is who he is!

    • diehardcubfan

      Hey, I have seen this team before?  Sure looks like a winner to me.

  • J Daniel

    I just don’t understand this!!! You have a team that is 23 games under and not willing to move players?  Last year was a disaster as well.  So, how do you make next years team into a descent team with a majority of this cast coming back?

    Do you hope that Aram and Pena decide that the season starts in April, not June?

    Do you hope that Fonzi sees some sort of miracle worker and has a career year?

    Byrd, well, he is not the answer at CF with this mess.

    I assume Castro and Barney would be the middle IF?

    Soto and HIll (YIKES, HILL) will be the backstops.

    So a new RF is suddenly going to make the difference in this lineup?  

    Obviously this is assuming no moves are made in the winter but if it were me, and I were planning on making changes in the winter, I would trade some of these guys now for prospects.  I don’t have experience as a GM but it makes sense to me.

    Oh, and pitching?

    Demp will be better?  Great guy with a couple of really nice years.  #3 at best on a good team but probably a #4/5.

    Garza?  Probably a #3 at best.  Where would he fit on the Phillies?

    Big Z?  Oh, he will be better?????  A #3 at best.  Example –  Wood, Prior, Z . . .

    Wellsie?  Ha.  Pitched a really good game to open the season and gets hurt.  So, with the off season recovery, he will come back and be great next year?

    The bullpen is ok and is a year to year anyways.  I would try to sell high on Marmol and Marshall.  The rest, who cares.  Or maybe Guzman will be the savior of the pen next year as they love restoration projects.

    A bench of untouchables – Baker, Johnson, DeWitt – that scares the hell out of other teams.

    Correct me if I am wrong with any of these assessments, please.  To me, it just makes sense to start making moves now in order to set up the next year and future.

    Of all of the guys above the only ones I would not move would be Castro and Garza.

    As I stated yesterday, I do not follow all of the minor league names like many of you but would bet that you could get “lucky” with a couple of them if you moved all of these guys for prospects and just started over like an expansion team.

    What a MESS!

    • Larry “Cub Fan since 1967”

      you have to make two assumptions before your charge off into a non-sensical rant: who is interested in your players and what are they prepared to trade in return. unless you know the answers to both of those questions, suggest you and all the other amateur GMs, tone down your understandable, but non-sensical  enthusiasm, for trading for trading sake. yeah, the cubs suck and they will probably suck next year and perhaps in `13 as well, but to trade proven MLB caliber players, who have not gelled and may not be having good years, and get back junk in return doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The Cubs will get better, but we are paying the price for trying to get good by throwing a lot of money and long-term contracts for players who we thought were key pieces and can’t miss. We enjoyed the ride in `07 and `08, but it didn’t pan out. Now we have to deal with the consequences. The Cubs have to get out of the boom or bust cycle that they have been in since the 1980s and develop a consistent winner. I would think that this is where the organization wants to go. Do I enjoy what I see on the field? Of course not, and this year is absolutely no fun, but we need to look at next year and beyond, not getting rid of players for trading sake is not the way to go.  

      • Tony_Hall

        You trade players who are at the end of their contract and aren’t a part of your future plans.  We have many that should be on this list.  

        You don’t know what teams are offering, but getting anything back for a player that is at the end of  a contract and is replaceable is a good deal.  

        You get out of a boom or bust cycle, by not building your team around 30 something players, and instead use the 30 somethings to fill stop gap holes, that your system can’t fill. 

      • Henry

        Larry, I agree we are paying the price.  but now instead of holding on to some of the dead weight that we threw money at let’s get them off the roster.  It would be nice to get something in return as other teams seem to do.  But in some cases it is more important to open a roster spot.  These guys do not fit in the plans for next year!  why keep them around.  it is time to see what we have in the minors.  this year was about finding a couple more players like Castro or Cashner.  We did find Barney but that is not enough.  Once we dropped out of the race Hill should have been dropped and Castillo brought up.  We have money coming off the books at the end of the year. We have to find out what we have so we do not have to throw more money at free agents.
        Fukedome was not going to be here next year yet he received the majority of the playing time.  We have 2 months to lay the groundwork for next year but it seems that management is comfortable to throw the same team out there that lost last year and is on its way to losing more this year.  We could easily lose with our minor leaguers.  The advantage to using the minor leaguers is we might find someone who can help us next year.  

