From the Wire … Darwin Barney Headed to the Disabled List

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Darwin Barney will be placed on the 15-day DL Wednesday with a Grade 1 PCL strain in his right knee. Barney suffered the injury Monday night sliding into home with the eventual winning run.

Barney does not think he needs more than a week to be back at full strength but feels it is best for him and the team to spend the next two weeks on the shelf.

Alfonso Soriano is expected to be activated from the DL before Wednesday night’s game against the Brewers. With Barney headed to the DL, the roster decisions should be a little easier for the Cubs on Wednesday.

Darwin Barney will join the long list of players that have been placed on the disabled list this season.

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  • BillyFinT

    May LeMahieu be played at second base, now? I’m asking that politely.

    • studio179

      Unfortunately, LeMahieu will start a game or two at 2B and come in as a pinch hitter / runner. That is this manager’s way of developing players.

    • Ripsnorter1

      “NO! Hush your mouth!” yelled the always ‘thoughtful’ Quade.
      “Baker is the vet and Baker it will be!”

    • paulcatanese

      Barney will be missed,no question. Second base probably go to Baker or DeWitt before LeMahieu with the attitude of Quade and his veterans. That would be shame if that were to happen as I think LeMahieu has earned a start there, and if he does well, good, thats baseball.


    • cubtex

      Dorasaga…It would not be fair to ask him to go to 2nd now since he played 1st base a couple of days ago and has to use a different glove now again :)

      • BillyFinT

        You guys, can’t even try to be funny today. LOL

        Either something is wrong with LeMahieu, or someone is thinking wrong of him. If the lack of power is a reason for not playing him, then Barney and Castro would never be called up.

        • cubtex

          It is not that something is wrong with LeMahieu…the issue is that the rule of thumb is that you need your corner infielders to be thumpers(HR guys and RBI producers) Currently, LeMahieu is neither and if you have seen his stats, you will agree. Barney is a middle infielder and so is Castro. LeMahieu has a middle infielders bat at this stage of his career. Can he change his approach? Absolutely…..but if you are looking at putting LeMahieu at 3rd next year with Castro and Barney from 3rd to 2nd…they would probably hit 10 to 15 HR’s combined.

  • Richard Hood

    Its kind of funny in a imagine that type of way. When Barney slide around home plate I started going on a tirade about how this Posey gate crap is going to end up getting someone hurt because it is a safer play for both players to try and go through the catcher. I just knew that someone would end up costing there team a couple weeks trying to be fancy instead of being safe.

    I had no idea at the time that Barney had tweeked his knee. Just from looking at him sliding like that I knew from experience that it was risky at best. Most kids are trained even in little league to either slide through the catcher or try and beat him to the spot. It is a sad thing that no one is taking that side of the argument in this whole running over the catcher business.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Pirates at .500–66 games deep into the season. 

  • Ripsnorter1

    For crying out loud==don’t start Sorry-oh-no tonight!!!

  • John G

    Keep an eye on Prince Fielder (OK both eyes, one eye isn’t big enough). After reading this article, I am convinced that the Cubs will sign him. Especially if JH is still the GM.

    • John_CC

      I read that yesterday, John G.  If indeed 8 years is the term, then I say hell no.  I like Passan and he’s probably right about Boras’ asking price.  I still think that if Prince can be had for 6 years, then they should do it, I don’t care about the dollars. 

      • Aaron

        I’d sign Prince for 5 years at $25-27 million per, which would make him a free agent again at 32 years old. If you’re Scott Boras, you have to like that situation, as he could potentially land another lucrative deal. And if you’re the Cubs, you have to like that deal as well, especially if you can sign Vogelbach, Gretzky, and Shoulders.

        Plus, the Cubs have Bour waiting in the wings (he’d be 27 yrs old when the deal is done), and the young guys would be 23-24 years old, so it makes sense on all angles.

