Tyler Colvin Headed for the Minors?

According to multiple reports Saturday night, Tyler Colvin could be looking at a trip to the minors in the near future. Mike Quade is not playing Tyler Colvin and when he has Colvin has looked lost at the plate. Quade had Blake DeWitt in his starting lineup Sunday in left field further proving that the team has lost confidence in Colvin.

Updated – 1:28pm CDTTony Campana could be an option if Colvin is sent down.

The Cubs have mishandled Tyler Colvin from day one. Colvin produced last season in spite of consistent playing time.

Tyler Colvin forced the Cubs hand last spring with an outstanding performance in the Cactus League. When he was given playing time in April (.289/.365/.600/.965 with three doubles, a triple and three home runs in 22 games) and May (.333/.367/.667/1.033 with three doubles and two home runs in 23 games) he produced at the plate and was more than adequate in the field.

Colvin cooled off after the break (.246/.318/.469/.787 with eight doubles, four triples and eight home runs in 55 games) before his season ended abruptly on September 19.

After the trade that sent Derrek Lee to the Braves, talk was that Colvin would receive time at first base. Once Lou Piniella stepped down, the thought of Tyler Colvin playing first base was soon quieted. The Cubs were well out of the race at that point and could have used the remaining games to see if their former first round draft pick could play first base and in turn keep them from having to sign someone in the off-season to fill the role.

The Cubs decided to let Colvin play out the year in the outfield instead. Colvin continued losing playing time during a lost season in which the Cubs should have had an eye toward the future and seeing if young players, such as Colvin, had the ability to be Major Leaguers.

Colvin has struggled mightily this season (.113/.191/.258/.449 with three doubles and two home runs in 28 games, 62 at bats, 0-for-last-11) while only starting one game since April 28. Quade played him early in the season against lefties and once again the Cubs did not put him in a position to succeed.

From the Daily Herald:

“It’s been awful for Tyler, it really has,” Cubs manager Mike Quade said. “There’s no other way around it. I haven’t been able to find as many (spots) as I want. And other people are as responsible for that as Tyler is. Tyler got in a tough situation where a lot of guys were swinging the bat well and he was struggling … it’s a heck of a balance to come in here every day and try to keep him involved and get him to where he was last year while you’re also trying to win ballgames and do justice to a club that’s got other guys hitting.”

When asked about Colvin being sent to the minors to receive regular playing time, Mike Quade said, “We need to get him involved someway, somehow. That’s been on my mind for the past few days. We’re going to see how this homestand plays out and take a look at that.”

The bottom line with Tyler Colvin is that no one, including the Cubs, knows if Tyler Colvin could be a productive everyday player at the Major League level. Cubs’ management has not given him a consistent chance to succeed … or fail.

Updated – 1:28pm CDTTony Campana could be an option for the Cubs if Colvin is sent down. Cubs would have to add Campana to 40-man roster, which currently stands at 39. Campana is a favorite of Bobby Dernier.

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  • Calicub

    I’ve been saying it for weeks.

    ” We need to get him involved someway, somehow. That’s been on my mind for
    the past few days” –Quade

    Really just a few days?
    We’re almost forty games in the season and your just now realizing that Colvn has to be involved somehow someway? How hard is it to get one guy in the line a majority of the week?
    Monday OF- Sori-Byrd-Fuku
    TUE OF- Sori-Byrd-Colvin
    WED OF- Sori-Byrd-Fuku Colvin @ 1B
    THU OF- Colvin-Byrd- Fuku
    FRI Of- Sori-Fuku-Colvin
    SAT OF- Sori-Byrd-Fuku Colvin Defensive sub/pinch hitter
    Sunday OF-Sori-Byrd-Fuku Colvin Defensive sub/pinch hitter

    Everyone gets a day off once a week. That was easy.

    I just don’t understand how in Quade’s mind he could have rationalized not playing Colvin constantly.  Any dolt could have seen that Colvin’s injury last season was going to keep him away from preparing for the season the way he did last year.  Any dolt could have seen that he needed to work through his issues.