      • bacboris

        You make a fair point, its well reasoned and logical especially in light of the Fukudome trade. However, I think we’ll all agree, that this season is lost and beyond salvage. Whether we lost 100 or 90 games will have little effect on team attendance or revenue. Taking that into account, there is a justified outrage over the lack of efforts to blow this team up.

        – Trading Grabow for junk/ triple A filler could not be a mistake
        – Getting the Red Sox to pony up a B- prospect for Baker could only help
        – Trading A Ram for any kind of decent pitching heavy package would only help diminish this ‘bust’ period you noted

        Those three trades are common sense, no hysteria kind of decisions. While I can understand not shipping out Pena because of resigning him or an arb. pick and even get that Reed Johnson will provide insufficient value back. But, there is a real sense that not only is the Cubs ship not going anywhere but nobody up top even cares that this is the case.

        Now Jim Hendry is a good guy and sufficiently smart. However, he and all the other amateur GM’s should have seen after ’08 that none of these ‘core’ players were clutch and should have begun the billy beane destruction process. And before anyone says: what about all the wins in ’08. The irrelevance should be obvious. A team that cannot get a playoff win, who has no risp hitters, with poor fundamentals, no sb threats, no speed, and limited consistency will never go anywhere.

        All we can do is pray for a Friedman or Billy Beane type of transition after this season. Im not asking for the voodoo magic of Anthopoulos or sabremetric gurus but at least some semblance of a 5 year plan like the Rays would fill me with so much hope for the future.

      • diehardcubfan

        Yes, we need to develop a consistent winner but that starts with the farm system.  You are right we enjoyed the ride in 07 and 08 and as you said it didn’t work but nothing has been really done to the team since. 

        The lights should have come on after losing again in 08 after being swept for the second year in a row.  I still think the 08 season was the biggest disappoint even compared to 84.  After 08 some big decisions should have been made but were not.  It was pretty obvious to many this team lacked something. 

        As for us retaining a non impact core of veterans, this will only keep blocking development of our farm system.  Our farm system is a mess no matter what some may argue. 

        We have few players or pitchers ready to contribute and the few that are remain suspect given the lack of ability the Cubs have shown to develop players. 

        Bringing back the same core of players will not solve anything and will only delay the rebuild.  It will also continue to block young players from moving up in the farm system. 

        Pena is a prime example of what is not right about the Cubs, he could have been traded and at least yielded a couple of decent young players and then LaHair could have been given a real shot but now the Cubs will not get anything and will probably resign him in the off season that will waste more money.

        Yes, this group is not the GM of this team but everybody around baseball can see that this team has issues but nothing is being done to fix them or even acknowledge issues exist.  I would be happy if JH would just come out and say after the season that some incorrect decisions have been made and take accountability for the failures of the past and then let the fans know they will be fixed. 

        I could live with that but JH will not even acknowledge issues exists with this organization and that is the most frustrating thing of all.

        • Brp921

          About the only encouraging thing I can pull out of this year (and it’s not yet played out) is the new approach to the draft. I’m anxious to see if drafting and signing players, who would normally not be so easy to sign, by paying them more can stengthen our farm system. It would really be nice to have a mix of speed power and pitching instead of a one dimensional roster of just one kind of player. So heres hoping it works.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Well, the settles it: THE CUBS NOW HAVE A NEW NAME……


    Why not? 

  • Demitri

    Why aren’t we trading?! You never know we could get lucky and get something back. But Jim doesn’t want a fire sale. He probably would only sell if they didn’t win one game by the deadline

  • Neil

    Good Morning everyone … just a reminder, I will be updating the main post and tweeting throughout the day.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    The Yankees did not get Ubaldo Jiminez, and Rich Harden didn’t pass his physical for the Red Sox, maybe just maybe we can get rid of Big Z.

