Cubs Swept to a New Low – Cubs 3 Giants 6

Game Eighty – Cubs 3 Giants 6
WP – Barry Zito (1-1) LP – Rodrigo Lopez (0-2) Save – Brian Wilson (24)

Tuesday was a long and frustrating day for the Chicago Cubs. The Giants swept the Cubs in the day-night doubleheader and dropped Q’s squad to a season-low 16 games under .500.

After being pounded in game one 13-7, the Cubs took a 2-1 lead into the top of the fifth inning. Luis Montanez hit his first homer of the season, a two-run shot in the third that turned a one-run deficit into a one-run lead.

After four very serviceable innings, Mike Quade sent Rodrigo Lopez out to start the fifth. Lopez allowed only one run and had already thrown 79 pitches, 47 for strikes. Lopez gave up a leadoff single to Andres Torres. After a stolen base and a ground out, Torres stood at third with one out representing the tying run.

Pablo Sandoval hit a broken bat fly ball to short center that Reed Johnson charged and made a perfect throw to Geovany Soto. Soto blocked the plate and appeared to tag out Torres to end the inning. Tim McClelland called Torres out but changed his call after the ball fell out of Soto’s glove. Soto appeared to be taking his mask off but the ball came out. The umpires huddled, the call was upheld … and the game quickly got away from the Chicago Cubs.

Rodrigo Lopez gave up two more hits before Mike Quade finally went to his pen. Lopez turned the game over to John Grabow … and before Grabow could record the final out, the Giants scored four runs and put the game away.

All five of the Giants runs in the fifth scored with two outs … the Giants scored five runs in the fifth inning in both games Tuesday.

Rodrigo Lopez pitched better than his final line indicates. Lopez was charged with four runs, one earned, on eight hits with two walks and a strikeout in 4 2/3 innings. Lopez threw 96 pitches, 60 for strikes.

As for John Grabow, he is a waste of a roster space and proved it once again Tuesday night. Grabow was brought into a tie game with two on and two outs in the fifth. Grabow’s job was to retire the lefty Nate Schierholtz and get his team out of the inning.

Nate Schierholtz singled in the go ahead run on Grabow’s first pitch and another lefty, Brandon Crawford, doubled in two more runs. To make matters worse, Eli Whiteside recorded the third straight hit off Grabow and drove in the Giants’ fifth run of the inning. Grabow then walked Barry Zito before retiring Andres Torres to end the inning.

Rodrigo Lopez should have not been sent out to start the fifth … and John Grabow should no longer be on the Cubs’ roster.

While the Giants took batting practice at Wrigley on Tuesday (Giants scored 19 runs on 30 hits in Tuesday’s doubleheader), the Cubs offense managed only three runs on five hits in the nightcap. Luis Montanez (1-for-3 with a home run and two RBI) drove in the Cubs first two runs with his first homer of the season in the third … and Aramis Ramirez added a solo shot in the ninth, his ninth longball of the season.

With the sweep at the hands of the Giants, the Cubs find themselves a season-low 16 games under the mediocre mark with a 32-48 record …

Rodrigo Lopez did not allow a run in the first inning Tuesday night. Emmanuel Burriss doubled down the first base line with two outs but Lopez struck out Sandoval and retired Huff on a groundout to short to end the inning.

After the Cubs went quickly in the bottom of the first, the Giants pushed across the first run of the game in the second.

Cody Ross doubled off the wall in left and scored on a single to center off the bat of Nate Schierholtz. The light-hitting Brandon Crawford singled to right on a 2-2 pitch and the Giants had runners on first and second with no outs. Eli Whiteside grounded into a 4-6-3 double play on a 3-2 pitch. Huff ended up at third but was stranded when Zito tapped back to the mound to end the inning.

Barry Zito retired the Cubs in order in the bottom of the second … six up, six down for Zito.

The Cubs defense stepped up in the third. Andres Torres tried to bunt his way on but Lopez fielded the ball and made a glove to glove toss to just nip Torres at first. Burriss grounded out to second and Sandoval grounded out to first to end the inning.

