Rambling While Despising Rotator Cuffs and Forearms

Incessant stream-of-consciousness rambling on a Thursday? I know, it’s 24 hours earlier than normal, but with the off day, the DL debacle and Dempster’s destruction, it is time to just get it all out and rant like nuts.

So, let’s get it on …

  • Dempster does not look good. In fact, he looks bad.
  • I feel like with need a real-life version of ESPN’s fantasy baseball commercial, where Quade sits down with Marmol, Wood and Marshall and lets them know that they might pitch in 150 games each.
  • That was just horrific on Tuesday watching the Shark and Mateo completely botch that game. Thankfully, the Cubs still won, but it was just plain ugly.
  • Carlos Pena is good at defense.
  • Mr. April is back. Kosuke tearing it up to start the year! 23 days left Kosuke, make your last April in blue pinstripes a memorable one!
  • I was at Wrigley on Tuesday. There are very few times, if any, that I have seen less people there. It was stunning.
  • This just in: The Cubs offense is not really good.
  • Well, we get six or seven more games of Good Alfonso before the inevitable month-long slump sets in.
  • No, I am not a jaded Cubs fan.
  • Darwin Barney is better than I expected. (Yes, this is based off of six games.) I am not a big fan of waiting for a large sample set.
  • By the end of the year, I will tell you Darwin Barney is another Ryan Theriot.
  • I enjoyed Bob Brenly when he was trying to downplay the fact that Garza gave up 12 hits in 7 innings. Bob, giving up 12 hits is never okay.
  • Considering all 12 hits were singles, I think Garza is anxiously awaiting the longer grass at Wrigley.
  • What, has something else happened?
  • Am I avoiding the elephant in the room?
  • Okay, fine. NOT JAMES RUSSELL!!! Someone else.
  • Cashner looked awesome on Tuesday. I took in the game from the bleachers, and his stuff was electric. I am scared. Very, very scared.
  • Randy Wells must have thought it was 2009. He was impressive.
  • I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but the cold weather is probably not too good. I am not saying it is a factor, but how does this happen to two pitchers, two days in a row get muscle strains.
  • Seriously, when was the last time a team put two starting pitchers on the DL on the SAME DAY?
  • Seriously … Elias Sports anyone?
  • How did it take me this long to mention Starlin Castro? This kid is just a stud. He is just amazing. I am so excited about him. You could stay I am psyched. You could say I am stoked.
  • Oh, and yes, full-blown man-crush going on right now. I love Starlin!
  • Tyler Colvin could have fooled me that he has never played first in the majors before. He has looked solid the last two days. This is definitely a “nice to have.”
  • Glad to see Zambrano keep his emotions under control. He has turned a new leaf.
  • RIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTT! I saw him get fired up on Saturday.

That is all I have for you after six days of baseball. It is already weird that there is no game tomorrow. I cannot give you a breakdown after six games. I need another week or two. Then again, the Cubs just put two starting pitchers on the DL. That is so awesome.

Let’s hope the trip to Milwaukee provides some good baseball and multiple victories.

And as always …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein
  • Tony

    I am right there with you on Starlin!!!

    Colvin can play 1st, would have been nice to know, like in August/Septermber, after we played Xavier Nady everyday. But that way Hill and Nady earned their paychecks last year. Just think we could have not signed Pena, and maybe used that $10M, to help pay for another player to be cut. If all we wanted was a 1 year fill-in, Colvin could have done it. We also could have signed an aging vet for $1M or 2, that can play 1st/OF to be our 5th OF, back-up 1B.

    I like Barney as well and can’t figure out how Dewitt and Baker can get starts over him. Now, just to be clear, I like him for the league minimum. IF, he is still with us when he gets to arbitration, I will want him traded to another team, if he is going to cost $3M. Unless he develops into a solid starter at 2B, but he lacks the power, I want at 2B, to pay money above the minimum.

    Let’s hope that Cashner and Wells, have nothing more serious, then just needed a little rest. They both have looked good in their “real” starts.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Colvin has not yet figured it all out. I am not yet convinced that he can hit for average–but then, Jim Clueless signed Mr. .196 to play 1B, didn’t he?

    Colvin has a power bat, but K’s and fields at a Soriano rate. He is developing. I just hope he makes a Starlin Castro type adjustment. Last year after the league adjusted to Castro, he adjusted to them. But when the league adjusted to Colvin, he has not fully adjusted to the league. And the same is true of this year.

    I agree that Colvin needs to play, to see if he can adjust. He needs help with the breaking stuff. He has a nice power bat.

    • Kojak Osborne Jr.

      I believe Colovin could hit for average at some point of his career but I think he like to swing after the first pitch to much.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Yesterday Neil stated,”The Cubs were the definition of a .500 team over the first six games.”

    I want to remind everyone that the Cubs are a .500 team against the worst two teams in the NL: the Pirates (57-105 the worst team in MLB in 2010) and the Diamondbacks (65-97). The next worst team in line was the Nat (69) and then the Cubs (75 wins in 2010). All other NL teams won more games than the Cubs.

    The Cubs improved themselves for 2011 by trading for a replacement for Ted Lilly (Matt Garza) and replacing D.Lee (.260/19 HR/ 80 RBI/.774 OPS) for Mr. Carlos “.196” Pena (.196/ 28 HR/84 RBI/.732 OPS). They also signed Kerry Wood and promoted Darwin Barney, signed Reed Johnson (.262/ 2 HR/ 15 RBI/ .657 OPS in 202 AB for LAD) while cutting ties with Carlos Silva. Most notably they kept K. Hill as the reserve C.

    So what’s the point?
    Lilly is better than Garza.
    Lee is better than Pena.
    Wood, while I hope he is better than Silva, had Silva-like stats in Cleveland, and I don’t know why. It was a large sample size, too. In NY Mario Riveria pulled his fat out of the fire every single time, and that helped his stats. I posted here where that not one single runner Kerry left on base was allowed to score after he left the game: 0-18. Now that’s pulling one’s overly large fat out of the fire!

    Johnson: absolutely no offensive force left in his slowing bat. Too bad. Nice guy. Great hustler. But not an offensive threat anymore.


    • cubtex

      My opinion Rip… Garza is better than Lilly and Pena is better than Lee. Wood is a better option than they had last year in the 8th…..so I feel the moves over the winter improved the team. The Cubs strength this year is their starting pitching depth 1-5(which just took a big blow with Wells and Cashner out for 3-4 weeks) and the back end of the bullpen.
      They are a mediocre offensive team with no team speed or situational hitters and a bad defensive team.

      • https://fantasyhub.com/blog/unknown-fantasy-dude Theboardrider

        I’m with you Cubtex, I think Garza is better than Lilly and Pena is better than Lee. Rip would never acknowledge something like that though. Rip you have good opinions sometimes but you allow your bias against Hendry and (not hiring Sandberg) to get in the way of your credibility. I’m no Hendry fan but the fact is the big 3 offseason pickups have all played solid. Garza gave up 12 hits but they were all singles, he didn’t allow a walk and struck out 12. Pena has been incredible at 1st base, is a great leader and has had some big hits in clutch situations. I don’t think he’s hit into one double-play (Derrek Lee was the king of this). Wood has obviously been doing a great job. Our bullpen has been much better than last year and it’s largely because of Woody.

        • Ripsnorter1

          Cubtex and Boardrider,
          My real fear is that we are .500 vs. the worst two teams in the NL. And last year we were #13 of 16 NL teams. That’s pretty bad.

          We shall see how Pena/Garza/Wood stack up as we approach the All-Star break.

          BTW: Sam Fuld, starting in LF for Tampa, stole 3 bases in 3 innings vs White Sox. He also made a stellar play on Konerko. I’m glad he is doing well. He’s better than Perez in every way. Fuld is 3 for 9 with 4 SB in 2011.

      • paulcatanese

        You could say that Garza is better than Lilly(actually you did say that).To this point I would agree given the fact that Garza is right handed and will face more leftys at Wrigley where it is tougher to hit the ball out to right field. He does throw harder than Lilly but I will wait a little longer until he has a track record here. Pena has the edge at the moment because again he is left handed,and any time you have equal players with the glove you would give the edge to the lefty at first base. The bat? I reserve that again for a longer look. H e does look as though he is swinging better than he must have before. Again as Rip said Pena would have been a non factor had Quade used some sense and played Colvin over there last fall.And above all Quade had missed the boat with Cashner and Wells and letting them pitch as long as they did in cold,, damp weather,thats injuries waiting to happen. I agree that you think they are a mediocre offenseive team, but I also think you are being far too gracious in that evaluation, they could very well be a last place team in the Central.If Quade or JH do not use their heads and go to youth that is a very viable scenerio for 2011.

