Nothing Extra to Read About – Cubs 4 Cardinals 6

Game Thirty-Four – Cubs 4 Cardinals 6
WP – Chris Carpenter (1-2) LP – Kerry Wood (1-2) Save – Eduardo Sanchez (4)

Chris Carpenter posted his first win of the season because the Cubs cannot play defense or hit the ball with runners in scoring position. Without taking too much away from Carpenter’s outing, the Cubs gave another game away. Tuesday night was far from a dominating performance from the Cardinals’ ace.

The Cubs pounded out 13 hits, but not one for extra bases. The Cubs finished a miserable 3-for-9 with RISP, one of the hits did not produce a run, and left 12 on base … in another two-run loss. The Cubs have failed to record an extra basehit in three of their last four games.

The Cubs had a total of 18 baserunners (13 hits, three walks and two HBP) and managed only four runs.

The Cubs problems in the field continued and it cost them at least two runs. Alfonso Soriano and Koyie Hill misplayed two balls that led to two runs. The Cubs threw the ball all over the place and the Cardinals took the extra base every time they were given the opportunity. The Cubs deficiencies were on full display Tuesday night … a Major League Baseball team should at least be able to execute the fundamentals of the game.

Carlos Zambrano pitched better than his final lines indicates. Z allowed four runs, all earned, on eight hits with two walks (one intentional) and three strikeouts in seven innings. Z threw 107 pitches, 64 for strikes.

Kerry Wood took the loss after a rough eighth inning. Wood struggled with his command and gave up two runs on a two-out, two-strike pitch to Daniel Descalso.

The Cubs appear to have suffered a blow Tuesday night. Geovany Soto left after the top of the first with a left groin strain. Soto will have a MRI Wednesday morning and the Cubs will address the roster at that time. Welington Castillo was pulled from the game in Colorado soon after Soto’s injury and appears to be on his way to Chicago.

Ryan Theriot made his return to Wrigley Tuesday night. Theriot was booed before every at bat and grounded out to Starlin Castro in his first three at bats. Theriot drove in the Cardinals’ fourth run with a sacrifice fly to right in the seventh on a ball that was dropped by Koyie Hill.

With Tuesday’s loss, the Cubs dropped to four games under .500 with a 15-19 record …

Both pitchers labored through the first inning Tuesday night. Carlos Zambrano threw 28 pitches, 16 for strikes, and Chris Carpenter tossed 35 pitches, 20 for strikes … the entire inning took a little over 30 minutes.

After Ryan Theriot was booed, the Cubs former shortstop fouled off several pitches before grounding out to short. Colby Rasmus followed with a double to left center. Albert Pujols stepped in and reached on an infield single off Zambrano’s leg. Rasmus ended up at third and the Cardinals were in business.

Matt Holliday singled to left on a 3-2 pitch. Rasmus scored and Pujols made Alfonso Soriano look like an amateur again.

Pujols rounded second and forced Soriano to make a play. Instead of throwing the ball in, Soriano ran toward the infield then made a bad throw to Aramis Ramirez … who took his time applying the tag. Pujols slid to the homeplate side of the bag, safe. Holliday took second on the debacle.

Zambrano intentionally walked Lance Berkman to load the bases. Yadier Molina hit a 1-0 offering to second and Barney started the 4-6-3 inning ending double play.

The Cubs put together a nice first inning … but it should been more.

Kosuke Fukudome led off with a walk and advanced to second on a single to center by Darwin Barney. Marlon Byrd blooped a single into right to load the bases.

Aramis Ramirez delivered a seeing-eye single into center. Fukudome and Barney scored, 2-1 Cubs.

Alfonso Soriano hit a one-hop smash to Daniel Descalso at third. The Redbirds’ third baseman stepped on the bag and threw to second to force Ramirez. Soriano reached on the 5-4 double play.

Carlos Pena singled to left and Starlin Castro walked on four pitches to load the bases … but Koyie Hill, hitting for the injured Geovany Soto, popped out to Descalso to end the inning.