Alfonso Soriano led off the third with the Cubs’ first hit of the game. Luis Montanez then launched a 0-1 pitch into the bleachers in left center. Montanez’s first homer as a Cub gave his team a 2-1 lead.

Lopez and Johnson flied out to center ahead of a triple to right off the bat of Starlin Castro. Aramis Ramirez was then robbed of a single to left by Brandon Crawford. Crawford made a sensational diving stop in short left and threw out Ramirez at first to end the inning.

Rodrigo Lopez worked his way in and out of trouble in the fourth. After Lopez appeared to hurt himself covering first on a grounder to Pena by Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross walked and advanced to second on another hit by Nate Schierholtz. Brandon Crawford hit a grounder up the middle that Baker stopped and made a nice behind the back toss to Castro to nail Schierholtz. Crawford just beat the throw to first to extend the inning.

Lopez walked Whiteside on four pitches to load the bases. After falling behind Zito 2-0, Lopez induced a grounder to second off Zito’s bat to end the inning.

After four inning, Lopez had thrown 79 pitches, 49 for strikes.

The Cubs could not tack on in the bottom of the fourth … and Lopez was sent out to start the fifth.

Andres Torres led off the fifth with a bloop single to left on a 0-2 pitch. Torres stole second with Burriss at the plate. Burriss then grounded out to first and Torres advanced to third with one out.

Pablo Sandoval broke his bat and hit a fly into shallow center. Reed Johnson caught the ball and made a strong throw to the plate. Soto blocked the plate and tagged out Torres to end the inning … and that’s when the game changed.

Tim McClelland called Torres out but when Soto went to remove his mask the ball came out of his glove. McClelland changed his call to safe and the game was tied at two. Soto and Quade argued, the umpires discussed the play but the call was upheld … and the game quickly got out of hand.

Aubrey Huff reached on a two-out single to right on a 3-2 pitch. Cody Ross followed with a single to left center … and Quade finally decided after 96 pitches that he’d seen enough from Rodrigo Lopez.

John Grabow came in and allowed the game to get out of reach. One of the worst signings of Jim Hendry’s career served up a fastball to Nate Schierholtz. The Giants’ right fielder ripped the ball into center. Huff scored the go ahead run … 3-2 Giants. Reed Johnson bobbled the ball and that allowed Ross to advance to third on the play.

With Brandon Crawford at the plate, Schierholtz stole second on a 1-2 offering. Crawford worked the count to 3-2 before launching a double into left center. Ross and Schierholtz scored … 5-2 Giants.

Eli Whiteside ripped a 2-2 pitch into center that plated Crawford with the Giants’ sixth run. Grabow then walked Barry Zito to put runners on first and second with two outs.

Andres Torres, the 10th man to bat in the inning, popped out to Castro to end the inning.

The Cubs managed two other hits after the fifth inning … a two out single by Reed Johnson in the sixth and a solo homer by Aramis Ramirez in the ninth.

Just when you think the Cubs cannot play any worse the umpire yells “Play Ball!”

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

Ryan Dempster will face Tim Lincecum on Wednesday night.

Quote of the Day

"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • cubs1967

    so when the Cubs lose 100 games; will ricketts stop saying everything is fine??

    god help him at the convention; becuz when pujols and fielder are not wearing cubbie blue…………’s gonna be ugly.

    riot gear would be a good choice tommy boy!

    • Reggie

      When Barry Zito rocks up and gets his first win of the season his riotgear should be in place already.

    • Aaron

      My guess is if they aren’t able to land Pujols or even Fielder, Ricketts will find a way to cancel the Convention altogether….or just not show up at all #1-because they had trouble selling tickets last year, but also #2-because they haven’t followed through on ANYTHING they promised when they took over control of the team, and people are starting to catch onto them.

