The Sawx Show the Cubs How the Big Boys Play Ball – Cubs 5 Red Sox 15

Game Forty-Three – Cubs 5 Red Sox 15
WP – Jon Lester (6-1) LP – Doug Davis (0-2) Save – Scott Atchison (1)

The Boston Red Sox treated Friday night like another baseball game and went about their business. The Sox came out swinging and in the process they pounded the Cubs in the first game between the two storied organizations at Fenway Park in 93 years.

The Cubs actually tied the game in the third before the Red Sox went to work. The Sox scored two in the bottom of the third to break the tie and four more in the fourth. By the end of the fifth the Sox had a commanding 10-5 lead. Jon Lester was lifted after the sixth and the Cubs offense managed only one baserunner over the last three innings.

The Cubs put together another bad effort in the field, on the mound and with runners in scoring position Friday night. Q’s squad allowed a season-high 15 runs on a season-high 19 hits and they tied a season-high with four errors … the Cubs third four-error game of the season. Koyie Hill added a passed ball to his bad night behind the plate and Starlin Castro committed two more throwing errors. The Cubs were charged with only four errors but committed several other miscues that helped out the Sox. The Cubs were outplayed in every aspect of the game.

The Cubs offense managed five runs on 12 hits and once again could not hit with runners in scoring position. Q’s squad finished the game 4-for-14 with RISP and 10 left on base. The Cubs put runners in scoring position in each of the first six innings and put at least two runners on base in each inning against Jon Lester. The Cubs can hit, just not when it counts.

Doug Davis made his second start in a Cubs’ uniform and could not complete four innings of work. Davis pitched from behind in the count for a majority of his outing. The veteran southpaw surrendered seven runs on eight hits with three walks and three strikeouts. Davis threw 89 pitches in 3 2/3 innings, 47 for strikes.

Scott Maine and Jeff Samardzija did not fare any better than Davis. Maine (three runs on five hits with a walk and two home runs in 1/3 of an inning) and Samardzija (five runs, three earned, on four hits with two walks and a strikeout in one inning) gave up a combined eight runs, six earned, in 1 1/3 innings. James Russell pitched three scoreless innings and allowed only one inherited runner to score.

Mike Quade’s staff threw 211 pitches, 118 for strikes, while the Sox tossed 137, 97 for strikes, in nine innings of work. The Cubs allowed 29 baserunners in eight innings.

Jeff Baker (4-for-5 with two runs scored) and Aramis Ramirez (3-for-4 with a double and a RBI) combined for seven of the Cubs 12 hits, but just one RBI. Reed Johnson (2-for-4 with a double and two RBI) and Alfonso Soriano (2-for-4 with a run scored) tallied four of the Cubs other five hits.

With another embarrassing loss, the Cubs have yet to win three games in a row this season. The Cubs slipped back to 19-24 on the year, five games below the mediocre mark …

The Cubs had a chance in the first inning to begin the weekend on a positive note. Jeff Baker reached on a two-out single to left. Aramis Ramirez followed with a single to left on a 0-2 pitch.

With two on and two out, Carlos Pena stepped in and put together a good at bat and in the process he and Jon Lester had a game of cat and mouse. Pena called time, Lester would step off and the two went back and forth as Pena worked the count. The former Ray launched a 3-2 pitch from Lester about 400 feet to center to end the inning … 20 more feet and the Cubs would have had the lead.

Q’s squad took the field in the bottom of the inning … and played like the Cubs.

Jacoby Ellsbury led off with an infield single to the hole at short. After a passed ball by Koyie Hill allowed Ellsbury to take second, Doug Davis walked Dustin Pedroia. With Adrian Gonzalez at the plate, the Sox pulled off a double steal that netted them a run.

Hill made a low throw to third that Jeff Baker could not field. When Baker went to get the ball he was called for interference and Ellsbury was awarded home … 1-0 Red Sox.

With Pedroia at third, Gonzalez singled to left. Pedroia scored … 2-0 Red Sox.

After a double by Kevin Youkilis put runners on second and third with no outs, Davis settled down and retired David Ortiz on a fly out to shallow center, Jed Lowrie on a lineout to left and Mike Cameron on a groundout to third.

Davis threw 32 pitches in the first, 16 for strikes.

The Cubs put two more on in the top of the second but came away empty after Reed Johnson hit into a 6-4-3 double play and Koyie Hill popped out to second to end the inning.

Davis retired the Sox in order in the second on 14 pitches, nine for strikes.

The Cubs finally got on the board in the top of the third.

Darwin Barney reached on a ground rule double to right with one out. Jeff Baker worked the count to 3-2 before hitting a soft liner into center. Barney broke back to second before seeing the ball get past Lowrie. Barney advanced to third and held.

Aramis Ramirez ripped the first offering from Lester high off the Monster in left center. Barney scored easily and Baker held third. Carlos Pena grounded out to Lowrie in the shift on the first pitch; Baker scored and tied the game at two. With Ramirez at third, Marlon Byrd struck out swinging to end the inning.

The Sox took the momentum right back in the bottom of the third.

Doug Davis walked Dustin Pedroia to start the inning. Adrian Gonzalez followed with a long single of the Monster in left center. Pedroia held at third but scored on a sac fly into short right by Kevin Youkilis. Reed Johnson’s throw was up the third base line. Pedroia slid around Hill and scored the go ahead run.

David Ortiz followed with a double off the Monster. Marlon Byrd threw a strike to Starlin Castro and the Cubs shortstop gunned down Gonzalez at the plate for the second out. Ortiz took third on the throw to the plate.

Jed Lowrie showed the Cubs how to hit with runners in scoring position with two outs. Lowrie ripped a 1-0 pitch into right, Ortiz scored 4-2 Red Sox. Mike Cameron struck out looking to end the inning.

The Cubs put two more on the fourth. Reed Johnson singled to left with one out. Koyie Hill walked. With runners on first and second with one out, Starlin Castro struck out … and Darwin Barney grounded out to short to end the inning.

After 3 1/2 innings, the Cubs were a miserable 2-for-9 with RISP and six left on base.

The Red Sox broke the game open in the bottom of the fourth and chased Doug Davis from the game. The Sox scored four runs, all with two outs.

Doug Davis retired Carl Crawford to start the inning but walked Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Davis struck out Jacoby Ellsbury before serving up a double to Dustin Pedroia on a 1-1 pitch.

With runners on second and third with two outs, Adrian Gonzalez ripped a 3-2 pitch into right center … and basically ended the game. Salty and Pedroia scored … 6-2 Red Sox.

Mike Quade made the slow walk and brought in Scott Maine to face Kevin Youkilis.

The young southpaw struggled mightily with his control throughout his outing Friday night. Youkilis greeted Maine by launching a 2-1 pitch onto Lansdowne Street. Youkilis’ ball cleared the Monster and gave the Sox an 8-2 lead.

David Ortiz reached on a throwing error by Starlin Castro. Jed Lowrie followed with a single off the Monster. Maine then walked Mike Cameron to load the bases. Carl Crawford grounded out to short to end the inning.

The Cubs tried to make a game of it again in the top of the fifth. Jeff Baker led off with a single to right. After Ramirez popped out to first, Carlos Pena walked. Marlon Byrd struck out swinging for the second out of the inning.

Alfonso Soriano put the ball in play and reached on an infield single to the hole at short. Lowrie got to the ball but his throw was to the right field side of first. Gonzalez could not haul it in and Baker scored the Cubs’ third run. Pena ended up at third on the play.

Reed Johnson ripped a 0-2 offering from Lester off the Monster in left center. Pena and Soriano scored … 8-5 Cubs. Hill grounded out to third to end the inning.

Scott Maine was sent out to start the bottom of the fifth … and he gave the runs right back to the Sox. Saltalamacchia launched a 2-2 offering well over the wall in left center and if not for a large Volvo sign, the ball would have left the park. Both homers served up by Scott Maine were hit a ton.

Jacoby Ellsbury followed with a double to right center. Dustin Pedroia then ripped a single into left on a 2-0 pitch. Ellsbury held at third.

Mike Quade decided he’d seen enough at that point and brought in James Russell to face Adrian Gonzalez.

The Red Sox’s first baseman hit into a 6-4-3 double play. Ellsbury scored … 10-5 Sox.

Reed Johnson misplayed a ball off the bat of Kevin Youkilis into a double in right (originally scored an error) but Ortiz grounded out to short to end the inning.

The Cubs put two more on in the sixth against Jon Lester … but came away with nothing.

