Cubs Farm Teams Release Opening Day Rosters

Opening Day down on the farm is Thursday for the top four teams in the Cubs system. The Daytona Cubs were the first of the Cubs farm teams to release their Opening Day roster and the other three teams followed suit Monday.

The I-Cubs Opening Day roster features nine players currently on the Cubs 40-man roster. Chris Carpenter will begin the year in Iowa’s pen.

The Smokies Opening Day roster features several of the top prospects in the Cubs’ system. Brett Jackson will begin his 2011 campaign in Double-A. Joining Jackson in Tennessee will be Trey McNutt, D.J. LeMahieu, Josh Vitters and Ryan Flaherty.

Matt Szczur and Hayden Simpson are on the Peoria Chiefs roster for Thursday’s opener.

Here are the Opening Day rosters down on the farm …

Missing from the Opening Day rosters are Welington Castillo, Jay Jackson, Brad Snyder and Reggie Golden. Welington Castillo dealt with a hand injury toward the end of camp and Brad Snyder was slowed all spring by an oblique injury.

Augie Ojeda (back) and Todd Wellemeyer (hip) will stay behind at Fitch Park trying to get healthy from their spring injuries.

As for Jay Jackson and Welington Castillo, the Cubs have not officially said why they are not beginning the year with the I-Cubs.

Smaily Borges will remain with the Peoria Chiefs and was added to the coaching staff. Borges will serve as a player/coach on Casey Kopitzke’s staff.

Triple-A Iowa Cubs 2011 Opening Day Roster


  • Austin Bibens-Dirx
  • Robert Coello
  • Casey Coleman
  • Thomas Diamond
  • J.R. Mathes


  • Justin Berg
  • Esmailin Caridad
  • Chris Carpenter
  • John Gaub
  • Scott Maine
  • Jake Muyco
  • Jeff Stevens


  • Max Ramirez
  • Chris Robinson


  • Matt Camp
  • Bryan LaHair
  • Scott Moore
  • Bobby Scales
  • Marquez Smith


  • Tony Campana
  • Luis Montanez
  • Fernando Perez
  • Ty Wright

Double-A Tennessee Smokies 2011 Opening Day Roster


  • Ryan Buchter
  • Alberto Cabrera
  • David Cales
  • Marco Carrillo
  • Hung-Wen Chen
  • Rafael Dolis
  • Trey McNutt
  • Blake Parker
  • Brooks Raley
  • Chris Rusin
  • Kyle Smit
  • Luke Summer


  • Steve Clevenger
  • Mario Mercedes


  • Ryan Flaherty
  • Marwin Gonzalez
  • D.J. LeMahieu
  • Blake Lalli
  • Rebel Ridling
  • Nate Samson
  • Josh Vitters


  • James Adduci
  • Brett Jackson
  • Matt Spencer

High Class-A Daytona Cubs 2011 Opening Day Roster


  • Frank Batista
  • Jeff Beliveau
  • Brent Ebinger
  • Tyrelle Harris
  • Aaron Kurcz
  • Jordan Latham
  • Jeff Lorick
  • Dae-Eun Rhee
  • Kevin Rhoderick
  • Zach Rosscup
  • Ryan Searle
  • Nick Struck
  • Brett Wallach
  • Rob Whitenack


  • Michael Brenly
  • Chad Noble
  • David Macias (IF/OF)


  • Justin Bour
  • Matt Cerda
  • Junior Lake
  • Jake Opitz
  • John Urick
  • Logan Watkins


  • Michael Burgess
  • Evan Crawford
  • Jae-Hoon Ha
  • Nelson Perez

Low Class-A Peoria Chiefs 2011 Opening Day Roster


  • Jeff Antigua
  • Dallas Beeler
  • Eduardo Figueroa
  • Yohan Gonzalez
  • Cameron Greathouse
  • Marcus Hatley
  • Graham Hicks
  • Eric Jokisch
  • Austin Kirk
  • Robinson Lopez
  • Juan Yasser Serrano
  • Bryce Shafer
  • Hayden Simpson


  • Sergio Burruel
  • Micah Gibbs


  • Arismendy Alcantara
  • Anthony Giansanti
  • Richard Jones
  • Pierre LePage
  • Greg Rohan
  • Elliot Soto


  • Smaily Borges
  • D.J. Fitgerald
  • Rubi Silva
  • Matt Szczur

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Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt
  • Tom U

    To cubtex:

    Sorry I didn’t respond yesterday, very tired.