        Problem is, does Prince even think his body would hold up that long? If he has trepidation with that, then you’ll see Boras push hard for a very long contract like 8-10 years, and there’s no way I’d touch that at this point….not with the Cubs draft haul (provided they can sign those guys)

        However, if, for any reason, the Cubs cannot sign at least Vogelbach and Shoulders…..I’d at least consider going 7 years with Fielder, because you certainly don’t want to be going 7-10 with Pujols….not at that age.

        Also, keep in mind, that the Cubs already have Hoilman in the fold, and he’s a big-time power hitter. Provided he can handle advanced pitching at Boise, and then possibly Peoria this year, and if Bour and Ridling continue to produce well…..I’m not sure the Cubs would even be looking for a 1B this offseason, though they might try re-signing ARAM to be a stopgap at 3B for Vitters, and then move to 1B until the other guys are ready….In my opinion, that’s a very real possibility.

        As for the rest of the team, I just cannot fathom the Cubs entering 2012 with Soriano as their LF. There will be 3 yrs, $57 million remaining on his deal, and if the Cubs ate 3/4 of that, they’d likely find a taker in the AL where he can be a DH. Perhaps the A’s, who are seemingly always looking for offense?

        But here’s how I think it might shake out:

        Zambrano (he’s not going anywhere)
        Jay Jackson
        Kirk (don’t laugh…while he’s in Peoria, he might just make it)

        pen: Marmol, Marshall, Wood, Dolis, Carpenter, Beliveau, Mateo


        bench-Castillo, Flaherty, LeMahieu, Ridling, Campana

        If you look at the Cubs’ depth right now, you’ll see there’s almost no way they can trade Z or Dempster, unless they get young, MLB-ready arms in return. Additionally, with Whitenack’s injury, it makes Jackson the likely candidate for the rotation in place of Wells, who I doubt they will want to bring back at this point. If he fails, then it’d likely fall to Nick Struck. 

        And while it’d be in their best interest to cut ties with Marmol, Soto, and even ARAM, they currently lack suitable replacements (though I’d disagree with Soto, as I think Castillo and Clevenger would be a nice platoon)

        The other glaring deficiency I see with this team is the lack of OF depth. Szczur, like Kirk, is still in Peoria. Both are tearing it up and should be advanced. But outside of maybe Kirk, Bour, and Szczur, I don’t really see guys in Peoria and Daytona that have the ability to rise very quickly in the system. 

        As for the free agent market, it looks absolutely barren outside of 1B with Pujols and Fielder. And the only OF I could see the Cubs having potential interest in is Jason Kubel of the Twins, and he’ll be 29 next year.

        As for starting pitching, the only guys the Cubs might have interest in are Mark Buehrle and Edwin Jackson. But it’s highly unlikely Buehrle would go to the Cubs, as he’s a lifelong Cardinals fan. He’d either re-sign with the White Sox, sign with the Cardinals, or retire, is what I’m hearing. 

        This is PRECISELY why I’ve been saying this ad nauseam since last year…the Cubs appear to be going nowhere this year. They were completely out of the race in August of last year (actually even before that). It is counterproductive at this point to be playing veterans, ESPECIALLY since there aren’t many good free agent options to choose from next year.

        LeMahieu, Colvin, Brett Jackson, Flaherty, Ridling, Clevenger, Castillo, Campana, etc. should be playing everyday right now at the MLB level.

        It makes absolutely no sense at all to play and/or keep around guys like Pena, Fukudome, Johnson, Baker, Hill, and even ARAM when they likely do not factor into next year’s plans…..and it’s made even worse, considering the Cubs are completely out of the playoff race, and we’re not even out of June. You know why? Even with their 2-game winning streak against the division leading Brewers, the Cubs are 10 games out of 1st place and 12 games under .500. To put that into terms most people can understand better…..The Cubs would need the Brewers to lose 9 games just to be tied in the loss column. But the Cubs would actually need to win 11 games to be tied in the win column. What some Cubs fans don’t seem to understand in typical “lost” seasons is that equates to roughly half a month of baseball games (when you factor in off-days). But what they also seem to forget, is that they need the leading team to also lose a ton of games in a row, just to pull even.

