From the Wire … LeMahieu Called Up and the Cubs Daily Roster Changes

According to a report from the Tribune late Sunday night, D.J. LeMahieu will be called up on Monday for the start of the Astros series. LeMahieu is expected to take Jeff Baker’s spot on the Cubs’ active roster, who is reportedly headed to the disabled list. The Cubs will have to make another move to create a spot for D.J. LeMahieu on the 40-man roster.

The call-up of LeMahieu will be the Cubs 26th roster move since May 11.

The Cubs made a flurry of roster moves Sunday morning, the most notable, transferring Andrew Cashner to the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man roster for Brad Snyder. The Cubs selected the contract of Snyder from Triple-A Iowa and he will take Reed Johnson’s spot on the active roster … Reed Johnson was placed on the 15-day DL with back spasms.

Andrew Cashner has been on the DL since April 8 (retroactive to April 6) with a right rotator cuff strain. Cashner recently suffered a setback and once he is able to resume baseball activities he will start the rehab process from the beginning. Jim Hendry recently said if Cashner is able to return this season he would likely pitch out of the pen and not as a starter.

Geovany Soto was activated from the 15-day DL and Welington Castillo was optioned to Triple-A Iowa.

With the five roster moves on Sunday morning, the Cubs have seemingly made a roster move a day. Since May 11, the Cubs have made 25 roster moves and seven changes to the 40-man roster … and three more moves will be required on Monday to add D.J. LeMahieu to the active roster.

Reed Johnson was placed on the 15-day DL with lower back spasms. Johnson’s trip to the DL is retroactive to May 26. Johnson was expected to receive a bulk of the playing time in centerfield with Marlon Byrd on the shelf.

After spending a majority of Spring Training unable to complete for a spot on the Cubs roster (broken rib), Brad Snyder was sent to Iowa to begin the season … and he’s torn up Triple-A pitching. Snyder’s line in 38 games: .342/.374/.568/.943 with 10 doubles, a triple and seven home runs.

D.J. LeMahieu put together a very good line with the Smokies. In 50 games (187 at bats), LeMahieu was hitting .358/.386/.492/.878 with 15 doubles, two triples and two home runs. LeMahieu has played second base, third base and shortstop for Brian Harper this season.

D.J. LeMahieu will turn 23 on July 13.

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Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt
  • cubtex

    Looks like a M.A.S.H. unit so far this season. DL stints all over the place and 40 man roster is changing like crazy! Many guys are getting a cup of coffee in the majors this early who normally wouldn’t have. Campana,Montanez,Coleman, Berg,Snyder and now LeMahieu to name a few.

  • Richard Hood

    I like it and at the same time do not. IF he plays then lets see what the kids got. If he sits then why waste an option on a kid that you have said is part of your future? But you can see how close your AA players are to being in the majors with this move because DJ was tearing it up in Tennessee. Now lets get Jackson back healthy and see what we got there as well.

  • Aaron

    Wow…I should take vacation more often….I come back, and a flurry of roster moves have been made. 

    Maybe I should go on a longer vacation, and Hendry would be fired….LOL

    • Aaron

      Also, too bad that like Castillo, they’ll all rot on the bench.

      • Aaron

        Campana=primarily pinch runner, occasional start
        Montanez=pinch hitter, about 1 start/week
        Snyder=did anyone see Quade’s quote about Snyder?!? “….this guy was hitting like a son of a gun down there…..” and he left the impression that he’d actually play him. Too bad he also hit that way last year, and earned just 27 AB’s down the stretch in a lost season…or, roughly the equivalent of 5 starts. I laughed so hard when I read his comments. What a jerk-off. Can’t believe he’d actually say that when he has no intention of playing him.

        • Tno13

          Try to get a little closer to the truth. Campana has started the last 4 games
          and 5 of the 10 or so that he’s been here for. Montanez is 28 and not a part of the future. He’s doing what he’ll be lucky to do if he can make an MLB roster in the future. Snyder hit .185 and struck out 12 times in 27ABs last year. He didn’t deserve much more than he got at 28 now 29 years old.

          There’s plenty to complain about with this team. No need to reach like that.

          • diehardcubfan

            Campana is the new Cub version of Doug Dascenzo.  Doug D became a fan favorite because of how he played despite his athletic ability.  The one main difference is that Campana has more speed that Doug D and that is why Dascenzo did not get that many starts.

            Yes, you are correct that Campana has started 4 of the last 5 which I have no issues with.  Of those games Campana has only batted leadoff once.  That is what I have an issue with.  Campana, if used plays needs to bat leadoff were he can actually use his speed for the good of the team.  They are just wasting his speed batting 6th or 7th in the batting order.  Fukudome should be batting 6th or 7th instead. 

            The problem is that because the Cubs have had no speed the past few years they have no idea of how to even use it. 

            We have a grand total of 10 SBs this season!!  Only Atlanta has fewer (9) and that is only by one.  Given our offensive woes they have not looked at other options to manufacture runs.  That is on the manager.  He needs to look for other ways to score to get the team out of their funk.

            Being aggressive on the basepaths generates team excitement and that will also generate excitement by the fans.  The Cubs current lethargy on the basepaths puts most to sleep.  They have turned into a really boring team.  It would really be miserable without Barney and Castro.

            It is time to shake the very foundation of this team.  After all it is not getting any younger with the average age on the roster of 29.5 at the start of the season.

          • Richard Hood

            On Campana leading off everyday I have to disagree at this point. His speed is electric and I love his style of play but he is too aggressive as a hitter at this point to be an everyday lead off guy. Let him play and build a little bit of confidence before you anoint him the the next lead off champ for this club.
            You have a problem wit him batting 7/8 but if he bats 8th that can make a basehit into a triple in a hurry with a stolen base and a sac bunt. I think it is actually a good call until he gets confidence and the knowledge to be able to take pitches and work counts better. We see he has good baseball IQ. Let him develop that for a while before we start mounting on it.