    Here is a link to an article Patrick S. wrote about Parker last season. He had a great summary on Parker.

    • cubtex

      thanks Tom.

  • Matt

    Is anyone else concerned about the drop in attendance, yesterday’s game I could see empty seats throughout wrigley. What do you make of it Neil?

    • Neil

      Matt, I think there are several factors … Monday and Tuesday day games against the D’Backs, high ticket prices, the weather and no expectations for the team. If they start winning, these type games will have more go through the gate.

  • Aaron

    Did you guys see this out of the Trib? It was about the small crowd….sorry it’s off-topic a bit….just wanted to share:

    WOOD: “It’s a little strange seeing empty seats,” Kerry Wood said. “It’s our job to change that.”

    SORIANO: “It surprised me today, but Monday, and cold weather — people don’t want to come out of the house,” Soriano said. “But I think when it (starts) getting warm, people will come to the game.”

    QUADE: “It was a cool, lousy Monday day (game),” he said, adding that a crowd of 26,000 was “not bad” when considering those factors.

    “They’re never dull and they’re never quiet,” he said. “So that’s a good thing no matter how many of them are here.”

    These comments go to show everyone that Quade and Soriano are both idiots….or in denial (which isn’t a shocker…Soriano’s baseball IQ is very poor anyway) At least Kerry Wood gets it.

    I have a message for Soriano….
    *Do you understand that even with your occasional home runs, the fans have been booing you relentlessly? Do you understand that your performance (and lack thereof) on the field does NOT go unnoticed? Why then are you surprised that the fans didn’t show up? Are you trying to say that in 2007 and 2008, and even the last 2 years, they didn’t show up in April? We all know that isn’t true, so why don’t you man up, like your teammate Kerry Wood did, and just say that you have to play better…you have to EARN the fan’s support again?

    I also have a message for Quade….
    *Do you even know how to manage a winning team? You won your division in the minors…what….twice in 16 seasons? You claimed that you’d treat veterans and young players the same when manager, yet you benched Castro for making a mistake, then let veterans like ARAM, Soriano, and others still play after they made even more egregious mistakes, or had lack of hustle altogether. You claimed you’d also play the young players, yet Castillo, Snyder, and others were relegated to the bench at the end of the season, and this Spring Training, you took Johnson, Hill, and DeWitt up north, even though they didn’t stand out as much as some of the younger players. DeWitt is still young, but he was dreadful. Why don’t you get it that the fans are sending YOU and your boss, Jim Hendry, a STRONG message that they’re not going to put up with the same-old thing year-in and year-out?

  • cubtex

    Robert Coello is in the starting rotation for Iowa. He could be a player to keep on eye on.

  • PleaseStopLosing

    I for one am absolutely loving watching the games and seeing so many empty seats!! Way to go Cubs Fans! This is sending exactly the message we needed to send to the organization. We won’t tolerate a lack of hustle and poor management year after year. You want to be stingy on putting a solid team on the field? Great, we can be just as stingy and not pay your outrageous ticket prices to sit there and watch a boring team.

    It’s not just how few of tickets are being sold, its also how much money they are losing on concession and beer sales! I would love to see the gross sales on merchandise, concessions and beer from the first four games in previous years compared to this year. Marvelous!

    • paulcatanese

      Hey,I would feel right at home with that attendence. I believe I have stated before that I hve been to the park in the late 40’s and 50s and have seen many crowds in the 1500 to 4000 range and had never seen the upper deck opened.You could walk up to the window and get a box pretty much anywhere in the park for $3.50 and lots of parking. That was a great time,you knew the Cubs were going to lose and the only mystery was how they would do it. They managed to invent dfferent ways daily.

  • Tom U

    With three outfielders at AA Tennessee, expect Ryan Flaherty, Marwin Gonzalez, and possibly DJ LeMahieu and Josh Vitters to see some time in the outfield.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      Tom have you heard anything about Reggie Golden?

      • Tom U

        To Patrick Schaefer

        Sorry to get back to you so late on Reggie Golden. From what I have seen, he has not been assigned to a team yet. On Monday, he lined-up with the extended spring training/Boise squad against Iowa. He started in right, batted fifth, and went 2-3 with two singles and a run scored.