        That’s why Cubs’ management are absolute idiots for not blowing this team up already. In fact, I think it was one of the Bruce’s that asked a rival executive about the Cubs blowing the team up, and they were told they’re not ready to do that, and think they still have a chance. Obviously, they don’t pay any attention to historical facts that say if you’re 5 games out and 5 games below .500 by the start of June, or whatever it was, you have like a 1% chance of making the playoffs I believe. The Cubs fit both categories, and yet they continue to cling to hope that they’ll catch lightning in a bottle…..
        statistically, there’s a minute chance of that happening, but they still cling to it, and more power to them. Someone on this site…I believe it was Agustin that said if there was anytime the Cubs would win a championship, it’d be a season like this one, where everybody in the world not only wrote them off before the season started, but completely during the season.

        I am NOT saying they’ll do it this year, but I think there’s some truth to that. If you look at teams in recent years like the Rays, Rockies, D’Backs (earlier this year and in 2007), and even the Giants last year…..nothing much was expected of any of them when they made their postseason runs. I think there’s something to be said for having no pressure at all, and those teams had none going into their seasons.

        The Cubs have the weight of 103 years on their shoulders. It seems like every time they make a big play for a free agent, or they have Hendry coming out, declaring they’ll be in the playoff race with the “2-3 solid moves” or whatever, they come out and tank it.

        Remember in 2007, after the HUGE spending spree, the Cubs came out flat, and it wasn’t until Z and Barrett’s fight and Piniella’s tirade that the team finally turned things around. 

        Hopefully they find the magic recipe. I’m not saying all my ideas of going with predominantly prospects on the team is a solid idea, but what I am saying, is that a lot of times when these young players come up all at once, they seem to play loose, because nobody really knows what to expect from them, and often times it turns into gold as the league takes awhile to figure them out.

        • Ripsnorter1

          The thing you miss about keeping Aram, Funko and all the Cubs high dollar veterans is this:

          The Cubs’ empty suits, er, I mean, Jim CLueless and P.K. Ricketts, are very afraid–and I mean VERY AFRAID–of a drop in attendance. They KNOW that any admission that this is a hopeless season, especially in early June, might very well trigger a stampede away from the Cubs. The loss in revenue might be substantial enough to cripple the Rickett’s family finances for years to come–maybe even to the point of bankruptcy. Therefore it does make sense to keep Funko, Aram , Sorry-oh-no, et al. 

          You, Aaron, have the mistaken notion that the Cubs are about winning, or at least, that a team should be about the business of trying to win. You couldn’t be more wrong about the Cubs! They are about keeping the sheep in line at the ticket counter. That is all. “Line them up like lemmings!” That is the Rickett’s family rallying cry.

        • John_CC

          Reyes is a free agent, and looking at big payday.  And you’ve forget about Beltran – he’s a perfect Hendry signing!  I think the Twins extended Kubel, didn’t they?  Doesn’t matter.

          Are you suggesting that Aramis would move to 1B if Vitters became ready to play 3B?  I seriously doubt Aramis would do that, he just doesn’t seem that interested in team needs.  And if the Cub re-sign him, wouldn’t it have to be with the team option in his contract?  The one that pays him 18M$?

        • Tno13

          Call me crazy but I’d like to see Garza get a chance in your rotation over the kid from Peoria.

          • cubtex

            You are definately not crazy. It is laughable to see his posts. His outfield has a guy hitting .100 a guy in A ball and Jackson who hopefully will be ready. Can you imagine breaking the bank signing Fielder and having a pitching rotation with 3 rookies(none who are pitching lights out and are 100% ready) is absurd. What would be the logic signing Fielder with that roster???? It’s laughable!

        • cc002600

          For the most part, I like your thinking …..

          but I don’t see how you can expect guys from Peoria (Szczur and Kirk) to make that jump all the way to the show in 2012. You have to figure they play at AA next year, than make it to big club in 2013.

          Other than that, I’m with you.
          no more than 5-6 years for Prince…….

          and no way I go for Pujols, he’s too old at this point to be dishing out long term deals for gazillions.

