Cubs Linked to Luis Castillo

The New York Mets released second baseman Luis Castillo Friday and not soon after, the Chicago Cubs were one of several teams reportedly interested in signing him. The Mets will pay virtually all of the remaining $6 million owed to Castillo for this season … any team that signs Castillo will be responsible only for the $414,000 major league minimum.

Luis Castillo will clear waivers Sunday afternoon and figures to sign quickly according to a report from Ken Rosenthal.

The rumor mill has suggested that Jim Hendry has had interest in Luis Castillo for years … and as recently as 2009.

The Cubs and Mets discussed a deal that would have sent Luis Castillo to the Cubs for Milton Bradley. The deal fell through and Bradley was traded to the Mariners for Carlos Silva.

According to a report from Bruce Levine, the Cubs second base job “is somewhat unsettled with two weeks to go before Opening Day.” Jeff Baker and Darwin Barney have performed well according to Levine but Blake DeWitt, the only left-hander in the mix at second base, has struggled in the field and at the plate.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies, Orioles and Marlins have also shown interest in signing Luis Castillo once he clears waivers.

Luis Castillo’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • Wickitkevin

    Here is what you do sign Castillo, send Dewitt to AAA or Trade him to the Phillies and have Barney as the back up for Castro. But that not all if Castillo plays will use him as a cheap trade chip at the dead line.

    • Wickitkevin

      Change Will to Well please

      • GaryLeeT

        Hey Kevin,
        To save yourself a little trouble next time, you can edit your comments, even if you have already posted them.

        • studio179

          Not always though. In my case, the ‘edit’ button does not work. Maybe others experience the same problem. I don’t know.

          • The Maven

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  • Baron_S

    oh GOD!!! Castillo is 75 years old….. surely not

  • Ripsnorter1

    And some people accuse me of being nothing more than a Jim Clueless basher!
    If you can’t read this and determine that Jim Clueless is insane, then you, too, need some psychiatric help. This guy is NUTS!!!!!

    The Mets thought so little of Castillo, age 35, that even though they owed him $6 million, they thought their last place team would be better off just dumping the guy and then playing one of 5 minor leaguers available to him. Of those 5 minor leaguers, no one has stepped up and won the job outright (sorta like the Cub’s 2B position right now), and still they dumped him! That ought to tell you something.

    So let’s look at the stats, Vin, and determine what exactly Mr. Castillo can and cannot do:

    What Mr. Castillo could do in years prior to 2010, was to draw an occasional walk, and to steal an occasional base. He has no power at all. In 15 ML seasons, once he hit 23 2B, and once he hit 22 2B, but most of the time he has hit about 12 2B per year, 2 HR per year, and about 4 3B. NO POWER AT ALL.
    Last year he “slugged” .267.

    In 2010, his .235 BA was next to his career low (he hit .203 in 1998, his 3rd season). He stole 8 bases, caught 3 times, in 290 PA. He walked 39 times.

    Jim Clueless must be thinking that this guy is his leadoff guy. GAG!

    My apologies to Mr. Darwin Barney. Iowa is so lovely at this time of year.

  • GaryLeeT

    Don’t even worry about blocking Barney’s development, please, please get Castillio signed! He’s clearly the missing piece for a team poised to make a deep post season run.

  • Denio

    I can see it now… Cubs get Castillo for 2B with DeWitt as back-up and Barney gets sent down to Iowa… Think the Mets are going to throw away 6 million if there wasn’t a problem.. You would think they could a least get a (player to be named later) and maybe even a little help with the salary.
    Have to agree with RIP on Hendry, He probably has been too nice to him if you asked me… Cubs have had a problem with defense up the middle for awhile now…So what did they do.. trade their best defender A.Blanco to Texas. Blanco’s offense was weak, hitting in the 240 range, but they are going to keep a catcher hitting in the zero’s (.042) Go Figure…

  • Tony

    JH at the podium – “Ah-um, we have been wanting Luis for many years, and we have now been able to pick him up and, allow the Mets to pay for our new lead-off hitter and 2B. Luis is an All-Star 2B, with World Series experience, and will be the catalyst, that this team needs to make a run at the playoffs and World Series this year. I mean pairing Castillo, with Soriano, Fukudome, Byrd, Pena on offense, and with a pitching staff that has Silva, huh, I mean, how can we lose, with all of this veteran experience hanging around. I do know one thing, though, I am going to have to hustle a little more, to get in line for the buffet…”

    Consider this a done deal. JH’s man crushes always play out. He still has vivid memories of Castillo hitting 330 batting lead-off.

