Not Even Competitive – Cubs 1 Cardinals 6

Game Fifty-Five – Cubs 1 Cardinals 6
WP – Jaime Garcia (6-1) LP – Ryan Dempster (4-5) Save – None

The Cubs needed Ryan Dempster to set a positive tone for the long road trip … and Dempster barely made it through five innings.

Ryan Dempster slipped back to his April ways … too many pitches, a lot of walks and multiple balls left the park (Dempster has served up 13 home runs in 13 starts, 74 innings). The Cardinals took batting practice for the first five innings while the Cubs tried to get a runner on base. The Cardinals scored six runs off Dempster in five innings … with five of the runs coming off longballs by Lance Berkman and Albert Pujols.

Ryan Dempster allowed six runs on eight hits (two left the park), walked three and struck out five on 109 pitches, 67 for strikes.

The Cubs pen kept the Redbirds from tacking on but with the impatient Cubs, Jaime Garcia would not need any more support than what he received from Lance Berkman’s three run homer in the first inning.

Q’s offense was pathetic again. Jaime Garcia retired the first 13 batters he faced and had a perfect game going until a one-out walk by Carlos Pena in the fifth inning. The Cubs showed zero patience at the plate again. Garcia threw only 40 pitches in four innings.

Garcia was at the top of his game but again, the Cubs made it very easy on the lefty. Garcia struck out four of the first seven batters and the Cubs failed to put the leadoff hitter on in any of the nine innings Friday night … the Cubs put two runners on base only once, the eighth inning, and by that point the Cardinals had the game well in hand.

Luis Montanez drove in the Cubs only run with a one-out double in the fifth … the Cubs first hit of the game.

Jaime Garcia allowed one run on four hits (two of the four hits came in the eighth inning) with a walk and eight strikeouts. Garcia threw 94 pitches, 69 for strikes.

The Cubs other offensive highlight of the night was the first big league hit by D.J. LeMahieu … an infield single with one out in the eighth.

With Friday’s loss, the Cubs have dropped six of seven and are a season-low nine game under .500 with a 23-32 record …

Ryan Dempster’s first inning struggles continued Friday night in St. Louis. Dempster labored through a 26-pitch opening frame and by the time he recorded three outs, Dempster and the Cubs were in a huge 3-0 hole (Dempster has allowed 18 runs in the first inning this season, 13 starts).

Ryan Theriot faced his former teammate for the first time and extended his hitting streak to 17 games with a bloop double to right. Tony LaRussa gave up an out by having Jon Jay sacrifice Theriot to third. Dempster walked Albert Pujols on five pitches … and the Cubs were in trouble.

Lance Berkman launched a 1-1 pitch into the stands in right center … 3-0 Cardinals.

Ryan Dempster retired Colby Rasmus on a foul out to Pena but Yadier Molina ripped Dempster’s first pitch into the alley in left center. Tyler Colvin made a sliding stop to keep the ball from rolling to the wall. Colvin’s throw to second was a little late and Molina ended up with a double.

Skip Schumaker struck out swinging to end the inning.

The Cubs went down in order in the second on just 12 pitches … Garcia’s pitch count after two innings and labor-free 21 pitches, 16 for strikes.

The Cardinals went down in order in the second.

Dempster worked around a leadoff in the third to Jon Jay. Jay stole second with Pujols at the plate and advanced to third when Pujols grounded out to second. Quade brought his infield in with Lance Berkman at the plate. Berkman popped out to short and Rasmus struck out swinging to end the inning.

The Cubs went in order in the fourth and after four complete Garcia had thrown only 40 pitches.

Ryan Dempster gave the Cardinals another run in the fourth. Yadier Molina led off with a single to right. Skip Schumaker hit a grounder to the hole at second. Barney threw to second to force Molina. Daniel Descalso blooped a single into center.

With runners on first and second with one out, Jaime Garcia had trouble laying down the bunt but finally did on a 1-2 pitch. Dempster threw out Garcia as Schumaker and Descalso advanced to second and third.

Dempster uncorked a wild pitch on a 1-0 offering to Theriot. Schumaker hustled home with the Cardinals’ fourth run. Theriot flied out to right center on a 3-2 pitch to end the inning.