The Cubs loaded the bases twice … and scored only two runs.

Zambrano retired the Cardinals in order in the second and third.

Lance Berkman worked a one-out walk in the fourth. Z fell behind Molina 2-0 before Berkman was put in motion and scored on a double by Molina into right center. With the game tied at two, Nick Punto hit a liner to left. Soriano misjudged the ball, then slipped and fell down. The ball sailed over his head and rolled all the way to the wall. Molina scored the go ahead run on Punto’s triple.

The Cardinals’ third run of the game should not have scored. It was a routine play that a Major League left fielder should catch.

Daniel Descalso hit Z’s first pitch into center. Punto tagged and appeared to score … but the Cubs appealed and it was ruled Punto left to early. Replays showed the Cubs caught a break. Inning over, but the damage had been done.

The Cubs recorded more singles in the fifth and sixth but could not string any together.

The Cubs defense cost Z another run in the seventh. After back-to-back singles by Nick Punto and Daniel Descalso started the inning, Chris Carpenter sacrificed both runners to second and third. Ryan Theriot hit a liner into right. Fukudome had him played perfectly and threw home as Punto tagged from third.

The ball was up the line but it was a nice long one-hop throw that Koyie Hill could not catch. Punto would have been out by a mile … but instead he scored the Cardinals’ fourth run of the night. With Descalso on third, Rasmus flied out to deep center to end the inning.

The Cubs tied the game and took Zambrano off the hook in the bottom of the seventh … and again, it should have been more.

Darwin Barney and Marlon Byrd started the bottom of the seventh with back-to-back singles to center. Aramis Ramirez popped out to third on the first pitch. Carpenter then hit Soriano with a breaking ball on a 1-1 pitch. With the bases loaded and one out, Carlos Pena stepped to the plate.

Pena hit a 1-2 pitch into medium right field. Barney tagged and scored the Cubs third run. Byrd advanced to third on the play. Starlin Castro then blooped a single into right. Byrd scored and tied the game at four. Koyie Hill grounded out to first to end the inning.

Kerry Wood took over for Zambrano in the eighth and gave up an infield single to Albert Pujols to start the inning. Pujols hit a 0-2 pitch into the hole at short that Castro could not field cleanly.

Matt Holliday walked ahead of a fly out to right by Lance Berkman. Kosuke threw to third on the play and by him missing the cut off man, Holliday went to second on the play. Wood intentionally walked Yadier Molina to load the bases with one out.

Nick Punto lined out to Soriano for the second out but Wood could not get out of the jam. Daniel Descalso singled to right on a 2-2 pitch. Pujols and Holliday scored … 6-4 Cardinals. Wood walked pinch hitter Jon Jay to reload the bases. Ryan Theriot struck out swinging to end the inning.

Wood threw 35 pitches in the eighth, 18 for strikes and allowed two runs on two hits with three walks and a strikeout.

The Cubs put a single runner on in the eighth and ninth … but could not hit with runners in scoring position.

Q’s squad gave another game away …

Box Score from Yahoo Sports

Matt Garza will face Jake Westbrook under the lights Wednesday night.

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  • paulcatanese

    What can I say Neil, very very good recap of the game,just as I saw it,think i’ll go out in the garden and eat worms.

  • Tno13

    Nice recap Neil, but the inning you describe as the Cubs’ second was actually the first.

    • Neil

      Thanks for catching … corrected.

  • BosephHeyden

    Didn’t watch the game but one thing strikes me: they BOOED Theriot for most likely him stating he was on the winning side of things now. Problem is that, after games like this and the fact that the Cardinals actually have a winning record, how can you argue that?

    • Tony

      Theriot’s comments were blown out of proportion. He should have been cheered in his 1st AB. Then booed like any other Cardinal player after that.

    • paulcatanese

      You are right,one cannot argue that the Cardinals have a better record. That was a classless act by Cub fans, I don’t recall ever seeing an ex-cub booed like that. They were always wecomed back to Wrigley. Exception,Bradley and Silva. Then you give the fans megaphones.

