Rambling While Imagining What a Major League Pitcher Looks Like

Well, it what might become a habit, it is an off day, and friends and faithful of the CCO, that means it is a rambling kind of day.

So, after the pitching debacle known as Tuesday evening and all else that happened down in the juice box, let’s get after it and throw out a running, ridiculous and random stream of rambling, or as some call it … consciousness.

  • There is nothing I can say about Doug Davis that hasn’t already been said.
  • It was really nice to see Dempster have a good start the other night, but why he was still in there after what could have been back-to-back home runs so he could give up what could have been back-to-back-back home runs is beyond me.
  • Yes, that run-on sentence even confuses me.
  • At this point, it is safe and fair to say that Quade is struggling to manage the pitching staff. Well, at least it is my opinion to say that it is safe and fair.
  • “Starlin has the power, Starlin has the speed … to be the best in the National League. ”
  • Until further notice, those are the new lyrics to our favorite song.
  • I will tell you this, when Soriano connects … WOW.
  • I could be wrong about this, but I set the over/under on Pena’s homeruns at 27. Most took the over. Not looking good.
  • Doesn’t everyone laugh how quick I can jump to conclusions! 12 games, Brian. 12 games!
  • And I am not the only one who needs that reminder.
  • If all pitchers were left-handed, Jeff Baker would be a first-ballot Hall-Of-Famer.
  • You have to admit, Soto has hit the ball pretty well lately. It is just that old cliché … you have to hit it where they ain’t. And he hasn’t been doing that.
  • Okay, if you haven’t been impressed with Darwin Barney, your expectations are way out of whack.
  • Again, he still has 150 games to turn into Ryan Theriot (and I expect that to happen) but before then, I am really happy.
  • Has anyone ever sullied a reputation as fast as Theriot has when he unleashed his quote about being on the right side of the Cubs/Cards rivalry?
  • Man, I used to like him, and I know I think of his play as way below average.
  • Maybe that was the case, or maybe I am just bias. Your bias thoughts below are welcome.
  • I drink so much Cubbie Kool-Aid that the first few innings got me wondering whom we could acquire at the trade deadline.
  • Yes, I am an idiot.
  • Tyler and the Jam-Man should be spending a lot of time together over the new few weeks, make that, months.
  • Speaking of the Jam-Man, how much longer can Rudy Jaramillo hold the “Hitting-Coach Guru” title while overseeing an inept offense?
  • Last night’s third inning would have driven Ronnie nuts. Man, I wish he could have been driven nuts.
  • But I have a good feeling, wherever he was, he was going nuts.
  • This team has .500 written all over it. ALL OVER IT.
  • But as baseball fans, and more specifically, Cubs fans, there is plenty to watch and enjoy.
  • And my final bullet of my ramblings goes a little something like this:

“The CCO is one of the best Cubs sites on the interwebs. The Chicago Tribune agrees with me. I always end every column ala Ron Burgundy and ask everyone to stay classy. So many of the faithful and regular readers of the CCO mention the cordial nature the posts as the main reason the come back day-in and day-out. It is very easy to disagree with someone without attacking he or she. Please keep this in mind. There are too many intelligent readers and posters here that none of us need to bring ourselves down to the lowest common denominator. Disagree and argue all you want. But, for crying out loud, be respectful.”

Well, my soapbox has been kicked out from under me now, and that is a good thing for everyone, especially myself.

Post away, disagree away, and hope the Cubs can keep winning series.

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney