Cubs Continue Embarrassing Ways … Drop Seventh in a Row – Cubs 2 Reds 8

Game Fifty-Eight – Cubs 2 Reds 8
WP – Mike Leake (5-2) LP – Matt Garza (2-5) Save – None

The Cubs freefall continued Monday night in Cincinnati. Q’s squad lost their seventh game in a row due to poor pitching, poor defense, and zero power … and even less patience at the plate. The Cubs overly aggressive offense did not work the count against Mike Leake and managed only one free pass against the pitching staff that issues more walks than any other in the league.

The Cubs pounded out 10 hits but Kosuke Fukudome (3-for-5 with a run scored and a double) and Blake DeWitt (3-for-4 with a double) combined for six of the 10 hits and both extra base knocks. Both Cubs runs scored on a pair of sacrifice flies … one by Carlos Pena in the first and the other off the bat of Starlin Castro in the fifth.

The Cubs offense finished the game 2-for-6 with runners in scoring position and left eight on base. The Cubs allowed Mike Leake and Bill Bray to throw only 133 pitches (86 for strikes) in nine innings … while four Cubs’ pitchers threw 150 pitches (99 for strikes) in eight innings of work.

Mike Leake had his best outing of the year by far. Leake allowed two runs on 10 hits with a walk and three strikeouts in eight innings.

Matt Garza returned the mound and was ineffective against the Reds again. Garza pitched from behind in the count and missed up in the strike zone. Garza ran up his pitch count and left after four innings of work. Garza allowed four runs on six hits with three walks and three strikeouts on 81 pitches, 51 for strikes.

Jeff Samardzija had a bad fifth inning and a solid sixth inning. Samardzija was wild in his first inning of work and served up a three-run shot to Jonny Gomes that put the game well out of reach.

Aramis Ramirez’s fifth credited error of the season led to an unearned run in the seventh.

The Cubs dropped their seventh game in a row after another sloppy effort. With Monday’s loss, the Cubs are just 5-17 over the last two seasons against the Reds (1-5 this year) and are 7-20 versus the central division. Q’s squad is now a season-low 12 games under .500 with a 23-35 record …

The Cubs scored the first run Monday night in the Queen City. Kosuke Fukudome led off the game with a single to right center. Darwin Barney grounded into a 3-6 fielder’s choice. With Barney at first, Starlin Castro blooped a single into right center. Barney advanced to third and scored on a sac fly to left off the bat of Carlos Pena.

Aramis Ramirez flied out to right to end the inning.

Matt Garza started his night on a very positive note … but it did not last long. Garza retired the Reds in order in the first with a pair of strikeouts (Stubbs and Votto).

Mike Leake faced the minimum in the second after Geovany Soto hit into a 5-4-3 double play and Tyler Colvin grounded out to short.

The Reds tied the game in the home half of the second after a leadoff double by Jay Bruce. The Reds’ right fielder ripped a 2-1 pitch into right and scored on a single to center by Jonny Gomes on a 1-2 pitch. Bruce and Gomes continue enjoying hitting against Cubs pitching.

Miguel Cairo grounded into a 6-4-3 double play but Garza walked Ryan Hanigan to prolong the inning. Paul Janish grounded out to short to end the inning.

The Cubs wasted a big scoring chance in the top of the third. Kosuke Fukudome reached on a single and advanced to second when Mike Leake plunked Darwin Barney. Starlin Castro looked at strike three for the second out of the inning.

Carlos Pena hit a 3-1 pitch into right. Ivan DeJesus put up the stop sign for Kosuke as Bruce threw to the plate. Pena rounded first and was caught in no man’s land. Pena was thrown out (9-2-4) by Hanigan to end the inning. Instead of bases loaded and two outs, the Cubs were unable to score or put any pressure on Mike Leake.

The Reds took the lead for good in the bottom of the third. After Mike Leake struck out swinging to start the inning, Drew Stubbs launched a 1-1 pitch over the wall in right. Stubbs’ ninth longball of the year gave the Reds a 2-1 lead.

Garza got out of the third after allowing a two-out single to Joey Votto … but the writing was on the wall for another Cubs’ loss.

After the Cubs failed to capitalize on a one-out double by Blake DeWitt in the top of the fourth, Matt Garza lost the strike zone in the bottom of the fourth … and barely made it through the inning.