    • J Daniel

      They need Z to be the ace of next years turnaround.  You know, they are only a couple of moves away from contending.  Ya, RIGHT!

    • roseyc

      We can only hope for miracles

    • diehardcubfan

      The Yankees have already made it clear they want nothing to do with Big Z and besides will likely work to obtain Kuroda instead.  As for the Red Sox given they only went after Rich Harden suggest they are not looking to add salary or a big name. 

      Maybe the Red Sox would take Randy Wells?

  • Neil

    From Jon Heyman: Cubs told others they want to keep Carlos Pena & Marlon Byrd. Pena’s a FA, but Byrd might have brought a haul

    • J Daniel


      I know many have told you but I wanted to say the same, great site!  It give us a place to share our passion.  Not sure why we all torture ourselves to this?

      Do you have any insight on why they will not make any moves?  I really do not understand.  It is so obvious that they are more than “just a couple of moves” away from being competitive.  To be a contender, they are, in my opinion, around 5-6 of the right moves away.

      Again, I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand how an owner could sit around, watch, and be satisfied with the product they are putting out with the salaries they are paying.

      We keep hearing how the system has improved and there are prospects that are ready to contribute.  Really?  If they are ready to contribute wouldn’t it be cheaper in the long run to dump some of the salary and start the process?

      Grabow is a perfect example.  He is a free agent. He is no good.  Why keep him?  Don’t they realize by the number of empty seats on a daily basis that the fans are not happy watching this mess?

      Sorry that the compliment turned into a rant.

      • Neil

        Thank you very much and no worries about the rant … I understand.

        As for not making any moves, I get why the Cubs do not want to make moves just to make moves and several of the players on the Cubs roster no other team wants, no matter how much money they kick in. With that said, I do not get what is going on right now and I am not alone. No one understands why or how Hendry can think they are “three moves away” … anyone that has watched this group of players knows that is not the case.

        As for the minor league system, there has been a lot of improvement and there are several good players in the system. But there is not an impact player in the system and only a handful of players I would consider close to being ready.

        John Grabow was a bad trade when it happened and Hendry made it worse when he signed him to that ridiculous two-year contract. Then they had no money and was outbid by the Nationals for Matt Capps. Capps as you know was turned into Wilson Ramos. I would like to think Grabow will soon be released, along with Ramon Ortiz, so they can see what they have or do not have in players like Chris Carpenter and John Gaub, who are already on the 40-man roster.

  • Richard Hood

    My question is if Hendry honestly thought we were 2 or 3 moves away why the heck were not in on some of the guys that got moved that had years of service time left? It is all double speak.
    I do agree with Rammy for once big market teams can’t rebuild they have to retool to keep there fan base interested. But come on do something to atleast keep us working towards a championship.

    • JW

      I think we all forget that the Cubs really want to keep all these guys because they are all good clubhouse guys. The Cubs are more interested in having a good clubhouse than a good team. I think if they got rid of Z, it would be the most calm/tame Cub’s clubhouse in recent memory. And it really bothers me, that JQ continues to believe that this group of players could actually be any better! I’m not sure you can get much more out of any of them (except maybe Castro and Colvin)

      • paulcatanese

        Two points JW, first, Colvin has additional pressure as he must fill the shoes of Fukodome, very difficult task, he must hit more than 3 HR amd drive in more that 14 runs.

        And two, a good clubhouse is very important to the Cubs, they are sheltered from the elements mainly the other teams, and increasingly the dis pleasure of fans.

        • JW

          HAHA! great post!

