Talkin’ All-Stars Live – NL vs. AL – 07/12/11

82nd Annual MLB All-Star – National League vs. American League
Game Time – 7:00pm CDT
Coverage – TV: FOX – Radio: ESPN Radio, XM Radio Channel 89
Location – Chase Field, Phoenix

Roy Halladay (11-3, 2.45/1.02) vs. Jered Weaver (11-4, 1.86/0.91)

The first pitch of the 82nd Mid-Summer Classic is scheduled to take place around 7:25pm CDT as the National League attempts to win back-to-back All-Star games for the first time in more than a decade.

Bruce Bochy will try to keep home field advantage in the World Series for the Senior Circuit and it will be up to Ron Washington to put the Junior Circuit back on top …

Starlin Castro is the Cubs’ lone player representative and will be joined by Mike Quade in the 82nd MLB All-Star Game …

With a record number of players declining to participate in this year’s All-Star Game, only two players (Cano and Hamilton) were in the starting lineups a year ago.

Starting Lineups

National League:

  • Rickie Weeks – 2B
  • Carlos Beltran – DH
  • Matt Kemp – CF
  • Prince Fielder – 1B
  • Brian McCann – C
  • Lance Berkman – RF
  • Matt Holliday – LF
  • Troy Tulowitzki – SS
  • Scott Rolen – 3B

American League:

  • Curtis Granderson – CF
  • Asdrubal Cabrera – SS
  • Adrian Gonzalez – 1B
  • Jose Bautista – RF
  • Josh Hamilton – LF
  • Adrian Beltre – 3B
  • David Ortiz – DH
  • Robinson Cano – 2B
  • Alex Avila – C

Complete National League and American League Rosters from

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Let’s Talk All-Star Ball … and remember, THIS ONE COUNTS!

Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • The Maven

    Happy 32nd Anniversary of Disco Demolition Night from an old Coho Lip.

    By the way, Disco still sucks!

    • Jim_Tinley_Park

      Yeah, but the women were hot who danced to it.

      • The Maven

        Give me a Rocker any day!

        • Neil


          • The Maven

            Ahh, Neil ….

            The artists weren’t the hot ones (although Nancy Wilson, the blonde from Heart was very nice), but the women Rockers didn’t need to dance to be turned on, if you know what I mean!

          • Neil

            Just checking … always liked Nancy Wilson as well. Plus she married Cameron Crowe.

  • cubtex

    This is from baseball america today talking about how Chris Archer has fallen out of the top 50 prospect list. This is why they are called prospects!

    The problem with Archer? He doesn’t look like the same fluid pitcher who dominated two levels last year. “He’s a completely different guy. His arm slot is different. The delivery is not as athletic,” a scout said. “It looks like he’s throwing with more effort.”Archer’s arm slot is higher than it was last year, which appears to have cut into the run and sink he got on his fastball. The result? In 17 Southern League starts, he’s gone 4-4, 4.72 with a strikeout-to-walk-ratio of 1.7-to-1. In 13 SL starts last year he went 8-2, 1.80 with the same troubling 1.7-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

    • Brp921

      I would think if Baseball America could see this then his coaches could as well. It makes me wonder if they could be trying to improve his mechanics or something, because it doesn’t make sense that the coaches wouldn’t fix it otherwise.

  • Jim_Tinley_Park

    Let’s go NL! Get that home field advantage for the Cubs!!!

  • Neil

    That was an excellent catch by Jose Bautista

  • Neil

    Castro is in and just stole second

  • Neil

    Castro stole third but was just thrown out at the plate on a contact play.

  • Anonymous47701

    2012 Pitching Staff idea




  • Brentcarmona

    i visited baseball americas website of signed draft picks for the cubs and noticed Andrew McKirahan has signed. any scouting report on this guy?

    • Neil

      A situational lefty reliever touches low 90s, consistently in the high 80s

      • Brentcarmona

        well now about thirty percent of our players have signed. no top ten yet although its been mentioned baez and devoss will sign soon. im anxious to see how many players get signed. is 25, half a good number..or am i dreaming

        • Aaron

          If the Cubs signed 25 of their draft picks (or 50% is what this means), then I’d be absolutely thrilled.

          They are sitting at 15 as of today with 4 of their draft picks that supposedly signed (McDonald, Lucchese, Weismann…and even the injured Maltos-Garcia) apparently MIA. They’re absolutely nowhere to be found, though I completely understand with Maltos-Garcia. Weismann appears on the AZL Cubs roster, but McDonald is nowhere to be found, same for Lucchese.

          Easterling was a good signing, however, he exhausted his eligibility in baseball apparently, so while still eligible for football, was considered a senior, and an easier sign. They still have yet to sign another senior in Maxwell, and I have no idea what’s taking so long.

          Having said that, I believe it’d be a PR disaster if the Cubs neglected to sign their 1st round pick Baez, so I think we can count on him being signed.

          I just don’t see the following guys signing, both because I figure if they were going to sign at all, they would’ve done so by now, and also because some have indicated already they won’t sign:
          Vogelbach (2nd), Scott (5th), Rosario (6th), Gretzky (7th), Lockhart (10th), Dunston Jr. (11th), Maples (14th), Marra (15th), Zimmer (23rd), Shoulders (25th), Jensen (26th), Richardson (31st), Jacquez (39th), Urban (41st)

          That’s 14 guys just by my count that likely won’t sign. That means that 21 other players would be in play to be signed, but the Cubs can already forget about young guys taken in the late rounds that didn’t get much PR and figure to return to school or go to college in the case of HS seniors to improve their draft stock, such as: Elias (22nd), Garrison (28th), Weeks (29th), Kelley (34th), Calhoun (43rd), Kichler (45th), Ernst (47th), Howard (48th), Gonzalez (49th), Edwards (50th)…that’s 10 more, which leaves just 11 that are likely to sign. That would bring the total to 26 players signed, which I think is a bit too ambitious. I think it’ll more likely be around 20 total picks signed with Baez being one of them.

          I also believe the Cubs know this, which is why they were aggressive signing undrafted free agents, international free agents, and the multiple Cuban players, such as Del Valle, Bonne, Valdes, etc.


    • Aaron

      I know Neil responded, but here’s his report, and others if you want to look at the list I compiled:

      • Dorasaga

        Thanks, aaron.

  • Neil

    The National League beat the American League 5-1 in 82nd All-Star Game. Cubs
    Starlin Castro 0-for-1, 2 stolen bases and an error.

  • paulcatanese

    Just one comment, after watching the All Star game, the Cubs are 100 light years behind the pitching for the NL Stars.

    • Neil

      One word, well kinda a word … yep

  • Agustinrexach

    Best managed game by Quade this year!  Let’s get this season going now!!!!!

  • Neil

    K-Rod traded to the Brewers along with cash for two PTBNL

    • Aaron

      Which means that Hendry will trade Marmol along with cash for one PTBNL…you know, to “keep up with the Joneses”

    • Demitri

      I know the Mets are in a financial crisis, but they just traded a player with a very expensive contract… Jim Hendry should take some notes