From the Wire … Byrd Placed on 15-day DL, Berg Recalled

According to multiple reports, the Cubs placed Marlon Byrd on the 15-day DL with multiple facial fractures. Byrd will see a specialist in Chicago and there is no timetable for his return.

Byrd will fly back to Chicago with the team following Sunday night’s finale in Boston. Byrd will be evaluated through the week by several specialists. After that, the Cubs will have an idea of how long Byrd will be out of action.

The Cubs recalled right-hander Justin Berg to take Byrd’s spot on the active roster. Berg will give the Cubs a little depth for the ‘Bullpen Day‘ in the wake of Matt Garza being scratched from Sunday’s start.

The addition of a 13th pitcher to the active roster figures to be a temporary move. According to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs will likely make another roster move prior to Tuesday’s game against the Mets to bring in another outfielder.

The Cubs 40-man roster has two outfielders currently not on the active roster, Fernando Perez and Tyler Colvin. Colvin cannot be recalled for 10 days after being optioned to Iowa last Tuesday … unless it is to replace an injured player. The Cubs would have to place another player on the DL to recall Colvin prior to May 27.

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  • Wnoi

    I think Hendry needs to make a deal for a starter.  What happened to the Kevin Millwood rumor, or would he go after someone like Brett Myers from Houston?

    • BosephHeyden

      Millwood is under contract with the Red Sox, albeit a minor league deal.  The only way to get him is to hope he gets sick of being on a minor league deal with a winning team experiencing starter problems and chooses to opt out to go to a losing team with nowhere to go but down.

      And I would not trust trading for a starter.  If we still had Larry, that would be fine, but our current pitching coach is a developmental guy, so, unless the trade target is a top starting pitching prospect, getting an established guy wouldn’t help unless he was a big name guy,

    • Jwilson3985

      Are you insane? Have you seen the Cubs this year? Why would you trade FOR anyone? No 1 player will transform the Cubs into a decent team. You CANNOT trade away prospects to sign B-level players who will only clog up future roster spots.

  • paulcatanese

    Relieved that Byrd is still alive actually, could have been much worse. I hope there is not a concussion as well. I wish him well and a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself Marlon, remember you come first with your’e health. 

  • Mike

    Question Neil: what’s the status of Angel Guzman? I know he had health issues before the season, could he make a return to the big league club anytime soon?

    • cubtex

      To expand on another name…Jay Jackson. His numbers do not look good but how is he throwing? Maybe Tom can answer this one? 

      • Neil

         Tex, Jay Jackson had a problem with his shoulder during Spring Training, that is why he began the year on the DL. He’s still not right.

      • Tom U

        Sorry guys, but unforseen circumstances have made me explore exotic locales in order to post today.

        Jay Jackson has not had a good May, allowing 23 earned runs in the five games he started. he’s averaged only 4.2 innings per start since then, which, like Neil said, leads you to believe that he still isn’t feeling right. 

    • Neil

       Mike, Guzman is still in extended spring training and making progress from the way I understand it. He’s still hoping to pitch in the majors this season.

  • Tedtop16

    If a Triple A roster is supposed to be filled up with players who can provide immediate help for the big league roster, how can you get into a situation like today where you have no one available to come in and pitch against Boston tonight? And we are going to start a guy who has been ineffective. Plus we give him the added handicap of pitching a few innings the other night. Consider this situation when you are supposed to have one of the “better” farm systems. I can hardly wait to see what our outfield decision will be next Wednesday.

  • ZT

    Maybe the cubs could bring up Ryan Flaherty from AA. He is a utility player and has just started to play the outfield. He can play 2nd, 3rd and the outfield.

    • Keith Moreland

      I think Flaherty has to show he can make consistent contact at the AAA level before a callup.  We also need an outfielder; Flaherty needs to play infield, because we probably need that eventually. 

      Campana and Johnson can both play CF if Byrd is out for an extended period.  I’m not a doctor, but “multiple facial fractures” sounds like awhile, if not the whole season.  Too bad for Byrd.

      I would bring up Luis Montanez; he is a mature hitter, is raking in AAA, and probably deserves a shot

      That would mean a 40-man move, but Brian Schlitter looks very DFA-able to me

      • Keith Moreland

        As an FYI, Montanez has been playing some CF at Iowa of late.

        Snyder wouldn’t be a horrible idea either, though he is less versatile defensively

        I suppose we could also play Fukudome in CF; I thought he was OK out there a couple years back when injuries forced him to play.  He lacks range, but Fuku is otherwise a solid OF. 