  • Ken Hubbs

        Boy, return from a two week vacation and all I can think of is a paraphrase from the fairly aptly titled 60’s tune, Eve of Destruction.  “When you return it’s the same darn place.”  Not a slam at this great site or its bloggers, but at our beloved team’s leadership.  Was especially dismayed while catching up on the comments that both Neil and Aaron feel that Hendry and Quade will finish the season.  Ouch.  No need to ask the whys, though.  My pipe dream was that Soriano and Zambrano would be moved.  Hey, reality has never been my long suit.  The thought of Hendry making any more decisions for this team is almost more than I can take, and since it has been 54 years since my first Cub game, that is saying a lot.  Which begs my question, has Ricketts said anything?  Has he given the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ speech?  Any more on Pat Gillick?
        Anyway, hoping against hope that the youngsters get to play, and show us something.  Just bumper sticker mentality, but if Colvin can come around, Cashner comes back, Campana sticks, add Carpenter and Castillo, and we’ve got that ‘C’ thing going.  Not that it matters what anyone’s name is, but I’ve got to find interest and amusement where I can.

  • Neil

    The Astros received three of the Braves top 30 prospects, including their 9th LHP Brett Oberholtzer, and Jordan Schafer for Michael Bourn

    • J Daniel


    • Cheryl

      So, will Hendry and Quade be around in 2012? It seems like the 2011 cubs are locked into 2012. So, why not Hendry and Quade? I don’t understand this lack of movement either. If Hendry is in a caretaker position, heisn’t doing a possible new Gm any favors. But Ricketts and Hendry have sure made us wonder what’s going on?

    • Bryan

      Seems like another good deal for the Braves.  Jordan Schaefer is a good young kid, but has too many K’s for a top of the order guy.  And Oberholtzer isn’t even on the team’s “ready list” for the big leagues anytime soon.  And for those interested, while Uggla was abysmal for the first half of the season, the guy is on fire presently, carrying the current offensive flow with rookie Freddie Freeman, who is now batting over .290 (and leads the team in doubles).   Some franchises (Braves, RedSox, Phils) just “get in” on how to build a sustainable franchise. 

    • roseyc

      Well the Astros are now one bad contract from total rebuilding.Carlos Lee. They get it and now they are starting over. But the Cubs are now stuck in the Twilight Zone refusing to rebuild and now they will replace the Astros next year as the bottom team and hopefully stuck there until Quade and Hendry are gone.Or Ricketts sells out to Mark Cuban

  • roseyc

    Why don’t we trade everyone and get double a players we have a double a manager it only seems fair doesn’t it? Wait is he a double a manager? You know when Lou used to argue with the Umps I think it really had an effect and it changed the course of the game but when Quade argues it’s like a burgler breaking in a home and a Chiluhaua barks. He doesn’t scare anyone he just looks ugly doing it

  • roseyc

    Hendry says Castro is untouchable but he is like a ace student in public schools he won’t get taught properly and wined up being the prospect that could have been with a manager like Quade he couldn’t lead horses to water let alone make them drink. Hendry has made Quade a public fool by not putting him out his misery

  • paulcatanese

    We will have the best of two worlds next year, we will get Pujols for first base and then Quade can platoon him with Pena, perfect.

  • Neil

    From Kevin Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus): If you are wondering what the Cubs are (not) doing, you are not alone, front office guy just asked me the same thing.

    • Richard Hood

      Well nice to see that we are not alone in wondering what Hendry is doing. One thought that keeps entering my head is maybe that Hendry was not getting a grade B FA type of return for Pena and is more likely to use him for supplimental pick. Byrd for me I have no idea.

      • Neil

        Richard, but that would mean the Cubs would have to offer Pena salary arbitration first. That is not something Hendry has done in the past.

        • Richard Hood

          I was just saying that is the only way this makes sense not that it would happen.

  • Neil
    • diehardcubfan

      Not very original nicknames but again what has Quade done that is original or innovative?

  • Neil

    From George Ofman: Amazing. Told the Rangers were interested in Marmol but the
    Cubs turned them down.

  • Neil

    From Comcast SportsNet: Matt Garza (4-8, 3.99) is about as close to
    untouchable as it gets in this organization. The Cubs have no regrets about
    making him the centerpiece of last winter’s eight-player deal with Tampa

    • JW

      How can the Cubs talk about building blocks if they don’t get rid of anything?

  • Neil
  • Reggie.