The Cubs ended Garcia’s bid for a perfect game in the fifth. Carlos Pena worked a one-out walk … the Cubs first baserunner. Luis Montanez ripped a 0-1 pitch into right center … the Cubs first hit. Pena scored on Montanez’s double and Luis advanced to third on Berkman’s throwing error. Tyler Colvin struck out swinging … and D.J. LeMahieu struck out swinging to end the inning.

In typical Ryan Dempster fashion, whenever the Cubs score a run … Dempster gives at least one right back.

Jon Jay led off the bottom of the fifth with a single to center. Albert Pujols stepped in and lined a two-run homer into the stands in left. Pujols’ 48th career homer (127 RBI) off Cubs’ pitching gave the Redbirds a 6-1 lead.

At this point Dempster was really struggling, everything was up and he was not fooling any of the Cardinals.

Lance Berkman followed Pujols’ dinger with a hard single to left. Colby Rasmus then scorched a 3-2 pitch to first. Carlos Pena made a nice pick on a short-hop, threw to second and Castro threw back to first to complete the 3-6-3 double play.

Following a walk to Yadier Molina, Skip Schumaker struck out swinging on a ball in the dirt to end the inning.

Ryan Dempster left the mound and the game with his team in a huge hole … and only one run on one hit.

The Cubs pen (James Russell, Rodrigo Lopez and John Grabow) did a good job of keeping the Cardinals from adding on over the last three innings. The Cardinals managed only one hit and a walk (two baserunners) against the trio.

After Montanez’s double in the fifth, Q’s offense managed only four more hits … and not a single walk (Soto one-out single in the seventh, LeMahieu infield single in eighth, DeWitt single in eighth, Pena two-out single in ninth).

This group of players appears disinterested and simply not prepared to play at the Major League level.

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

Randy Wells will face Kyle Lohse in game two on Saturday afternoon.

Quote of the Day

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." – Arthur Ashe
  • paulcatanese

    Well written Neil,and needless to say, a very depressing game. The season may be gone after this series with the Cardinals, and what I mean by gone is last place in the Central. It seems this group have totaly packed it in, and I agree that they
    are not prepared to play at this level and there are no amount of “team meetings”
    to change it,one reason is that no one has the knowledge to do it, Quade should just take a hike while he may have some sense of credibility that of which is fading

  • Baron_S

    what oh what does Hendry have to do to get fired!

    I’m glad I skipped this game in favor of a nap…..less stress and I can see the game summarized through the CCO thread….

    1.Can’t pitch
    2. No Power
    3. No Speed
    4. No Situational hitting
    5. Mind-bogglingly bad defense

    This team does nothing well… its going to be a 90 loss season — why not start afresh with a house clearing of Kenney and Hendry now!!

  • Joey U

    Dempster to the Dumpster,  a Manager who is in way over is head, a Moron for a G.M and an Owner who is out in left field, no wonder our team is where it is.

  • Jeff in AZ

    Wow… this is tough. The anger has left me and I am beyond disgusted. I’m looking forward to some guys being dealt and a possible dismissal of both Kenny and Hendry. We might as well just leave a lame duck Quade in their until the new GM has a chance to bring in his own guy.

    I’m glad we have this site for the faithful. Hang in their guys, I truly believe that after the allstar break we will be talking about the sweeping changes with that cubbie optimism we all still possess.

    We all are still the greatest fans, and we deserve more.

  • Baron_S

    ‘‘Whatever heat comes, bring it on,’’ said Quade, whose Cubs are sinking fast after a 6-1 loss to the St.  Louis Cardinals on Friday night — their fourth straight loss as they opened their toughest road trip of the year..‘‘That goes with the territory,’’ Quade said. ‘‘It’s been frustrating and all the rest of it. But you believe in yourself. You believe in your guys. And you believe they’ll come out and give you a good effort every night. That’s the only thing you can do.’’

    This guy sounds deluded and resigned to his fate

  • Baron_S

    Fukudome is falling like a rock as expected.

    .247 in May with numbers down across the board….. This guy has no power, no speed and frankly can’t really hit at all. — he plays good Defense and has a nice OBP  — hes kind of a poor mans JD Drew, which is not saying much.;_ylt=Ag1FRmPb8XO1LD7vCv9RXraFCLcF?year=career&type=Batting

    Oh and he is a career .211 hitter (with a .313 OBP) in June — so expect GREAT things!