Jeff Baker singled to center with two-outs, his fourth hit of the night. Aramis Ramirez lined a single off the base of the wall in left. With runners on first and third with two outs, Carlos Pena swung at the first pitch and grounded out to Pedroia to end the inning.

After six innings, the Cubs were 4-for-14 with RISP, nine left on base.

James Russell kept the Sox off the board in the sixth and seventh innings … but the Cubs fourth error of the night opened up a big eighth inning for Boston.

Kevin Youkilis reached on Starlin Castro’s second throwing error of the night (the Cubs fourth charged error). David Ortiz ripped a 1-2 pitch from Jeff Samardzija off the wall in left center. With the infield in and no outs, Jed Lowrie fouled out to third.

Mike Cameron walked to load the bases.

Carl Crawford singled to right and plated Youkilis and Ortiz … 12-5 Red Sox, but they were far from done.

Samardzija walked Salty to load the bases.

Ellsbury ripped a single off the Monster on a 2-2 pitch. Cameron and Crawford scored … 14-5. Samardzija struck out Pedroia but gave up a single to Adrian Gonzalez. Salty scored the Red Sox’s 15th and final run. Youkilis flied out to center on a 3-2 pitch.

Samardzija threw 46 pitches in the bottom of the eighth, 27 for strikes … and gave up five runs, three earned, on four hits with two walks and a strikeout.

The Cubs went quietly in the ninth to end the game.

The Sox and Cubs have a lot in common historically but right now these two teams are at the opposite ends of the baseball spectrum.

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

Carlos Zambrano will take the hill in game two against Alfredo Aceves.

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney
  • jw

    I am glad this Hendry group showed their talents tonight. Hendry…we played tough but honestly we are missing our rotation…when we get home, the weather warms up and we get our guys back I know we will compete and almost win.

    • Richard Hood

       And they said you really couldn’t do sarcasm well on the computer. Good Job.

  • paulcatanese

    One positive here,Aram looked good as a DH,anyone interested?
    Not positive,Casto did not look good tonight, playing around with
    him in the lineup is definatly affecting him,no matter what Quade says.
    It looks as though he is taking it out to the field with him,Management
    has got to get a clue or they will destroy this kid.
    Not positive, Hill has to sit. Once it was his bat, now it’s his glove.
    Not positive,Pena,one of Castro’s throws was his error, the throw
    never touched the ground Pena just flat out missed it.

    • paulcatanese

      I noticed that no-one picked up on what I had posted about Castro.
      Believe me,he is starting to have a confidence problem and it is spreading in his game.
      Quade needs to solidify Castro”s game,(this is not Castro but Quade’s doing)
      Quade cannot keep bouncing players around in the lineup and expect results.
      Dempster definatly is talking to himself at this point. I don’t think he can come back, and that is a shame, he has contributed much over the years. 

  • Aaron

     Hey everyone….get a load of this moron:

    Hendry-RE: the Cubs possibly figuring things out after Florida series….LMAO….GREAT READ,0,2019893.story


    This is a true insight into how stupid this man really is. 

    “I am hopeful that a lot of our failures early (are over),” Hendry said. “When you play well against a good team like the Marlins, and in a place until last year we never had any success … What we have is a lot of really solid guys, team-oriented guys, that are trying so hard to be ‘the guy’ and get something going that maybe they’ve pressed themselves into some failures.”

    WOW!!!!  It seems that just about everyone in baseball, including Cubs fans, saw this disaster happening. Now, the question is…how do people on the outside see something so blatantly obvious, and Cubs management acts as if they expected to be a playoff contender. LOL

    • BillyFinT

      Aaron, let’s give the old man some slack. He’s simply saying, in another word: This team is still good. Come to see them. Spend your money. We need your money. Your money helps us build an even better team.

      All high management say that. The bankers, the investors, the Royals… Of course, the difference here is that there is a cause of our economic problem, while the Royals are supported by a bunch of Kansas City fans who hate big money and would rather lose another two decades without postseason appearance.

      We are fans of the Chicago National League Ball Club, which has been increasing its payroll steadily since 2003, while the result is so far fruitless.

    • jw


      I am laughing with you at the imbecile running this team. Any well run organization would have launched this guy with Clown Kenney when they took over. It looks like we have…enter stage right Don Quixote Ricketts!!

      I’d be interested in knowing what you think Hendry will do…instead of predicting standings it would be fun for us Cubs fans to predict what this moron will do for the rest of this lost year. My guess is that he will trade more minor league depth for retreads.