    I had a kidney removed 18 months ago and without question seeing the absolute brain dead insanity that hold the keys to the organisation is more painful.  Reading this site is absolute education for me but it’s time you consider putting in a health warning before entering the site.

    • Neil

      Reggie, thanks for the laugh … and I will look into it.

  • Neil

    From George Ofman: So
    just to clarify, Pirates interest in Pena, no! Braves interest in Byrd,no!
    Rangers interest in Marmol, no! Cubs win WS in 2012!

    • Richard Hood

      After seeing what the Rangers gave up to Baltimore I have to ask why Hendry why. A young starter and your corner IF that are both Major league ready plus you would have gotten some prospects to boot just to make up the difference in value. Marmol is your top commodity. This would be one stop shopping to get better right now.

      • diehardcubfan

        Yes, I would agree that the Cubs should have pulled the trigger regards to Marmol and could have gotten even more.  Hunter is not great but better than any 4 or 5 guy the Cubs have had this year and will give you innings. 

        As for Davis, he is starting to show signs of getting it and I would have not minded giving a legitimate shot at 1B instead of Pena.  If Davis gets it he could be very dangerous and a real find. 

    • diehardcubfan


    • Brp921

      Am I missing something here? If the Cubs don’t offer Pena arbitration, and I’m not saying they should, then it makes absolutely no sense not to trade him.

      • Neil

        I have heard/read quite a bit in recent days that the Cubs would like to bring Pena back next season.

        • Brp921

          I’m not really clear on the procedures for free agency. Does this mean then that they would be offering Pena arbitration if they want to keep him next year, or could they just negotiate his contract? I would think if they want to keep Pena then they would be saving their money for pitching.

  • Neil

    From Kevin Goldstein on the Score: On the Indians prospects in the Fukudome trade: “They’re both carbon-based lifeforms. They both inhale oxygen.”

  • BosephHeyden

    Quade feels like he’s “managing for his job”?  I seriously hope not:  him losing his job at the end of the season should be a given at this point. 

    Then again, Ricketts is pretty awful when it comes to making big choices, so he may let everyone stick around while he “figures out what to do next”.

  • paulcatanese

    Lets see, one blogger has said it takes time to re -tool, I agree. But the way the Cubs are trying to “re-tool”at one player a year (Fukodome), how long will that take? I dont think the fans on this site are in a panic mode, but really. What they moved last year,(Lily,Lee,Gorzo, Theriot, and prospects) what did we get to re-tool with? DeWitt and Garza( given that Garza is okay) what else do the Cubs have to show for the “re-tooling” process? And now they(JH) has virtualy announced that what the Cubs have are untouchable. I dont know what team JH is talking about, but I would like to see or read his reasons for his approach to “re-tooling”. The people that pay the freight with tickets pay to see a winning team and deserve answers.The mind set of JH puts the Cubs in a class like the Astros and former Pirates, and at the rate they are being led, will be at the bottom of the Central for some time to come.So many things wrong with this picture that the only thing I can think of were the decisions to get the Cubs in this scenerio and the decisions that would get them out, would be a total admission of defeat by management, and the egos there will not allow it.

  • Aaron

    well….it certainly appears Ricketts doesn’t have a clue either.

    Let’s see…..
    Lee brought the O’s a low-A 1B that has decent power, and decent #’s thus far in his pro career

    Bourn brought the Astros 4…..FOUR prospects, with one being a top lefty in their organization.

    Zeigler brings the A’s Brandon Allen, the guy that would’ve gone to the Cubs for Pena.

    The O’s and Astros, two of the worst teams in the league, seem to be cleaning house, while the Cubs sit watching.


    I don’t even know what to say, other than I hope to God that this organization faces a backlash from fans it’s NEVER witnessed before. I hope there are so many empty seats in August and September that the Ricketts can’t pay their bills, and Hendry can’t be seen within a few feet of the stadium for fear he’d get beaten mercilessly. 

    This organization is a complete joke, top to bottom from ownership to management, to coaches, players, and even scouts, it’s a complete joke.