  • Anonymous47701

    We might as well just wave the White Flag (Not the White Flag w/ the Blue W)

    on 2011 and turn our attention to 2012. There is just no point in waiting for something positive to happen as this season goes along. That said, I have decided to list the players who have got to go by the All-Star Break of In the Off-season.

    Ryan Dempster

    Kosuke Fukudome

    Koyie Hill

    Aramis Ramirez

    John Grabow

    Jeff Samardzija

    Alfonso Soriano( If Possible)

    And here are the players that should be on the 25-man roster.

    Brett Jackson

    Welington Castillo

    Brad Snyder

    Fernando Perez

    Matt Camp

    Scott Maine

    • Tony

      Your list of players who should be gone, is way, way to short.

      • Anonymous47701

        I’d Like to see how many players you have listed that need to go.

        • Tony

          It was meant as tongue in cheek, as this team has played so poorly.

          But here it goes.

          Pitchers – Berg, Dempster, Grabow

          Samardzija has been (can’t believe I’m saying this, and except for last night) good…

          Batters – Hill, Dewitt, Baker, Pena, Aram, Byrd, Fukudome, R Johnson, Soriano

          Now, some of the these guys will be gone, via FA, and if they get hot, should be able to be traded. Some will need to be waived. Soriano is able to be traded in the offseason, possibly, as he is owed so much money, it may be after 2012 season, before the finances can be worked out.

  • Guy

    What happened to Hayden Simpson tonight? Only one inning during his start for peoria

  • Tony

    What are the chances that the Cubs give Wellington Castillo, the bulk of the starts at Catcher, while Soto is out?

    This would be how you develop a player, when the opportunity presents itself, you give the player consistent playing time. Hill shouldn’t be on the team, but is nothing more than a back-up catcher, at most. But this will be the same story as September and Castillo will make one mistake and then sit for a week.

    • Keith Moreland

      I will be disappointed if they don’t play Castillo first. Carrying a no-hit player like Hill might be OK as a backup, but not as a starter. We are having trouble scoring runs as it is. Castillo needs to play, on several levels.

      It’s possible too that once Castillo comes up, he doesn’t go back. If he plays well, and Hill continues to struggle, Cubs might just DFA Hill and make him a coach

      • Tony

        That goes back to my way of using catchers. Your back-up catcher, should be the next starter, as soon as the current starter gets expensive. Guys like Hill should only be used, if your system can’t keep developing catchers.

        Also, I am fine if my catcher isn’t a big hitter, IF they are good defensively.

        My perfect catcher is Yadier Molina, as much as it pains me to say that about a Cardinal. Great defense and a smart, team player as a hitter.

        • Richard Hood

          That is pretty funny because in your “system” Molina would have been gone from StL years ago. He was actually learning to hit at the major league level when he became Arbitration eligible so in the system you were talking about the other day his replacement value would have been better than keeping him.

          • Tony

            Yadier was handled correctly and is still reasonable priced. I would keep Yadier at these prices.

            I have stated before, there are only a few catchers I would pay Mauer (but not what the Twins pd) , Posey, Molina.

            Yadier Molina (from Cot’s)
            4 years/$15.5M (2008-11), plus 2012 club option
            re-signed by St. Louis 1/20/08 (avoided arbitration, $2.75M-$1.85M)
            $0.25M signing bonus
            12:$7M club option ($0.75M buyout) 2012 option increases to $7.5M if Molina is traded award bonus: $50,000 each for All Star, Gold Glove1 year/$0.525M (2007), re-signed 2/071 year/$0.4M (2006), re-signed 2/061 year/$0.3235M (2005), re-signed 3/05 drafted 2000 (4-113) agent: Alan NeroML service: 6.123

  • Tony

    Wow – Ken Rosenthal, must have lost a bet to JH and this is how he is repaying him.

    But even as rosy, as Ken makes it seem, he still stated the obvious –

    “I get it. If the Cubs produce a second straight losing season — and they currently are 15-18, fourth in the NL Central — it will be difficult to justify keeping Hendry.”