    • Ripsnorter1

      More good news:

      His defense is down, too. ZR (Zone Rating) means he cannot cover ground. IF the ball is hit right at him, he’ll most likely catch it. But if not, he’s an underperforming RF.  
      Still, I’m going to have to admit that at least he gets on base. Sure, 2 HR and 5 RBI out of a starting RF is lousy, but his on base percentage is a very nice .418 for the year, and for May, where he hit .247, it was .389. IF*IF*IF we had some RBI guys batting 3, 4, 5, 6, we could score a run or two with this guy leading off. But when you have no power out of your run producers, you don’t get any runs. 

      Who do you want to play out there? Colvin hitting .104?
      Montenez hitting .308 (4 for 13 with 2 RBI and 2 2B)?
      Synder–0 for 1 with 1 K?
      Campana? Hitting 6 for 25 (.240) with 5 SB?

      I want Colvin in AAA.I want Montenez to get a shot. Synder–I think he cannot hit ML pitching. That’s my view.Campana? Let him play CF.

      • Joey U

        I agree Colvin back Des Moines

      • Jim_Tinley_Park

        I totally disagree with the Fukudome defense assessment.
        He is an above average defender. A will admit that Fukudome is a below averege hitter.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Houston lost, so we are still tied for the fewest wins in NL. 

  • Ripsnorter1

    Today’s game features Wells vs. Lohse. Lohse is 7-2 with a 2.13 ERA.

    Doesn’t look good for the Cubs. . . . .
    ACCUSCORE gives the Cubs a 27% chance of winning.
    The Cubs will lose today.

    • Tony

      I think Accuscore is a little optimistic about the Cubs chances…

  • Tony

    Does anyone need any more proof that this is a lost season?  And that JH should be fired.

    It was obvious last year that this team needed to rebuild not reload, yet JH was given a chance to reload. 

    He has failed!

    • Skeldor

      He failed big time.  While I like Garza, the Cubs had ZERO chance to compete this year so he gave up wayyyyy to much to get a guy for no real reason.  Stupid Brewers for trading for Marcum and Greinke, put Hendry on defense mode and decided he HAD to make a move to counter.  What an idiot and the owners are just as big of idiots for keeping him at this point.  This team has nothing but broken down has beens and never was guys.  Have a fire sale, everything must go….sale sale sale sale…..and Quade is an idiot with his post game comments “That goes with the territory”.  You don’t get swept at home by one of the worst teams in baseball, what territory is that? Pittsburg Pirate territory is what that is. 

      • cubtex

        I have a different perspective on this than you. IMO the Garza trade was to get a top of the rotation guy who is only 27/28 years of age and is under control for 2 more seasons after this. Can you imagine the future of this staff if the trade never happened? Archer….your supposed #1 pitcher propsect has regressed and would definately not be part of the discussion for next year. Coleman is what I thought he was. You would have a hurt Cashner,Wells,Demp,Z and Gorzo. I am sure you will agree that Garza is a HUGE upgrade over Gorzo moving forward. He is the one guy to build your rotation around. Again, maybe not a 1 but a 2 or 3. I am tired of seeing Demp thrown out there as our 1. I would like to blow up this starting rotation. Trade Demp and Z(if possible) Trade Marmol for a top starting prospect and another prospect or 2. With Cashner’s injury this year you cannot assume anything about him for next year. It looks like McNutt will need at least another 1/2 season going into next year….so new blood needs to be added. The only holdovers I would like to see are Garza and possibly Wells. I love Cashner’s upside as a starter but he needs to get healthy. So, I would say that if the Garza trade never happened….they would need to look for a #1 , #2 and #3 for next year instead of a #1 and #3. It is almost impossible to get 2 of those ,but imagine trying to get 3 top of the rotation starters? I don’t want to beat a dead horse about the Garza trade but they really didn’t give up any sure things! Hak Ju Lee is only in A ball. Archer has really struggled,Chirinos is 27 and really srtruggling, Guyer is just another fill in outfielder(don’t the Cubs have enough of those guys?) and Fuld would never had the opportunity to play for the Cubs like he is for Tampa. And by the way…Fuld is starting to come back to earth(just like his career minor league numbers said he would)

        • Skeldor

          I do like Garza but he’s wasting away on this team.  They aren’t going to be competative for another 3-4 years by which point he’ll be in his early 30’s and those younger guys could have been an important part to the team.  Especially Archer and Hak Ju Lee.  If this team had a chance I would really love this trade but the fact is they don’t have a chance.  So it was a desperate trade by a joke of a GM.  Nothing against Garza but he’s a number 2 on a very bad baseball team which means absolutely nothing gained by the Cubs.

