Cubs Left Another Game on Base – Cubs 0 Giants 3

Game Thirty-Eight – Cubs 0 Giants 3 – 6 innings
WP – Ryan Vogelsong (3-0) LP – Doug Davis (0-1) Save – None

On a cold, rainy night at Wrigley the Cubs gave another game away.

The Cubs and Giants were able to complete only six innings Saturday night. The heavy rain came as the top of the seventh began and after a 40-minute delay the game was called … and the Cubs took the loss.

Simply said, the Cubs gave another game away. The Cubs committed three errors in the miserable conditions that led to two unearned runs … but that was not the worst of it. The Cubs were shutout by Ryan Vogelsong because they cannot hit with runners in scoring position.

Getting hits is not a problem for this version of the Cubs. Saturday was the 12th time in the last 14 games that Q’s squad out hit their opponent. This team just cannot hit when it counts. The Cubs had scoring chances in four of the six innings.

The Cubs put 10 runners on base but grounded into two inning ending double plays and finished 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position, eight left on base.

Double Trouble” set the table once again but this time no one could drive them in. Starlin Castro (2-for-3) and Darwin Barney (2-for-3) got on base all six times they stepped to the plate … the kids reached on errors by Miguel Tejada in the third and fifth inning.

Doug Davis made his Cubs’ debut and put his new team in position to win the game. Davis lasted five innings but allowed only three runs, one earned, on four hits with a walk and six strikeouts. Davis threw 77 pitches, 50 for strikes.

With Saturday’s rain-shortened loss, the Cubs slipped back to four below the mediocre mark with a 17-21 record …

The Giants scored in the first inning for the second game in a row. Doug Davis struck out Aaron Rowand to start the game but gave up a double to Freddy Sanchez. Sanchez hit a 2-0 pitch over Fukudome’s head. Davis struck out Huff looking and got ahead of Buster Posey 1-2.

The reigning NL Rookie of the Year ripped Davis’ next pitch into left. Soriano threw home (first mistake on one play), Sanchez scored easily as Koyie Hill tried to throw out Posey at second. The ball ended up in center and Posey advanced to third.

Cody Ross hit a 1-1 pitch to third. The ball went off DeWitt’s glove to Castro who threw a strike that nailed Ross at first to end the inning.

Doug Davis struck out two and threw 22 pitches, 12 for strikes, in his first inning as a Cub.

Darwin Barney put together an impressive 10-pitch at bat with one out in the bottom of the first. Barney singled to right and advanced to third on a single to left by Starlin Castro. Carlos Pena walked to load the bases.

With one out, Marlon Byrd lined out to short on a 0-1 pitch. Alfonso Soriano struck out swinging on a 3-2 pitch to end the inning.

The Cubs made Ryan Vogelsong work (32 pitches, 19 strikes) but 0-for-2 with RISP and not driving in the tying run from third with less than two outs is unacceptable … and just bad baseball.

The Giants were given two runs in the third inning by the Cubs defense. Ryan Vogelsong led off with a single to right. Aaron Rowand ripped a double into right center. With runners on second and third with no outs, Blake DeWitt made a fine play on a hard hit grounder and threw out Freddy Sanchez at first … both runners held.

Aubrey Huff popped out to shallow left on a 1-2 pitch for the second out. Doug Davis pitched around Buster Posey and walked him to load the bases.

Cody Ross hit a tapper out in front of the plate on 1-0 pitch. Koyie Hill picked up the ball and threw high to first. Pena could not haul it in and Vogelsong scored on Hill’s second error of the game … 2-0 Giants.

Pat Burrell then hit a grounder to DeWitt at third but bounced the throw and pulled Pena off the bag. Pena kept the Cubs third error of the game from costing his team more than one run. Rowand scored on DeWitt’s miscue … 3-0 Giants.

The Cubs third scoring chance of the game came in the bottom of the fourth. Marlon Byrd reached on an infield single to third (extended his hitting streak to 15 games, tied a career high). Soriano followed with a single to right center.

With runners on first and second and no outs, Blake DeWitt fouled out to Mark DeRosa (third base) and Koyie Hill grounded into a 4-6-3 double play.

After four innings, the Cubs were 0-for-5 with RISP, five left on base … and two inning ending double plays.

Doug Davis retired the Giants in order in the fifth to complete his night.

The Cubs put two more on in the bottom of the fifth. Darwin Barney reached on Miguel Tejada’s second error of the night. Starlin Castro followed with another hit. With runners on first and second with two out, Carlos Pena struck out swinging to end the inning.

Jeff Samardzija did not give up any runs in relief of Doug Davis in the sixth. Samardzija dodged a bullet and took the hill to start the seventh.

The rains came after two pitches to Aaron Rowand … and was called 40-minutes later.

Another sloppy game for the Chicago Cubs

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

The Cubs will try to end their Sunday losing streak (0-6) in the finale against the Giants … Carlos Zambrano versus Tim Lincecum.