    • Richard Hood

      Didn’t we give this article a mention a few days ago? It doesn’t matter really. I think that a firing of Hendry must be done by a NEW TEAM PRESIDENT! That has to be step one.

      Craig Kenny is a corporate lawyer from the Tribune Co. He is not a baseball mind and that is what the Cubs need right now. All the Advertising and tweeks to Wrigley Field in the world will not make a bit of difference until we get someone in the drivers seat that is baseball first. Ricketts have been patient but lets be realistic they are over there heads still. They need someone to manage day to day operations that knows the business side of baseball.

      The reason I state this is because when JH had a boss that knew more than him as Team President he was actually more good than bad. I was not a big huge McPhail fan but he knows the business and knows how to make money.

      I actually would like to see a Team President move during this season and then have Hendry gone after the season. That is not up to me though so I guess we can just wait until the Ricketts finally get tired of the same ole same ole before we see any movement.

      • John_CC

        It was yesterday, I believe. Sometimes everyone doesn’t get to read every post every day, don’t let it bother you so much.

        • Richard Hood

          Wasn’t letting it bother me just mentioning it so others can look back at what was said then. As you could tell I went right back into my standing on the article. I actually think what is going to happen and what we need to happen are going to be 2 very different things.

      • Tony

        Paul Sullivan mentioned it again, in his Mailbag piece last night.,0,1418054.story

  • Cloycub13

    WOW!!! Castro goes into a slump and he gets moved! Aram mired in a slump stays right where he is…and gets a vote of confidence from the skip. Soriano despite his power numbers can’t move in the lineup even when he is hot, but when he starts to fade, let’s move him up,

    Bet any amount of money that Koyie Hill is the starting catcher for a while now….GREAT, for a team that can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag he is definitely the answer. And if anyone says he is a defensive specialist open your eyes, he is not! AT ALL! And seems to botch more plays than he makes. He is a liability!

    I am really REALLY REALLY starting to develop a need to rant about Quade! But I forgot that it is Hendry who is pulling the strings here. Either way, I had better not hear another word from either of their mouths about Q’s handling of the young players! He just does not get it, about the only player he has handled well has been Barney…just wait though, Barney will go 1-18 here soon and be benched indefinitely for Dewitt and Baker.

    I really hope they keep B Jax in the minors while this management team is in charge, can’t stand to see them mess with another promising kid.

    Hey Mr. Ricketts, the reason you had fans yesterday was because it was the Cards in town, that ain’t gonna last, and I am pretty sure you have realized by now that we as fans have had it with the likes of Hendry and his yes man! Clean house or lose us for a while because I have seen better fundamentals from a slow pitch softball team and my step son’s little league team. It is straight up EMBARRASSING to be a Cub fan right now.

    As usual I will be happy to eat crow, but I have a feeling I will be crow free for a while.

    • jw

      I am a bit suprised with Quade and wonder how much Hendry is involved. I did expect better out of him but I guess you can’t make silk out of a sow’s ear and it would not suprise me if Hendry has his hands tied. Right now it looks like the Cubs will be a team that other MLB teams fatten up on and look foreward to playing…not dangerous at all. This may change if Ramirez gets hot and Cashner and Wells get back but at the moment they look weak.

      In response to a post about moving Castro when he slumps and not Ramirez…Agree but Ramirez is gone after this year Perhaps they want to get Castro to change something because he is their future…maybe Ramirez is harder to move because he is their only real RBI potential. In any case it must be hard fro Castro to understand the equity in it.

      • Cloycub13

        Good perspective JW, that almost 1/2 makes sense regarding Aram. I just find it hard to believe that there are sooo many double standards with Quade… Hill should be benched imediately due to his defensive lapses last night, but it will not happen.

        I don’t get it. And I do not get what Rickett’s are looking at…

        Can someone please find Ken Rosenthal and tackle him… This Hendry love is getting a bit tiresome, especially because all he says is that it will set the team back, but does not explain how or why…Damn Ken leave the random statements to me, I do not get paid to write about baseball, YOU DO! Back your stuff up or shut up!