Garza retired Gomes on a lineout to short but walked Miguel Cairo on four pitches. Ryan Hanigan singled to left and Garza walked Paul Janish to load the bases with one out.

Mike Leake singled to right on a 1-2 pitch. Cairo scored … 3-1 Reds. Drew Stubbs then hit a grounder to short. Castro flipped to Barney to force Leake but the speedy Stubbs beat Barney’s throw to first. Hanigan scored the Reds’ fourth run of the game.

Garza retired Brandon Phillips on a lineout to second to end the inning.

The Cubs got a run back in the top of the fifth … the first time in five games the Cubs scored in more than one inning in a game.

Kosuke Fukudome hit a one-out double off the wall in right. Darwin Barney reached on an infield single to first. With Kosuke at third, Starlin Castro flied out to right on first pitch. Fukudome tagged and scored … 4-2 Reds.

Carlos Pena worked the Cubs only walk of the game but with runners on first and second with two outs, Aramis Ramirez grounded out to second to end the inning.

Jeff Samardzija replaced Garza in the fifth … and the Reds put the game out of reach.

Samardzija hit Joey Votto to start the inning. Jay Bruce hit a 2-2 pitch into left that turned Blake DeWitt every way possible. DeWitt ended up getting a glove on the ball but could not haul it in. DeWitt’s miscue allowed Bruce to reach second with his second double of the game … and the Reds were in business with runners on second and third with no outs.

Jonny Gomes hit a mile high fly into the stands in left and trotted around the bases with a three-run homer. Gomes’ shot gave the Reds a 7-2 lead.

Samardzija gave up a one-out single to Ryan Hanigan but no more runs in the fifth … and he retired the Reds in order in the sixth.

James Russell took over in the bottom of the seventh … and predictably struggled against all of the Reds’ right-handed hitters. When will Mike Quade start using James Russell as the lefty specialist he is?

Jay Bruce led off the seventh with a single to right. Russell then hit Gomes on a 0-2 pitch. After Miguel Cairo flied out to left, Russell walked Hanigan to load the bases.

Paul Janish hit a 0-2 pitch to Ramirez at third. Ramirez bobbled the ball and Bruce scored the Reds’ eighth run. Mike Leake hit into a 5-2-3 double play to end the inning.

John Grabow retired the Reds in order in the eighth … just the third inning the Reds did not score.

Too many pitches, too many errors, not any patience at the plate … and another loss for the Chicago Cubs.

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

Doug Davis will face Edinson Volquez in game two Tuesday night.

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  • paulcatanese

    I just don’t know, just don’t know, the Cubs may not win another game in June.
    I just wonder, how many losses in a row will Quade stay on as Manager?
    I just wonder if they ought to change the words in that song to “take me out coach,
    I’m not ready to play” and name it Arams tune.

  • Joey U

    I’ve been a Cubs Fan for 50 yrs and have seen it all, this team and it’s management  are by far the bottom of the barrell. The BIG “Z” was right on with his remarks.Quade has no business being a Major Leauge manager nor Hendry a G.M…….Where are Leo and Dallas when we need them?

  • Fat, Friendly, Frazier

    Suddenly, I’m liking Zambrano and his spouting a lot more.  I have to give him credit for coming back like a man and controlling himself through this mess.
    Hope he gets traded to a winner.I enjoyed the “Cubs Did Ryno a Favor” Blog.  I thought Hendry passed on Sandberg because he would be the one-guy that could take him (Hendry) down in Chicago.  Ricketts, obviously doesn’t have the brains, or the balls.  Allow me to quote John Lennon, “Imagine”…Mark Cuban.  So I hope Dan Soderberg’s evaluation is correct.Saying anything about The Cubs, their ownership, front office, field managers, this game, or the season, at this point, is too obvious and just piling-on.  Unless you’re Ricketts, Hendry, or Quade, who appear to be MLB challenged, or just lying pricks.

  • BosephHeyden

    So…are we set on Matt Garza not being as great of a move as Hendry heralded it as?  I’m not even upset by what we gave up anymore:  we were never going to use Fuld anyways and the prospects were never going to get the chance to play every day.  It’s that we made that trade and people in charge thought this would fix EVERYTHING.

    If the Cubs insist on being a sideshow that exists just so rich old white guys can meet up and enjoy a day outside in the summer, I would like to know so I can find a better team to watch.