        • Roland

          I can not see any way that the Cubs bring Aramis back next year.  $16 million club option, which is really $14 million because of the $2 million buy out.  I think even the Cubs realize he is not worth that anymore.

          There doesn’t appear to be any good options for 3B via free agency and Vitters isn’t ready.  I can see a year of Jeff Baker/Dewitt next year at 3B.

          • paulcatanese

            Sorry Roland, but with Quade and JH still there they will bring their “top rbi man” back against all odds, they are comfortable with Aram.Hope I am wrong,but those two have done anything and everything against the book so far and as long as they are there it will continue.

  • Darrenmcculloch

    With the way DeWitt is playing in left, I think Quade will leave him there and move Soriano back to 2nd.  That would really improve the leagues worst defense according to Hendry and Quade.

    • Aaron

      LOL….that was funny man

      I wouldn’t put it past them, but I think DeWitt will be at 2B tonight and Soriano will be in LF. The lineup will likely be:


      We’ll see if I’m right, but with the lefty Narveson going, the only other change might be LeMahieu at 1B or 2B, and I HIGHLY doubt he’ll get that start, because he’s already had his quota met for this week with 1 start. 

      And there’s no way that Quade would ever put Campana in lead-off, though he might try Johnson there, with Castro moving to the 2-hole, and DeWitt moving down one or in the 7-hole behind Soriano.

      • paulcatanese

        Makes total sense Aaron, thats why it won’t happen

    • Ripsnorter1


      Sorry-oh-no is moving to shortstop where he hasn’t played since he was 10 years old in Little League.

      What’s wrong with you, Darren? Brain cramp?????

      Signed, Jim Clueless and Queer Quack, er Quade

  • Aaron

    Just read on:

    I already mentioned this before, but I think the Cubs would be foolish not to sign this guy. A switch to the NL might help him out even more (even though I know he’s been struggling on rehab assignment in AAA). 

    He’s still just 27 years old, so the question becomes….

    Doug Davis 0-5, 5.90 ERA, 6 starts, 29 IP, 36 hits, 1.862 WHIP


    Scott Kazmir (using 2010 stats) 9-15, 5.94 ERA, 28 starts, 150 IP, 158 hits, 1.580 WHIP

    ummmm….I’ll take the 27 year old, over the 35 year old Davis anyday, considering in Kazmir’s 6 full seasons at the MLB level, he’s had 4 seasons in which he had a 3.77 ERA and under….and that was in the AL

    Another arm I’d look at if I were the Cubs, is more for the pen….but it’s Aaron Poreda, the 6’6″ flame-throwing lefty the White Sox traded to land Peavy. He was DFA’d, because he suffers from control issues, but maybe…just maybe the Cubs could iron his issues out, and he could return to his pre-trade form when he was with the White Sox.

    • paulcatanese

      Didn’t read the article but I will certainly take your’e word as you totaly disect each player, Kazmir sounds right and would be an improvement over Davis.

      Any time you can get a lefty with that size and velocity it would be a good choice, and agree,Cubs should look into both.

      • Aaron

        Actually, that “velocity” you speak of, is reportedly gone…He was supposedly throwing 86-88 mph in AAA recently. 

        And it’s NOT like I’m saying he’d be the cure for the Cubs rotation in the least….not even close…but what I am saying is this:
        Doug Davis vs Scott Kazmir

        Who are you taking?

        Evidently num-nuts believes I think Kazmir is the reigning Cy Young champ…sorry, but I never said that. He’s been horrible in AAA, but maybe the Cubs can straighten him out. All I know is Garza’s elbow is an injury waiting to happen, and Davis is worthless. He’s just another in the long list of signings the Cubs have, where they sign the proverbial “Cub killer” only to watch him tank when they get him.

        Plus, Wells is ineffective, Jay Jackson is coming off a shoulder injury, and tanking at AAA, McNutt is on the DL with bruised ribs, and Whitenack is out for the season with TJ surgery.