    • paulcatanese

      Oh my, you and Rip Castillo bashers? What ? This guy is a perfect clubhouse addition,swings a mean bat,hustles all the time and will definetly help the younger players develop. He and Pena can be roomates on the road helping each other determine that a bat is used to hit the ball,and Silva can pitch batting practice to the both of them to boost their confidence.I mentioned yesterday that JH would be chomping at the bit for his guy again) dont forget its a bargain and JH can backload one year 207 this yr and 207next yr. Cant you guys see this?

      • Ripsnorter1


        Yeah, I can see it. I can also smell it …..

  • Jay from Sandwich

    Please, Please and Please again no retraeds Jim Hendry it is time to let the kids play. We do not need a 35 year secound basemen. We have a lot of kids who play secound base in the minors if we do not like the three or four current options then lets let a kid play from AA then. It is well past time in saying we have a good fram system it is time to produce….

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why JIm? 2 of the last 3 years he has been below replacement level.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      In 2008 and 2010 the years he was below replacement Rosenthal says Castillo was injured. His .290/.387 career line is interesting but he is 35 way past his prime won’t hit that well, isn’t very speedy anymore, and isn’t great on defense. Oh yeah and he has no power at all.

      • Tony

        Patrick – Quit giving JH all of his reasons, to sign him…

  • Aaron

    Need any further evidence of how delusional the Cubs are…..from the management all the way down to the field staff?

    Check this little turd nugget out…LOL…I’m sorry, just couldn’t describe it any other way:

    From the Trib:,0,6322275.story

    Countdown: The final spots in the outfield and infield seem to be clearing up.

    Infielder Darwin Barney appears to have gained an edge over the injured Augie Ojeda (back spasms) while veteran Reed Johnson rates above Perez in the outfield.

    “Things will become clearer and clearer for a lot of reasons,” Quade said. “I’m concerned about Augie. I’m hoping he can get healthy. He’s a valuable guy, whether he goes with us or he doesn’t. It’s a thing that’s a concern because it’s getting late in camp and I don’t think he’s real close yet.

    “I’m not ruling anybody out. Barney and (Jeff) Baker have been fantastic. They’ve had a really, really good camp, offensively and defensively. Those guys have made a real strong case for themselves.”


    It’s almost like Quade is in despair over Augie being injured and thus, not being able to make the team….well….not so fast. If Augie can even get in 1 or 2 games, he’s basically a shoe in if you read between the lines.

    I said it before why I didn’t want Quade at the helm. I said actions speak louder than words, and EVERYONE saw it right in front of them last year how he treated Castro different than the veterans, and then proceeded to bench pretty much all of the rookies down the stretch, riding the veterans to his “dream” job.

    • paulcatanese

      Absolutly correct on all points. I remember that quote by Quade. I still say Quade is nothing more than a yes man. That idiotic statement speaks volumes.

      • JedMosley

        I’d give Quade a little more credit than that, he’s not an idiot and he knows more baseball that all of us combined. With that saying, signing Castillo would be a bad move IMO. I think if it did happen, we’d see less of Fukudome, which I would like, but still it wouldn’t be a good move. I think people are reading too much into the “white lines” of what Quade’s saying rather than the big picture.

        • paulcatanese

          I would like to give him more credit once he starts making statements that make sense,and moves as well.As far as him knowing more baseball than all of us combined,thats a stretch as many of us have extensive experience and just becuase he has the job does not make him an expert. Idiot may be a little strong but as far as reading too much into things are his statements that bring those responses out from all of us. He is a yes man making terrible statements and nothing more.