      • erniesarmy

        Are the fans still showing up to the ballpark?
        Are the fans giving Ricketts an earful wherever he goes?
        Are fans calling sportstalk and demanding someone be held accountable?

        Until that happens, and happens in a big way, Ricketts will do nothing.

  • Baron_S

    Congratulations to the Cubs! in sole possession of the 2nd worst record in baseball;_ylt=AiWndpLoV_nIBsVRVHPRYKYRvLYF

    this team is clearly ‘a move or two’ away from contending for the World Series

    • jw

      Even Hendry and the Ricketts can’t maintain their delusion can they?

      The King has no clothes for crying out loud!

    • John_CC

      Move #1: Fire Hendry
      Move #2: Fire everyone else
      Move #3: Start Over!

  • erniesarmy

    I predicted in May that these clowns would be 15 games under .500 by the All-Star Break.

    I want to revise that to 20 games under by the break.

    And Ricketts spits in the face of every loyal Cub fan as he tarries off to the bank. The guy is scum.

    • John_CC

      I predicted something similar, and that by July 15 Quade would be gone. It get’s closer to reality everyday. Even if the plan is to wait to the off-season to make big changes, Ricketts simply HAS to do something now to show he cares.  Quade must be fired.

  • Baron_S

    this team needs to seperate out all its kids, Marmol, Marshall, Woody, and one or two of Dempster/Garza/Big-Z

    and then be nuked!! this is the only solution for long term success — 
    1) Retreading has-beens and bums for bullpen/starter roles (Davis,Lopez, Heilman, Gregg, Grabow) has to STOP!!! Let a good pitching coach focus on and hone the talents of electric young talent like Carpenter.

    2)If Hendry didn’t study Sabermetrics before, he should now….. .OBP is always a MUCH better tale of the long-term tape than slugging percentage. a .900 OPS with .400 OBP and .500 slugging is much better than .300 OBP .600 sluggin — especially if this is a pattern (SORIANO!!!!!)

    3) Bradley and Fukudome do not fit this bill,  even if they can have a .400 OBP.
    One man is a lunatic, the other cannot hit consistently. 

    4) The composition of the team should be 50% bought, 50% farm grown, on a CONSISTENT basis. The non use and dithering with our farm kids has ruined many talents. 

    5) Hendry should be fired. This should be #1, but its so obvious… I didn’t want to even make it a point…. He is the Isiah Thomas of baseball…

    Fielder,Pujols seems to be the flavor of the season. But the Cubs have the worst ERA and lead MLB in walks issued….. Hallayday, Hamels, Lee,Oswalt — Z,Dempster,Garza, [insert horrendously bad #4,#5 starter here]

    Z has a mid 4s ERA, Dempster has mid 5s….. this was not expected… and this is why it’s going to be a 90+ loss season. 

    Right now, my only worry is DJ La Mahieu and Tony Campana… Hendry the oaf, is going to demote 1 or both of these guys when Barney and Byrd return…..

  • Ripsnorter1

    Pirates are only 3 games back. If they could nab a couple of bats, they’d be in this thing. I hope they can do it. If the Cubs are going to lose 96 games, they may as well win it all. Their poor fans have endured less than Cubs’ fans have. They at least can look upon the winning teams they had in the ’70’s. But it would still be nice to see a small market team with a low payroll win it all.

    • ldsteam2011

      Maybe we can trade Ramirez back to them????

  • Ripsnorter1

    Listen to Neil’s editorial comments:

    “Just when you think the Cubs cannot play any worse the umpire yells “Play Ball!”
    “As for John Grabow, he is a waste of a roster space and proved it once again Tuesday night. Grabow was brought into a tie game with two on and two outs in the fifth.”

    Beautiful and accurate.

  • Jeff S

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a manager like this? Article in the Suntimes this morning.