    The league adjusted to Colvin and he hasn’t adjusted to it.  Maybe.  But its also called a sophomore slump and not letting the kid work through his issues is only going to prolong the slump

    i.e. pablo sandoval.  they benched him for a majority of last season because he wasn’t playing well and because he was just plain out of shape.  He comes this season ready to play something like forty pounds leaner?  He struggles early and now Mike Font the Not is an everyday starer. 

    its the same situation!  Either find time right now to play him or send him down right now.

    why is Quade trying to keep the status quo? Sure some guys are swinging “hot bats” but hows that working out for your record?

    • Ripsnorter1

      It’s simple: we have another bad manager. Another. Bad. Manager. 

    • studio179

      Good comments. I…several on here have been saying the same thing.

  • Ripken Boy

    Not playing Tyler Colvin everyday is awful. The Cubs are going nowhere this year and he needs to play everyday for an extended period of time to see if he is can be a productive major league player. Playing Fuks accomplishes nothing. Colvin needs to go to Iowa and play everyday and when Fuks is terrible next month, he can come up and play everyday in rightfield. NOT PLAYING COLVIN IS THE WRONG THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • diehardcubfan

    The Cubs really need to decide if Colvin fits into future plans or not.  Brett Jackson is waiting in the wings and Soriano unfortunately is not going anywhere.  That leaves Byrd and Fukudome and neither seems destined to be departing soon.

    That leaves Colvin as the odd man out unless a spot is freed up in the outfield he remains in limbo.  

    Assuming Fukudome is allowed to walk, next year is even no guarantee for Colvin.  Byrd still clogs up the outfield and that only leaves a possible option of platooning Byrd and Colvin unless Colvin can win the job outright. 

    Unless Colvin rebuilds his confidence that will not happen. 

    I love how this team does not set up its young players for success.  How is it that Tampa Bay and Florida make it work and we can’t?

    It makes you really wonder.

    • paulcatanese

      As far as the Cubs and making any decision, that has been null and void, and the ones that were made are bad ones in the last year. I wont go into the Garza deal, that has been hashed over and over and he does look like he is promising and is a very determined supporter of the team.
      Colvin,as you say,has been totaly mishandled. With Byrd and Fuko still there his chances are two, slim and none. I don’t know what the underlying problem is regarding his playing, as many have said, send him down,let him play everyday

      Obviously this brings up what the Cubs have planned for Brett Jackson. It very well be that in their mind Jackson has passed Colvin as their top outfield prospect.

      What seems to be the most palitable for Colvin would be to be traded to either Tampa Bay or Florida, as you say they can handle young players. Otherwise Colvin may just rot away in the Cub system. What started out as a very promising career seems to have been taken away with no plausible explanation other than poor handeling by someone other than him.

      • Richard Hood

         I called Colvin Bob Hamlen without the extra weight about 10 times last year and no one it seemed even knew who I was talking about. So I will say again that Colvin has not EARNED PLAYING TIME. He should have been shipped out this offseason when his value was huge. But now all of baseball knows that he is flawed and can not make adjustments. Trading him now is going to get us a low ball offer at best.

        • Calicub

          Colvin has plenty earned his spot on the roster. 

          He batted over .400 in spring last year and still was never given a chance.  When he finally did get in he smashed.  sure his average dropped towards the end of the year but he still hit more bombs than any rookie.  When all hope was lost for the season instead of giving colvin regular playing time they gave it to the likes of X Nady who had absolutely no future on the team.  COlvin is a youngster and as such has huge potential.  He probably won’t be the greatest player ever but he certainly will contribute more to this team in the long run than fukudome or soriano or byrd or pena or xavier nady ever have done or will.  

        • Aaron

          I know who the Hammer is…but Colvin isn’t the Hammer. The Hammer was a far better hitter in the minors and MLB than Colvin, and had far better patience at the plate. 

          That being said, Hamelin was the ROY for the Royals, but he got more of a chance than Colvin is getting, and he was also slightly older when he got his first real chance in 1994.

          Now, I’m not sold on Colvin either as a long-term solution, as I’ve made multiple comments in the past regarding his potential (or lack thereof). 

          Then, Colvin put on 25 lbs of muscle, and the outs started turning into singles, and the singles started turning into doubles, and the doubles turned into home runs. It had a HUGE effect on his game. But the problem is, his contact rate still wasn’t great. He’s NOT like Josh Vitters. Vitters has struggled, (and could stand to put on even more muscle than he did last year), but he also makes good contact, and rarely strikes out, unlike Colvin.

