Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. Marlins – 07/15/11

Game Ninety-Four: Cubs (37-56) vs. Marlins (44-48)
Game Time – 1:20pm CDT
Coverage – TV: WGN TV – Radio: 720 WGN, XM Radio Channel 187
Location – Wrigley Field, Chicago

Ryan Dempster (6-6, 5.01/1.44) vs. Ricky Nolasco (6-5, 3.70/1.28)

Updated 1:27pm CDT – According to multiple reports, Cubs signed Dave Bush to a minor league contract. Bush will report to the Iowa Cubs this weekend.

So how will the Cubs respond after their latest embarrassing loss? Quade’s Cubs enter play today 19 games under .500 and have lost seven of 10. While wins and losses are what teams, players, managers and general managers are judged on, it would be nice at this point just to see the Cubs play a game without any drama.

Mike Quade addressed Carlos Marmol’s struggles following Thursday’s game. Quade said Thursday was as bad as he’s ever seen Marmol. Quade indicated that Marmol would remain the team’s closer. Marmol accepted responsibility for his outing and did not make any excuses. The Marlins won for only the second time this season when trailing after eight innings (1-36 prior to Thursday).

The last time Ryan Dempster pitched in a game, he finished his outing by arguing with his manager in the dugout. Both Quade and Dempster have cleared the air and reportedly everything is okay between the two.

This afternoon is a rematch of the game back on May 18. Both Dempster and Ricky Nolasco received a no decision in a Cubs 7-5 victory.

In other newsCarlos Zambrano will come off the DL and make the start Saturday against the Marlins. Rodrigo Lopez will stay in the rotation and Ramon Ortiz will shift to the pen. If Ortiz remains with the Cubs when Zambrano is activated, it would appear that Chris Carpenter will be the odd man out and sent back to Iowa.

Today it all starts with Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster finished the first half with a win against the Pirates … and a ton of controversy. Dempster’s so-so outing (three runs on seven hits with three walks and four strikeouts in five innings) was overshadow by his actions in the dugout. Dempster and Quade say everything is ‘peachy’ but Dempster was given a free pass for his actions. If another certain starter would have done what Dempster did, well …

Dempster was in the middle of a solid stretch before an injury to his ‘core’ forced the Cubs to skip one of his starts. Dempster posted a 1-2 record in six starts in June with a 3.13 ERA and a 1.26 WHIP.

The Cubs Opening Day starter is 3-4 in 10 home starts this season with a 3.84 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP.

Ryan Dempster faced his old team during the two-game series in Miami back in May. Dempster received a no decision after allowing five runs on eight hits with two walks and three strikeouts in five innings. The Cubs won the game 7-5.

Dempster is 3-1 in 15 career games, five starts, versus the Fish with a 2.54 ERA and a 1.26 WHIP.

Marlins Career Numbers against Ryan Dempster

  • Emilio Bonifacio – 0-for-10 with a walk
  • John Buck – 1-for-3
  • Mike Cameron – 5-for-24 with a home run and 2 walks
  • Chris Coghlan – 2-for-6 with a double
  • Greg Dobbs – 3-for-7 with a double
  • Wes Helms – 5-for-11 with a double
  • Omar Infante – 2-for-7 with a double and a home run
  • Logan Morrison – 1-for-4 with a double and a walk
  • Ricky Nolasco – 0-for-2 with a walk
  • Hanley Ramirez – 4-for-11 with a double and a home run
  • Gaby Sanchez – 1-for-6
  • Mike Stanton – 2-for-4 with a walk
  • Dewayne Wise – 2-for-10 with a walk

Every time Ricky Nolasco faces the Chicago Cubs the bad trade by Jim Hendry that sent Nolasco to the Marlins for Juan Pierre is brought up. It is hard to believe that trade happened over six years ago …

Nolasco is coming off a dominant nine-inning performance against the Astros. Nolasco put together his second complete game of the season (second in three starts) in a 6-1 victory … and Houston managed only one run on seven hits with a walk and Nolasco struck out eight.

Ricky Nolasco has allowed a grand total of two earned runs in his last three starts (25 innings) and is 1-1 in his last two games with a 1.13 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP.