        Other than that, I have no idea why you’d want a pitcher of Kazmir’s caliber….even if he’s only 80-85%…(note sarcasm)

        I will say this, however……If the Cubs had Jackson, Carpenter, Dolis, Whitnenack, and McNutt all healthy and performing well (and in Carpenter and Dolis’ cases, still in the rotations), then I’d say there’s absolutely no way you go after Kazmir, and you let your own prospects battle it out for a spot. But they don’t have that luxury, and outside of Struck at AA, and the recently promoted Beeler, the only good rotation talent is in Daytona.

        • cubtex

          Aarwrong….Are you getting a little sensitive because I disagree with so many of your posts? If you ever ssy something that makes sense I won’t call you on it. By the way Oliver Perez has a 2.21 in AA or why not bring back Rich Hill while were at it ? Hahahaha

    • cubtex

      Once again you are way off base on Kazmir. Wow! This is becoming a daily deal. Kazmir has been brutal since 2009! Teams are not going to cut a 27 year old lefty if there is anything left. Check out his 5 starts in AAA this year…. 0-5 17.02 ERA 20 Walks and now 6 HBP. Why in the world would they want to pick up that garbage?

  • John_CC

    I just posted this link on the last thread, if you haven’t read Dave Haugh’s column today do yourself the favor:–20110614,0,6200408.column
    It is excellent, right on the money in my opinion.

    • Bryan

      John….good post, and David Haugh is “right on”.  I can’t imagine a Cox (when he was active), Leyland, Scoscia, Francona or Girardi putting up with that T-shirt BS by the players.  Every player making several million a year, and management supports that a “cute” T-shirt will build solidarity?  Please.  And while I hate to mesh sports with politics, every time I listen to Quade (or read his comments) I can’t help think of Sarah Palin.  The guy is just bizarre, and has his own “Quade twist” on things….even when the mainstream fan/media looks at him and is saying “he said what”?

      • John_CC

        Quade is so weird. We know he isn’t a very good manager, but he just seems to get more and more removed.  He didn’t know what the goat on the shirt was?  Letting his players do whatever they want to?

        These things simply do not happen with the managers you listed. This team is ridiculous. 

        And his critique of Ricketts is excellent, too. 

        Even Paul Sullivan is on the band wagon, read the latest “ask Paul”, which is normally more joking than anything, but he is harsh on Tom Ricketts as well. And deservedly. 

  • Ripsnorter1

    Here’s all the evidence you need to prove that Quade is walking around in a comma, and has been FOR YEARS:

    First, you must remember that Quade has been the Cubs’ bench coach since 2006.Speaking about the goat curse . . . .

    “I don’t even know what the curse is, I thought they were talking about the restaurant (The Girl and the Goat),” Quade said. 

    This quote comes out of the Tribune, and here’s the link.–20110614,0,6200408.column

    • paulcatanese

      Yes, I read that article too and cannot believe he said that. Maybe he should eat the goat. But as I had said in an earlier post JH should milk the goat at home plate before they sit down to eat it. Or, put the goat in the dugout to be stroked by Quade to remind him it’s been around a lot longer than he has.

      Maybe a new T-shirt with a large goat logo, and the inscription “we can beat the goat”. that whole thing is a joke, but who is going to stop them? Quade?

  • Ripsnorter1

    You all know I’ve been telling you that Quade is the dumbest manager ever, even dumber than the worst manager the world had ever known up to his time, Jim Essian. 

    WELL SHOCK!!!!! I just stumbled across this article today, and wa-la! They (Essian and Quade) have something else in common: READ THIS . . . 
    “The Cubs went 8-3 in their first 11 games under Mike … he was the first Cubs skipper to win at least eight of his first 11 games since Jim Essian was 8-3 in 1991..”

    It came out of this article:

  • roguesqr09

    I am not a Miami Heat fan. In fact I despise them and the only reason I watched the NBA playoffs was to see them lose. I like James before his Decision, but loathed him afterwards. 

    So, it’s pretty funny to see our very own Peoria Chiefs get in on the James bashing.

  • Neil

    Iowa Cubs released RHP Thomas Diamond; assigned RHP Ty’Relle Harris to Tennessee

  • Matt Collins