          But Richard, you can’t deny that Colvin’s growth has been stunted by lack of playing time. It’s ludicrous to suggest that Colvin is a worthless “prospect” (even though he’s played a full season). You simply cannot come out of a funk starting a game every other week, and getting your chances primarily as a pinch hitter. It won’t happen. Hell, even veterans struggle when they’re put into pinch hitting roles. 

          • cubs1967

            i know bob hamlin too………..until colvin is allowed 3 months of continuing play no one knows his value…………..since 2011 is a throw away year why not start now…………colvin could be a AAAA player like lahair, synder, jake fox, etc , but the answer is not how he’s been handled this year or last.

            for who should come up-bobby scales.  why would we bring up campana so he too can sit on the bench??? we don’t need a 5th OF; reed johnson is hot and is the perfect platoon for RF w/ fukunuts.  why waste another kid on the bench??

            unless your the owner who hired pyscho eyes over a HOF like ryno!

        • paulcatanese

          Richard,what I was trying to say regarding the trade of Colvin is that I was more interested in the opportunity Colvin would have by being traded than what the Cubs would get for him. If he is so flawed and cannot make adjustments what is the difference in getting a low ball offer? Obviously its going to take a lot for Colvin now to crack the Cub lineup and they don’t seem to interested to make it happen. Sorry,I am looking out for Colvins future rather than what the Cubs have in store for him. 

  • jw

    Uh-Duh, Hendry you have a sharp mind and you never stay with your bad decisions too long..lol.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…as sub-par as this team has looked they are still only 4.5 games back because no one is running away. But unless they get some life in the bats of the middle they are toast for 2011 and it will have been another wasted opportunity to get people in here that know how to run an operation and boldly create the type of change needed to turn this franchise around. I doubt Hendry would be allowed to give up too much minor league talent this summer but I can see him making some flailing desparation moves to get over .500 to save his skin. Poor Ricketts…what a mess they have gotten themselves into. No one is even talking about crumbling Wrigley or more night games anymore…business as usual (snore)

  • Aaron


    I mean, I get it with his stats…and even Colvin gets it too, if you all have seen his quotes about his playing time, but at the same time, he also said something to the effect that he earned the right to start this season, and hasn’t, so don’t place all the blame on him.

    I think he’s had like 5 or 6 starts all season, otherwise he’s a pinch hitter. Yeah, that’s a great strategy for getting a player going…..WOW!

    The Cubs are the MOST incompetent team in the league with regards to player development. 

    Neil, you put it best when you talked about the lost season last year being a perfect time to get Colvin some action at 1B and the like, and Castillo was in a similar boat as Colvin late last year, especially with Soto out with injury as he is now.

    I am so angry with the Ricketts, I won’t even take my wife to a Cubs game this year. She’s only been to Spring Training games with me this year. I refuse to spend my money on them, and I hope more fans follow this lead. Contradictions abound with their ownership….stating winning is number one, they’ll have accountability, to using more money on player development, and actually giving them a chance to play….

    NONE of that has happened, and it doesn’t appear any of it will happen anytime soon.

    I about fell over in my chair and collapsed with pure joy when I heard a rumor of Hendry being fired….I was like, “FINALLY, they actually get it….there’s some accountability”……but no, this franchise is doomed, and the Ricketts are allowing it to happen, because in the words of Tom’s father, Joe, the fans will keep coming, rain or shine, win or lose, and there’s not a damn thing they need to do with the ballclub, involving eating salary of players or management, because the fans still show up.

    But, hey, I guess a 17-21 record, 4 1/2 games out of 1st in 5th place is a great spot to be in according to these owners.

    They’re a complete joke, and I hope the media finally grows a pair, and understands that they can call them out…and they can’t get in trouble for it, because the Tribune doesn’t own them anymore. 

    • cubs1967

      give it a few more weeks and i think the media will begin hating on the cubs.  the cubs got a break w/ the bears talk lasting into march w/ the cutler injury talk and the bulls/blackhawks playoffs run has avoided the spotlight out them……….but once June rolls around and attendance is still down; I think it will start to become apparent how inept the ricketts are and how much cub fan apathy exists.

  • Tom U

    The Tyler Colvin situation is a nearly textbook example on how NOT to staff your team and develop players.