    • Baron_S

      this guy is a lout and a moron….

  • Dakeller80

     The Cubs are leading MLB in batting average when the bases are empty (.325) and they are 23rd (.229) with RISP (the Red Sox are worse by the way, 27th).    So what is really going on here?  It is easy to say that the team is full of guys that aren’t “clutch” hitters, but what does that really mean?  Is this a sports psychology issue?  Are they getting bad situational batting coaching?  Is it a statistical fluke that will even itself out over the coarse of the season?  I like Quade’s style but his laid back approach to the RISP hitting woes doesn’t seem to be working so I hope someone in the organization is taking a hard, realistic look at this problem and trying to find a solution.  With that said, I think this team’s primary problem isn’t offense at all. . .its pitching. 

    Oh and by the way I don’t really think the Red Sox and Cubs are actually at “opposite ends of the baseball spectrum” right now.  Yes, the Sox are in the middle of a hot streak, but statistically they are a very average team.  That attitude that somehow the Red Sox are the “big boys” and the Cubs are awful is the same kind of attitude that leads to a .229 BA with RISP.   

    • paulcatanese

      I like the take you put out there. “sports psychology issue”, makes sense. What they need is the psychology speaker from “The Natural” to hold team meetings every day,that ought to do it. 

  • Anonymous47701

    The Sooner Alfonso Soriano is removed from the Cubs roster, the Better!

    • Mike1040

       The sooner Koye Hill, and about 6 others, including Mr. non hustle Ramirez are removed from the Cubs roster the better!! Lets keep the kids and s**tcan the rest.

  • Anonymous47701

    2012 Pitching Staff idea




    • Ripsnorter1

      Thomas Diamond just got cut off of the 40 man roster. This is an admission by Jim Clueless that he cannot pitch successfully in MLB. If you watched him last fall like I did, you would agree with Jim Clueless. 

    • Tony

      Thomas Diamond!  Are you kiddiing?

      How would that rotation be an improvement over the pitching staff this year? 

    • Richard Hood

       2012 pitching staff idea

      C. Zambrano- just because I do not think he can be moved with his no trade and the salary constraints.
      M.Garza- We got him and he has to be with us about 4 years for this trade not be viewed as a horrible idea
      R.Wells- I would rather he be moved with a good bounce back year but he will still be a cheap 3/4 guy.
      A.Cashner- I hope he will be a starter but you never know he might be destine for the BP.
      Trey McNutt- I think by the end of 2011 the McNutt Era will be on hand in Chicago

      S. Marshall- Lefty Set up
      K. Wood- Righty set up- he needs to be a Cub till the end now.
      R. Dolis- I think he will be up at the end of 2011 as well.
      J. Russell/ S. Maine- One of these guys is going to have to go. They have the same strengths and weaknesses.
      J Samardija- Needs to get his walks down but has shown enough to be in future plans now.
      K Smits- I think this depends on weather JH is still our GM. If he is he will need Smits in the big leagues next year just to get some value out of the Lilly trade.
      C.Marmol- Closer

      • Aaron

        No way Smit even gets on the roster. I’m shocked he hasn’t been DFA’d already. There would be mutiny if he were to be on the team with his performance in the AZFL, Spring Training, and thus far this year. He’s dreadful. So is DeWitt, and so is Wallach, meaning we got absolutely NOTHING for Lilly and Theriot. 

        Otherwise, I agree with everything else you said, except I think they should practically give Zambrano away if they can, and just let Whitenack have his spot. I’d also love to see them give Kirk a legitimate opportunity next spring.

        • Richard Hood

          I threw Smits in to give all the Hendry haters a starting point to get the dialog going.
           I have been watching Kirk a lot beginning to really like the kid but to go from the low minors to the starting rotation is very hard to do in one year. The guy like that I think has a shot at doing it is Aaron Kurcz. But either way we would have to move Big Z to get a chance and I just do not see that happening unless there is some changes at the top.

  •é/100000730264556 Daniel Dubé

    woot-woot….2nd place in Américan East division… 

  • Ripsnorter1

    Ya’ll need to agree with this statement: “Doug Davis actually pitched a pretty good ball game for us last night. He held the Sox to just 7 runs in 3.2 IP, and that’s equivalent to a quality start for us.” 