        • cubtex

          Paul, Remember Houston and Pittsburgh are still in our division :)

          • paulcatanese

            My point exactly. If the Cubs only finish ahead of Pittsburgh and Houston that would be in last place in the Central,the weakest division in the National League. I consider both of them non-enitys and for the Cubs to be even close to them is like last place for me. But if the Cubs finish there with a re-building mode I could live with that. As long as progress is attempted I am for it. Getting Garza I was not for with what they gave up. Don’t misunderstand,it’s always good to aquire a prospective front line pitcher,I just didn’t like what went out. Pena, I really hope that works out and the Cubs seek to re-sign him, that would mean he had a great year,but then again to what end? I really dont have to bring up Hill,Johnson,Ojeda,DeWitt,everyone knows what that has meant-0 for the progress of this team.

          • cubtex

            Paul, the thing I get real confused on and don’t understand is how much talk is given to role or bench players on this forum. If bench players were great they would be starters! Look around MLB…..how many teams have this stellar bench that you would kill for? If the worst thing we have to gripe about is our #5 outfielder,backup catcher,#3 second baseman and a player(Ojeda) who didn’t make the team…I am sure every team would take that. The problem is not the bench players. Hill,Johnson,Ojeda,DeWitt will not prevent the Cubs from winning the division! It is the starting 8 they put on the field everyday who need to produce!

          • paulcatanese

            If they were true bench players in the sense of the word,I would agree,but in Quade’s eyes they are not as he keeps inserting them into the lineup for playing time in his mind for the best lineup of the day. This is what I object to how can they have a starting 8 if he keeps mixing and matching?Ojeda,you are right, but imagine if he were not hurt,where do you think he would be? On the roster. The thing about the Cub bench players is 0 ability at the plate,in the field and they of course would not prevent the Cubs from winning the division and it is the starting 8 and thats my point let them play and get some form of consistancy out there. If they do not alternate the outfielders though that would be a bad choice because whatever outfielder is not playing at least gives them some sort of power off the bench. The bench they have is virtualy non existant when it comes to that. I really agree that the first 8 are responsible for winning but we dont have that with mixing and matching. Very confusing issue for me a Cub fan for as long as I have been to watch history repeat itself over and over again,and really no end in sight for even getting into the WS let alone win it.

          • https://fantasyhub.com/blog/unknown-fantasy-dude Theboardrider

            So far Quade has meant “bench,” as “platoon.” But it’s early and he’s still trying to get a feel for things. We should have a regular 9 by June…

          • John_CC

            Great point, Paul. If DeWitt is simply the back-up 2B/3B/bench player, then why does Quade “have to find a way to get him in the lineup” in the first week? Same with Hill.

            Cubtex – you are right that benches are not the most important thing to worry about, but a good bench is very important to a winning team. You need defensive replacements for the last couple innings when you have guys like Soriano and even Byrd in the OF.

            Johnson is a good defensive replacement, plus he has some speed left to pinch run, so to me he is a good 5th OF.
            DeWitt is a below average defender and not a good hitter = no use coming off the bench.
            Ditto K Hill = no use coming off the bench, but worse yet, when the backup catcher will start 30-40 games a year (because the manager just has to find a way to get him in the lineup) he is now a liability.
            Jeff Baker, eh, he’s a fine bench player I guess, he plays a lot of positions, and isn’t a butcher.

            What the Cubs bench (or starting lineup) does not have is the guy that is a serious threat to crush the ball, the guy that makes the other manager worry about how to bring in, force pitching changes and thus control a little more of the game.

          • https://fantasyhub.com/blog/unknown-fantasy-dude Theboardrider

            And the Cardinals! They look like they may blow…

          • cubtex

            and the Brewers aren’t without flaws as well. Not good defensively either…so my point is that we can all say how bad the Cubs are but unless the Reds run away with the divison, the Cards,Brewers,Astros and Bucs could all finish below the Cubs this year! The Reds look like the class of the division but baseball is a long season. Injuries happen and you never know what will happen

          • John_CC

            So…then what? I would thoroughly enjoy it if the Cards really sucked, but I don’t care, I won’t change the fact the Cubs suck worse. I’m sick of hearing about how weak the rest of the division is – who cares!?