    As diehardcubfan pointed out, you see Tampa and Florida make it work, why can’t the Cubs? The reason is simple: the Cubs lack an organizational plan, and operate mainly on a year-to-year basis.

    Here is how an organization with a development plan would have handled Colvin.

    After being drafted in 2006, Colvin hit .299 with 16 HR and 81 RBI at two levels in 2007. An organization  at this point would have identified him as a POSSIBLE major league player, and looked at the parent club roster. At the end of the 2007 season, the Cubs did the right thing and did not re-sign Cliff Floyd, instead opting for Koske Fukudome and Reed Johnson as “bridge” players. 

    In 2008, Colvin’s development was stunted by a shoulder injury. He had 14 HR and 80 RBI at Double-A, but only batted .256. After the 2008 season, the decision was made to move Fukudome to center field. With Colvin in the wings, the decision an organization with a developmental plan would have made would be to start the season with OF’s Micah Hoffpauir and Sam Fuld in right field, and wait to see how Colvin progressed.

    Instead, the Cubs opted to sign Milton Bradley for 2009. Well, we all know how that turned out. At two levels, Colvin batted .286 with 15 HR and 60 RBI in 2009.

    To begin 2010, franchises with a developmental plan would have been happy to go to camp with Hoffpauir, Fuld, and Colvin competing for an outfield spot. Not the Cubs. They had to sign Marlon Byrd. Once Colvin performed lights-out in camp, there was nowhere  for him to go with three big contracts ahead of him.

    That leaves us with 2011, and the current situation. Once again, the Cubs have shattered the confidence of a player who seemed to be a bright prospect.
    For those who feels he should go down to Triple-A, remember this, Tyler Colvin has never played a Triple-A game in his career. Whether a demotion at this time can get him back on track, or totally destroy his confidence, is a gamble.

    • Aaron

      makes you wonder why you’re a fan of this garbage team due to their horrible management sometimes, doesn’t it? 

      • Tom U

        Born and raised North-sider. Used to walk five miles home from the park, after picking up garbage in the stands in order to get a chance to run around on the field after the game. 

        • Aaron

          that’s how a lot of us are….though, most have never done the things you did…just been fans of this team since we were in Huggies.  

          • Ripsnorter1

            Yeah, I started out as a kid in 1968, so here I am now. I have a love/hate relationship with the Cubs–it is the only way I can keep my sanity. I actually have to root for them to lose, because that is what they are going to do most of the time. And then if they win, I am pleasantly surprised. 

            Where I come from, the whole community rooted for the Cubs. And almost every husband would come home from work in the afternoon, and as they opened the door, they’d find their wives and daughters crying because the Cubs lost another heart breaker. This is the life of a Cubs’ fan: drink blue Kool-Aid and act like George W. Bush said of Cubs’ fans: “This is the year, right?” Or else keep your sanity by rooting for the bum managers and bum players like Little Milty Bradley to fail, in the hopes that they might just even hire a decent manager and sign decent players. Somehow. Sometime. Soon–as they years roll on by.

      • Ripsnorter1

        I wonder all the time, Aaron. All the time. Sometimes love is inexplicable.  

    • Bryan

      The Cubs certainly destroy more prospects than any other franchise.  I don’t care whether Colvin is batting .113 or not, the clubs treatment of him has been shameful (but certainly typical).  Based on the performance of Fukodome, Byrd, Soriano and Pena you mean there isn’t a daily platoon system that Colvin can’t inject into?  As usual, we have a manager that just doesn’t get it. 

    • Ripsnorter1


      RIGHT ON! You nailed it! Home Run! 
      I said one million times: STUPID MANAGEMENT! 
      It’s stupid to put Colvin in a wrong handed platoon. “Ok, yeah–you, what’s your name?–Oh yeah, Tyler Colvin–well since Funko here can’t hit LHP, we are going to throw you out there. Can’t do any worse than Funko. Let’s see if we can bust your confidence so that we can save face for a Japanese $48 million dollar bust of a ball player who won’t even be here when the season is over.”  


    • studio179

      Colvin to AAA is a gamble. However, the way the Cubs are handling this situation by not playing him is worse than sending him down IMO. 

  • Dakeller80

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why everyone is in love with Tyler Colvin.  I’ve grown tired of everyone blaming the management for not giving the kid a chance this year or last.  There is no one to blame but Tyler Colvin’s.  The kid is batting .113 for goodness sake.  That’s well below the average NL pitcher’s BA!!  He just can’t make contact and he’s hot first half last year is now clearly fluke.  The kid isn’t really a kid either. . .he’ll be 26 this season.  Development time is over. . . he had his chance last year and he stunk it up in the second half.  I’m a believer in playing the guys that are productive and if you look at our OF stats, there is absolutely no doubt that Tyler doesn’t even deserve the 62 at bats he’s had. 

    • studio179

      “I’m a believer in playing the guys that are productive and if you look at our OF stats, there is absolutely no doubt that Tyler doesn’t even deserve the 62 at bats he’s had.”

      You might want to check those Cub outfield stats again. I am not impressed. Tyler Colvin aside. He is not the issue to this statement. He needs to go down, period. This Cub outfield is far from great or good.
      Fukudome plays a corner position and hits singles. He does walk, but he has no power…not one homer so far and not many extra base hits. 

      Byrd is not much different. I don’t blame him for not being placed in the 3 hole. I blame Quade. However, he has not produced all that much at any spot with RISP.

      Soriano had a great April if you consider solo homers a feat. Forget the salary. We all know he is vastly overpaid. His RBI total is way too low for his home run output. Back to the RISP theme. Also, he has cooled off on solo or any home run production. Let’s not talk about his defense and what that has cost the team.   

      Take away BA with the singles. That outfield is none productive in driving in runs, as is the team.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Take away the singles, and you have an OF that cannot hit. Sure, Soriano hit 11 taters already, but as you noted, hitting .179 with RISP is not so very productive. And I have a hard time forgetting the salary thing. 

        I think Jim Clueless should sign a big FA OF this off season. Let’s see who might be available. How about Barry Bonds? Great personality. Would be a real hit for fans. Can’t run anymore, but hey, he’s a great clubhouse guy!

        • studio179

          I get it. But this Cub outfield is not so good that Colvin could not get some starts or come off the bench more often. The outfield production is not that great driving in runs or beyond BA stats. 

          Colvin is serving no purpose on the bench or progressing his career while on the bench. I prefer Quade to play him and see what we have or have not. But Quade will not spot start him or even bring him off the bench much. Quade does not trust Colvin or lost confidence. I know Colvin’s swing is a mess as well as his confidence. Hendry has to do something. Since Quade will not play him, they might as well sit the guy down and talk to him and tell him a AAA assignment is best to get his stroke back. If management is scared Colvin is too fragile to take the demotion, then they have to wonder what they have here. All I am saying is the Colvin situation is typical Cub player developement. Management is doing the team nor Colvin any good with the way they are handling him.   

    • John_CC

       Did you read any of the well stated cases above? Not just the rants (thought they are pretty good, too) but the thought out posts like Tom’s?

  • Anonymous47701

    I would not mind starting Tyler Colvin at First Base next year instead of trying in vain to sign Albert Pujols. He could be better suited there than in Right Field, which can also be the spot for either Brett Jackson or Tony Campana. But in the end, Cubs Management just doesn’t seem to care about that, since I am just another Cubs Fan simply doing my thing, such as throwing out some roster ideas for 2012.

  • Anonymous47701

    2012 Pitching Staff idea

    Carlos Zambrano
    Doug Davis
    Matt Garza
    Randy Wells
    Andrew Cashner

    Sean Marshall-setup
    Angel Guzman (if healthy)-setup
    Casey Coleman-long relief
    Scott Maine
    Jeff Stevens
    James Russell
    Carlos Marmol -closer

    • Vivid_Reality

       Would rather see McNutt or Jackson instead of Davis. Also I would hope Carpenter could beat out someone for a pen spot. No love for Wood?

    • Aaron

      I can’t fault you for your opinion…I just happen to disagree your suggestions.

      I’ve probably posted more suggestions than anyone else on here, and the debate has been good, so I’ll try to be diplomatic here.

      First of all, any Cubs rotation with Davis in it next year, is automatically a failure. And if Z is still in it, that means they couldn’t unload him on anyone (which makes the most sense).

      I can agree with Garza, Wells, and Cashner in the plans, however.

      As for the pen…Any pen with Stevens and Coleman in it is going to be a monumental failure. I can agree with Marshall, Marmol, and possibly Maine, but Guzman is coming back from a major shoulder injury, and Russell is one of the weakest links of the staff, even in relief, because he’s nothing more than a LOOGY. At least Marshall and Maine can get both lefties and righties out.