    ‘‘Rios don’t run the bases; that’s why I got him out of the game,’’ Guillen said. ‘‘It’s not the first time it happened. I don’t like the way he runs the bases. .  .  . And that’s a message for everyone: If they don’t f—ing run the bases, their reputation comes on me, and I have a greater reputation in this f—ing game to do it that way. They don’t run the bases, they’re out of the game. I don’t give a s— if it’s Paul Konerko or Adam Dunn or anyone. You don’t run the bases, you’re out of the game.’’

    Quade – you should learn from Ozzie… Soriano? Ramirez?

    • paulcatanese

      I agree, Ozzie is entertaining. But in Soriono’s situation. Remember the old horse that pulled the vegatable wagon? It had about one gallop a day in it, and moved one tiny step at a time. After the one short sprint, it was done for the day, no legs,nice horse, but not able to run in the Preakness. You don’t take the horse out and shoot it, cause it gets you around every day, a little slower and misses some stops, but still moves along.

      • paulcatanese

        Aram and Pena seem to be heating up and starting to fufill what they are supposed to be doing. Sounds good dosent it? Well, look at it this way. Teams that come in to play the Cubs are fully aware that the pitching staff is going to give them runs. When this happens their pitchers throw more over the plate for outs, rather than preventive pitches. When the opposing team has a big lead, and if they don’t its only a matter of time before they do, why bother to do anything but throw the ball over for strikes and let the Cubs just hit the ball, 50-50 chance of an out with less pitches thrown. The pitching staff that we have is close to none at all,and the way Quade handles it, turns out to be just that, nothing.So what would Ozzie do if he were here, nothing as he would be left with a burned out pitching staff, no hittters to speak of and a defense that is so leaky that I’m surprised the field isn’t flooded over. And his supply of adjectives would be hard pressed to come up with any choice remarks. He would not come to the Cubs, too many holes to plug and no future of that happening anytime soon as long as present management is around. The big thing here is as long as there are Season ticket holders that fill the seats, empty or not, it won’t change. 

  • AT in Texas

    How long before you start writing head lines to your columns that are a version of “THESE GUYS SUCK”  such as “THESE GUYS STILL SUCK” or perhaps, “THIS VERSION OF THE CUBS IS THE SUCKIEST SUCK THAT HAS EVER SUCKED”

    I still watch (as a Cub fan in and born in Diaspora) in hopes I can just watch a youngster play… (sigh)

  • Aaron

    I would like to dissect a few of the potential available veterans on the Cubs for a minute…just humor me.

    (in alphabetical order)

    ARAM-3B has been a black hole for most teams around the league this year. Injuries, poor production, and aging players have taken their toll. Despite his horrible start to the season, he’s been catching fire of late. A whole host of contending teams need help at the hot corner, so he’s sure to be a hot commodity.
    *Contractual Status: $14.6 million plus $2 million buy-out for next season (his option has been disputed for next year, so I’m just going under the assumption that it’s not automatic if he’s traded); FULL no-trade clause and has stated he won’t waive it. However, with the Cubs hopelessly out of contention, he’ll likely waive it, as he’s said in the past he just wants to play on a winner
    **Possible Suitors: Giants, Phillies, Rockies, D’Backs, Cardinals, Brewers, Pirates (how funny would that be?…it’s HIGHLY unlikely though), Tigers, Angels

    Baker-Utility players that can hit are always in demand late in the year. Baker can play anywhere except catcher, shortstop, and CF. That’s pretty valuable to any team, plus, he crushes LH pitching.
    *Contractual Status: $1.175 million
    **Possible Suitors: All contending teams

    Byrd-Who wouldn’t want a player like him on your team. Hell, I even wanted him (not at the $$ of length of contract Hendry gave…but I wanted him nonetheless). He has tremendous energy, is like Pena in that he’s the consummate team player, and he comes with a smile everyday to the park, no matter how he’s doing. How can you not like the guy? I’ll tell you one thing….Quade has made Byrd look horrible this year, plugging him in the 3 hole, when he’s not even close to that caliber of player. Byrd makes great contact, but is best suited for lower in the lineup between the 6-8 holes. And if he must hit at the top of the order, he’s best suited in the 2 hole if anything.
    *Contractual Status: $5.5 million this year, $6.5 million next year
    **Possible Suitors: Just about anyone at this point, because he can be a 4th OF, or play everyday if there’s an injury. Provided the Cubs pick up most of his deal for next season, I could see a trade happening, especially to the Rangers, who are still very fond of him