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon
  • paulcatanese

    Again the Barney Castro duo stole the show. Without these two their is no team offense. The same is said about their defense. Barney’s catch on the pop up down the right field line magnificent. Doug Davis, good job. And has anyone not seen enough of Koye Hill?  

    • Neil

       Paul, thank you for mentioning Barney’s catch … I forgot to.

      • paulcatanese

        Thats okay,Neil. The only reason I remember is I only watch what the top three in the lineup are doing as its over after that until the next time around in the order. Also the play that Castro made that went under DeWitts glove,that was great. Those two are the whole show. 

  • John_CC

    I like mustard and relish with my crow…Davis’ effort looks really good in the box score, I was more than suspect.  I still think of him as fill-in rental, a little better than Trachsel, and I hope they can move on once Cashner and Wells return. 

    For all the flaws this team has, they really are only a good 3 and 4 hitter away from being a run scoring machine. Barney and Castro have nearly 100 hits between the two. If they were followed by a couple serious hitters this offense would score a lot of runs!  Too bad….

    But hey, Quade is happy that they are only 4 games under .500 and not 10. I can’t wait to hear the excuses. I’m going to see if the post-game is up yet.

    • Tony

      Davis looked good enough to give the team a chance to win.  Just think, didn’t cost any prospects and millions of dollars. 

  • OttawaBob

    I believe thr Cubs will lose another 50 million off the books in expired contracts. I think I remember Braun from Muilwaukee signed an extension, So Fielder is probably gone, Thats who I’d go after, next season of course.  Power / RBI’s and a first baseman — nice fit!

    • diehardcubfan

       If you notice on one of my posting two days back we had the same discussion.  Fielder based on age and potential productivity is the right fit for this team in the future.

      Remember though we have JH in charge so likely will not do the logical thing.

    • The Maven

      I’d rather not with Prince Fielder, and have history repeat itself. Remember, Soriano was thought to be a good deal.  

  • Tony

    Where would this team be without Castro and Barney?  

    What do you mean they are 5th in a 6th team division, barely ahead of the pathetic Astros?

    That does explain then why we stick with some of the aging vets! 

  • diehardcubfan

    The teams Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Syndrome continues.  Agree with others that without Garza, Castro and Barney we would be battling the Astros for last.

    When are the Ricketts gonna have a clue and start to clean house? 

  • cubs1967

    article in the suntimes today discusses moving colvin down to AAA to get at-bats.
    fukunuts has no homers and 3 rbi; so w/o him stealing bases what good is his .300 avg w/ no power or ribbies???
    just like uncle lou; pyscho eyes (quade) has done a great job screwing colvin over………… is anyone to know if he can play if they don’t let him and remember he was a 1st round pick who was thought of been taken too early so this rests on clueless JH for the pick and the handling of him!!

    p.k. mcmcaskey should be ashamed of this team and for the fans! 

    • Seth

      I see a lot of comments like the couple I quoted below this on this board. I think it would be helpful to provide some suggestions or basis behind these comments.  
      “That does explain then why we stick with some of the aging vets!”
      The Cubs are starting Darwin Barney and before spring training, most thought at best he would be the utility man and possibly in Iowa this year. This is an example of where the Cubs are playing a player drafted and developed within the organization over others (when it wasnt even expected). The Cubs brought up Castro a year ago and moved over Theriot and took Fontentot out of the lineup. Fontenot had been playing well to that point and this is another example where the Cubs showed a preference for youth. The Cubs ate $10 million in Silva’s salary to go with youth in Cashner.I might be daring enough to say the Cubs have gone towards the future more than other organizations in the mlb. What other moves should they make? Ramirez is going to play everyday, the org does not have a mlb ready prospect at 1b and will probably spend a lot of money on a 1b in the offseason, and we already have Cashner and Coleman pitching at the mlb level. An argument could be made to bring up Jackson in the OF but that is a debatable move. Be careful what you wish for because others may not have made the same moves as the Cubs.
      “When are the Ricketts gonna have a clue and start to clean house?”
      So the Cubs should clean house less than a month before the draft? I assume this means fire Hendry. After the draft, these types of statements could have some credence but right now, they bring unneeded negativity to the board in my opinion.
      “how is anyone to know if he can play if they don’t let him and remember he was a 1st round pick who was thought of been taken too early so this rests on clueless JH for the pick and the handling of him!!”
      I took a look at the 2006 Mlb draft. Players drafted ahead of Colvin included Longoria, Kershaw, Drew Stubbs and Lincecum. On the flip side, Andrew Miller, Brad Lincoln and Greg Reynolds were all drafted ahead of him. The best guys drafted after Colvin are Travis Snider, Drabek, Ian Kennedy, Conger, and Bard. You can argue the Cubs missed on Kennedy. Other than that, a bunch of guys who have been average at best or guys I’ve never heard of. Colvin has had plate appearances in 28 of the team’s 38 games. He is hitting 113. I just want to understand the argument that he should be playing more and that others would actually give a 113 hitter more opportunities. I can understand the argument that he be sent to Iowa.
      Also, I do not understand how name calling of the team’s manager, GM and owner are productive.