    Baker as untouchable is one of the most indicting statements, and should’ve set off a HUGE alarm inside Ricketts’ head. 

    But what’s more damning, is the comments made by Dempster. While I understand that family, friends, etc. come into play when making decisions on trades, what he said shed a WHOLE TON OF LIGHT into what I’ve been saying all along. Guys like Dempster, Zambrano, ARAM, Lee (prior to this year), etc. are NOT winners. They’re all losers, and would rather play on a losing team than try to make the playoffs.

    Falling on their “swords” in that way is NOT admirable….it’s downright lunacy. This team is so far away from competing, that even the players are delusional, just like their manager, who is just like his boss, the GM, who is just like his boss, the Ricketts….They’re all a big bunch of dumbasses, and I’m tired of it. I can’t stand any of them, and I wish I could attend some games later this year, as I’d let them all hear it from the stands how big of a bunch of losers I think they are.

    And this just in….Hendry now is wanting to bring back THE ENTIRE DAMN LINEUP FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ENTIRE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barney-untouchable (agree…somewhat)
    Castro-untouchable (agree)
    DeWitt-untouchable (actually, both he and Hill have no suitors, but even then, they wouldn’t be traded)

    So the two position players on the roster right now that are not “untouchable” appear to be Campana (sparingly used) and Colvin (already sent down twice this year)

    This from a team that is just a few losses away from being the worst team in all of baseball….ALL OF BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can we follow Hendry home someday and beat some sense into him?

    • carmelo

      Let’s see—you want to” punch Hendry in the face”—you hope “that he can’t be seen within a few feet of the stadium for fear he’d be beaten mercilessily”—and last, but not least, “can we follow him home someday and beat some sense into him.”  Glad to see that these statements are the answer to your prayers.  Would you please take the time to explain?

    • Griffnbell

      I have a lot to say but you pretty much summed it up. I’ve blead cubby blue since I was an eight year old and defended them until today. I am now 35 and my son is five and he wants to be like daddy and love the cubs. I really would hate to put him through the pain and misery that the cubs have put me through for most of my life. I’m tired of watching how other teams operate and run their teams while we look like idiots and amateurs. Tired of being the loveable losers, we are now the losers plain and simple.

  • Aaron

    Kap and Ferrin nail it:

    This might be the season that finally kills the fan-base. Org refuses to detail plan but says they have 1

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    (@Kevin_Goldstein) If you are wondering what the #Cubs are (not) doing, you are not alone, front office guy just asked me the same thing about an hour ago I have to think everybody in MLB is wondering what the hell the Cubs are doing???

  • Skeldor

    I don’t know if this has been posted or not but i found it interesting….

    ‘‘You always need some kind of rebuilding when you’re in fifth place, absolutely,’’ Hendry said. ‘‘But you certainly don’t look at it like, ‘We’re not going to compete for a few years.’ When somebody says, ‘Blow the place up and start over and do it right,’ well, OK, does that mean we should get rid of the people who are very young and very good?’’

    I guess he considers Pena, Bryd, Grabow as being very young and very good, LOL.  The only person on this team you don’t get rid of is Castro, everybody else can take a hike.  While I like Marshal and Marmol they will bring you the biggest value so why not trade them as well. 

    I usually go to a few Cub games at Wrigley and I go to a few games in Cincy (I live in Ohio) but I refuse to pump any money into the Ricketts pockets unless they start doing some house cleaning.  This is a pathetic joke of an organization right now, can MLB please take over control of the Cubs lol…   

    • Skeldor

      Forgot to mention Baker and Johnson as being very young and very good as well LOL…

  • cubs1967

    do you really want JH making anymore trades??  i mean really, let’s let this team fall to 30-35 games under .500 and maybe ricketts HAS to clean up the mess in the offseason.  bryd-Z-Dempster; forget Pena, let a new GM trad them.

    look what we got for a good LH in lilly………….dewitt.  JH never can do a good “sell” trade.

    if they trade guys and we stink…………it will be becuz of it.  if they keep this mess…………well i’m hoping ricketts isn’t as stupid as he is portraying so far.

