Wells and Cashner to the DL … Coleman to be Recalled

According to multiple reports, the Cubs placed Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner on the 15-day DL Wednesday morning.

Cashner has a strained right rotator cuff and Wells has a strained right forearm.

Speculation began Tuesday that the Cubs would recall Casey Coleman from Triple-A Iowa if Cashner had to go on the DL. The Sun-Times tweeted Wednesday morning that Coleman will be recalled. As for the other move, the Cubs have not made a decision. UPDATED: James Russell is in the mix to start Tuesday in Houston.

According to a report from Comcast SportsNet, Jim Hendry said that he doesn’t expect this to be a long-term problem issue to Cashner or Wells … and surgery is not needed for either pitcher.

Cashner and Wells will be re-evaluated in two weeks and the Cubs are hoping to have a better idea on when they will be able to return by then.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Roland

    Maybe Coleman can become the fourth C

  • Serothis

    Anyone else having horrific flash backs to 04 with wood and prior? wells and cashner are obviously not our best but still. two pitchers with high potential both going down at the same time…..

    • Kojak Osborne Jr.

      Completely Agree

  • Wickitkevin

    So it begins

  • cubtex

    James Russell is in the mix to start Tuesday in Houston? Please no!! Bring up Thomas Diamond also and let him start. I have no faith in Russell as a starter.

  • paulcatanese

    Really tough break for both kids. I dont worry about the Cubs, they were not going to be in the World Series anyway. Lets hope that JH interpets this as a chance to rebuild now and not later.

  • Matt

    Jay Jackson I hope is called not to start and why not give Mcnutt a shot!

  • Matt

    Jay Jackson I hope is called not to start and why not give Mcnutt a shot!

  • Matt

    Jay Jackson I hope is called not to start and why not give Mcnutt a shot!

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Matt, something is going on with Jay Jackson. He is not starting the season with Iowa. I have not read/heard anything official but it appears he will begin the year on the DL.

      • Aaron

        He has a shoulder issue as well, and starts season on the 7-day Iowa DL

      • Matt

        Well the news keeps getting worse, any way idk why that posted so many times

  • cubs1967

    excellent………….season ends today. empty seats to continue. time for the ricketts to make changes………..

    castillo s/b up
    play barney all yr except vs LHP
    play colvin at 1b
    release fukunuts
    bring up jackson to cf-move bryd to rf
    release shark
    bring up carpenter
    release grabow
    bring up maine
    trade pena or release him
    brinp up jay jackson

    cf jackson
    ss castro
    1b colvin
    3b ramirez
    c soto
    rf byrd
    lf soriano
    2b barney

    demp-Z-garza-coleman-j jackson


    castillo as back-up C

    do it………………….i dare ya.

    • Last_ginger

      its only 5 games in. At least wait for a month of baseball to give up.

    • cubtex

      Damn! You are real generous with other people’s money. Release Fuko 11 million, Release Grabow 6 million or so, Release Samardzija millions invested in him and Release Pena who they just signed for 10 mil for 1 year!

      That’s a lot of money to throw away

      • John_CC

        Another way to look at is that the money has already been “thrown away”.

        Fukudome and Grabow have NO future with this team and are not close to earning their keeps. They are both easily expendable. I am not going to go back into why keeping veterans with no future to a team with no hope for this year is bad for the future of the club.

        Shark is still young, but it IS time to cut ties. He will never the player they hoped and will never be worth the 10M$ that they have already thrown away on him.

        The player on ’67s list that I give the leash to is Pena. There is no sense in simply cutting him now and no one will trade for him yet. He is clearly a great dude, great defensive 1B and likes the leadership role. Keep him around to mentor Colvin.

        The money is spent and this team is fried.

        • cubs1967

          here’s a thought…………..how many fans have attended cubs games since 1908 and still no WS championship………..how much money is that thrown away>>

          peanuts compared to releasing a few overpriced vets!

          • https://fantasyhub.com/blog/unknown-fantasy-dude Theboardrider

            Nobody put a gun to our heads. That statement is pretty ridiculous…

          • cubs1967

            not at all…………the goal is to win…….not worry about keeping overpriced vets; the money is spent; if they play or not……….so if cubs fans get throw money away year after year………..

            was there a gun to JH’s head to sign fukunuts or bradley/silva or soriano??

          • cubs1967

            BTW………….those 3 cost 200M………….think about that next time you go to a game….or the ricketts jack up tix price again (2 yrs running)…..

          • Ripsnorter1

            Man, you know how to hurt a guy! Blunt, honest, to the point, and unfortunately, RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

      • Aaron

        There’s no cause for that type of talk….people have differing opinions, and it doesn’t mean they’re wrong or right.

