Rambling While Wondering About Welington

It’s Thursday. It’s a day game. It’s time to ramble. It’s time to entertain. It’s time to be witty, illogical, nonsensical and boring. It is something for everyone or rather, it is one thing taken differently by an interweb full of the Faithful.

So without further ado, let’s get down to it, throw a lot of things out there and see if anything sticks.

  • I hope everyone is still as excited as they were about Welington back in the Spring because I got a feeling we will be seeing a lot of him.
  • When you have to squat on and off for about three hours, six days a week, your groin is very important. (Most men would argue the groin is very important no matter what.)
  • Sorry, getting back to the point, I think Soto’s groin injury is going to be a nagging, season-long issue. Time is all that heals and catching is not conducive to resting a groin.
  • And hopefully Quade plays Castillo over Hill. As Neil pointed out to me, Hill was 3-for-48, including Spring Training, before Wednesday and one of those hits was a bunt single. Hill had a big night Wednesday and doubled his hit total with a double and the fourth triple of his career.
  • Because if Hill gets the nods more times than not, the CCO might crash due to the amount of posts regarding Quade’s “alleged ineptitude. ”
  • I use the term alleged because some think he is and some think it is too early to judge. I will wait until there is a clearer consensus from the masses.
  • If you have never been to the Kentucky Derby, GO. Don’t think twice. Just do it. Everything you have heard it true. It is glorious. My first experience was last weekend. In my best Jim Rome voice, it was “phenomenal.”
  • When you gave the man a $136 million contract, did you REALLY expect him to hustle? I mean, seriously?
  • I am not indicting all athletes with big contracts, but let’s be realistic. Some stop trying after his big payday. Just ask any fan of the Washington Redskins.
  • I have changed my mind on this and now think Tyler Colvin needs to go to Iowa. Like immediately. If people are worried about him losing his confidence, then I am so confused as to what is happening right now.
  • Seriously, get your rear end to Louisville next May for that horse race. Just fantastic.
  • I really do not see the big deal about putting guys in different places in the batting order. It should not matter.
  • Hey, I bounced around the lineup on my beer-league softball and still delivered week-in and week-out.
  • What, that is not an accurate comparison?
  • Marissa Miller will be at a bar in Chicago on Friday night for some PR appearance. I suspect 75% of the males in Chicago will be there. She will notice me first.
  • Why did Albert Pujols and Jim Hendry hug each other? Seriously? Did any player on the Cubs hug John Mozeliak Tuesday night?
  • If I was a Cardinals fan, I would be legitimately angry about that hug. Pujols is starting to walk the Brett Favre line in St. Louis. If he signs elsewhere, it could get ugly.
  • Yes, I very much look forward to something like that happening.
  • Brett Jackson is batting 80 points lower than Starlin Castro was at about the same time last season. Hopefully the hand/wrist injury is nothing major and he will not have to miss a lot of time.
  • I am not sure if there are any fans of “The Office” on here, but the episodes with Michael Scott and DeAngelo Vickers (Carrell and Farrell) on screen together, playing off of each other were hilarious. I was crying from laughter a few times.
  • I never thought I would be rooting this hard for Fukudome during a season that will most likely not produce many memories. But, if we can get ANYTHING for him, that would be fantastic.
  • Sorry, yes, I know that is a “master of the obvious” statement, but it had to be made.
  • And back to baseball …
  • I was not surprised Theriot got booed Tuesday night in his first at-bat, but Len and Bob were. Interesting.
  • I am still okay with the Ricketts. If you are not, I respect that. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. But, I like what I have seen thus far.
  • I know that statement will make some of you puke, and that is fair. But I have a good feeling about Tom.
  • And I will leave you with … Hopefully we will see the white flag a few times at Wrigley this weekend.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein
  • BillyFinT

    Posted in an earlier discussion, this is a good watch,

    Joe Ricketts on his Tom and the Chicago Cubs

    WHAT is he trying to tell us? You be the jury.

    • Ripsnorter1

      He’s telling us that the Cubs are a business venture designed to make money. I have no problem with that. But he’s also saying, “Dad, the suckers, er, the fans buy the tickets even with a garbage product on the field. Just keep using the code words, “We have the management. We have the players. We will ‘eventually’ win a world series.”