            Do you honestly want to see the Cubs come limping out as division winners with an 82-80 record only to be annihilated in the playoffs – AGAIN. I do not. It only give Hendry some twisted validation because he can put another Division Championship on his resume.

            But this is not going to happen, I digress.

            The Reds are running away already, they are a superior team, face it. And so are the Brewers. Even without Greinke and Marcum, just look at the offense. The Cubs can’t touch the speed and power that their lineup has.

          • cubtex

            John, I will take a playoff berth anytime over not making the playoffs…That being said, I would be surprised if they made the playoffs this year. Unfortunately, the Cubs are stuck with some big contracts and many of them are coming off the books next year. It was good to see them cut Silva this year but everyone needs to realize….Fuko is not going to be cut, or Soriano or any other player. Face facts! Next year, they will lose Fuko’s salary,Silva, ARam(unless they resign him) and some smaller salaried players.
            Next year they will have more flexiblity to put together more of an infield. The outfield will probably be Jackson in CF, with Soriano and maybe Colvin depending on how he does this year. They could have a new 3b,2b and 1b next year.
            Everyone was bashing the Garza trade but now you have Garza,Z,Dempster,Cashner and Wells again next year(hopefully Cashner and Well will be OK) and then you could have something. Castro is someone you can build around! Hopefully, Jackson will look as promising when he comes up. I also hope Vitters had a breakout year and starts at 3b next year. We will see but it is what it is this year. Let’s see what happens. Baseball is a funny game. I am not ready to write off this year after 6 games.

          • John_CC

            OK. We differ on this. I wrote this team off long before the first 6 games! 😉

      • Ripsnorter1

        Let’s see how this series vs. the Brewers goes. The Brew Crew is supposed to be better in 2011, but they aren’t playing very well right now.

  • Ripsnorter1

    I hope Coleman pitches like he did last fall. I think he deserves to be here.

  • Tom U

    Today’s Opening day starters:

    Peoria Chiefs: Hayden Simpson V. Ceder Rapids

    Daytona Cubs: Robert Whitenack at Brevard County

    Tennessee Smokies: Chris Rusin at Chattanooga

    Iowa Cubs: Thomas Diamond at Round Rock

    • cubtex

      Interested to hear how Hayden Simpson does!

      • BillyFinT

        I concur. His name pops out, but aside from his illness, I couldn’t remember much of him. Wasn’t Sympson in extended spring training?

      • Tom U

        Tonight’s line on Simpson:

        3.2 IP, 1 ER, 7 K, 1BB

  • cubtex

    White Sox designated Lastings Milledge today..lol

    • carmelo

      Aaron—your guy is available—again. Maybe these MAJOR LEAGUE talent evaluators know something more than the rest of us.

      • Ripsnorter1

        They know Brent Lillibridge just gets on base every time he comes to the plate. That guy can hit.

  • Mark

    I just hope to God that Cashner (who I don’t like yet and don’t see why all the hype) and Wells are not going to PUSS out like (a fan favorite) Wood and Prior. These guys are MAJOR LAEGUE pitchers. Get the best care/facilities and their job is to throw a baseball. 1 damn game and “stiffness” in a shoulder? COME ON, suck it up. Ice it or better yet put some Ben Gay on or Icy Hot.

    • paulcatanese

      Obviously you have never had that type of injury,and I dont understand youre analogy to Wood and Prior. Major League or not,injuries like that are serious and should be treated as such. That weather and the timing of the season(early) not properly stretched out from ST and warm dry weather can instantly cause damage. If anything you could blame it on knowledge of the pitcher and how he had developed in the spring. And who had that responsibilty? The pitching coach and the manager.

    • RickinMSP

      Puss out? Is that what you’re going with? Seriously?

