Garza Scratched from Sunday’s Start

According to multiple reports Saturday afternoon, Matt Garza was scratched from Sunday’s start against the Red Sox with tightness in his right elbow.

Garza will see the Cubs physician Monday when the team returns to Chicago.

The Cubs are hoping that Matt Garza will miss just one start but at this point the severity of the injury is unknown. The Sun-Times reported Garza could undergo an MRI on Monday.

The Cubs are unsure of who will start Sunday night’s finale in Boston. Mike Quade said James Russell or Jeff Samardzija could get the ball to start the game but it could be whichever pitcher they do not use Saturday.

Mike Quade indicated that James Russell is the prohibitive favorite to start Sunday. Russell pitched three innings in Friday night’s game in relief of Doug Davis and Scott Maine.

According to reports, the Cubs will not rush Randy Wells back to the big leagues. Wells is scheduled to make his second rehab start Sunday with a possible return to the Cubs on Friday.

Sunday will be another ‘Bullpen Day‘ for the Cubs.

With the additions of Doug Davis and Tony Campana in recent weeks, the Cubs do not have an open spot on their 40-man roster.

Will update when additional information is made available …

From the Daily Herald:

“He’s got a little stiffness in his elbow,” manager Mike Quade said. “We’re going to be real careful with this guy. We’re going to skip his start tomorrow and get him some rest and see what happens. It sounds like it’s not something serious. It sounds like he makes his next start. We have the off-day (Monday). We have four guys we can run out there if he needs (more time). I would literally say this is day to day.”

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne
  • Calicub

    Joyous a bullpen dayon a day the cubs have not yet won on and two days after getting smashed… I called a sweep!

    watch garza will be out for two months and when it gets down to it hendry will say:

    “we got close, the pieces were there… If only garza didn’t get hurt we’d be in it. Gimme five mill and a few prospect and we’ll get another vet! World series here we come!!”

  • Rod

    Frustrating year for Cubdom so far. We see flashes of winnin baseball in the kids but the window for this veteran group closed on these veterans 2008. We need to keep key players in place and get prospects wherever possible.

    Good thing Bulls game is on tomorrow night. I’ll miss bullpen day when I was actually lookin forward to garzas start

  • Kingdomusa

     Can anyone say gorzellany….can anyone think pitching coach or trainer.
    Same old politics as AAA coach with ryno might have been a better choice. 2011 should have been building youth instead of getting more vets to save jobs.
    Down the road, we will see how the garza trade pans out as to the success of Archer (p) & ju Lee (ss)

  • Ripsnorter1

     A couple of years ago, Wells was called up due to injury. After going 3-0 the Cubs were set to send him down when another starter got injured, and he stayed all year. 

    This is how Doug Davis will be your 3.2 IP starter all year. INjuries. Gorzelanny traded for NOTHING and we’ve got nothing to replace him with except Doug Davis and Russ Ortiz.VOMIT.

    • Tom U

      Sorry to correct you, Ramon Ortiz. 

  • Ripsnorter1

     Pat and Zonk said on the radio the Cubs will bring someone up from the minors for sure, and somebody is going to go down. Probably Scott Maine.

    With this staff, every day is bullpen day.

  • Aaron

     Well, I did say when the trade went down that the trade becomes an immediate loss to the Cubs if either McNutt or Garza go down with injury. Both of them have, albeit McNutt was just a blister.

    The reason I said that at the time was because the whole point of getting Garza was to win now, NOT the future, which is why they dealt top prospects in Archer, Lee, and Guyer.

    It looks as if this is a loss, and will continue to define Hendry’s years as a complete failure

    • cubtex

      Lol. The whole point to get Garza is you have him for 3 years. This is not a CC Sabathia rent a player. Please try and make some sense.

      • Matt Weaver

         Be gentle with Tex, Aaron. He knows not what he’s done. =)

      • cubtex

        Just looked up Archer’s stats… 0-2  5.79 ERA    37.1 IP   50 HITS and 21 Walks.   As I said earlier this year……He ain’t anywhere near sniffing a mlb mound! 

        • carmelo

          And Guyer was never considered a top prospect—also, the catcher, R. Chinernos is hitting around .200 and is 27 yrs old in AAA. 

    • Richard Hood

      I think that this matters if he has to go under the knife or not Aaron. I have said before for this trade to work we had to get 4 good years out of Garza and I felt we were well on our way on that. If he goes for surgery and is shut down for the year we have bigger problems than one lousy trade.

  • paulcatanese

    What did someone say yesterday, that hitting is contagous? Well now it seems that injuries are also contagous. 
    If Byrd has a concussion he may be out for a while, he will anyway if his eye is swollen shut.
    Garza,lets hope it’s minimal damage and just tightness as we would now be down
    to one front line pitcher, Z and nowhere to get another.

  • Tom U

     Starting options currently on the 40 man roster:

    Alberto Cabrera (Tennessee) last pitched 5/19 – 6 innings
    5-2 /5.62/30/18/1.73

    Robert Coello (Iowa) last pitched 5/19 – 6 innings

  • Jeff in Az

    Cubs need to just tread water through these injuries. This year is a rebuilding project. Any moves for a starter would be a waist of prospects in a subpar year. Not defending hendry, he needs to face the consequences for his desperate offseason moves, but, I don’t think the vets were brought in for the hopes of a world series, I think they were brought in to keep us from losing 100 games. The jury is still out if they can do that.

    I still love castro and barney. Plus, colvin will get it worked out in iowa with more ab’s. My main concern for this team @ this point is rushing young pitching prospects because of all of the injuries @ the mob level. Promoting all of these guys before they are ready has longterm, and in some cases permanent, consequences @ all levels. There is a ripple down effect throughout the farm system.

    • Neil

       Jeff, good to hear from you.