      • Brp921

        My thoughts exactly Rip.

    • Richard Hood

      He is saying that his son has a short leash with his money. If things don’t go the way he thinks they should you might see daddy sell out.

  • Ripsnorter1

    It is so nice to see . . . .
    1. Carlos Pena’s BA over the Mendoza line, and also he’s hitting higher than Koyie Hill. Nice job Carlos!

    2. Castro knocking out a 4 for 4 games after a slump. Way to go Starlin!

    3. Aram going 2 for 3 with an RBI. And 3 RBI in the last two games. Good to see you start to get it going, Aram!

    4. Barney continuing to play very well. Love it!!

    5. Berg has pitched very well in this call up. Can’t complain about the job he’s done as the last man out of the pen. I hate to see him sent down for DOUG DAVIS’ sake. GAG!

    Still some concerns . . . .
    1. Can’t hit a HR. This team had 2 3B and 3 2B last night–which sure beats 13 singles–but then again, we were batting against RYAN FRANKLIN, age 38, who is done. Sure would be nice to see some power out of this crew. 2. Soriano is on a pace to make 13 errors in LF . . . .

    3. Tyler Colvin is what I thought he was last year . . . can’t hit the breaking stuff. Santo said, “You have to hit the fast ball to get here, and you have to hit the breaking stuff to stay here.”

  • cubs1967

    wow; your OK w/ the ricketts; a/k/a/ p.k. mccaskey????

    based on what???

    let’s review their highlites since you are obviously NOT watching the same team everyone else is:

    lowered payroll 2 yrs running
    raised tix prices 2 yrs running
    pissed off ryno and did not hire him
    kept JH
    kept quade
    kept kenney crane
    has NOT hired a BASEBALL president to mentor the family like dallas green, stan kasten or pat gillick
    asked for 300M in public handouts to fix mesa/wrigley while NOT putting a dime of their own money and then welched on their portion of the mesa “entertainment ” complex saying it won’t be built till the economy improves
    5th place team last yr
    traded gorzelanny , he of the below 3 ERA becuz too cheap to keep the only lefthanded starter for a measily 2M
    cubs convention did not sell out due to fan apathy; which they are massivley adding to

    the list is long……………….the Ricketts suck and should sell this team, but you keep believing when in 30 yrs from now it’s 133 yrs and counting!!(they’ve done nothing to prove that wrong)

    cubs fans deserve the best; like the yanks or red sox; don’t add to the loveable losers BS by saying the ricketts are OK…………….stunning.

    • Brian

      It is fair to disagree. I expected that, but just be respectful.

      Running a baseball team is not easy. No successful business man comes in and makes rash decisions without a full evaluation.

      And as far as the payroll, that huge one sure got us a World Series.

      It is evident that no matter what the Cubs leadership does, it will always be considered wrong. No matter what.

      No one can possibly disagree with everything that has occurred. However, it appears that some try to make that claim.

      “The Ricketts suck and should sell this team.” When you have done the proper research to back-up that claim, that is fine.

      “Asked for hand-outs” … not true. Do the research. Also, what the Ricketts asked for is no different than what the Yankees and Cardinals did in building their new stadiums. NO DIFFERENT.

      I have no problem with disagreeing, but do the research to support your claim.

      It appears that some hate the Ricketts more than they hated the Tribune Company. This, to me, is unreal. But as I said, I respect everyone’s opinion. I just disagree with this.

      And if I am wrong about this, I will fully admit it. But, as you said, I get 30 years.

      The bottom line is that we are all Cubs fans and all want them to win. Let’s have respectful discussions.

      • cubs1967

        huh; they did not ask for handouts for 200M from the state and city for wrigley and 99M for mesa??? who are you kidding………where the hell was the money coming from???

        you do research and tell me where they were putting a dime of that 300M into the stadiums. THEY were not; it as all bond money to be used for both stadiums improvements; i.e. public money, NONE of it was theirs.
        I have NO clue how you can say otherwise except you do not understand how public financing works.
        the yankees paid for a portion of their stadium as did the cards; ricketts wants all 300M publicy handed to him. how can the city of chicago allow a tax freeze on the sales tax for 30 years??????????? when they are bankrupt today??

        the ricketts can not afford this team…….or they would of said we have the first 50M; we need the other 150M. not sure how i can research they should sell the team; other than the obvious. what do you think there approval rating is???……..who is happy over their GM, manager, tix prices, crappy toilets, etc, etc PLUS a 5th place team???

        really……….research…….that’s your comeback…….