    • John_CC

      Seriously, man? Prior tore his rotator cuff. He probably did not want to be labeled a “puss” and tried to pitch through it. It got worse. He said it hurt and did get labeled a puss. It never healed, and it’s been what, 7 years now? Yeah, that was a good idea to be a tough guy and just rub some Ben Gay on a torn rotator cuff. What in the hell are you talking about!?

      • Cubs4vr

        It’s good to finally see some love for Prior. The guy had two major arm injuries (shoulder collision and elbow hit by batted ball) and missed just 2 or 3 starts each time. I give him full credit for still trying to continue to pitch. He sure doesn’t need the money.

        • John_CC

          was that love? ehhh…I don’t want to go that far…I was just trying to make a point. Though we all loved him in ’03, no question.

          • Mark

            You see, you guys are ALL drinking the juice…….do you know what that means? There is obviously a reason why the hell we haven’t won a freaking penant in 66 years, let a WS in 103 years.

            Paul…John…..Have you had an injuiry like a torn rotator cuff? Do you know the physiology of the shoulder and kinesiology of a human’s shoulder? How about the basic 1st aid of a STIFF SHOULDER? We are NOT talking a tear. How about pitching mechanics?

            Prior’s injuries resulted from called scapular loading-movement in which a pitcher’s shoulder blades are pinched together and elbows are taken behind. Simlpy said….BAD MECHANICS. Whose fuaut is that?

            He IS A PUSS In my book. So is Wood. SORRY guys….stiff shoulders after pitching 6 maybe 7 innings in the pros with coaches, wonderful facilities, and EVEN spring training to basically WARM UP is a joke becuase it’s 50 degrees out! That’s a PUSS in my book. How many games or starts did Wood and Prior miss as a Cub? Why? Because THEY’RE PUSS’!

            I say it again! Carshner and Wells…come on…stiffness? So go on the DL??

            That’s my opinion, you don’t have to like it….but respect it!

          • RickinMSP

            Not really obligated to respect an opinion expressed in as crass and classless manner as this one. Express your opinions with a little more class and you won’t have to demand respect, you will have earned it.

            Moving on now.

          • John_CC

            Based on your tone, I have to assume one of two things about you Mark: that either you have had both serious and minor shoulder injuries and know first hand the difference between a tear and a “stiff” shoulder, OR you are trained in either sports medicine or orthopedic surgery.

            So what is it? And why not share with us what your expertise and/or experience has taught you rather ranting and raving over my opinion (which I demand nothing over)?

            Aaron wrote a brief lay explanation of the difference between a strain and sprain based on his knowledge through firsthand experience. I found it helpful.

            You are just being obnoxious.

          • paulcatanese

            Mark,dont make accusations unless you know the answer. Yes I did have a torn rotator cuff, and you know what idiot? That was in 1956 and to this day I have problems. What a jerk statement. Not that I owe you any explantion but mine was torn picking up a bunt and throwing underhand to first base. And yes,it was cold and damp out and I actually heard it snap,Their were no bad mechanics involved,just weather and a freak play. Get a life.

          • BillyFinT

            Thanks for the clarification. Paul, it’s always good to hear about the hands-down aspect of plays in a competitive, organized baseball. Sorry about that injury, too.

            Having said that, I found a little truth in a bunch of fan studies that identified Prior’s own mechanical problem that prevented him to pitch long in the Big.

            “The Employee” wasn’t built that way. Of course, Hendry didn’t figure that out, and pushed the young man to pitch in cold and damp, 7 innings to complete games.

            Lord, have mercy on the Cubs!

  • cc002600

    Wow, Lastings Milledge was demoted to minors ?????
    I can’t believe that. When I read postings on here by a certain person, I thought for sure his path was to Cooperstown, not AAA. Imagine that ?


    • Aaron

      You just proved, along with Carmelo, that you are one of the more intellectually dishonest people on this site by that comment.

      I’m not even going to answer the question again, but do yourself a favor….put down your little sippy cup with the kiddie lid, and stop drinking the kool-aid. It’s clouding your judgement, and making you claim things that simply aren’t true….which makes me wonder….

      Are you even being honest with yourself when you type? Or are you that unintelligent that you think by claiming people say things over and over again (just as Carmelo does….and Cubtex), that someone else will believe you? You’re almost sounding like a certain politician we all know.