    Because he makes $900,000, HE’S YOUR MAN, CUBS’ FANS!

    For the rest of 2011, he’s your #5 starter. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Things will not get better for Doug Davis. Expect worse than this.

    BULL PEN DAY (Take #2).

  • Ripsnorter1

    Complete list of teams that have won fewer games that the 19 games the Cubs have won in 2011–

    In the AL–
    Twins with 15 wins

    .In the NL–
    Houston, 16–but they are on the move. With 11 blown saves, if they ever figure out the closer, they will come streaking past your Chicago Cubs!

    It is so easy to see the Cubs will win the World Series in 2011!

    I saw Jim Clueless outside Wrigley the last home stand, calling out to fans, “Line up like sheep over here to buy tickets for YOUR CHICAGO CUBS!!”

  • Tony

    Neil – Your headline hit it on the head and these teams ARE on the opposite end of the spectrum.One team will be in the playoff hunt and making October plans, while the other team is already planning October vacations.

    Soriano in LF, Hill at C, Davis starting (and at $900k!), what a joke of a game.

    At least we get to show the rest of the country on back to back days this disaster.

    Wake up Tom Ricketts!  Pull the wool off, that is over your eyes with the monogram “JH” on it!  Hire a VP of Baseball Operations, and let them Fire JH!

    • cubtex

      Cmon that is not a fair statement. The only reason Hill and Davis are starting is because of injuries!  

      • Tony

        Actually, it is completely fair.

         – Soriano should be DH
         – Hill should be a bullpen catcher, not on a ML roster.  Castillo or Cleavenger should be getting valuable experience, instead of wasting more time with Hill
         – And Doug Davis for 900k vs Gorzellany costing too much.  This team should have more than 2 options at AAA, able to fill-in for injuries to the starters. 

    • paulcatanese

      You are right Tony, Bill Buckner was biting his toungue all through the game and searching for something good to say about the Cubs.
      A politician seeking office would be hard pressed to say anything,even with all the spin they can put out there that the Cubs will be successful this year.
      They are just a lost cause. 

      • Richard Hood

         I couldn’t stand listening to Buckner. He wasn’t informed or very incitefull. He had colorful stories but mostly was just dead air. I had to turn it off when it got ugly because normally Bob Brenly can keep my attention but Buckner just could not do it.

        • paulcatanese

          Richard that I do agree with. The broadcast was strained, Kasper was pressed to keep it alive. 

          • Richard Hood

             It might be a personality thing but it seemed like he didn’t have any idea about anyone on the Cubs. The comparison between Jeter and castro was nice though.

  • John_CC

    It doesn’t matter what scrub is pitching for the Sox tonight.  Big Game Z is gonna get bombed out of Fenway.  

    • paulcatanese

      John,if we thought it was bad last night,wait until you see the Cubs in the throwback uniforms. On the other hand,if they play like clowns they may as well look the part as well. 

  • cubtex

    For all you Red Sawx admirers for making comments on how well this team is constructed…here is some facts on that wonder boy of a GM they have! Their payroll is 160 Mil! Cubs 126 Mil! They are currently 24-20 with a 160 Mil payroll. Josh Beckett makes 17 mil a year(would anyone take on that salary in a trade?) Carl Crawford 14.8 mil.. JD Drew 14 Mil a year…..let me repeat JD Drew 14 mil a year! Big Papi 12.5 mil(unmoveable) Dice K 10.3 mil(unmoveable) So again let me ask…..Did wonder boy not make any misstakes building this team?  

    • Tom U

      Unfortunately for Cubs’ fans, there is a big diffenece. Yes, big money teams make mistakes. The difference is that they don’t let their mistakes distract them from their goal, winning the World Series!

      The fact is that players developed in their farm system play key roles. Ellesbury at lead-off; Pedrioa and Lowrie up the middle; Lester a key starter; Papelbon closing. 

      Further, you don’t see these players being jerked around as much as the Cubs do with their farm players.  

      The willingness to develop, take chances, and eat your mistakes is what separates the Cubs from the big boys.

      • Richard Hood

         Also keep in mind most of those problem contracts you talked about kept them from getting a lot of help when they got injured last year.