        • Brian

          $200 million in handouts.

          He asked for some of the money generated from the state’s amusment tax. The Cubs produce a great chunk of this. Illinois has the highest amusement tax in the country.

          It is no different than what other teams have done. Do the Yankees and Cardinals suck for this as well.

          How do you know he cannot afford the team? Do you have access to his bank statements?

          What I asked mostly was for a respectful discussion. That apparently will not happen and I do not want to get into a shouting match because we disagree. It will not benefit either of us to go back and forth because we will not change each other’s minds. I just hope we can continue to have respectful discussions and/or arguments without the belittlement.

          • cubs1967

            here’s the research as you reqeusted:

            according to fieldsofschemes. com; the yankees owners paid 670M to the 2.3B cost of yankee stadium; the rest of it paid by the city and state.
            about 25%…….of the 200M; how much are the cubs putting in?? ZERO.
            (yes, the cubs generate entertainment tax, but can the city afford a 30 yr freeze on the 12%……..really???)

            cards stadium cost 665M including the surrounding parking garage, etc. 365M was for the stadium, of which, the team pays 15.9M per year on a loan for the stadium over 30 years plus monies upfront. wow??? a loan……..not a public handout.

            like i said ; they cannot afford the team or they would have money to put into this; either in a loan or their own???

            horrible PR the way it came out; just a trainwreck; kinda of like how they handled the screwing over of ryno…….a PR nitemare.

            hence……i’m sure one of the many reasons the cubs convetion did not sell out.(and it’s not the economy; it sold out in 2008 and 2009).

          • Aaron

            I’m siding with you on this…..a bit over the top on your criticism, but justified for sure.

            The thing I always go back to is understanding a lemon when you see one. The Ricketts can talk all they want about winning, but I won’t put any stock whatsoever into that until they put it into action, namely:

            1) Spending money on the team, and eating salary if need be to make it more competitive

            2) Firing Hendry and bringing in SUCCESSFUL baseball operations guys

            3) Allowing prospects to move up to the MLB team, and actually PLAY (which involved #2, along with firing Quade)

            And the criticism over financing for the Mesa project and Wrigley itself is COMPLETELY justified.

            This is why I was so disappointed in Mark Cuban being turned down for the ownership. He was willing to spend more of his own money on the team than the Ricketts did (as they borrowed about half), and we all know Cuban is not afraid to make changes to management, and spend on his facilities with his OWN money.

            The Ricketts are in over their heads with the purchase of the team. First of all, Tom admitted that they will need to tear down Wrigley or undergo MASSIVE renovations in the near future. They already spent nearly $1 billion on the team, so how are they going to pay for it, especially if they’re borrowing nearly half of the purchase price!??!?

            The answer is they won’t pay for it, and have no choice but to go to the taxpayers, just as they did with the Mesa project. Ironically, the piece of the project the Cubs were supposed to pay for, they’ve already backed out of, at least for a couple of years (the so-called Wrigleyville West commercial development project). How convenient?

            As for the other teams referenced….the MONUMENTAL difference between the Cardinals and Yankees, is that they actually WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only are they competitive year-in and year-out, but they spend the money on their players and facilities to make them a top notch draw in their respective cities. The Yankees and Cardinals have both won championships in recent years as well.