    Dempster-Starting pitching this time of year is always in demand, no matter what team it is. He has a whole host of potential suitors, but he controls his own destiny with the contract…and just like ARAM, while he started slow, he’s been pitching well of late.
    *Contractual Status: $14.5 million, $14 million player option next year; FULL no-trade clause
    **Possible Suitors: Every contending team, except for the Phillies

    Fukudome-Of course, Fukudome has to start his mid-summer swoon at the most inopportune time for the Cubs…and their chances of dealing him. Fukudome is NOT an everyday player at this point. He is a tremendous player in April, and the first part of May, and he is even an OBP machine despite his swoon. A lot of teams would be interested in him for that reason, plus he plays above average defense. The ONLY way the Cubs are offloading him, however, is if the Cubs eat a substantial portion of his contract.
    *Contractual Status: $14.5 million; limited no-trade clause
    **Possible Suitors: Red Sox would top the list, Cardinals (especially with Berkman moving to 1B after Pujols’ injury), Tigers

    Grabow-At this point, he’s nothing more than a DFA candidate, but some contending team might think they can straighten him out. The potential suitors are endless, but it’s a matter of picking up nearly his whole contract for the Cubs in order to move him, and I don’t think that’s likely at this point….at least not with Hendry at the helm, as he’d have to admit failure yet again
    *Contractual Status: an absolutely ludicrous $4.8 million left this year
    **Possible Suitors: any contender, provided the Cubs pay nearly all of his salary

    Hill-Teams like to pick up back-up catchers for the stretch run in case injuries happen. They’ll often times take veteran over their young catchers, as they feel they call a better game, etc. The suitors are endless, even though he’s not that great of a catcher….or a hitter. At this point, it’s purely hype for him, as he’s supposedly known as a good game catcher.
    *Contractual Status: $850K
    **Possible Suitors: almost any contender, especially the Giants

    Johnson-Johnson is a tremendous bench bat at this stage in his career, but he is NOT an everyday player as Quade has been trying lately to do with him. He brings energy, and is like Byrd, except far more injury prone, and the Cubs would do well to offload him before another nagging back injury creeps up on him.
    *Contractual Status: $900k
    **Possible Suitors: like Byrd, it could be any number of teams in contention, especially since he’s cheap as well.

    Marmol-When his slider is on, and his fastball velocity is around 94+mph, he’s close to unhittable. But when he’s off, it’s ugly, and when his fastball dips below 94 mph, he’s about as hittable as it gets, as teams can just sit on his fastball and rip it. Given his noticeable drop in velocity (where he routinely sat between 95-97 mph the past few years), I’d strongly suggest the Cubs sell high while they still can…and he has an affordable contract to boot
    *Contractual Status: $3.2 million, $7 million, $9.8 million. It’s a disgrace that someone as awful as Grabow is “earning” more than Marmol, isn’t it?
    **Possible Suitors: any contending team, EXCEPT for the Yankees (Rivera), Red Sox (Papelbon), Rockies (Street), Giants (Wilson)

    Pena-Like ARAM and Dempster, he’s stepped up his game of late, and teams are taking notice. He’s a consummate team player, and if this were 3-4 years ago, I’d be more than happy to have him on the Cubs team. However, at 33 years old, and with his horrible start, I see absolutely no reason to keep him on the team, even if he hits 40 home runs this year. It’s like winning the tallest midget competition….on a team full of misfits, you could be the most outstanding player, and still not make a difference in the overall result
    Contractual Status: $5 million this year, $5 million next January
    **Possible Suitors: Giants DEFINITELY top the list, Cardinals might have interest if Berkman gets injured and Pujols doesn’t progress enough from his injury, D’Backs, Pirates, Angels