  • Chuck

    I am impressed what Kirk Gibson has done with the D’Backs.  Can Ryno do the same with the Cubs?

    • cubs1967

      no, becuz the d’backs have a real GM in kevin towers. we have JH.

    • Anonymous47701

      Not With Jim Hendry he can’t.

  • cubs1967

    here’s an old article from Yahoo that shows reveune streams for the Cubs.  Read carefully the tax loophole that allows sports teams to be depreciated at a 15 yr clip; which for the Cubs will allow them to NOT pay taxes for a long time.

    So while the Sun times today and the Score yesterday told us all how the Cubs have not money due to the way the sale of the team was done; after reading this article………’ll see there is plenty; not to mention all the Ricketts crying about public money for the Dump.

    So if the goal the next few years is to NOT sign free agents ; well P K McCcaskey had better be prepared for $2M in attendance soon.

    Note; in the artilce, tix prices avg has tripled almost since 1999.

    • cubs1967

      Note to in the article where the other bidder besides Cuban, Marc Utay offered less cash, more money and NO Tribune ownership of 5%.  THe Ricketts allowed the Trib to own 5% to avoid the Trib paying capital gains on the orig purch price of $21M………….so all this BS talk about how the deal was structured is BS, the Ricketts allowed it and MLB signed off on it….to help a billionaire Sam Zell.

      SO when RIcketts is crying about the debt strucutre and cannot sign FA, it’s his damn fault…………Zell had no bargaining power; eventually the Cubs would of been in BK court and forced to be sold; maybe not to Ricketts at auction, but it’s NOT the Ricketts family or long suffering Cubs fans duty to help a billionaire avoid capital gains taxes. 

      As a banker, I can tell you there was NO law that said the Trib had to keep 5 % ownership………..paying capital gains may suck for the uber rich, but that’s not our problem.  I’m sick of hearing the media talk about how this had to be done to help out the Trib on capital gains…………

      the Trib FUC**** Cubs fans long enough………..even after selling the team we still get screwed!

      • cubs1967

        the more I read this article and look at the joe ricketts you tube interview from sept 10 by silicon valley press; the more you can connect the dots; ricketts thought NO matter what the Cubs sell out every game; so MLB wanted the Ricketts (why?) and the Trib did since he ALLOWED them to keep 5% ownership to avoid the capital gains tax; SO Ricketts blindly thought we’ll lower payroll for 3 to 4 yrs (as they have), increase tix prices, (as they have), JH told him the minors were stacked (NOT) and we’ll be a .500 or better slighlty competitive team for 3 -4 yrs till he can get the Dump rehabbed w/ public money and then spend monies: BUT Ricketts did not understand the state and Chicago are broke, that Cubs fans have had it and won’t just show up, the economy is also stopping fans, and the teams sucks………and the minors were overhyped!!

        it all makes sense now………..and the biggest thing–look at joe ricketts say in his interview—:tom tells me: “they sell out every game and every tix win or lose:…………..Ricketts thinks Cubs fans are fools!!………..

        he’s playing us………….and was too scared to call Zell’s bluff and buy the Cubs out of auction………and skip this 5% ownership BS!

        now, I hate Ricketts even more…………enjoy the empty seats ya bastard, U deserve it!

  • Chris

    Is it just me or can you hear the sound of frustration/depression in Len’s and Bob’s voices too? I watched some of the game, and it sounded like there was more “dead air” then normal…

    • Trevor_P

      I think Brenly is frustrated especially because he wants to say a lot about abysmal the cubs front office thought process is but can’t.  Ditto for his feelings on quade.  I don’t think Bob could have done a better job with this sad crew that Hendry put together, but I do think he is a better coach than Quade is.  

      • Brp921

        That was what I liked best about Steve Stone, not only was he a great baseball analysist, he told it like it was, good or bad. That is probably why the upper management would not stand behind him in his battle with the players about his critisism of them. Maybe if they clean house upstairs they could lure him back as well.