            If I’m on the city council in Chicago, and Ricketts comes to me begging for money, claiming poverty, I’m telling him:

            “Okay, we’ll give you some money, as long as you prove you’re willing to invest in this team and win a championship. Have a consistent winner, and get to the playoffs, and we’ll talk. A championship is more ideal, but just bring an annual playoff team, and we’ll be able to work something out”

            The point of that comment is to show the Ricketts family that they have to spend money to make money, and they have to produce a winner in order to do that, as fans have stopped coming “rain or shine, win or lose”. Not only does the Ricketts family lose revenue in that situation, but the city of Chicago loses as well due to lost tax revenue based on fans shopping, eating, and staying at hotels nearby. It’s a trickle-down effect, and it’s why I laugh at cities like Miami with the Marlins (even though they’ve won 2 championships recently), the Washington Nationals, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Their cities were responsible in large part for the financing of their stadiums, and the teams barely paid anything. Not only that, but all 3 of those teams were consistently ranked in the bottom of payroll in the league (prior to the move to Washington, Montreal was also at the bottom). So, it’s one of those things, where not only were those teams tanking it in the standings, but they weren’t re-investing the revenue-sharing that was implemented years ago to help small market teams, and they just pocketed that money.

            In the case of the Cubs, the Tribune ownership refused to spend money for a competitive team, until Zell took over, then authorized a spending spree to increase the value of the franchise prior to the sale. The Ricketts then took over, and proceeded to tell fans they were going to raise ticket prices, but cut payroll, and they said they were going to invest big time in the draft and international scouting, then ranked near the bottom of the league in spending in those categories. It’s no wonder their Extended Spring Training teams are getting trounced this year. They lack the top talent that other teams have.

            Keep in mind that almost all of the top prospects were signed prior to the Ricketts. Just keep that in mind when you’re evaluating this ownership team. Everything you see post 2010, you can evaluate them on…and it doesn’t look very good.

            Given the fact I’m in management, and have operated my own company before, I tell every person that comes up to me looking for a promotion, “what have you done to earn it?”

            So, Brian…I pose this question to you:

            What on earth has the Ricketts ownership done to earn your trust?

            Talk is cheap. Results tell the whole story, and it’s not looking pretty at all.

  • GaryLeeT

    My brother-inlaw is a banker that recently had a meeting with Tom Ricketts, and said he was blown away by his business acumen, and determination to make the Cubs W.S. champions. Ricketts thinks the path for getting to, and sustaining a winning tradition will involve getting a new stadium. I agree. Wrigley was charming, but now it’s decrepit facilities are annoying to the fans, and especially the players. I say, tear down Wrigley. The team can play at the Cell for a year, while they build a new and better ball park. After over 100 years of losing, it’s become an icon for ineptitude, and there should be no sentimental value to save. It should be good-bye, and good riddance.

    • Bryan

      Put a better quality team on the field that has character/commitment, along with a brighter leadership team (both in the dugout and behind the scenes) and you could have a team that could win at Wrigley or at Thillens. The answer to the current woes isn’t the physical building…it’s about crappy, overpaid players and inept leadership.

    • Brp921

      As much as I love the charm and history of Wrigley Field, I have to agree the Cubs need new state of the art facilities. I love Wrigleyville and would like to see them stay in that area if not the same location, but I feel it is imperative they be allowed to play a regular schedule. The Cub ownership needs to insist on being able to play as many night games as the rest of the Major Leagues or change location within the northside. I think in the end they would be able to rebuild in Wrigleyville.

      • Richard Hood

        I agree that it might be time for a new stadium but then you will have a huge amount of fans that will never agree. Wrigley field is Iconic part of baseball and a huge draw on its own. I also do not think that Chicagoland tax payers will agree to pick up a lot of the tab even though they already have footed the bill on 2 stadiums and an arena in the last 20 years. You already have people upset for asking for public money to fix up Wrigley and getting a new ST park in Mesa. The fight to get a new Northside stadium will be UGLY.

        • paulcatanese

          Richard, the stadium holds many memories for me and would hate to see it go but on the other hand,it may be the ONLY way to finally get rid of the Billy Goat and its ghost that roams the park,along with the black cat.

          • Richard Hood

            Wow Paul I would not have thought you believed in curses.

          • paulcatanese

            Richard,I don’t believe in curses and was meant to be a joke. If I did believe in them I would have included JH and Quade. But in the least the park is in need of repair. Don’t really like the new parks except the Orioles type of park.