      I’d think that the Cubs’ best chance for success next year would involve:

      Kirk (yes, I’m talking about Kirk, even though he’s in low-A right now. He’s a lefty, and he’s been tremendous in his short pro career thus far)

      For the pen, I’d say something like:

      Additionally, if I were the Cubs, I’d look at dealing Wells away if he can rebuild his value post-injury this year, and go with Whitenack in his place.

      The problem the Cubs have right now, is there are only a few guys on the team with good value right now, where they wouldn’t have to eat a huge amount of salary.

      Here’s a list of those players (not including this year’s salary, just remaining):
      Byrd-1 yr $6.5 million
      Zambrano-1 yr $18 million (assuming he does well toward the end of the year like he did last year)
      Wells-MLB minimum
      Castro-MLB minimum
      Soto-arbitration eligible, likely $7+million next year
      Barney-MLB minimum
      Marshall-1 yr $3.1 million
      Marmol- 2 yrs ($7 million in 2012, then $9.8 in 2013)
      Garza-arbitration eligible, likely $10+million next year

      That’s about it for guys that other teams would potentially want. I think Zambrano is a bit of a stretch, but the Yankees have been interested in the past, so it might make sense for them, and they have the money for sure.

      I believe the only off-limits guys on that list should be Castro, Barney, Marshall, and Garza (only because of the amount of prospects given up for him, and the fact we could never get the same return for him….yet another indictment of Hendry, isn’t it?)

      I’d even trade Marmol if the right deal arose, because they need some power hitting OF and corner IF prospects in the system, and Marmol could bring that….Wells and Soto might even be able to bring that.

      The Cubs need to start over, and I don’t think there’s any question about that. 

      That is also why I believe Quade was absolutely the wrong choice for manager. He simply has no intention of starting over. He’s too reliant on his veterans, to a fault, and there’s no way you can rebuild a team with him at the helm.

      Sandberg actually seemed to welcome playing young guys given his comments last year. I’m nearly 100% positive Colvin would’ve had ample playing time under Sandberg this year, as Sandberg would NEVER stand for the loafing we’ve seen from Soriano thus far, and there’s no way he would’ve stubbornly stuck with Pena at 1B in one of the worst funks I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s also no way Hill makes the team under Sandberg, and that’s probably one of the main reasons he didn’t get the job. Hendry probably asked him how he felt about having Koyie Hill on the team, and Sandberg was like, “Who’s Koyie Hill? I think I have a young catcher in Castillo we need to take a look at”


  • Romberg Rabbit

     Well, when you actually BELIEVE you can fix THIS “team” with, just one more, “free” (only, not so free…) agent and you go out and get a Pena…what do you expect.Trade Tyler to Philly.  Sandberg will straighten him out.

  • Denio

    I hope Tom Ricketts reads these comments… especially the Tom U post. He really nailed it. (maybe it should be emailed to him)
    Maybe he likes pissing away $30 million on the Bradley / Silva deal when you could have taken anybody out of AA or AAA and gotten the same production…

  • garrett

     Since were on the topic of out fielders  I have read a report that  Jae-Hoon Ha has been promoted from high A to AA via twitter from Kevin Goldstein  Jae-Hoon Ha has been promoted from high A to AA via twitter from Kevin Goldstein 

  • Chipguy2030

     Wow seriously people!  Let’s put Garth Brooks in too cuz he has POTENTIAL!  The MLB is all about producing and NOT POTENTIAL!  Colvin should of started in triple A the same as Cashner.  In Triple A Cashner pry would of only gone 5 innings and 60 pitches!  And Colvin would of been the starting right fielder from the beginning of the season with 4-5 bats a game but everyone wants prospect to perform no matter what!  Case in point Corey Patterson!  Let them be in the minors till they are ready!

    • Romberg Rabbit

      OR…in the case of the Cubs “til they’re 40… 

  • Cheryl

    Colvin may have been messed up by the Cubs but the question is, what’s best for him and the cubs? Right now, he’s in no man’s land. Whoever takes his place if he is sent down has to get regular playing time. The cubs may even bring up one of the minor leaguers that is doing so well, but even if that’s the case, Quade has to play him.