          • diehardcubfan

            Yes, I see your point on that but that is my same argument batting Castro 3rd.  In my opinion he is not ready but look were he is now. 

            Now granted, I haven’t been able to watch Campana and see if he is overly aggressive against pitches out of the strike zone but like any young player that will happen. 

            I am still more in favor or batting Campana lead off and living the the mistakes than I am with the current level of production. 

            I think it would be fine if for the next month or so Campana bat 7th or 8th but the Cubs need to transition him to the leadoff spot as soon as possible and see if he can fit into the future or not.  Jackson is the on the horizon and there will likely be stiff competition for the RF job next spring. 

            Personally, my opinion is that you just have to throw people into the fire and see what they will do.  Trust me I know from experience. 

            I guess only time will tell.

          • BillyFinT

            Yeah, reminds me of Felix Pie. Lou Piniella asked him if he wanted to bat 8th or 2nd, those are the only opening. Pie was not confident enough, I guess, and requested 8th.

            There you go, our last best five-tool star wouldn’t bat 2nd the first day he was called up!

          • diehardcubfan

            Well we know how well that turned out.  Maybe if the Cubs would have actually put Pie in the spot in the order he had been hitting at in the minors maybe things would have worked out differently.

            Basically to me the Cubs showed no confidence in Pie instead of the other way around.

        • BosephHeyden

          Snyder and Campana I can see getting playing time.  Not LeMaheiu.  LeMaheiu is screwed:  Baker was barely getting playing time, and he was getting it at right.  Best I can tell, LeMaheiu isn’t a guy to plug in at right.  I get the feeling he winds up like all the other prospects we’ve called up that didn’t immediately start:  wasted away and eventually released.

    • Jim_Tinley_Park


      Unless, the young guys that are being called up and produce, I cannot see how Hendry keeps his job.

  • Tom U

    Congratulations to DJ LeMahieu. Hopefully, he can make a favorable impression.

    Cubs fans also note that Steven Clevenger is absolutely raking Triple-A pitching. Manager Bill Dancy has so much confidence in him, he’s batting Clevenger third in the line-up.

  • Ripsnorter1

    All of this and Dempster pitching like he should! I think . . . 

    1. Dempster may have finally gotten his act together. Now I realize he did this against the Pirates, a team hitting .235 and having a very woeful offense. But still . . . and I hope I’m not full of Cubbie Kool-Aid–maybe, just maybe he’s turned the corner. Maybe he can keep his act together and he’ll win 14 games.

    2. The AA and AAA players add energy to the club. I like that! 

    3. Does Jim Clueless have a deal for Aram? I mean, where is this guy going to play? Are they going to bench Castro and Barney? NO. So then he can only play 3B or the bench. I don’t get it. But then I remember that we are dealing with Jim Clueless and Quade, the Laurel and Hardy of MLB, and then I understand: THEY ARE GOING TO DESTROY THIS KID, TOO.

  • Tony

    I would start DJ at 3B today.  Send a message to ARam immediately.  If DJ gives you any reason (like hustling) I would keep starting him at 3B over ARam.  ARam must be tired and need a break the way he runs to first.

    • paulcatanese

      Tony,Aram is not tired,just loafing and collecting money. Notice in the last two games,just the last two,he is hustleing and even hit a home run.I think that it’s because a legitimate 3b has been called up and he feels the push. Then again
      I dont think he would mind sitting as he is still collecting a check.

      Also it looks like the old guys are being put out to pasture,Baker and Johnson.
      It could be a real break with the kids that have been brought up, If they play,that
      is the key,if they play. If they do they have to do as Barney and Castro have
      done, force their way into the lineup before those two come off the DL.

      If Campana is going to continue to be used, he must hit in the leadoff spot.
      His biggest assest is his speed, and that is totaly hamstrung in the spot he
      is at. The problem there is runners on base in front of him,no where for his speed to be utilized.

      There is no doubt he is a fan favorite already and the opposing team has to
      adjust to his speed. They know they cannot make any kind of mistake or he
      is aboard, that was very evident against the Pirates.

      At any rate Tony, this is what all have been waiting for, the kids, lets all hope
      they can pull it off and be an interesting team to watch,win or lose.

  • Tony

    Here’s the lineup I would trot out today.

    1. Campana CF
    2. Barney 2B
    3. Castro 3B
    4. Pena 1B
    5. LeMahieu 3B
    6. Snyder RF
    7. Soto C
    8. Montanez LF

    Only Pena will have not been called up from our system.

    • diehardcubfan

      Tony, you and I both know that would go against JH and Quade’s way of thinking.  Though I think the order should look like this:

      1. Campana
      2. Barney
      3. Castro
      4. Snyder
      5. LeMahieu
      6. Montanez
      7. Pena
      8. Soto

      It is time to send the veterans a clear message that time is getting short and unless their play steps up the Cubs will start to move in other directions.

      Personally, I do not see that happening.

      The main thing now is getting some consistency out of the starting pitching.  All the retreads the Cubs are bringing in do not fix that issue.  Enough of experimenting and hoping that these veterans have something left.  it is time to fix our pitching and stop placing band aids on the gushing arterial wounds. 

      Playing .500 ball against the Mets who have a ton of internal issues of their own right and our poor play against the lowly Pirates over the past two years continues to cast doubt on the ability of the Cubs to move forward and show improvement. 

      The Cubs going 4-2 against the Pirates and Mets is one thing but only 3-3 is not showing anything.