        Thank Ya.

      • John_CC

        Hendry is NOT making lineup (batting order) decisions, come on.

        If Quade had any balls he’d drop Aramis at least to #5 for one night. But he doesn’t. And he does not handle the youth well. I hope they wait to trade Byrd before bringing up Jackson, otherwise he will rot on the bench next to Colvin. (those are the kind of moves that I DO believe Hendry manipulates, but not batting order.)

        I already ranted a little bit below.

        WARNING: CloyCub, et al, do not watch that postgame show unless your are really ready for your head to explode over Quade’s excuse laden BS.

        • paulcatanese

          John,I don’t watch pre-game or post-game shows,not worth the time, as nothing would change and I don’t want to get aggrivated any more than I do from the game.
          I don’t really think JH is making the lineup,but suspect he has plenty of influence on it.
          I guess my bashing of Aram is starting to get around as Rip had said last nite. The only change is that Aram had a few singles,so I will keep on him. Not hard to do as he has so many things to offer.
          And John, the Cardinals simply exploited the Cubs inexperience of fundementals as they took advantage of every opportunity and made it pay.
          The fundementals of the game goes directly back to Spring Training, and Quade’s saying they are stressing them this year,if so where are they?
          They can’t bunt(ex Pena, Dempster,and big Z) they can’t run,they can’t hit cutoffs,no matter there, the cutoff man is not in position anyway.
          Pretty easy to defeat the Cubs,just play normal baseball and wait for the Cubs to self destruct,which they do quite often.

      • paulcatanese

        JW,I was the one that posted about moving Castro and not Aram. There is no excuse to not move Aram down in the lineup. No matter what he does from here on out,,,the damage has already been done with him in the 4 spot. That is an awful lot of failures on Arams part to wait for the potential to show up. I was not so against moving Castro as I was for not moving Aram.

  • BillyFinT

    I read the boxscore and thought a minute: Well, at least they scored four and is “almost” league average. I should have just stopped there. Ignorance is a bliss, before I read the play to play, Talkin Live, and this recap. So, that makes me thinking…

    Where is Brett Jackson!

    That is NOT a rhetoric question. This is an urgent statement!

    Tom U had reminded us: Rebel Ridling is ripping the league at double-A. He can play left and first base. Aaron, you like the competitive nature of double-A, yeah? Tell me something I don’t know! I beg like Ken Rosenthal! Call him up!

    Enough is enough.

    • Keith Moreland

      Brett Jackson needs to stay in the minors, at least until we have space on the Major League roster, unless we want to bench Fuku or Byrd or Soriano, none of whom are the Cubs most glaring problem. Jackson has slumped after a hot start, he needs to consistently produce in AA before we consider bringing up to the Majors. His time will come, after we move Fuku or Byrd, no later than this September.

      I understand everyone wants to empty the minor leagues and try new faces when things go wrong at the majors, but that’s not a good idea on several levels. Sure Rebel Ridling has a cool name and is tearing up AA, for one month, but he’s 25, has performed just decently in the minors despite consistently being old for his level, and would require a 40-man move to get to Wrigley. He has never been considered a top prospect, for good reasons. He’s average.

      I’m not picking on Rebel or the poster here, but we have to resist the tempatation to call the whole world up to fix problems at the Major League level. That doesn’t work guys. It’s a recipe for losing even more games.

      What is happening this year is entirely predictable; 2011 is the year of burning bad contracts. It’s a transition year. This was very foreseeable coming into the year, and I think the Cubs knew it. Why else would they

      • BillyFinT

        Keith, I know. But I brought up the 1990 Reds in an earlier reply Down The Farm.

        Barry Larkin was 25 when he played in 1989 (97 games, 357 PA). M.Duncan was 22 when he played SS for the Dodgers, was voted third in the Rookie of the Year’s, and was 26 when the Cincy got him. He moved to 2B to make room for Larkin (hmm, sort of reminds me of Barney-Castro in a way…).