Nolasco has always pitched extremely well against the Cubs but received a no decision back on May 18 against the Cubs. Q’s offense scored five runs, four earned, on nine hits in six innings.

Ricky Nolasco is 3-1 in six career games, five starts, versus the Cubs with a 3.09 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP … at Wrigley Field, 2-1 in three games, two starts, with a 3.60 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP.

Cubs Career Numbers against Ricky Nolasco

  • Jeff Baker – 0-for-3
  • Darwin Barney – 0-for-2
  • Marlon Byrd – 0-for-6
  • Starlin Castro – 3-for-6
  • Ryan Dempster – 0-for-3
  • Blake DeWitt – 1-for-2
  • Kosuke Fukudome – 4-for-9 with a walk
  • Koyie Hill – 3-for-6 with a double
  • Reed Johnson – 1-for-1 with a home run
  • Carlos Pena – 3-for-5 with 2 home runs and 2 walks
  • Aramis Ramirez – 3-for-9 with a home run and a walk
  • Alfonso Soriano – 4-for-19 with 2 home runs
  • Geovany Soto – 1-for-6 with a double

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  • Neil

    Today’s lineup:

    Fukudome – RF
    Castro – SS
    Ramirez – 3B
    Pena – 1B
    Byrd – CF
    Soto – C
    Soriano – LF
    Barney – 2B
    Dempster – P

    • JW

      Is anyone else from the juan pierre trade still playing – I think it included renyel pinto who was a mediocre reliever and I can’t remember the 3rd player

      • Neil

        Sergio Mitre was the third

        • Richard Hood

          What is funny about the whole deal is the only guy that projected to be a major league pitcher was Mitre. Nolasco seemed to finally put it together after being traded.

  • Neil
  • Neil

    Cubs signed veteran RHP Dave Bush to a minor-league
    deal. He’ll report to AAA Iowa over the weekend.

    • cubtex

      Why? This guy has never been good. Don’t they have enough Ramon Ortiz’s and Rodrigo Lopez’s?

      • Neil

        Apparently not .. I agree with John. Both sad and funny all at the same time.

    • John_CC

      this is getting just plain comical

  • paulcatanese

    The statements by Quade in the paper regarding Marmol are contradictory to say the least. On one hand he’s going to keep him as his closer and on the other he’s going to have Riggens work on Marmols mechanics. This is so obvious that it is Hendry’s call it stinks. Hendry has given Marmol a substantial raise this year and will not look as though he has made a mistake, even though everyone in the National League know’s he has. Quade is going to close with Wood? and Marshall? And move Ortiz to the Bullpen? Wow, those are brilliant. Wood hasn’t proven he can do the job and Marshall will again like so many of the Cub players will be put in a position to fail. Marshall is great in the 7th or 8th and against leftys period. I understand they are shipping Carpenter down  Again the perfect oppotunity to work a young player in, what do they have to lose? I my opinion Carpenter can handle it and would not lose confidence out there. But all of this is a moot point with Quade as I dont think he could find the bathroom if needed let alone a pitcher. Quade is fortunate to have JH make all the decisions for him, but between them they still don’t have a clue. This franchise will continue to spiral downwards and it appears tha not only do those two need to be gone, but Ricketts as well.

    • John_CC

      He’s a walking contradiction.  Every statement he makes is nonsensical.

  • Neil

    More great fundamentals by the Cubs … second and third with one out and Soto called out on a check swing.

  • Neil

    Cubs get a break … and of course, Soriano does not run and makes it only to first base.

  • JW

    Does anyone know how the numbers shake out for the contracts of Ortiz, Bush, and Davis compared to keeping Gorzellany?

    • John_CC

      Without even looking I can tell you it’s not good.  Last time I looked, Gorzellany was doing the same as he did last year – nice K rate, ERA under 4.00.

      • cubtex

        2 – 6 record. Respectable era. 14 home runs allowed in 77 innings. Amongst the league leaders in that category. We don’t need anymore #5 starters.

        • John_CC

          W-L records don’t mean much.  In 13 starts Gorz has pitched 77 innings – 70 K and 23 BB, ERA just under 4.00, WHIP 1.23.  I am not going to argue that he is much better than #5, you’re right. But his numbers suggest he is better than Wells, the Cubs #4 and every one of the #5 bums they have used this year too.

