Ferris Bueller, I mean Carlos Zambrano, You’re My Hero

Carlos Zambrano is now my hero. Yes, you read that correctly.

Way to go, buddy. Stand up, speak your mind, rip this pathetic team. That is just awesome. And to think that some people think he should be suspended. Why? For breathing life into this team? For being honest with the media, unlike everyone else? For trying to motivate his teammates?

Any other reasons come to mind? This is not meltdown like those in Z’s past. This is a player standing up and calling out his team. Carlos is definitely a complicated man, but this is just pure frustration with the poor play.

Bob Brenly backed Z during a radio appearance Monday morning by calling the Cubs a “dead ass team.” He is right. There is no heart or desire, at least from the perspective of an on-looker. Poor offense, poor defense, poor pitching, poor everything. This team is an absolute joke. There is just no other way to say it.

It is the beginning of June, and unlike 2007, the team doesn’t have the ability to make a run to the playoffs. Lou threw a base. Something changed. However, Carlos rambling and yelling will not come close to have the same effect. You can take that to the bank.

So, what comes next?

The 2011 MLB draft began Monday night, and as soon as it is over, Jim Hendry should be relieved of his duties. This move will signify a change in philosophy and direction. Oneri Fleita can be the interim GM and do whatever he can to unload players.

If Ricketts is serious, he will be okay eating salary to dump these contracts and acquire younger players. Pay a large chunk of Kosuke’s salary and trade him to a team that needs defense.

Since Aramis’ option is automatically triggered with a trade, agree to pay at least half of his salary for 2012 and pick up a prospect or two. If that is not enough, pay more. And despite what Ramirez’s agent said Tuesday, do everything possible to convince him that this is the right move for his career.

As others have opined, if there was ever a time that Zambrano would waive his no-trade clause, it is right now. So, send him packing and get something back. It is hard to believe he still wants to be part of this team after Sunday’s tirade. So, sit him down, hear him out and trade him to the American League East. Do it very soon. Or milk it and get even more at the trade deadline.

Yes, we have all heard of the proverbial white-flag trade in professional sports, and it is time for the Cubs to pull off one of their own.

This team is a few years away, but beyond Soriano’s albatross of a contract, there is a lot of money coming off the books this season, especially if they trade Zambrano. The Cubs can expect to free up at least $40 million dollars for 2012, give or take a little depending on Aramis and whether he is traded.

The farm system is replete with talent. Whether or not that talent translates to the “Show” is the question. Tony Campana has performed above expectations during his brief time in the Bigs, but on the flip-side, Tyler Colvin has been a big disappointment.

Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney represent the future of this ball club. It is time to go young, and at no time has that been more apparent that it is now. Fans and pundits have been calling for change for quite some time, but Big Z’s angry rant has brought this issue to the forefront.

The Cubs are dysfunctional.

(Yes, I know … I am the master of the obvious.)

When a team is swallowed into this type of dysfunctional abyss, someone must pay.

I hope Crane Kenney enjoyed his seat on top of the Green Monster a few weeks back because he will have to pay for it himself the next time.

Jim Hendry will be gone as well. While some will be very excited for this news, others will be saddened, but I think everyone will agree it must be done. Hendry was the most successful General Manager in Cubs history, based on post-season appearances, but his time is up.

He is most responsible for the debacle that this team has become and must go. He went for it in 2007 and ’08. It didn’t work. He is not solely responsible, but he dug this hole, and instead of moving in a different direction, he kept digging.

It is time to force Hendry to put the shovel down. It’s over.

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon
  • Aaron


  • Brett

    im so embarresed to be a cub fan.  i never imagined it would get this bad.

  • Brett

    and im embarrassed by my spelling as well.

  • Cheryl

    How soon will Hendry and Quade and Crane Kennedy be gone? Will Ricketts keep them on to the end of the year? There’s one more day of the draft, then what? Trades? Z has a market but there don’t seem to be many others. By this time Ricketts should know what he can and can’t do with the club. A businessman usually does hoework on personnel. How familiar he is with the inner workings of the club and baseball in general should determine what he does. I hope he realizes that changes need to be made as soon as possible.

  • Cheryl

    I meant homework, but hoework may be just as good. He’ll have to dig to get what he and cubs fans want.

  • BillyFinT

    “Hendry was the most successful General Manager in Cubs history, based on post-season appearances, but his time is up.”

    Amen, indeed.

    A question for Neil, when said,

    “Cubs selected Neftali Rosario, C from Puerto Rico BB Academy (HS) with the 189th pick in the 6th round ”

    I don’t get this. Are all players from any Puerto Rico institutes subjected to the Rule4 Draft? How about students from the Dominican institutes?

    • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000706523521/ Richard Hood

      If you noticed yesterday a lot of teams were drafting different international players. There was even a kid from Germany drafted at one point. This is just pure conjecture but I think we are seeing the end of the international signings by MLB just saying draft them and we will work out the details in collective bargaining. We are probably seeing the start in Puerto Rico and eventually it will be everywhere.

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Sorry, I do not know the exact answer this morning. I will find out …

    • Aaron

      I know you asked Neil, but the rules are Canadian players and anyone from US occupied territories are subject to the MLB draft (this technically includes military bases across the world as well, though you rarely see those players drafted). Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, it is subject to the draft.

      As for European players selected, as Richard mentioned, I haven’t heard anything about that, so I can only assume the kid was on a military base. They are NOT subject to the draft otherwise.

      Selig wants both a hard slotting system and an international draft. If that happens, then I believe we’ll see draft picks being traded at some point.

      • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000706523521/ Richard Hood

        Thanks for the info Aaron. I am a newbie as far as the brass tax of the draft is concerned. This is the first year I have really paid attention to it and it is addictive. I know more about the current first rounders than I do about my kids it seems.
        I was just going into opinion because it seemed like a lot of international players were taken yesterday.

        • BillyFinT

          thanks, Richard, Neil, Aaron. It will be interesting, to say the least, if the draft rule extends to all int’l signees.

      • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

        Thanks Aaron, that’s what I thought but wanted to check and time was very limited today.

  • Matt Weaver

    We’re fans of the Chicago Cubs. You want to explain to me why we EVER have to be a few years away from contention? We’re in the third largest market with a fanbase that’s rabid and willing to financially support a large payroll.

    This sort of self-defeatist non-sense would never be tolerated in New York or Boston and Chicago by all accounts should be on that level.

    When we have the money, spend it and spent it appropriately. Spend A-level money on A-level free agents and Bs on Bs.

    I’ve seen too much A-level spending on B-level free agents and it HAS TO stop. The response is to always turn to small ball when we’re a large-market franchise. That shouldn’t be the Cubs’ game.

    Gosh this situation sucks. So much.

  • Tony

    I will believe it when I see it.  

    But, I can see Ricketts going to MLB, asking for help to search for an elder statemen (many of the names we have mentioned) to come in and clean house, front office, clubhouse, etc, and be a VP Baseball Operations/President of the team for a year or two.  This person would hire a permenant Presidnet, GM, Manager, etc. and do what should have been done on DAY ONE.  Makes you wonder what they meant by YEAR ONE.

    As far as ARam, just release him.  No money owed for 2012.  Give him his $2M buyout and be done with it.

    • paulcatanese

      Wow, Tony, I was really out of the loop here. Are you saying give Aram his $2M buyout and send him packing? And that would do it? What a deal,if thats all it takes, do it Yesterday. ( the blog could chip in for that amount) and send him on his way.

      • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000706523521/ Richard Hood

        He seems to forget the 14 million he is owed for this year. I think about 2/3’s of it are still to be paid.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Cubs given only a 34% chance to defeat Reds tonight via AccuScore. 

    BoSox vs Yanks for free on Internet tonight at ESPN. That ought to be fun./

  • Ripsnorter1

    The Cubs have the worst pitching in MLB–they allowed more runs than any other team. We also have the worst runs differential–except for the Twins. The Twins are starting to improve. 

    I tell you folks, THIS IS THE YEAR! that we take over last place in MLB!!!

  • Kpatmil

    A triple A team! What a slap in the face to the I-Cubs. This team is about A-ball caliber. Obviously they could care less and are just going through the motions. To slam Z because he gives a hoot is rediculous. He was pretty close on how bad this team is . Good-bye Jim Hendry, Quade too. Bring in Ryno all young  players and at least have some fun. The rest of these over-paid, under acheivers should give the money back to the fans!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000706523521/ Richard Hood

      Ryno called Zambrano on Monday and said do not insult AAA that way.

  • Agustinrexach

    Bravo….I think you describe the general feeling with “pin point cintrol”! Very nice Brian.

    There is an REO Speed Wagon song named after Hendry that fits the Occasion. I believe it’s name was;

    Its Time for Jim To Fly!

    (Great song btw)

    • Tedtop16

      Nothing is going to change. The front office personnel will last the season.  There is no indication that Ricketts will know what to do when all the contract money comes off the books. It is amazing how quickly the organization has fallen apart. Plus there is zero credibility that they have a plan to get out of this mess.

      • Agustinrexach

        Probably right

  • roseyc

    I agree Brian get rid of these guys for whatever and lets see what we have in the organization. We are loosing going nowhere. If we loose with the kids then we can live with knowning that they will get better or not. I don’t want Hendry running these trades give him his walking papers along with kenny. Let the new gm pick his new manager

  • John G

    I know it’s a waste of my brain cells. But I gotta wonder what the situation would be today if Mark Cuban had been the owner.

    • paulcatanese

      That would be a dream come true.