        Then there was also Paul O’Neill, 25 when he played a full year, before he turned 27 in 1990… THE LIST goes on. What’s wrong w/playing the youth? I’m not saying bring up the whole AA+AAA, just the hot prospects not tradable (right now) and let them feel the league (Chicago’s, not Iowa’s).

        Two or three players, Then you know what? Two years down the road, we’ll see what we are getting… Dream or sell the team for Ricketts. It’s been 102 years, and I don’t care another two years before that big day comes…

  • cubs1967

    the problem w/ this team starts at the top; the Ricketts a/k/a/ P.K. McCaskey.
    Jh and quade may be fools; but the owner has allowed them to be in the position to be fools.
    so yes jh should go and so to quade; who never should of been hired.
    but, remember ricketts has NO clue what he is doing and the next hire could be worse (see omar minaya for proof).
    to say the cubs future is bright w/o JH is a mistake.
    unless ricketts gets a real team baseball president to mentor him like a dallas green or stan kasten; I see very little chance of this team winning any championships (the only goal after 103 yrs) any time this decade.
    and if i’m pujols or fielder; why would i come here???

    so i’m done w/ jh and quade too; but i’m done w/ the ricketts methods to date as well; raise tix prices, make NO changes to mgmt, lower payroll, ask for public handouts to fix mesa/wrigley; NOT sell out he convetion and maybe draw 2.5 million which is an embarrasment.

    what’s the phrase; “go team”!……………….ugh.

  • studio179

    Seriously, who cares one way or the other about Theriot’s comments. If ‘boo birds’ want to chirp, aim it in the direction of Hendry’s box and the Cub dugout.

    • paulcatanese


  • Guy

    Seriously why cant I find anywhere on the internet why Hayden Simpson was pulled after the 1st last night?

    • Neil

      I have not seen anything official yet. Just speculation. I will post as soon as I hear/read something from the team.

    • Neil

      Simpson left with shoulder tightness. One report indicated Simpson was out early working on pfp drills this afternoon

  • Baron_S

    Heres news to brighten up your day:

    Hendry should go further and promise to wash Pujols cars, Mow his lawn and generally be his man-servant till he signs for us.

    • John_CC

      As much as this will sound like a “Hendry can do nothing right” rant from a disgruntled Cubs fan, I am really speaking pragmatically: I hope Hendry does not sign Pujols. I love Pujols, but Hendry will give him 10 years, I do not want to watch the sunset of Pujols career in pinstripes. Prince for 6-7 years is what I’d rather see.

      • Richard Hood

        I do agree with you John on a 10 year contract but what about a 7 year at 20 per? I think that Albert wants an ownership stake which is not doable with the Cubs until the Tribune loans are payed off after 2012 season.

        • Keith Moreland

          No matter where Pujols goes, or stays, it will be for an uncomfortably long time-frame and uncomfortably large pile of money.

          Signing Soriano into his age 38 year was clearly a big mistake, though in Hendry’s defense we signed that contract during the Steroid-era, when players routinely performed into their late 30s.

          There is a growing recognition in baseball that post-steroid players can be expected to decline in their late 30s, rather than continue to perform. This might prevent a team from offering Albert a contract that expires at the age of 40, but I doubt it.

          • paulcatanese

            Keith, if you are insinuating that Soriono took steriods,(and I know you are not) look at it this way,if he were not,I doubt his body could be any more frail than it is. His legs barely support him now and has had numerous problems with them.
            Again if he were taking them and not is now there would,as you indicate, a decline in strentgh. Soriono still seems to hit with power and still swings a 40ounce bat. He has always been clumsey in the field. After all is said and done I don’t think he was involved with them. Pujols,well I have no knowlege of his habits except he is very strong, and is now starting to lose that edge. I agree with you,a long term deal would be out of the question. I have said months ago that he would seek part ownership with a club as part of the deal. He probably will get it too. I would hope the Cubs do not pursue him.