        I would say that given the Silva release, and looking around the league, especially at the Mets, and the Tigers from a year or two ago, there is certainly precedence for big market, large payroll teams to eat salary just to get ineffective dead weight salaries off the roster in favor of rookies they want to evaluate. The Silva deal is the first time I’ve seen the Cubs eat that large of a contract, so perhaps there is good things to come. (look at me, I’m looking on the bright side for once…LOL)

        The dead weight on the roster consists of: Johnson ($1 million), Hill ($850k), Samardzija ($3 million), Grabow ($4.5 million…though I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as he’s done alright this spring and the regular season thus far), Fukudome ($14 million), Baker ($1.2 million), Soriano ($19 million, plus 3 more years after this of $19 mm/yr), Pena ($5 million this year, $10 million overall with split contract). That’s nearly $50 million in dead weight. In the cases of Johnson, Hill, Samardzija, Fukudome, Baker, and Pena, we already have guys either on the 25-man roster already, or in the system that can outproduce them, and do it for MUCH cheaper than their salaries.

        For instance, Castillo is > Hill, Snyder/Wright/etc. are > Johnson, Dolis and Guzman (when he’s healthy) are > Samardzija, Moore and M. Smith are > Baker, and Colvin has already proven he can handle 1B, and has just about equaled Pena’s offensive output. The problem with that move is that it diminishes production from RF.

        But, as you say, it’s real money we’re talking about, and there’s virtually no chance the Cubs will eat all that salary. About the only guys you could see them doing it with are Hill, Johnson, Baker, Grabow, and Samardzija (if he continues to suck like he did yesterday). Those salaries total about what they ate with Silva’s deal, so I could definitely see that happening if they were out of the race. I could also see them trying to unload guys like Byrd ($5.5 mm this year, $6.5 mm next year), Fukudome ($14 mm, and they’d likely eat just about all of it if he was dealt toward the end of the year), ARAM (because he’s in the last year of his deal), Pena, Zambrano (provided he pitches well…as he has just one year left after this year), Soto (if Castillo plays well), and even Dempster (like Z, if he pitches well).

        The Cubs already have experienced injuries to the top 2 pitching prospects (Jackson and McNutt, though McNutt is less severe and looks as if he’s starting the first game), their next 2 catchers in line (Ramirez and Castillo), their 4th and 5th starters on the MLB team (Wells and Cashner), and their starting 1B (Pena).

        If any of those players miss an extended period of time (outside of Pena, whom I think is overrated), then you can kiss any chance of competing goodbye, and you’d almost be forced to re-tool your system. If it were middle infielders getting hurt, I’d say the Cubs still had a chance, because of their depth at the position, but with Gorzelanny, Archer, and Chirinos being dealt, starting pitching and MLB-ready catching doesn’t look to have much depth at the moment.

        Let’s just say the Reds continue their hot start, and Wells and Cashner miss the better part of a month….and we’re sitting in mid-May at 10 games out of 1st place. Do you then look to start shedding salary and preparing for the future, or do you hang onto the last moment as Hendry did last year, and stunt the growth by being stubborn? I’d say you’d do the former, as it’s NEVER worked out well for the Cubs in year’s past where they tried to hang on until the bitter end, and still end up finishing 10+games out of the Wild Card and/or Division.

        I’m not trying to be all doom and gloom with you, but here’s a full description on the medical-speak of the injuries to Wells and Cashner:

        MEDICAL 101: A sprain is an injury to ligaments, while a strain is an injury to muscle or tendon tissue.

        Wells-forearm strain: Typically, people with a strain experience pain, muscle spasm and muscle weakness. They can also have localized swelling, cramping, or inflammation and, with a more severe strain, some loss of muscle function. Patients typically have pain in the injured area and general weakness of the muscle when they attempt to move it. Severe strains that partially or completely tear the muscle or tendon are often very painful and disabling.
        *There are 3 grades of strains I, II, and III:
        Grade I-just damaged muscle fibers=2-3 wks out
        Grade II-more extensive damage (not ruptured) to muscle fibers=3-6 wks out
        Grade III-severe injury, muscle has ruptured requiring surgery=up to 3 months out

        Cashner-rotator cuff strain:
        There are three stages of rotator cuff tears…
        A stage 1 tear is a partial tear less than 1 cm in size. It is accompanied by some pain following overhead arm movements, but range of motion is not limited.
        A stage 2 tear is a partial tear greater than 1 cm but less than 5 cm in length. Pain is common during and after overhead arm movements, as well as at night. It may be accompanied by a slight decrease in range of motion.
        A stage 3 tear is a full tear greater than 5 cm in size. Stiffness, weakness, and pain occur during and after overhead arm movements and during sleep. There may be a slight to severe decrease in range of motion in the shoulder.

        *The difference between the two “strains” is that the rotator cuff and everything else (whether it be ankle, forearm, or elbow) are defined in different ways. A strain in the rotator cuff almost always means that there is some type of tear, but it really cannot be defined on an MRI.

        I found an article that better describes the sprain vs strain situation more in depth:
        “A sprain means you’ve stretched or torn a ligament, which is a band of tissue connecting bones together,” said Dr. Michael Allison, a sports medicine specialist at Valley Orthopedic Associates (VOA) in Renton.

        A strain occurs when you pull or tear a muscle or tendon, a thick cord of tissue that attaches muscle to bone.”

