Checking in on Brett Jackson

The Brett Jackson Watch has begun and the Cubs’ top position prospect is tearing up the Southern League.

Brett Jackson entered play Thursday with a .419/.544/.721/1.265 slash line. In 13 games Jackson was 18-for-43 with three doubles, two triples, two home runs, 12 walks, 10 strikeouts and six stolen bases.

Jackson followed up an excellent performance Wednesday (a single short of the cycle) with a 2-for-4 effort Thursday that included his second home run in as many games. Jackson also reached on a two-out double in the third and scored the Smokies first run of the game.

Brett Jackson raised his ridiculous slash line to .426/.541/.787/1.328 in 14 games. Jackson has 37 total bases with more walks (12) than strikeouts (11). Mick Gillispie, the radio voice of the Smokies, mentioned during Thursday’s broadcast that Jackson’s most impressive at bat from the night before resulted in a strikeout. Jackson led off the game with a long at bat that in the end benefited his team.

Jackson’s 10-game hitting streak recently came to an end but the speedy centerfielder has hit safely in 12 of the 14 games he’s played … and he’s reached base safely in all 14 games this season.

The 22-year old centerfielder enjoys hitting leadoff for the Smokies. Jackson recently said he’s hoping the experience he’s getting at the top of the lineup will not only benefit him and his team now but in the future as well. Jackson realizes the Cubs do not have a true leadoff hitter and that could end up being his role with the big league club.

Stay tuned …

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver
  • BosephHeyden

    My worry is the Cubs see how good this kid knows he is and keep him in the minors way too long. Look, I love Marlon Byrd and all, he’s been great for the team and, by all accounts is a great clubhouse guy. But this is one of the few scenarios we have as far as a young guy behind a veteran is potentially much better for the team: he’s a lead-off guy, a great bat, and seems to be a pretty good center fielder. And trading Marlon Byrd wouldn’t necessarily be bad, because Reed Johnson is more than capable of being the “veteran outfielder” the team needs and can fill in whenever.

    Then again, things like Starlin Castro’s rookie season don’t happen all that often, so it isn’t like this is a must.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Cubs got knocked out of 1st place by both the Cards and Reds last night.

  • Tony

    Brett Jackson is calling Jim Hendry, call for you Mr Hendry.

    JH has always said that young players will tell you when they are ready.

    Brett Jackson has spoken!

    He won’t come up until late May/June (I feel like a broken record, for as long as I have been saying this), to ensure he is not a Super 2 after 2013. This is good business sense.

    Of course, last year they brought up Castro early, on May 7th and he will, most likely, be a Super 2 after 2012. Which is why I say they need to offer Castro a contract, now, to lock up his arb years, and possible early FA years. If you give Castro a contract, that guarantees him alot of money, he will sign it. What the team gets back is payroll certainty, and hopefully some club option years, at the end. Since they didn’t wait on Castro, I could easily see them not waiting on Jackson. They don’t always use, “good business sense” at Clark and Addison.

    Castro had Theriot and Fontenot in his way. Fontenot was the odd man out and was batting over 300 (I believe) at the time. So Marlon Byrd should not keep Brett Jackso in the minors, and I am sure, just as my line that Theriot and Fontenot were in Castro’s way, sounds so silly now, so will the thoughts that Byrd, Fukdudome, or even Colvin, were in Brett Jackson’s way.

    • Richard Hood

      This may sound like I am looking at the glass Half Empty but lets remeber that we have not had a serious injury to our everyday players yet. So before we start thinking about this guy being traded or that guy getting released to make room on the big club lets see what May brings.

      I agree with Tony on the idea of late May being the window just to keep Super 2 status out of the question but that is still 4 weeks away. If a DL type injury happens to an outfielder before then you might see a call down to Tennessee and a Wally Pip situation happen.

      • paulcatanese

        Bring Jackson up now,don’t wait. We need him now if this team is going to be competitive at all.Remember what I have said. what you lose now cannot be made up later. Get rid of Johnson and keep Byrd for a corner spot,whatever,but move him out of the three spot,period. With Johnson,one day does not make a season. Jackson belongs here,he has earned it now.
        As far as injuries go, dont look for them to happen, they may,but its not inevatable that they will. The group of young kids will do wonders for this team, and maybe,just maybe Ricketts will decide to clean house.

  • paulcatanese

    Right now Jackson is not being challenged where he is playing and that is a bad thing. If he continues to perform at that level he needs to go to the next to see what he can do. Sometimes it’s not all about money and the Cubs have proven that with some of the contracts they have put out there. So why would they be worried about the “super 2”? Bring him up and let the chips fall where they may. This dilly-dally around the .500 msrk could continue for a long time.Need change Ricketts,do it now.

  • paulcatanese

    Everyone knows that JH has had some issues with his contracts and what it has meant to the development of this team. But in a feeble attemt to indicate that he is doing something right you need to look no further than the amount of rookies he has brought up. No one can deny the success so far of Castro and Barney,Coleman,Mateo. More need to be added to the roster. JH has his hands tied,but that was of his own doing, and now he has a chance to start to make it right. Get rid of Byrd (only tradeable he has) and Johnson and fill the spots with rookies. Because of the .500 mark it would appear they are somewhat successful but they are not, as had been discussed earlier,everyone needs to step up and produce,and the only one at this point (vets) has been Soriono. They at this stage have two starters Zambrano and Garza. Bullpen needs to be perfect, Pena needs to have his bunts travel a bit further, Rameriz same thing, some of his fly balls need to go out,Soto same thing,Byrd?? The only two that are doing their jobs are of course Castro and Barney, oh and Fukudome. Hill?, send him so far away it would cost 10$ to send him a postcard. Bring more youngsters up JH.

  • paulcatanese

    Same old boring lineup for todays game,watch the first three and then take a nap until they come around again. Glad Coleman is getting the start.maybe they can push a few runs across for him.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    Fill in rest