      • paulcatanese

        There was a Red Sox player(sorry can’t remember the name) Tony Conigulara,I believe. He was hit in the head and never fully recoverd
        tried but just did not have it work for him. Hope it’s not the same in this case.
        I know i butchered the name and may not even be the same person. 

        • Brp921

          It was Tony Conigliaro, but he was hit square in the eye. I remember his picture on the cover of sports illustrated. His eye was swelled up to the size of a baseball. I don’t think Byrd took it that sqarely and hopefully can recover fully. 

        • Gramps

          Paul, that was Tony Conigliaro. It happened in 1967 and he was never the same again. He also was hit in the eye.

  • Ripsnorter1

     Byrd will be out until September imo.

    • paulcatanese

      Rip,if then. I was hit twice in the head,once before helmuts and one with a helmut,both hurt,stitches on one,but nothing like this with Byrd. More may be dicovered over this week, hope not. 

    • diehardcubfan

      Yes, I will have to agree with you.  It is sad to hear that. On a positive note it could give Colvin a chance if he finds his stroke to get back to the Cubs as soon as possible.

  • Tom U

     Just food for thought:

    Tyler Colvin started for Iowa today and had three hits, including a double and a triple.

    Steve Clevenger was not in the line-up and did not pinch hit. He started the previous night, but the game lasted only six innings due to rain.

    • Neil

       Tom, Colvin’s single and double came off a lefty.

  • Tom U

    This is just my opinion, but if I were the Cubs’ management, I would have had Rudy Jaramillo on a plane to Chicago as soon as I learned about Byrd’s condition. 

    I would have found Brett Jackson, wherever he was, and told him to meet Jaramillo at Wrigley at 7AM on Sunday.Jaramillo would have then put Jackson through a workout to determine if he was ready for live pitching. 

    I would have then gotten Jackson to either Iowa or Tennessee as soon as possible to see some live pitching. Both Iowa and Tennessee play on Monday, but the Cubs are off. If Jackson looked ready enough, I would have activated him on Tuesday.

    • Neil

       Excellent comment …

    • Matt Weaver

      No time like the present, right?

    • Kevinwickit

      I love it. This would be a perfect time to to bring up Brett Jackson

      • Gramps

        But only if they play him….and that is a big IF!!!!!!! 

    • daverj

      I like the idea of bringing up Jackson, but I’d wait a couple weeks.  Why would you bring Jackson up a couple weeks before the likely Super 2 cut-off?  Those two weeks could cost the team millions of dollars … which could result in not having enough dollars in the budget to sign a free agent agent down the road.

      • Chipguy2030

        David I was thinking the same thing! We are gonna have to pay Starlin arbitration early cuz he was brought up before June 1 last year.  Tony C and Reed will be able to handle CF for now!  I think with Jeff Baker coming up limp tonight, we are gonna have to call up an utility player which would be Bobby Scales or Flaherty.  Personally we have to bring up Flaherty up to see what he is capable of!  If you look at the Cubs Farm system there is no real replacement for Aramis at 3rd.  Flaherty could fill that position if he does well.  Vitters is just not getting it done in the Minors!  This season is lost so lets see what these young guys have but use them the right way!

        • paulcatanese

          Chip and David, I do not understand the reasoning that both of you are hesitant to see Jackson brought up for another two weeks because of some arbitration that would that would cut into FA’s money. Again haven’t we had enough of free agents? If the idea is to build within the system, do it now.What holding off means to me at least is the Cubs by doing what both of you suggest would be to leave these guys down in the minors at a minimal cost to them and stunt their future. If they are going to write off the season now ( as they should ) then they should bring as many up as they can to see exactly where they are at as a franchise. Playing all the vets and then seek FA’s is not progress to me but simply keeping the status quo and this will continue for more years. 

          • daverj

            I’m not sure how 2 more weeks in the minors is going to “stunt their future”.  Those 2 weeks, however, could result in Jackson being arbitration eligible 1 year earlier.  If Jackson is good, that would cost the Cubs millions of dollars in a couple years.  I’d like to build from within with young talent and then fill-in with free agents (as opposed to the current situation of overpaying big name free agents to build a team).  Keeping Jackson in the minors for a couple more weeks would give more flexibility in the payroll a couple years from now when the kids have developed and we’re ready to make a couple key free agent acquisitions to put us over the top.

  • studio179

    I agree with others he is out longer than they are saying.

    That said, I wish Marlon Byrd well.
    That is something you do not want to see happen to anyone.

  • gocubs