      Since it seems to be just you, Cubtex, and Carmelo bringing it up every damn time, even though I’ve explained the Milledge thing (and other roster suggestions for that matter) in great detail that isn’t even remotely how you guys are portraying it……..I guess you guys can be like Hendry’s little inner circle of “yes men”. So go cuddle with your little Cubbie foam finger, and sit in your little inner circle with Cubtex and Carmelo, and have fun. LOL….I can actually envision you guys doing something like that.

      • carmelo

        Milledge has now been on 4 teams by age 26, and yet you think he’s the answer—what makes you a better talent evaluator then those 4 major league teams? Really, what is your background when it comes to judging talent? It’s sure is different from the people who do it for a living and are held accountable for their choices, unlike yourself.

        • Aaron

          you’re not even worth explaining anything to anymore. Why don’t you see my other posts answering this very question from you, cco, and Cubtex…oh, and I’ve pitched in college, been an NCAA DII pitching coach, AND, I coach a college team that made the summer World Series in Wichita…so, between selecting players for the summer league and offering scholarships, yeah, I don’t know anything about evaluating talent…..LMAO….

          Like I said, go home, drink your from your sippy cup, play circle jerk with a foam finger from a Cubs game with your other buddies….

          and drink your beer and potato chips on your couch, as you’ve probably never played/coached at that high level before…

          or do so, then you can talk.

          • carmelo

            If you only knew………

          • cc002600

            dude, get off your high horse. I pitched in college too, and have been coaching travel baseball for years, so I think I know something about baseball, too, but guess what ? NOBODY CARES !!!!! Only someone like you would keep bringing that up.

            You have an extremely high opinion of yourself for whatever reason and like to insult people. You are classless.

            How many times did you tell us that Hendry is stupid for bringing in guys like reed johnson and should get a guy like Milledge instead ??? And yet, nobody wants this guy. Hello ?

          • Aaron

            How is that a high opinion of myself? So, you wouldn’t respond after someone said: “Really, what is your background when it comes to judging talent?”

            All I did was respond….sorry I hurt your feelings…LMAO…get real man, and go back to your circle jerk with the foam finger and Carmelo….LOL

          • carmelo

            You actually coached college age players and spoke like that!!! Great example for our youth—

          • cc002600

            Like I said, you are classless.
            and oh, how old are you, 12 ?
            If you aren’t, you sure come across that way.
            LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Aaron

            Call me classless, fine….but someone had to put you guys in your place. You come on here ragging on, attacking pretty much everyone that has a differing opinion than yours, and when they respond to you defending themselves, you rip on them again, then call them names.

            I’ll gladly rip on you anyday to put you in your place. I haven’t seen any healthy debate out of you, Cubtex, and especially Carmelo (who seems to enjoy driveby comments and never offers anything of substance, meanwhile, a majority of people on here enjoy healthy debate).

            Start respecting other people’s opinion, have healthy debate, then maybe we’re fine, but if you want to continue this, so be it. Seems like you can’t take it though. You’re one of those guys that dishes it out, then runs for cover. LOL.

          • Aaron

            And on another note…..why don’t you stick to baseball….

            For instance, the Cubs minor league teams all won tonight, with the exception of Peoria’s suspended game (Simpson had 7 K’s in 3 2/3 IP) where they tied 2-2 in the 8th…

            Burgess went deep. Spencer and Ridling went deep. LaHair and Wright went deep. Vitters went 3-for-5. Cerda went 3-for-5. Wright went 3-for-4.

            Soooooooooo…..we could talk baseball, or we could just keep going back and forth heaving insults if you want…..Looks like the latter seems to be the game you guys want to play, which really says a lot about you.

          • CaptainKix

            How annoying are you?

        • Richard Hood

          I do not agree with Aaron on a lot of stuff but on Miledge I do. He will be claimed by someone and be on a major league roster this year. He is 26 years old and has some growing up to do, but the talent is undeniable. Even the WS assistant GM said on the Score pregame that they did not think that he would make it through waivers without a claim but he needs everyday AB’s.
          Now I did not think the Cubs could sign him just for that reason. He needs to play a majority of the time to get the work in and we do not have to spots for him. But I am also the guy that thought Colvin is nothing more than a 4th OF so you take my opinion for what it is worth.

