Wells and Cashner to Begin Throwing Program Friday

According to multiple reports, Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner have been cleared to begin throwing programs Friday. Dr. Stephen Gryzlo was scheduled to examine both pitchers Monday night.

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Randy Wells is expected to be back on the mound before Andrew Cashner. Wells said it would probably be two weeks before he’s able to return. Wells played catch with Mark Riggins Monday and said he could still feel a little discomfort in the forearm.

Randy Wells did not make a big deal out of the discomfort. He said that his program would start with light throwing at about 60 feet and 20 pitches.

Andrew Cashner is expected to be a couple of weeks behind Wells, which would put his return, at the earliest, around the third week of May. During Monday’s post-game show on WGN Radio, Keith Moreland suggested an early June timeframe for Cashner’s return.

Both pitchers will likely make at least one rehab start in the minors before they return to a big league mound.

According to a report from the Daily Herald, the Cubs have not set a timetable for either pitcher to return to the rotation.

Both pitchers are expected to be re-evaluated at the end of the current homestand on April 27.

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  • Ripsnorter1

    Wow. Early June. Or later maybe. Coleman will make several more starts. I’m wishing him much success.

  • John G

    I read where Koyie Hill had tee shirts made for the team that read “Pass10n – Play like a 10”. I hope they make these available for public sale. I like it.

  • Mark

    LOL…what a joke! 2 of our 5 starters are out with “discomfort”. Once again, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, right? Man……