      • BosephHeyden

        Yeah, Brenley will never say anything about Quade because he’s been there.  Is he a better coach than Quade?  Hard to tell:  Quade didn’t have a team of a similar build to what Brenley had when his D-Backs were raking it.  But so far, I’d say no:  last year was expected because the team had no pressure.  Now that they’re actually expected to do something, they’re choking.

        Ricketts needs to step up, determine what identity he wants his team to have (either a Yankees-like free agent powered murder team or a team that goes purely off the farm system like what they’re trying but failing to be right now).  And then he needs to hire the right coaching staff to build on that team (and that doesn’t necessarily mean crawl to Sandberg, though if they’re going purely farm, they’ll need to).

        But as it is, the Cubs are doing what they do best:  making us hope football season gets here fast (and actually happens)

  • Anonymous47701

    2012 Pitching Staff Idea




  • GrantJones7

    Neil can we have a Draft post to comment on tonight?

    • Neil

      For tonight?

      Send me an email.

      • GrantJones7

        Wow my bad it is Monday…
        Will send an email now though

  • roseyc

    I hope the Cubs get swept by the Cards and then the Reds and then the Phils. If that’s what it takes to get rid of Hendry and Kenny. Ricketts needs to wake up or let everyone that this is just a tax write off plan. He needs clean house and hire organizational people who knows talent. Hendry does not. Trade everyone with trade value except the kids and the bottom half of the bullpen. Trade them at the last resort but make the team pay for them. Houston has already started their rebuilding so we are behind. Quade was setup for failure. The injuries didn’t help but Hendry has to go

    • BosephHeyden

      They’ve been swept by numerous teams in the past and how has that worked out?  Hendry was here for the horrendous Baker seasons and survived that.  He was here for the first half of Lou’s first season and he survived that.  And he survive the last two seasons.  Getting swept by more teams won’t do anything more than make the marketing team try to figure out more ways of getting people in the ballpark.

      • BosephHeyden

        I will say this though:  if the Cubs were to get swept by the Cards, I might be fine with that, just so long as they don’t get swept by the Reds.  Since, at the moment, this team has no intentions on winning, I’d rather see the Reds and the Brew Crew fall to the Cards rather than have either of those teams make the playoffs.

  • paulcatanese

    I agree that Brenly would not say directly anything against Quade, however his little inuendos about this should be done this way or that way and has slyly put his input out there to somehow indicate that he could do better.
    He had his chance for an interview,but a lot like the others didnt want the job.
    I would have thought Sandberg wanted it , but would have been a disaster for
    him as well. He would have gone insane trying to battle JH for his input as a
    So that leave us with Quade, who I believe got the job by default. Quade had
    a lot going for him, a very low salary, friends on the team,and by his terms
    “a players manager” a dream for veterans, and they played well last fall,
    mostly with the intent of cementing their jobs for this year.
    I agree that they seem to be relying on the farm system,one that seems to be
    overvalued in the pitching department as it has showed.
    Jh has known all of this and how it would play out, people that think he is stupid
    are dead wrong, what he is is a suberb manipulator and has excercised that
    talent to the ninth degree.
    It’s obvious that the Ricketts were bamboozeld on the purchase of the team
    believing everyone around them. There were more qualified buyers out there
    but the Ricketts seald the deal with the 5% for the Trib company.Somehow
    they were convinced not to clean house as a lot of major corps with a takover would have, at least on the upper echelon.
    To sum this up, Quade is going to go,I have no reservations that he will not
    be fired, and soon. Here’s the way out for the Ricketts and JH. I believe this
    was set up that way full well knowing that this season was going to be a disaster, and blame it on a poor manager, which by the way,he is just that,
    a poor manager.
    Ive rambeled enough here, sorry Boseph.

  • Marvin Ferguson

    There was no competition. The Cubs gave it away. The bottom of the first inning was classic. Tony LaRussa took some basic offensive strategy right out of the book.
    The Cubs need to study last nights game, regroup (practice hitting and fielding). The kind of stuff ball players learn in spring training. Good luck Cubs. 

    • paulcatanese

      Absolutly no comparison, especialy if anyone were to compare Quade to
      LaRussa, who has forgotten more baseball than Quade coud even come
      close to expressing or learning.

      • Marvin Ferguson

        A baseball team can have the best talent in the whole wide world. but without a manager who knows how to utilize that talent, a baseball team will go no where. Even though I would of preferred Ryan Sandberg as a Cub manager, I hope Quade can get the job done. Good luck Cubs.