          • carmelo

            A 5th team by age 26 would seem to tell us something about him — somewhat like Milton Bradley. If these guys had talent and character they wouldn’t be movinf around so much. Who needs the headache?

          • Ripsnorter1

            Milledge got cut because the Sox left ST with one pitcher short. They kept both Milledge and Lillibridge because they didn’t want to lose either one. Lillebridge has simply outplayed Milledge, although Milledge had a nice ST.

            I’d rather give him a shot than Johnson. Sure, Johnson catches the ball, but he cannot hit with any power anymore. The party is over with him. He’s not a SB threat, either. He’s a .250 hitting singles hitter with no RBI potential, either.

      • cubtex

        Get a life dude! If you don’t want people to come down then don’t act so god damn condescending! You are wrong quite a bit…like when you said Barney should have stole 2nd when the Cubs had 1st and 3rd with one out and the tying run at 3rd. Utterly ridiculous!!!!! You are willing to run yourselves out of an inning with your #3 hitter up when a fly ball ties the game. Believe me Aaron….you need to realize you are a fan and that is it! A lot of people in baseball are a hell of a lot smarter than you!

        • Aaron

          I only get that way when 3 people in particular (you being one of them) say stupid sh$t, and then rip on others. Believe me, this site was NOT like that before you guys started posting. I hardly ever remember name-calling.

          Stick to baseball, and get over yourself, and understand that fans can disagree with your rose-colored glasses view of the Cubs. You can also disagree with them too, but at least be respectful, which you clearly have not been. Again, I like to post my opinion, and let others take it for what it’s worth. I don’t like playing games with ripping on other people’s opinions as you 3 seem to enjoy doing. And as I mentioned, if that’s the game you like to play, I have no problem ripping you to no end, and hope you finally shut up.

          Guys like Paul, Rip, and others can do without your name calling.

          And I have a condescending tone, and I’m very proud of it, because you guys seriously don’t add much, other than to rip on others. Understand?

          Stick to baseball, have healthy debate, and everything is alright, but I’m honestly tired of all 3 of you guys (starting to really think it’s just one person posting under different names…but whatever) putting words in people’s mouths, trying to diminish what they’re saying.

          I am what I am, and I have no problem saying it. I was a successful college pitcher until I blew out my shoulder. I am a successful college pitching coach both in league play and summer play. I go to bed every night knowing that I’ve made a significant impact in a positive way on young pitchers. And my pitchers have told me personally that they appreciate the direct way that I approach them. Same for my private lessons. When parents give me $65-75/hr to teach their kids, they don’t want me to beat around the bush, they prefer that I am more direct and forceful with their kids because they’re not paying for me to explain the “why” for half the time. I learned that the hard way when I first started giving private lessons when I got yelled at that they weren’t paying me for a lecture. You strike me as someone who needed his hand held in sports.

          I am unapologetic in my criticism of the Ricketts (who don’t have a back-bone…or common sense in baseball operations) and of Hendry (who is the most overmatched GM in the game). It’s an opinion I’ve backed up with a lot of facts. I’m highly critical of overpaid and underperforming veterans. I have no patience for them, just as I had no patience for our senior pitchers who thought they were guaranteed a spot on the team, and didn’t have to work as hard as the new guys coming in, whether it was freshmen or JUCO transfers. I have no patience for excuses, which is all we’ve heard from this team, whether it’s coming from Hendry, Quade, Silva, Garza, Soriano, etc.

          I have a great amount of respect for individuals that tell it like it is, and are unapologetic in doing so. I have no patience for individuals that hide behind platitudes, and use them to deceive a fan base. It is my OPINION that Cubs fans have been sold a bill of goods by the Ricketts, and Hendry, where they were told that the Cubs were going to be doing things different than they had in year’s past with the draft, player development, and going with youth at the MLB level. All we’ve seen is the EXACT same thing they’ve always done. Absolutely nothing has changed.

          You can disagree with me all you want, and I welcome that, but all 3 of you seem to love throwing shots at people because their opinion differs from yours, and you fail to even back up your own opinion.