          • JedMosley

            And Quade doesn’t have extensive experience? Hmm….I think he has more “extensive experience” than most on here commenting, but I could be wrong. I never said he was an expert, I just said he knows what he’s doing. His statements have all made sense to me, I think most Cubs fans in general just like to complain about anything they can. Is Quade going to be perfect? No. But I will support him as long as he’s the manager of the Cubs.

        • paulcatanese

          One other thing,have you read Aarons post?Rips? Or Tonys? I think they all have valid points and concerns.Not meant to be a confrontation,just opinions.The number 44 on the end of your nae tells me that you were a fan of Phil C so am I,so we do have something in common.

          • JedMosley

            I agree Paul, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that, I just have some different opinions. I’ve read their posts, I agree with a few things but for the most part I don’t agree with them. I understand where they are coming from on most of their comments, I just tend to believe things aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be. I think it’ll be a fun team watch. But I’m a little younger, so maybe I don’t have quite the frustration as some do on this website.

          • paulcatanese

            Thanks,so we agree to dis-agree. I also think you are a bit younger,actually everyone on this site is younger than I. I never had all of these frustrations until joining this blog,just used to take it as it came. Until I was exposed to all the inner works of the Cubs which has been fascinating to say the least. It has awakend thoughts that did not exist before and has been a great deal of fun for me.

          • JedMosley

            I agree Paul, I like this website to get a feeling of what Cubs fans are thinking. I was surprised when voting for what the Cubs season will be like that most people believe the Cubs are a .500 team or slightly better, which is where I think they’ll end up. It’s funny that most people that voted aren’t as doom and gloom as some of the posters on here. And Aaron, I’d rather be overly optimistic the pessimistic, but that’s just me. I agree with some of the points you’re getting at though.

          • Aaron

            Where do I start?

            First of all, I believe if you ask almost everyone in our society, they’d agree that “actions speak louder than words”.

            Quade can say he wants to give young guys a chance all he wants, but the bottom line is, they have a much shorter leash than veterans. The veterans can dog it all they want, and Quade still won’t bench them.

            Example #1: Castro getting benched last year for mental errors, while Soriano and ARAM clearly were dogging it, not hustling out of the box, and not hustling on defense to get to balls

            Example #2: Quade said that he loves what the kids brought to the table and gave the team a lift down the stretch, and yet he sat just about all of them, riding veterans like Nady (who NEVER was even considered to be in the team’s plans for 2011), and he sat Castillo, Snyder, and even Barney while they could’ve received valuable playing time with Soto and Colvin being injured.

            Example #3: *this actually is a continuation of #2…despite the statements about Quade “working well with younger players and giving them opportunities” as Hendry and Quade both stated after he got the job….Quade all but assured Koyie Hill, Augie Ojeda, and Reed Johnson spots on the team before Spring Training even started. This is NOT an exaggeration. He didn’t even mention younger guys in the same breath as them, and he continues to prove this point by being very outspoken in favor of Ojeda and Hill being on the roster. He hasn’t talked up Johnson as much as those two, but he did in the beginning. Ironically, Hill, Ojeda, and Johnson all have sucked with the following respective slash lines:

            Meanwhile, the “young guys” Hendry and Quade said that he coaches so well, and gives opportunities to have produced far better than these clowns. Guys like Castillo, Barney, Moore, and Camp…and even the much older “young” guy (b/c he hasn’t had a real chance in MLB), Scales have produced the following slash lines respectively:

            About the only guy you could question being included on the team is Camp, but he offers more versatility than the veterans we have, and would allow double switch opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.

            Some might say, “yeah, but it’s just Spring Training”…..Castillo, based on his performance last year both defensively and offensively, combined with his outstanding Spring Training numbers that few veterans can even attain….I just don’t see how you can put him in the minors and go with Koyie Hill. It defies all logic.

            And Moore, with his power numbers this spring would be a welcome addition to 2B, and a back-up at 3B, SS, and 1B. Right now, if Baker and DeWitt make the team, we have absolutely NO power whatsoever at 2B, and thus, NO power off the bench either. That is why Moore would be a valuable addition.

