A Look In the Cubs Bullpen … and Other Videos

The Cubs took the field for the second time of the spring Monday afternoon. Q’s crew was able to get work in before, during and after the game.

Tyler Colvin took more grounders at first and the team was able to take a little BP before the first pitch. Randy Wells, Andrew Cashner, Jay Jackson, Kerry Wood, John Gaub, Chris Carpenter and Sean Marshall warmed up in the pen before entering the game.

Here are a few videos from Monday at HoHoKam Park …

Andrew Cashner spent time working on different grips with Lester Strode. Cashner appears to have a plan when he takes the mound. After his outing, Cashner said he felt his stuff was good but the ball just didn’t go where he wanted.

When a Kerry Wood fastball hits a catcher’s mitt, it makes a different sound from other fastballs. A crowd gathered around the Cubs’ pen when Wood took the hill and he did not disappoint.

Sean Marshall was one of the best relievers in the NL a year ago … but that was then. On Monday he continued working with Lester Strode on improving his craft.

Here are the videos from Monday shot by the CCO …

Tyler Colvin Working at First Base

Batting Practice

Randy Wells’ Bullpen Session

The Cubs take the field against the Brewers

Andrew Cashner Bullpen Session

Andrew Cashner Bullpen Session

Jay Jackson Bullpen Session

Jay Jackson Bullpen Session

Kerry Wood Bullpen Session

Kerry Wood Bullpen Session

John Gaub Bullpen Session

Chris Carpenter Bullpen Session

Chris Carpenter Bullpen Session

Sean Marshall Bullpen Session

Click Here for Video from the Cubs First Game of the Spring

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Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax
  • Bryan

    So we’ve experienced the second game of spring training, and here’s some of the headlines. First, “Zambrano may see increased role as pinch hitter”. Excuse me, but unless your name is Babe Ruth, I would expect that every position player on your roster would be a better pinch hitting option than a starting pitcher. Oh, I forgot, we have Koyie Hill on our roster.

    Second, Carlos Pena sees the defensive switch (overload) on him in game 2, but proclaims that he’s not going to change his batting approach upon seeing that (coming from a guy who batted .196 last year). Isn’t that what spring training is for…to experiment.

    All told, same ‘ol Cubs BS. Pass that kool-aid please.

    • paulcatanese

      Your’e right, Pena is not Ted Williams, or Pujols.I thought they all practiced bunting,then again 10 mil for a bunt?

  • Dpemail

    Hey bryan, start supporting your team and quit being a fag

    • daverj

      I usually don’t agree with Bryan’s analysis of the Cubs, but your post is not consistent with “staying classy”. Tell Bryan why he’s wrong, but lay off the personal attacks.

  • paulcatanese

    I guess when one has the kind of contract that Zambrano has he can either dictate what he wants to do,or the Cubs want to get every dime back. He could always sell hot dogs between assignments. And as far as Hill,the batboy would even be an option for a plus. And Neil,,,, great videos!!!!