        • paulcatanese

          While I don’t agree entirely on the first and third scenerio I do think it has its place in a game. Who was the number three hitter? Byrd?(I don’t really remember,but lets say it was) If Byrd hits the ball,the majority of his swings produces ground balls. On a given count It would make sense to start the runner to stay out of the double play and end the inning. Obviously the defense in that situation would go for the DP, of course depending on the inning.9th and behind the play could could dictate that by the offense. On the other hand if the defense is half way to cut off the tie that would not be a good play. I still say the defense would play for two and if not made would allow the tying run to score, and that supports sending the runner. The offense must give themselves every opportunity to score and tie the game. Just an opinion but I would wager many managers would entertain the same thought.

          • cubtex

            Paul. The book says you play for the tie at home. Scenario…9th inning. 1st and 3rd one out with Barney at 1st and Byrd up. Obviously, the first baseman would hold the runner at this point of the game since they will not concede winning run to have a free pass to 2nd.
            Therefore, If Barney tries to steal second and is thrown out….you now need a base hit to tie the game instead of a fly ball or fielders choice. The risk to steal in that situation……especially with Barney is definatley not worth it. As I mentioned….Byrd aside….If your number 3 hitter can’t drive in the tying run with first and third and one out you don’t deserve to win the game!
            Aaron made this statement like it was Quade’s fault for not sending the runner when 99% of the managers in the league would do the same. You need to put the game in the hands of your RBI guys. You don’t need a base hit there.

          • paulcatanese

            Cubtex, therin lies the problem. First of all the Cubs would need to have a RBI guy,which they do not. I didn’t indicate a straight steal,just starting the runner to stay out of the double play. I have seen that done hundreds of times by a number of teams. The idea that the number three hitter should be able to drive in the tying run is certainly valid. Again the hitter at bat would dictate what would be applied, sending the runner or not. If you have a hitter that makes continious contact and does not strike out a lot, then it is a good move to send,if not and the hitter has a tendancy to hit a lot of fly balls then don’t send him. I don’t think it’s simply of by the book, more knowing what you have as a hitter,the pitchers speed(delivery to home plate) and the catchers release speed as well as the runner’s. These are all things that a good manager would have at his fingertips( see all the stop watches in the dugout) knowledge of what is happening on the field in my opinion overides the book.But your’e analogy is a good one,and what ends up here is how one looks at a given situation. I like debating with you as you have knowledge of the game.

          • paulcatanese

            Neil,the only reason I chose e-mail was it’s an older site and I wanted to make sure cubtex got my response.If not proper let me know and I won’t do it anymore.

  • Henry

    I was there Tuesday as well. My observations: they game that would never end! The new pizza was very good!

  • SuzyS

    1rst…Brian…Nice Ramblings….although I do enjoy them most of the time.
    Cashner’s injury is worrisome….I’ve had hopes he would develop into a solid pitcher this season….everytime a rotator cuff is mentioned…I really get sick.
    While I like Wells gutsiness…I don’t really look for him to be better than a #4 or
    #5 in the rotation…right now, we need him to get healthy.

    I guess Coleman has a chance to be like Wells in his first year…While it might not be realistic…I have a gut feeling about him.

    Thomas Diamond has really disappointed me…both last year and this Spring…I really thought he might bring it on…but so far…all he has done is prove the Rangers right in dumping him…Come on…do what everyone thought you would do when you were drafted Tom.

    If Angel Guzman can ever make it back to Wrigley…I’ll probably cheer the loudest…he’s had the worst Cub-like luck both professionally and personally.
    Could you imagine what a rotation it would have been like if Woody/Prior/Guzman/and Z would have all stayed healthy??? Z wouldf have been the fourth or even 5th starter.Take your pick of Lilly or Demster to go with them.

    Like many others, I don’t expect much from this team…(I picked them to win less then 70 games this season)…but I do want to see them develop good players for the future.

    I still want to see Ricketts get a GOOD GM….but it is very hard to root against the Cubs on a daily basis…I’m torn between wanting to see NECESSARY changes…and a winning team…Oh Well…what else is new?

    I’ll always love the Cubs…but man, it’s just not easy to be their fan.

    To Neil & All the Regulars…Let’s hope for an entertaining season that that develops some building blocks to our not-too-far-distant World Championship!!!

    Go Cubs !!!

    • paulcatanese

      I am right in your’e corner on Guzman, a stellar young man who has had a tough time with his career. I sincerely hope he makes it back, on any level, just so he can play ball again.