    • cubs1967

      i’m a banker for 20 yrs who has not met ricketts; and from afar i’m stunned as his LACk of business acumen. to be blunt; to date he’s been damn stupid.
      point one, why the hell did he pay 845M for this team which everyone knew there needed to be at least another 200M to fix wrigley not to mention mesa. the economy was tanking, zell was desparate for money, the bankruptcy court was questioning the sale and who profited; time was of the essence; he could of shaved at least another 100M off the price.

      look at the Toyota sign; very easy thing to know you don’t apply in Chicago for a permit like that in Feb thinking it would be rammed thru the corrupt chicago city council when the mayor is a diehard prejucidical sox fan not to mention the highly misplaced “antique” status wrigly carries. it was june before it was up; that cost hundreds of thousands in ad revenue.

      mesa got approved becuz he leveraged florida so mesa got desperate and met his price by proposing to sell “vacant farmland” ……..sure to what developer in what year, but it got done. SO……..he then lets the 200M idea for wrigley get leaked 5 days after the governor quinn barely wins election in a top 5 bankrupt not to mention corrupt state and then does not realize who stupid he looks not to mention why even discuss the idea till the prejudicial sox mayor is out of office so maybe a cubs fans wins election PLUhere is NO leverage saying he’ll move. find some land in lake county, talkt to officials to see if the would even like the cubs there; do a study on the economic impact on lakeview area(not wrigleyville as its’ been dubbed) and make the state and city blink……the cubs bring much more to the area than the sox or bears do; who got public money.

      think large; tear the dump down; rebuild but the bleachers; demand the “antique” status be removed and allow for at least 50 nite games or move…………the park, the inadequate facilities for the players and fans, all of it adds to how much harder to win a WS.

      the dad made the family money w/ TD Ameritrade; not the kids; and I see NO business acumen when you buy a business and know nothing about it and do not hire someone who can “show you the baseball side of it” like a dallas green or stan kasten or pat gillick.

      to me; as a banker; i’d never give this guy a loan………..no wonder the down payment had to be 400M.!!!!!!

    • Henry

      Great! I am all for putting up a new park! Arlington park seems to be having trouble! cut a deal with the state and Arlington heights! Build a new ball park while we play out the string at Wrigley! The Rickets and Cubs fans have to be tired of being held hostage by the neighborhood and the city! Maybe at that point the city will respond! If they don’t we are out of the hell whole that has never seen a world series champion!

  • Cloycub13

    Brian, good to see you back on track…

    All kidding aside, It is not the Rickett’s that I am too upset with, although 1967 has made a good strong case for not being too happy with them and dubious about the future. I agree with everything that he posted… but I will also hold judgement on them for now… They can Drastically redeem themselves in a big hurry if they jettison Hendry.

    My stance on Quade is setting like wet concrete, The Koyie Hill/Wellington Castillo situation will be the paver’s tool that smoothes out that argument. It is not overly baseless either, I did not like him at all as a 3rd base coach, subsequently I am not a huge fan of his hire as 3rd base coach… seems like a carbon copy and I do not feel that the 3B coach is someone I should even know, or have reason to yell at. I was also a HUGE fan of the other candidate, thought the franchise made a HUGE mistake, but was convinced by those on here to give him a chance, OK I did that, that chance is wearing thin and just waiting for the perverbial straw that breaks it’s back.

    On another point, it is not about moving guys in the order, it is the methodology. This guy is slumping so we drop him, this guy is slumping but we keep him… it is not consistent, and personally seems to me that Castro is Quade’s whupping boy. He calls him out on a regulr basis when the “Pricey guys” are 10 times worse and not word one. Granted Castro did not hustle out of the box yesterday… hopefully Soriano’s tuteledge is not wearing off.
    Anyway, always good to get a win, can they actually win a series, and one against the Cards no less? Hope so!

    Go Cubs Go!!

  • Aaron

    White flag as in “White Flag Trade”?….then, yes, give me some of that…..oh, you meant the White Flag with the blue ‘W’….my mistakes

    • Brian

      Well played, sir. Well played.

  • Denio

    I agree that Colvin needs to go to Iowa… I assume that Brett Jackson would replace him, but if Quade can’t find playing time for Colvin how is he going to fit Jackson in… In 60 days Jackson will be batting in the ones…

    Soriano needs to be traded to an American league team for his career and the benefit of the Cubs to start rebuilding..