      • diehardcubfan

        Mr. Jim Hendry has had several years to right this ship and has failed in all regards, except to a degree the farm system.  Having watched this team for 35 years now I now question the commitment of management and ownership to win.  Deciding instead to trade away some of the teams better prospects for what many here short term gains (haven’t seem them yet) brings suspicion to what the management is trying to accomplish.

        Poor attendance, down 6-7k, from last year and lackluster ticket sales for the Cubs convention signals that the fans are not happy with the direction of this team.  That also tells me they are not confident in the ability of the management to turn this team around. 

        Continuing to also sign aging veterans also indicates a lack of vision for the future.  Even the ESPN announcers last Wednesday night noted the Cubs have no philosophy and that has been most evident since the debacle of 2008.

        There should have been change then given the aging of the team and its poor performance in consecutive years in the playoffs.

        Am I negative, YES!! I am because this team and management have not set the conditions for long term success.  They continue to remain delusional that they can compete not recognizing the severe fundamental flaws that continue to plague this team.

        Until this team starts playing fundamental and unselfish baseball, it has no hope of success.

        Teams that win have solid pitching, play good defense, run the bases well and have timely hitting.  Right now this team has none of those ingredients.  

        When management starts bringing in players that epitomize those characteristics then I will start to take this team and management seriously. 

      • paulcatanese

        The only thing productive about dislikeing Quade and JH and owner is that it is an outlet for fans on this site to display displeasure and their frustration with the status and progression of the Cubs over the last few years.I dont understand how you think that is not productive. the simple fact that people take the time and effort to comprise their opinions,good or bad is productive. The research that some do on the site is sometimes mind boggeling. They as I feel the buck stops at the top of the orginization. These are all opinions and they all spend money to watch the Cubs in one way or another. This post of mine makes a good point,right or wrong,if it makes me feel good is worth it.,and it is productive for me. Free speech may not please everyone,but that is the object.

        • Seth

           My comment on name calling was by no means an attack on free speech. I encourage all to take advantage of America’s liberties. In exercising my free speech, I encourage posters to offer alternatives- it is easy to be critical but offer practical solutions to your criticisms. I mostly just see criticism. I am not saying disliking them is not productive, I am talking about specifically making fun of Quade’s physical features, constantly referring to the GM as Jim Clueless and calling the owner PK McCaskey.

          • paulcatanese

            Seth, I apologize on what you thought was me getting on you about free speech. I did not intend that for you at all, I meant it for myself and was probably the wrong thing to say to you. That intention was not there. I should have stopped after “is productive for me” I personally do not refer to Quade’s
            physical features,only his intellegence,and refer to the GM as JH and the owner as Ricketts. I would say that I was one up on Quade as I am 20 yrs older than he but have more hair. 

      • cubs1967

        the cubs are not gonna win anyting this year…………just like last sept when the vets were played in error so no one knew about barney when we should of and like now w/ castillo up again like in sept not played and the same for him let hiim suck and we’ll know.  at this point all i see is a kid who hit 20 dingers in 356 at-bats last year and now is wasted.
        i’d watch alot more seeing jackson in CF (when OK) and colvin in RF then now w/ byrd and fukunuts and their 1 homer combined.  reality says we suck. reality says we need to know if the kids can play so in the offseason when 50M comes off the books and another 40M after 2012 we know where the holes are…………

        name calling……..JH is clueless…….
        quade freaks me out………i mean look at those eyes.
        ricketts sounds and walks and quacks just like mcmcaskey and pk wrigley…….NOW if I went w/ SOB cheap ass bastard that traded gorzelanny away becuz the 2.5M was too much……….then it would be namecalling!

        and considering i’ve spent thousands on cubs games, hats, jerseys, kids games-toys-bears-my basement wall is red-white-blue-w/ a cubs logo and a ryno autograph at his HOF induction as I found him outside a mens’ restroom the day AFTER………….i’ve earned my Cubbie blue pinstripes.
        NO more loveable losers………..103 yrs is enough.

    • studio179

      No doubt. They need some power out of RF. But Fukudome is not a progression in progress. He is what he is at this point in his career. I appreciate the singles and walks, but they need more gap doubles and a ‘dinger’ here and there from a corner position. You know they will ride him out though. Especially, the first half and then ‘IF’ he gets traded or slowly gets replaced in the second half as he is not the future.

      Wilken picks Colvin (his first Cub draft ’06) in the first round. He was selected higher than slotted, like you said. And you are right, management has not done the guy any favors by how they have handled him. Hendry and Quade should have been in agreement and made the decision by now to send Colvin to the minors. Is Colvin’s mental make up that fragile? Does Quade not like Colvin as a player? Who knows the reason. We can only guess. One thing is certain. Colvin is doing no good whatsoever on this roster. Why Hendry will not send him down is beyond me.