    Soriano-A Soriano trade would have to involve the Cubs eating 75% of his remaining salary, or taking on another salary dump from a contending team, such as the Giants with Zito. The problem is, he’s a better fit in the AL where he can be a DH, than the NL at this stage in his career. I firmly believe the best possible trade for Soriano is Adam Dunn of the White Sox straight up for him.
    *Contractual Status: $19 million/yr for next 4 years=$76 million total; FULL no-trade clause, BUT has already said he’ll waive it
    **Possible Suitors: White Sox (Dunn-4 yrs, $56 mm remaining), Giants (Zito-3 yrs, $57.5 million+$7 mm buyout in 4th yr), Red Sox (Lackey-4 yrs, approx $64 million…*in order for the Red Sox to do this, the Cubs would have to send a starter like Zambrano or Dempster along with Soriano, who would then be a MUCH better fit in LF in Boston with the short porch, where Crawford could move to RF, or the Red Sox could just tell Ortiz to take a hike if he asks for a huge contract next year as a FA and install Soriano as the DH…..Lackey has been a monumental disappointment for the Red Sox, and I’m sure they’d be happy to get rid of him and his 4.40 ERA last year, and even worse 7.36 ERA this year. If the Cubs take on Lackey, and give them Zambrano or Dempster along with Soriano, it’s likely they would only have to include a minimal amount of money)

    Soto-He’s entering expensive arbitration years, much like the Cubs ill-fated acquisition of Garza for the same reason. He clearly has lost his feel at the plate, and might not ever regain it. It’s time to capitalize on what little value he has left, especially with his league-best CS%
    *Contractual Status: $3 million, then yrs 2 and 3 for arbitration
    **Possible Suitors: Giants have to top the list with Posey’s injury

    Zambrano-He has been a huge disappointment since signing his extension. He got ace money, and he has never really pitched like an ace, plus he has attitude issues. He’s passionate about the game, but he lets it come out the wrong way, often times directed at teammates when his own production sucks. Zambrano still has some value, but it’s a matter of how much the Cubs will eat to move him. An interesting fact is that he’s done much better against the AL than NL this year, which could spark interest from contending AL teams.
    *Contractual Status: $18.875 million this yr and $19 million next yr; FULL no-trade clause, but like Soriano, has stated he’ll waive it
    **Possible Suitors: Yankees, Red Sox, Angels (outside of Weaver, Haren, and Chatwood, their rotation could use some help. Perhaps a straight up trade of Santana for Zambrano would work?), Rockies, Cardinals, Tigers (ESPECIALLY the Tigers, with only Verlander having an ERA under 4.32. They could DEFINITELY use some help)

    Despite what many of us may have thought initially (myself included), the Cubs actually have a fair amount of attractable trade chips. It’s just a matter of selling soon before other teams fall out of contention, flooding the market with veterans, thus driving prices down, and how much money the Cubs are willing to include (or take back in the case of a salary dump like Soriano).

    The Cubs should finish out the season with a roster similar to this:

    Jay Jackson*

    Dolis, Marshall, Wood, Carpenter, Samardzija, Beliveau*, Russell

    C-Castillo, Clevenger*
    1B-LaHair, Ridling*
    SS-Castro, M. Gonzalez
    LF-Flaherty*, Montanez
    CF-Jackson, Campana

    When rosters expand in September, they should bring up the following:
    P-Coello, Struck, Parker*, Maine, Mateo
    IF-Moore, M. Smith*
    OF-Wright*, Perez, Snyder, Spencer*

    *Rule 5 eligible after season

    The reason I’d fill the roster out to the brim, is the fact that they have a lot of guys eligible for Rule 5 selection, and they need to make decisions in the lower ranks to prepare for the future (meaning guys like Antigua, Suarez, Lake, Vitters, N. Perez, and Brenly that aren’t ready…but are promising in the lower ranks, also need to be added). The Cubs need to make decisions regarding these players, so they need to get a look at the older guys eligible for the Rule 5 such as: Flaherty, Ridling, Clevenger, Spencer, Smith, etc. to know what they have, so they can plan ahead.