    Koyie Hill needs to be played as needed… Give the young catchers a chance…

    If Castillo is doing great when Soto comes back DFA Hill..

    I hope the Cubs don’t try and sign Pujols.. we don’t need to get involved in a contract like he is going to demand… If we were ready to make a run to the WS then I would be all for it… Right now it looks like we solved the defense up the middle with Castro and Barney, but everything else needs help… Build with the young and then fill in with veteran players…

    I agree that Wrigley Field needs to be replaced… Rebuild on the same spot but keep the Ivy and the Rooftops…

    • cubtex

      Colvin is pulling off every pitch. It is painful to watch him feel for a curveball with one hand on the bat. I seriously do not know what the Cubs are waiting for? He needs to go to AAA. He is worthless to the team right now. You are right…until Byrd or Fuko get moved, keep Jackson in AA. I suggested the Cubs pick up Scott Podzednik yesterday to replace Colvin on the bench. He would give them a base stealing threat off the bench and could give Soriano a day off here and there in left.

      • paulcatanese

        Scott has certainly hurt the Cubs in the past, in all areas of his game. And he can steal bases plus first to third. It would not be a bad move.

  • Tom U

    Reply to Matt from yesterday.

    Angel Guzman last pitched in EST on 05/06. He threw 31 pitches over 1.2 innings. He allowed an hit and an earned run, walking 2 and striking out 1.

  • The Maven

    Unless the City allows for a massive land-grab in the Rogers Park or Edgewater neighborhoods, you can forget about a new stadium within the city limits.

    The Cubs and the city had an opportunity to build a new stadium in the wide open spaces along Cumberland Av. in the late sixties or early seventies. However, short-sighted management allowed the area to be developed into an office park and apartments.

    If the Cubs ever build a new stadium, it will probably be somewhere in the northwest suburbs.

    • paulcatanese

      If the Cubs do move to the northwest suburbs I would not approve it unless there is a White Castle within walking distance.

  • Adamwood37

    I am a big fan of the Ricketts and Quade. I think it is WAY too early to get on either. Q did an amazing job at the end of last season, the players like him and seem to respond to him and he brings an energy to the team that was so obviosuly lacking with Lou & Dusty. We just have a mid-tier team with little power, poor D and no speed. Those, in my opinion, along with strong pitching, are the keys to every successful team. I strongly feel we are going in the right direction. I don’t mind not throwing money around like crazy as we have in years past. You’re seeing a lot more teams developing their own young talent and winning that way i.e. Twins, Giants, Marlins, A’s, Rockies. Castro, Barney and Cashner are great starts. I think Colvin will be a solid player, but not much more. But I am excited for Brett Jackson & Jay Jackson. Seems like Josh Vitters is finally coming around.

    Ricketts see others teams in the Central inking big deals & I think they will try and follow suit this winter whether its Albert or Prince. They need to make an impact signing, especially with attendance down so much this season. With a good young core with a solid mix of vets, this team can compete in the Central for years to come.Ricketts are fans too, not just businessmen. They said any dollars made will be put right back into the team. Now you may not be able to see where the money is spent, but I do know they are putting a lot more money into their scouting department which I feel is money well spent. Year one of their ownership was a transitional year. Now that they have their feet on the ground and a year under their belt let’s see how they do during year 2 before jumping on their backs. I was able to personally meet him personally last season during a game in which he walked casually through the crowd, shook hands, posed for pictures and even sat down and had extended conversations with fans. The family also personally handed out warm beverages earlier this year to fans waiting in line for tickets. How many owners in any professional sport do anything close to that.

    I know everyone is just getting tired and out of patience. But Castro is a star in the making and we are going to have money to spend and more good young players coming up through our system. The future looks good guys.

  • paulcatanese

    In all fairness here Castillo is going to need some time. He is still rough around the edges and appears nervous at the plate. There is no doubt that he will hit the ball and play as good a defense as Hill. But, and I say But I would be surpised if he does get the opportunity to improve under Quade (or Quades instructions) as young players are not particulary accepted by Quade. I just don’t know , I would hate to see another Colvin here.