        • John_CC

          Richard, sorry for being crass but no in hell does Pujols go for only 7 and 20M$ per. No way. And even if he did that would still put him at 38 years old in the last year. Now, Prince and 7 years at 20M per, I’d do that. He just turned 27, a 7 year contract would expire when he’s 34.

          We had a discussion a while back about the proof of player decline right around age 32. I believe it was Dorasaga who had the Bill James data to back up the fact.

  • John_CC

    Thanks for the painful recap, Neil. I’m glad I missed that one.

    I almost made it through 3:30 minutes of Quade’s daily excuse-fest and apologize postgame show.

    I don’t continue to listen to the after game thoughts only to torture myself — I am really hoping to someday hear some fire in his voice. It is pathetic. He apologizes for EVERYTHING — Soriano’s “slip” after “a couple really great plays” and then reprimands “Cassy” for being inexperienced!

    So pathetic. This guys has no business managing this franchise, Pittsburgh or Milwaukee or KC – this is the kind of team I imagine him managing — o wait, those teams are all better than the Cubs!! maybe the Nats or Orioles or Seattle…or wait — these teams have better records too!! I take it all back…I guess Quade is right where he belongs…

    • paulcatanese

      John, In all fairness, Quade is right about Soriono, for him (Sori) that was a fantastic defensive effort he did last night. (note;I did say for HIM) Ordinaraly that was a routine night for almost anyone else. Yes he slipped and I felt sorry for him,that had to be one of the most embarasing times of his career.
      Now on Castro, Quade gets down on him because #1 Castro cannot fight back. #2 Quade covers himself for what is really his fault (Quade) lack of experience is really lack of fundementals, and who is supposed to be in charge of that,why MR. Quade and the buck stops there.
      #3 Absolutly Quade is over his head as a manager, and should have NEVER been hired in that capacity, money and being able to be manipulated were sole reasons for him to be hired by JH.

      • Bryan

        Hey, don’t your remember….Quade did a great job last year in his limited, interim role, and when the season was already a lost cause on the north side. He’s a player’s manager…right?

        Obviously, sarcasm here. Quade is the one of the worst managerial hires ever….and almost daily looks overmatched and overwhelmed. Just sad to watch.

        • paulcatanese

          Yeah Bryan, many posts about “players manager” were debated on the site. One thing is clear,Quade is a “players manager” but as I see it only to Aram
          and Hill,and that alone tells me how effective he is,or not.

      • John_CC

        I know, Paul, you’re right. The shoe string catch was a nice one…the running, “leaping” catch was good too, but the only reason he had to lunge for the ball was because of the terrible angle he took on it, watch the replay.

        The supposed “slip” was yet another terrible, misjudged jump on a line drive right at him. He came in, stopped, his cleats got stuck and he landed on his ass. He did not slip. It was an ugly, and yes, embarrassing effort.

        Your point #2 is exactly what angered me most about Quade’s comments. All the “he’ll have to learn” blah blah blah is just junk. Learning from mistakes is good, but it’s not like Castro is out there not trying. He needs to be coached!

        • paulcatanese

          John,I couldnt watch the replay,it reminded me of myself running a kickoff back in high school,broke thru,in the clear and fell over my own two feet. But then the sun was in my eyes.

  • Cloycub13

    OK so based on a warning not to, I went and read the post game thingy…yep you were right…BLAMMO my head just went burst!

    OK Mike, how many times can you call out your best player…seriously Mike how many! And his name is Starlin Castro, not “Cassie” “The Kid” or “That damn phenom that keeps getting all of the attention and makes plays, and hits” But happens to not be in position for a cut off and you chastise him.

    Quade has reached his last piece of rope with me…Wellington Castillo holds the scissors.

    Start Koyie Mike, start him the whole time that Geo is out, you will give me plenty of ammo, not like you haven’t already *cough Russel Cough Cough****

    • paulcatanese

      Like I have said many times, Castro is easy for Quade to chastise. Castro will not fight back,good for him as he will be in the bigs a lot longer than Quade.
      Young players are easy for jerk managers to chew ( even in public) out for that reason. Thats been a no class act for Quade since he’s been their.