    There is absolutely no reason the Cubs should keep this team intact as the way it is right now. It’s going nowhere. This is a MAJOR reason they’ve struggled over the years with player development. They lack the foresight to be able to tell if they have what it takes to make the playoffs or not, and then know when to fold it, and start selling. Then, to compound matters, just like last year, they allow an imbecile like Quade to be able to play veterans down the stretch, instead of playing young prospects, and it set them back even more. I just don’t get it.

    How can a franchise be so dumb, for so long, and not realize the mistakes from the past, and how to fix them.

    Ricketts talked glowingly of player development, and how they’ll invest more in the future, blah blah blah, but he has absolutely NO idea or plan in place for accomplishing his mission statement. And that’s a tragedy.

    I should be getting paid for the consulting work I do for them on this site. To say that I’ve researched all the reasons why the Cubs haven’t won in the past 100 years would be an understatement. 

    Some people on this site would say that is a bit arrogant, but I assure you it’s NOT….In fact, most of you have said similar things on here that is NOT rocket science or anything….it’s just plain common sense.

    For instance, if you know you’re not going to retain a veteran player going into next season either because they’re underperforming, or you don’t want to pony up the cash to retain them, and your team is hopelessly out of contention…..then why in the hell would you retain them until the end of the season, especially if you won’t be offering salary arbitration (which, by the way, is NOT Hendry’s style…he rarely offers it, even when he knows they’ll get a multi-year contract elsewhere, thus the Cubs haven’t received much in terms of draft compensation). That type of stuff is not rocket science, especially DFA-ing non-performing veterans in the last year of their contracts when you’re out of contention (if you can’t trade them)

    We can speculate all day about trades and potential FA signings the Cubs missed out on throughout the years. Sometimes, we’re right to criticize the moves, especially if negotiations are made public (meaning we know what other teams were offering, or in the case of the DeRosa trade, we have an apples-to-apples comparison in the same year of what the other team received via trade for the same player)…and Hendry would have a legitimate argument for everyone about how they don’t know the behind-the-scenes details, and he’d be entitled to that opinion….

    But like I said, when we have apples-to-apples comparisons, and we know publicly things like the Marlins were set to non-tender Gregg and made it very public with their dissatisfaction of his performance, and Hendry offered a top pitching prospect like Ceda…..that, to me, would be a fire-able offense. But what’s even worse, is moves like simply dumping salary, DFA-ing non-performing veterans, etc., where it doesn’t require a whole lot of brain-power….Hendry can’t even do that.

    Why in the world would Ricketts retain his services until the end of the year? That to me, is an indication that he has absolutely NO plans to get rid of him anyhow, and that rumors we’re hearing about changes are just that….RUMORS

    • KevininSandiego

      First off I agree with most olf what you have said, but I don’t think with the state of the organization as a whole. We should rule out trading anyone but Castro. I am a frequent caller on MLB Radio Network and all hosts but Mike Ferin agree that Garza should be on the trade block, if we can get a equal return that we paid for him. Which I believe we can, I believe we can get Montero, Betances, Baneulos and another player for Garza and Marshall and Jim Bowden agreed with me.

      My reasoning for this is Montero has fallen out of the Yankees good graces and this would address all of the Yankees needs. It would give them starter the have been looking for and a LH reliever and Setup man. It would also give the prospects that are far superior then anything we have in the Cubs system and all of the Prospects would almost ready.

      • cubtex

        My issue is that if u trade Garza…then u do not have one proven starter on ur team for next year…that is providing Dempster and Z are gone. Garza is still young and under control still for a couple of more years. I would rather trade Marmol than Garza to get a package like that back from the Yanks. I’d love to get Banuelos though!