        • cubtex

          What type of talk are you referring to? ” Damn, you are real generous with other people’s money”

          That is a statement…..not an opinion. 2 different things Aaron.

        • John G

          ” The Silva deal is the first time I’ve seen the Cubs eat that large of a contract,”

          Don’t know if it was on purpose Aaron, but I love your choice of words. Does anyone else see the irony/humor in the way you said that?

    • https://fantasyhub.com/blog/unknown-fantasy-dude Theboardrider

      I agree with most of what you say except for Pena. The guy has looked good.

  • Aaron

    Wow!!!!!!!! That blows…I knew about Cashner, but had no clue about Wells. That’s a HUGE blow to the team, as they were by far the best 2 starters we’ve had on the year. Both had 1-something ERA’s and pitched very well.

    I have faith in Coleman to get the job done, but Russell?!? The Cubs have got to be kidding themselves with him. He proved multiple times in Spring Training that he is NOT a starter, and is a LOOGY at best. He CANNOT get right-handers out…plain and simple. They’re setting him (and the team) up to fail if they insert him in the rotation.

    The most sensible thing I believe the Cubs could do in this situation is call-up Coleman and Dolis (also on the 40-man) and leave Russell in the pen.

    My initial thought was to move Samardzija to the rotation, but that would be a foolish move in my opinion as the guy just needs to stick in one role for an entire season and stop bouncing around.

    Dolis has been on the 40-man for a couple years now, so it wouldn’t hurt to see what he’s got, in my humble opinion.

    Otherwise, the other two options the Cubs have are Diamond and Bibens-Dirkxx. Neither of those options are enticing at this point, but if I had a choice, it’d be Bibens-Dirkxx (he’d need to be added to the 40-man which stands at 38 right now)

    Other logical options like Jay Jackson (currently starting year on 7-day DL), and McNutt (who was rumored to be experiencing his own arm issues) aren’t even available. The next in line would be: Coleman, Diamond, Bibens-Dirkxx, Dolis, Cabrera, Rusin, and Raley.

    But leave it to the Cubs to make a bone-headed move like putting Russell in the rotation when he CLEARLY can only get lefties out.

  • John_CC

    What is a “strained rotator cuff”? How serious can that be?

    How depressing.

    • Aaron

      see my explanation above….it outlines sprain vs strain, and gives examples

      • John_CC

        Thanks. So there is definitely a tear and best case is partial tear? And that will heal with rest, hopefully, right? Or it won’t.

        • Aaron

          The partial tear will heal with rest and treatment. The danger is always re-injuring it, which, once it happens the first time, almost always comes back to bite you if you don’t take care of it the right way.

          A VERY good example of this was Kerry Wood’s shoulder strain. I believe he had a Grade 2 strain at the time, and rather opt for yet another surgery, he decided to work with a personal trainer down in Arizona to strengthen muscles around it, doing a very intense work-out routine for the shoulder. The problem is, we’re right at the start of a new season, and there isn’t time for that type of program right now. Cashner especially will have to look into this in the offseason. Wells’ injury is minor compared to Cashner’s, but it is still a concern.

          I sincerely hope that Kerry Wood pulls him aside, and educates him on his shoulder strengthening routine, because the Cubs simply cannot afford to lose yet another power arm in the rotation.

  • stu_studdly

    The Reds don’t have Homer Bailey or Cuetto and haven’t lost yet. We are one fluke infield single away from 4 – 1. I still believe!!!!

    • John_CC

      Believe in what?

  • JeffD

    At least this gives Ricketts another excuse for why he should retain Hendry if the team struggles …

  • jw

    Hi Ho Silva to the rescue!

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Jim Hendry said Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner will not pick up a baseball for 10-14 days. Cubs plan on being very cautious with both pitchers.

  • Kojak Osborne Jr.

    Cashner and Wells to Dl this is trouble already.

  • studio179

    With Cashner and Wells on the DL, the Cubs call up and slide Coleman in there. They are down a starter, but I’m still glad they released Silva. I would rather piece together a starter’s slot than see Silva out there.

  • Tom U

    To Patrick Schaefer

    Sorry to get back to you so late on Reggie Golden. From what I have seen, he has not been assigned to a team yet. On Monday, he lined-up with the extended spring training/Boise squad against Iowa. He started in right, batted fifth, and went 2-3 with two singles and a run scored.

    • GrantJones7

      Thats cuz hes a exst. He came to camp over weight, thought that everyone knew..

  • Matt Collins

    whoever wants cubs tickets there are seats going for just 3 dollars to 10 dollars on stubhub

  • paulcatanese

    Today, the Cubs transported themselves as a team back to 2010. The only good thing about that is it is early in the season. If they want to even come close to making this year any kind of success they must rebuild now, not later. Bring the kids up now and be honest with fans, tell them you are rebuilding for the future and do it. The team will get no better the way they are now. If nothing else cement the center of the team. Soto or anyone besides Hill, Castro at SS, Barney at 2b, and Jackson in center and start there, with a strong middle.