  • cc002600

    when we let ARAM walk in the winter, will cubs receive a compensation draft pick ?  I would think he would be class B type at least, right ?

    Hope there is a stud or 2 in next year’s draft, cuz me thinks we’re drafting #1 or #2.

    BTW, I have been Colvin supporter, but how the ‘F” could he be hitting .088 ?  Just by sheer luck you should be able to hit at least .150, right ? 

    It’s unreal.

    • Neil

      The Cubs will not receive a compensation pick for Aramis Ramirez. Teams only receive compensation picks for free agents they offer arbitration to.

      From Cot’s Contracts:

      Free Agent Compensation
      A club may receive draft-pick compensation if it loses a free agent if:the player signs with another club before December 2, orthe club offered arbitration to the free agent but failed to re-sign him.
      is based on the free agent’s place in the Elias Sports Bureau’s ranking
      of all major league players by position based on their performance
      during the last two seasons. Players are ranked by league in one of
      five positional groups: 1) 1B/DH/OF, 2) 2B/SS/3B, 3) catchers, 4)
      starting pitchers or 5) relief pitchers. The statistical criteria,
      which vary by position, are not public.Type A players:Those
      who rank in the top 20 percent at their position. (Before the 2007-08
      off-season, the Type A pool consisted of players ranking in the top 30
      percent at their position.) Compensation
      for a Type A player is the signing club’s first-round draft pick and a
      supplemental pick between the first and second rounds.Type B players:Those
      who rank between 21 and 40 percent. (Before the 2007-08 off-season,
      the Type B pool consisted of players ranking between the top 31 and 50
      percent at their position.)Compensation for a Type B player is a supplemental pick between the first and second rounds.
      the signing club’s first-round draft pick falls in the upper half of
      the first round, that choice is protected and the signing club loses its
      second-round selection instead.If
      a club signs multiple free agents within the same category, its earlier
      pick goes to the team that lost the higher-rated player.

    • paulcatanese

      I dont know about that one, I think you would have to ask Koyie Hill how he does it, as he would be the authority with that.

  • Joey U

    Why is Colvin playing? He was over his head last year and now he is proving it.

    • cc002600

      he hit 20 HR’s in limited time last year. How is that being in over his head ?

      I still think the guy has potential, but at this point his confiedence is completely shot.

      only the cubs.

      • Joey U

        Last year was fluke for him.

        • Joey U

          If he has no confidence why is he playing? Don’t you think he would better off in Iowa trying to regain that confidence.

          • Carey-rose

            I do think that he should be back in Iowa getting his confidence back. No I don’t think he is a fluke. Quade and Hendry decided to see if Fukedome could be worth his contract to get his trade value up. Fukedome has done better and Colvin didn’t have a spot. He wasn’t ready to come back yet. I said I hope that the Cubbies would get swept this road trip and I’m proving to be a psychic yesterday had me nervous but I knew the Cubs wouldn’t let me down and they didn’t. I was wrong about Quade he isn’t managerial material. They had a chance to win two games and Quade badly out manage himself and Hendry doesn’t know talent period. So until Hendry doesn’t run the Cubs I hope they loose.

        • Guest

          I think you just proved Joey’s point.  20 HR in limited time is going beyond expectations.  Now the expecations for him are set to high and he’s overwhelmed and can play up to them.

    • Jim_Tinley_Park

      Over his head last year? No way. 

    • Brp921

      Maybe Colvin’s an everyday player maybe he’s not, time will tell. He only got to play part time against left handed pitchers before being sent down to
      Iowa, which is just another example of Mike Quade mishandling his players. It through him into a funk and he hasn’t recovered yet, but was brought back up out of neccesity. 

  • Ripsnorter1

    Let’s see what Doug Davis can do tonight!!!

    • old timer

      There’s a reason that Quade spent 20 years in the minors ……

      • paulcatanese

        Yes, and he now has three strikes, under the law he should get life, banished to the White Sox as their new manager.

    • paulcatanese

      I think he will keep the slate clean at 0 wins for June.

  • Anonymous47701

    2012 lineup idea




    • roseyc

      where the power in this lineup? At this point why would you put Soto as the catcher when he can’t prove he can stay healthy. They need a real baseball operational man who can at least find us a catcher. When Koyie Hill is your replacement  you’ve got troubles.

  • Survken

    These guys are taking suck to a new level.