        • KevininSandiego

          I don’t see Zambrano being trade, he really doesn’t have a market right now because of his contract and personality turns teams off. That’s why I don’t see him being moved.

    • cc002600

      You are so delusional.
      If you think there is any team willing to take any of our garbage, please call me, I have a bridge to sell you.

      Teams don’t want to add much to their payroll anymore, so unless the cubs pick up a HUGE chunk of the $’s (like 80-90%), there ain’t gonna be any takers for this slop for what they are making. No way.

      Byrd ?
      Baker ?
      Pena ?
      Soriano ?
      Z ?
      Fuk ?
      Hill ?
      etc, etc

      Are you kidding me ?

      • BosephHeyden

        Fukudome, Pena, Baker, and Byrd most definitely DO have people who would take them.  Heck, even Grabow has suitors out there.  I think I get why Hendry still has a job:  people have this mindset that “Oh, the Cubs are awful, so are all their players, so we’ll never move them”.  And then Hendry makes a move that, quite honestly, winds up netting LESS than what the player is actually worth, and Cubs fans are wow’d by it.

        Marlon Byrd will be tradeable because he’s a good clubhouse guy and a great option as a fourth outfielder.
        Carlos Pena will be tradeable because he’s got 17 home runs in June, closer to the top of the NL lead than he is the bottom.
        Baker will be tradeable for the reason Aaron listed:  he plays EVERYWHERE, and he can crush lefties.
        Fukudome will be tradeable because he’s a leadoff hitter batting over .270 (which is GOOD, because it means he gets more AB’s than anyone else and he’s getting a good amount of hits in that time).

        And Grabow is tradeable (granted salary is eaten) simply because he throws the ball with his left hand, therefore his ERA is irrelevant.

        Problem is that when they get moved for a slew of Single A batters hitting around .250 and Single A pitchers with 4.75 ERA’s, Cubs fans will be under the impression that that is more than they were worth.

        • cc002600

          Here’s what you are missing…. There are 29 other teams that are loaded with the same type of garbage that was listed above for less money in most instances.  You can find these type of players anywhere.

          You may be able to get lucky and move some of this crap, but you will certainly nothing in return, and will have to eat a large portion of the cash.

          In this economy, teams are not in the business of adding payroll.

          Please take off your cubbie blinders for a couple minutes and look at the big picture.

      • KevininSandiego

        I disagree with you on Pena, any player with 17 hr before the mid way point isn’t garbage. But he isn’t part of the Cubs future so, he needs to go.

        • cc002600

          He’s hot right now. Good for him.
          You think its going to last forever ??
          Remember, this guy hit .196 last year and NOBODY wanted him

          • Zonk

            There was interest in Carlos Pena in the offseason, he isn’t a bad player.

            There will be interest at the trade deadline too, but the Cubs will have to either pick up much of the tab, or not expect much in return, or both.

            The Cubs have several players that can realistically help someone, but nothing that will net a huge return.

  • cubtex

    I disagree. If a team feels like player x can help them win a division…they will add payroll. The Cubs might have to pay a portion for some of those players contracts…but they are not immovable.

    • cc002600

      maybe 5-10 years ago, but not anymore.
      The economy is bad. Teams are not going to take on $4 or $5M to add to their payroll…..not gonna happen…..different world now

      Maybe the yankees or red sox will add some dough, but outside of that, I don’t see it…..if teams add, it will be small additions for $1 or $2M here or there.

      Point is, NOBODY is taking guys like Z, Pena, Fuk making that kind of dough…..unless the cubs eat 80-90%, and I don’t see that happening.


    • The Maven

      All I can say Cubtex is … WOW!

      That almost sounded like you agreed with Aaron 😀

      • cubtex

        Can u believe it? :)

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    Our ” Future Centerfielder” isn’t doing very good at all. he's hitting .251 with 61 strikeouts in 195 AB YUCK!!!

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    ********DOUG DAVIS RELEASED********

    It’s about damn time!!!