    • Skeldor

      There is no point keeping people who are leaving at the end of the year anyway (Pena, Grabow and Johnson)….at least they shouldn’t be back.  Might as well trade them from something and if you want them then re-sign them as FA….

      • cubs1967

        ricketts is stupid………..who is his GM and Mgr??

        he’s not letting the team tank becuz he is pouting……he doesn’t know any better becuz he did not hire a baseball President like gillick, kasten or dallas green to show him the ropes……..he’s stupid.
        and he has no idea how to work the chicago politics……….letting that debt financing plan get out w/o any survey on the number of jobs the area gets from the cubs OR leveraging another site was pure stupidity.

        keep them all; let them fail; ricketts can then grow some in the winter OR lose the fan base; slowly but surely.

        103 yrs and counting………….there is NO grace period.

    • Brp921

      Good point.

    • paulcatanese

      I dont think Ricketts is stupid. Remember back when he wanted financing for rebuilding Wrigley and was turned down by the City of Chicago? As the spoiled brat that he is, did anyone think that he may be punishing the city and its fans for not getting his way? Then when it looks like the whole thing will go down in flames he will offer to re-build the team if he gets the money from the city for what he wants. If not he will threaten to move the franchise out of the city to a place where he will get what he wants. I know this sounds like a little boy, but look what he has done so far.

  • Neil

    From Jon Heyman: Cubs players dont want to leave (aramis, wood), Cubs dont want to trade their players (pena, byrd). one big happy family.

    • Skeldor

      Players don’t want to leave b/c nothing is expected of them and they can continue to do what they want without fear of being called out on it.  Wood is the only peson who has a legit reason for wanting to stay in Chicago. 

      Rangers just traded for Heath Bell, willd be interesting to see what they paid for him, at least to see what the Cubs could have gotten for Marmol

      • diehardcubfan

        Cubs could have gotten what the Rangers gave up for Uehara plus I think a couple of prospects given that Marmol is a little younger and under contract til 2014.

  • Neil

    Heath Bell to the Rangers …make that Mike Adams.

    • diehardcubfan

      Neil, Rangers actually acquired Mike Adams according to mlbtraderumors.  I am watching the Rangers game and nothing officially announced.

      • Matt Collins

        Correction: Padres manager Bud Black Confirmed that Mike Adams has been traded to Texas not Heath Bell.
        Source: Dan Hayes

        • Neil

          Phillies now in on Heath Bell … last I will bring this up. The first time was because of the Rangers being linked to Marmol.

      • diehardcubfan

        Trade for Mike Adams just announced at the Rangers game.

      • Neil

        It was Mike Adams … forgot to update, just did.

  • Tony_Hall

    One thing to remember as we approach the Trade deadline, trades can still be done and most if not all of the players we want gone, will pass through waivers.  I still think we will see some “dead weight” gone in August, just not as much as we would like to see.

    Of course, speaking of dead weight, we can all only dream that Tommy Boy will wake up one morning and realize it is time for JH to go.  

  • Matt Collins

    tonights lineup

    • paulcatanese

      Wonderful, can’t wait. And how many homeruns does Pujols have off
      Dempster? Maybe we can see a tape measure shot. Furcal,Patterson, someone believes in some kind of speed.

  • Calicub

    Does anyone have the urge to vomit?

    • diehardcubfan

      I haven’t gotten to the point of vomiting yet but do keep gagging just knowing that JH and Quade will continue to be in charge and Ricketts will do nothing about it.

  • JedMosley

    I know this has been said many times on here, but now that the deadline has passed, I don’t think I can watch this same lineup Q puts out there everyday!! It’s boring me to death to watch most of these guys, and they don’t win! WGN should see if they could start broadcasting Iowa’s games, at least that would be interesting.

    • diehardcubfan

      Makes me wonder what the ratings are for WGN during Cubs games this year. 

      It would be a good metric for gauging the status of the fan base. 

  • paulcatanese

    Well one thingds for sure, you can sure tell the players without a scorecard.

  • Neil