      • cubtex

        Tom, Did the Sox make the playoffs last year? Are they guaranteed to make the playoffs this year? Anybody can build a team with an unlimited payroll and willingness to eat bad contracts. See the Yankees. The Mike Cameron’s making 7.75 mil to sit the bench and Marco Scutaro at 6.25 don’t get much talk because it is wonder boy Theo. The fact is that the Cubs will have some nice pieces from the minors in a year or 2.(You mention a lot of these players weekly) Some of the Cubs homegrown talent…Soto,Castro,Barney,Cashner,Marmol,Z,Wells….Hopefully in a year or 2 Brett Jackson,McNutt,Chris Carpenter,Vitters,Sczur. 
        I would love to see that chat on here if we had Theo making all of his bad signings with the Cubs payroll! I even forgot to mention the pitcher they signed from the Angels…John Lackey, who has been a total BUST! Can anyone else say Bobby Jenks? His misstakes are laughable  and he is hailed as this great gm? Give me a break!

        • Kevinwickit

          Ok firest Theo is a great GM, you have to look at the money he has and what his goals are. His first goal is to win, his second is to pretend the Yankees from getting better. The Lackey was a total Yankee block, so was the Cameron. Theo also knows when to hold onto Prospectsand when to trade them. The Gonzalez trade perfect example. Theo is a great talent evaluator in the draft they always have one of the top farm systems with impact prospects. Although I like the Cubs prospects We don’t have one true impact prospect.

          • cubtex

            A Yankee block? Theo has made numerous blunders over his career..Matt Clement,Julio Lugo,JD Drew, Dice K and the list goes on and on. And by the way…he traded away a pretty good prospect in Hanley Ramirez wouldn’t you say? 

          • Kevinwickit

            He got Beckett, Lowell and a World series championship for Ramirez I think that was a great trade.

          • cubtex

            A great trade??? Are you kidding me. Not only did they trade Hanley Ramirez in that deal…they dealt a future ace in Anibal Sanchez who is pitching lights out this year for the Marlins. Let’s look at that Beckett trade since 2007. One great year..2007 he won 20 games. 2008 12 wins 2009 17 wins 2010 6 wins. He is locked up till 2014 for another 17.5 mil per. So, if you think this is a great trade….let’s play this scenario….the Cubs win world series in 2013 with Garza as a 18 game winner. He wins 10 games this year and 13 in 2012.
            Chris Archer gets his command back and becomes a top of the rotation starter for the next decade and Hak Ju Lee keeps developing and becomes one of the best shortstops in baseball. Will everyone bashing this trade consider the Garza trade a great trade if that happens??? If you answered yes….then I agree with your comment above. 

        • paulcatanese

          Hey,I agree with you on what the Cubs have in the wings for,I hope the near future. The real hope is that they won’t be mis-handled and given a legitimate shot. Colvin has been an unfortunate situation, I had said last fall after his injury that he would be hard pressed to come back. He despartley needed Winter ball to stay on what track he had going.

          Throw one other in here. I am warming up to Garza as a player. I had posted that he would be lucky to win 8-10 games here with the team he has behind him, and unfortunatly that may be true. But I like his style. Still hated to give up prospects but now I think the trade may be good for both sides. A little early for the Garza deal, but I guess you have to do it when the opportunity arises. 

          • cubtex

            Paul. The really thing that should have been addressed with Colvin over the winter was changing his approach at the plate. Here is a kid who struck out 100 times in 358 AB’s last year. Compare that with Soriano who had 123 K’s in close to 500 AB’s. Colvin would have struck out over 150 times last year if he played all year!  I am not too confident that Colvin will ever be a regular in the majors…..ever.

          • paulcatanese

            Oh, I agree with that post. The only point and I think we said the same thing is tha if Colvin had any chance at all, he needed winter ball, and that he lost due to the injury. 

        • John_CC

           No guarantees.

          Did the Cubs make the playoffs last year?  Were they even competitive? Are they competitive? This is the 3rd year of terrible Cubs teams in a row. Come on man, are you seriously trying to compare these two organizations?

      • Aaron

        good post…and don’t forget about Youkilis and Bucholz, who I think might be injured or something.  

    • John_CC

      Beckett is making 15.75M$ per thru 2014 (he is over rated but has won multiple WS games) or Big Game Z, 17.8M$ this year and 18M$ in ’12?

      Drew is a bust, but still 14M$ contract ends this year vs. Soriano 18M$ for 3 more years – after this one!?