          • cubtex

            I agree John for this year but I hope they can add some new blood for next year and too me….Gorzo,Wells,Coleman are all replaceable. Trade Dempster now while he is going well and rebuild this staff. Garza and Cashner and 3 new bodies would sound good to me.

          • John_CC

            Yep, I’d be fine adding around Garza and Cashner. 

    • Neil

      Major League minimum this year is $414,000. Davis was signed to a $900,000 deal with incentives. I do not know the exact numbers but at this point it is very close.

  • Neil

    Very good outing by Dempster … Marmol is warming up in the pen

    • John_CC

      What the hell?  I thought he was going to sit a couple out? 

      Seriously, why does Quade even talk?

  • Stu_studdly

    I think Dempster earned the right to at least start the inning.  But in a season full of “coulda, woulda, shoulda”, no shock. 

  • John_CC

    Awful move.  They should have left him out today.

    4 pitch walk. Now what? If he puts Sanchez on they have to pull him. Then his confidence is blasted.

  • Neil

    Marmol walked Infante to start the ninth on 4 pitches

  • Neil

    Retired Sanchez on a pop out to short

  • Neil

    Marmol is talking to himself

  • Neil

    Byrd with an excellent throw to nail Hanley at second.

  • John_CC

    I really like how Garza is up there cheering hard for Marmot. 

  • cubtex

    It’s almost like Quade is trying to get fired. It’s almost like what shouldn’t I do and then he goes ahead and make that move late in games.

    • cubtex

      Putting Marmol in the very next day after last night? Who other than Quade would have done that? Like I said….it’s like he is trying to get fired!

      • paulcatanese

        I don’t think that was Quade making that decision. Had to be JH sending the note down to the dugout. What also is strange is Quade leaving Dempster in for as long as he did ( although Dempster was going strong) after pulling him so soon the last start. I guess Quade wanted no more arguments. So one day he is concrned about Dempster and the next he leaves him out there, real consistant on how he manage’s.

        • cubtex

          Paul, Why would JH want to put Marmol in the game there? I think it was definately Quade wanting to say “when you fall off a horse…get right back on” But with Marmol…he is all out of whack and we all knew the results were going to be the same. Marmol should be shut down for a couple of days and do some throwing sessions in the bullpen. He is not going in any trades because his value has diminshed now so try and build him back up. I have a feeling Marmol will be inconsistent over his career and when he gets on a hot streak and a team comes calling….Trade him!

  • RynoTiger

    wow a pitching change..taking out the closer…

    hmmm…who grew a pair overnight?

  • Neil

    Marmol pulled with two outs in the ninth. Recorded only one out … one run on two hits with a walk and no strikeouts.

  • Neil

    Cubs beat the Marlins 2-1 on Friday afternoon. Ryan Dempster: 0R ,4H ,0BB , 9Ks
    in 8IP. Byrd: 2-for-3, 2B, R; Cubs no RBI, both runs scored on error

    Sean Marshall with his fourth career save

    • Rbmercer

      Marshall has been a very good setup man the last couple of years. He has definitely become more seasoned and polished with better command of the strike zone. He has added a quality third pitch to go along with his fastball and curveball.

      Even though he has been valuable in a setup role……..

      With the state of are starting pitching, I wonder if they moved him back to the rotation, if he would excel this time and develop into a quality starter??

    • TedTop16

      Does anybody know who calls the pitches?  It seemed like Marmol threw 11(?) straight sliders at 83 to 84 mph. Anybody could sit on that number of pitches that are the same. And is he only able to throw his fastball in the low 90’s?

      • Rbmercer

        I heard a theory on why Marmols velocity is down on his fastball. I can’t remember who said it, but it was analyst who was an ex pitcher. He said in order to keep the velocity up, you need to feature the fastball and throw it a lot. According to him, cuz Marmol now throws 80% sliders, it affects his fastball. He said if he got back to building up the fine muscles with his fastball motion and continued to throw it, it would come back. He said it’s fairly common knowledge I pitching circles that a guy that falls in love with offspeed has it affect his fastball.

        • paulcatanese

          I don’t want to speak for him, but I would believe that to be Aaron.

  • Demitri

    Doug Davis to the the Sox!!! HAHAHA