            But none of this will happen. I guess you could say Barney has the greatest chance of making the team, but if Ojeda comes back, it’s over for Barney, and he starts in AAA….and even if Ojeda doesn’t, Hendry will go hard after Luis Castillo as reports have stated.

            At least I know what’s coming. There are some fans that are so blinded by their overly-optimistic attitudes that they can’t see the train wreck that is about to happen this year.

  • Tony

    (@BruceMiles2112) Should #Cubs take a chance on Luis Castillo? 3 minutes ago

    Miles says it well, just say no to Castillo…put Cashner in the rotation as well.

  • Wickitkevin

    Ok I am not a Hendry supporter, if you listen to Round trip on MLB radio you know that. But Signing Castillo will not really cost anything and for all of you who think that it means Barney will be send down. They can’t, they never him to back up Castro. They would have to send Dewitt down, whic@h would be good to have him work on his fielding at 2B.

  • paulcatanese

    Hey Rip,JH must have a master plan behind all of this,problem is no one on this earth and the far galaxys can figure it out. That poll of 70-75 wins for the year is looming larger every day. JH needs to spend more time in his private jet at 150,000 ft. that should clear his head.

  • Neil

    As Kevin pointed out, Barney is the only backup to Starlin Castro at short. Ojeda will likely begin the year in Iowa with Barney breaking camp with the Cubs.

    Barney is also pushing for DeWitt’s time at second … and could push DeWitt all the way to Iowa to start the season. Pat Listach (on Talkin’ Baseball this morning), “Barney has opened a lot of eyes this spring.”

    • Richard Hood

      Neil what do think the chances are for Camp to head north with the big club? He would make more sense as the 5th OF at this point because of his versatility.

  • studio179

    Hendry loves a stockpile of second basemen. Can someone please tell him that once you love a player years ago, it is ok to let the thought go of aquiring him because he is no longer what you thought he was as of today…or in recent memory. Plus, Castillo is not as horrible a clubhouse guy compared to others, but can be ‘high maintenence’. So no value there. We know when Hendry likes a player, as he does with Castillo, it means a safe bet the Cubs are serious and almost done. DeWitt has to clear optional assignment waivers before March 31st. It may be a safer bet that Barney is sent down, but I actually think Quade may tell Hendry to keep him in Chicago. Just a guess. Anyway, I fail to see where Castillo adds any value.

    • Tony

      Where do get the information that Dewitt doesn’t have an option, without clearing waivers. I don’t see that Dewitt ahs to clear optional assignment waivers, and that there is any March 31st deadline.

      The only players I see that have to clear optional assignment waivers are Carlos Marmol Sean Marshall. Thomas Diamond and Randy Wells have the right to decline an outright assignement and choose FA. That is all I see.

      Info is at Neils 40 man roster tab –

  • paulcatanese

    Hey Rip,JH must have a master plan behind all of this,problem is no one on this earth and the far galaxys can figure it out. That poll of 70-75 wins for the year is looming larger every day. JH needs to spend more tie in his private jet at 150,000 ft.that should clear his head.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I’ve been gone all day and missed this discussion.

      Well, if the Cubs win 70 games this year, it will because the Brewers starting staff has already gone down with injuries, and the Cards have injury problems in their starting staff, too.

      But even with that much help, Quade and Jim Clueless are laboring overtime to sink the Cubs’ ship. It is tough to lose more than 95 games, but with these two, it might be possible.

  • John_CC

    This is great. Great string of comments here, the sarcasm is honed to a razor sharp edge. I love it. This team will be soo incredibly boring and mediocre, at best. All I can say is if they indeed sign Castillo, Baker better be cut loose. But as noted by someone here it seems like there’s nothing Jimbo likes more than stable of crappy 2Bmen.

  • SuzyS

    Remember Steve Sax with the WS???….I’m sorry, but we have several back-up
    2nd basemen already….I like Barney the best…but he is still just a back up.