      Papi was extended in ’07 for 12.5M per, option over this year vs. Dome, 08-’11 average 12M$ per?  Papi was awesome! Dome had NEVER played an MLB game.

      Dice K is bad, but at 10.3M is not nearly as bad as any of the Hendry contracts listed above! And is it worse than paying Demp 14M$ next year?

      Then there is Aram, unmovable at 15M$ + per year.

      I certainly wouldn’t write Crawford off quite yet, please.

      How about Gonzales? Pretty good hitter, huh?  Too bad Jim couldn’t come up with anything to get him last year, even though AGon expressed interest. 

      And this all goes without saying, the Red Sox compete in the best division in baseball, every year. Plus that WS they won a few years ago.

      • cubtex

         Let’s see how AGon is doing in 2017 and 2018 when he is making 21.5 mil per year. What about Lackey? I would definately label him a bust and he is also locked up till 2014.

  • The Maven

    It’s nice to look at the farm system and say that the Cubs should start using some of those players. What we all must remember is that it is still a big step to the majors.

    Reading Tom’s reports, Scott Maine looked like he was developing well. Then he comes up an gets torched. Maybe it’s just a bad day, but you can’t have those too often.

    Here’s hoping there is better down there.

    • Richard Hood

       At this point for Maine and Russell you have to look at them game to game and get an idea about how is best to use them. I have a lot of questions about our pitching coach at this point. He and Quade seem to love to keep pitchers going until they get shelled.

      • paulcatanese

        Agree Richard, the best pitching coach is now with the Yankees. Its almost that their is total indicision between the two of them as to when it’s time to yank the pitcher. Then again Quade is very poor in evaluation of pitchers and it is his call. It’s Richardson?, sitting on the bench and just staring at the moon and Quade stewing at the side of the dugout. I don’t think anyone there knows what is going on. 

    • paulcatanese

      I also thought Maine was going to be good. Could it be Quade, again putting players in a position to fail? I know they are pros and should be able to handle it but the two times he put Maine out there were pretty hairy situations. 

    • Aaron

      I both agree and disagree with your statement. I agree on one hand with the premise, that it is still a big step to the majors, but I disagree with your assessment that Maine might be a bust.

      Here’s the facts. Losing teams are able to get young players valuable innings and AB’s, and accept the losing, knowing their ultimate goal is to get younger, develop more, and make the playoffs, which obviously is the only way you can win a World Series. As the Giants proved last year, that’s really all you need to do. You don’t have to have the most talented team, but just make the playoffs and get hot towards the end of the regular season, using that as a jumpstart to the playoffs.

      The problem with the Cubs is they have NEVER allowed young players to take their lumps during the course of a season. They constantly move players up and down like yo-yo’s, ruining any confidence they ever had. If you look around the league, it’s not like every All-Star player out there came out blazing like Castro did. A lot of All-Star and even HOF caliber players came up, and hit .240-.250, or even worse, but they were allowed to play through it. If you do that with the Cubs, they bench you, and you can NEVER get out of your funk. Same can be said of pitching prospects.

      It’s like the Cubs have it firmly planted in their minds that rookie hitters should bat .300 for them and rookie pitchers should have ERA’s under 3.00 in order to have a job the following season locked in.

      That’s absolutely NO way to improve player development.

      • The Maven

        I’m sorry Aaron, I didn’t mean to imply that I thought Maine was a bust. I agree that its early in an assessment of his ability, it’s just frustrating to see someone do well, then look as bad as he did last night.

        Hopefully, better things are coming. 

  • paulcatanese

    Absolutly no way that the ball that was hit out to Johnson should have been ruled a double,he had it in his hands and dropped it. Later an error charged to Castro on the throw to first  simply was Pena not catching the ball,it did not bounce at all,Pena did not have to come off the bag, Pena just missed it. Very unrliable official scorer. 

  • Hemidodge72

    Any guesses on who looses the first magerial job this season?  haha Q is worse than Lou… 

    • paulcatanese

      Two ways to look at that. 1. Quade does not have a large contract and would be easy for the Cubs to fire him. Dollar wise.
      2. That being said,who would the Cubs get at that dollar amount? I would say
      that any manager worth his salt would not want the job given all of the problems
      that are there, and certainly not for the amount of money that is paid to Quade. 

  • paulcatanese

    Just thought I would throw this in. I was born just 16 years after the 1918 series,probably still have one of those uniforms layin around.