Cubs Looking at Michael Young?

According to a report from the Boston Globe, “if the Cubs could get some salary relief from the Rangers, a Young deal could be made.” Michael Young would shift to second base, according to the Globe.

Updated 3:39 CDT From Jon Heyman: Michael Young perfect for Cubs: 2b, 3-hole hitter, leader. But Cubs person says “not happening”

The Globe reported that the Cubs do not have a “plethora of talent” at second base in Blake DeWitt and Jeff Baker and the Cubs are waiting for D.J. LeMahieu to develop in a year or two.

Michael Young would like to be traded but is owed a ton of money.

According to Cot’s Contracts, Young is owed $16 million per year over the last three seasons ($48 million) of the five-year, $80 million contract extension he signed in March of 2007.

During Friday’s broadcast (Cubs against the Sox), Mick Gillispie mentioned that Ken Rosenthal reported Young had added the Cubs to his list of teams he would be willing to accept a trade to.

Michael Young can still hit but as the Globe pointed out, he’s not good in the field at this point in his career.

Michael Young’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • cubtex

    For the right price…..Young would be a great bat to add to the team this year! I feel the Cubs might have some issues scoring runs consistently and to add his bat would be a huge upgrade!!

  • Richard Hood

    I still can’t see this being reality. Why clear all the payroll for 2012 just to have Young clogging up 2nd and or 3rd for the next 3 years. He has always been a product of his ballpark that plays questionable defense no matter where he plays. He at this point in his career is not worth the price.

  • Vstarwars1

    Who would they trade away????

  • paulcatanese

    Young and his bat would be great,the Cubs could use that. But where do you hide his glove? That would be a great issue for the Cubs,especially at 2nd base. Granted they do not have much there with DeWhitt and Baker,but why compound the salary issue and get someone who is one dimensional. The national league is hitting AND defense,somthing that Young does not give them.

  • Cheryl

    I can’t see it happening. If they have LeMathieuinthe wings and I think someone mentioned Scott as a versatile infielder who could play all four infield positions, why do it?

  • Tony

    In the right deal (including moving Soriano out) this could make sense. It could take more than the Cubs and Rangers. Young could play 2B, 3B next year after they let ARam walk, or I am sure he could play LF.

    This isn’t a trade the farm deal, it’s a better situation for all deal. If the Cubs or Rangers can get 1 or even 2 more teams involved, this could happen, and be a win-win for all.

    • gocubs

      By the way Tony, Soriano is one of the best hitters on this team still. Last year had the 2nd highest OPS on the team. Soto lead the Cubs in OPS in 2010. Believe it or not, Soriano was not bad in LF either and seems to be getting better on defense.

      • Tony

        And how sad does that make this team…

        In Fantasy Baseball, where offense is all that matters, Soriano is 68th ranked…not out of all hitters, out of just the OUTFIELDERS.


        Most leagues average 12 players x 3 OF = 36 deep

        You would have to go 6 Outfielders deep on each fantasy team, for Soriano to be relevant. And this is where is defense doesn’t lower him down the list. Which is defense does do.

        By the way, are you saying you wouldn’t trade Soriano if you had the chance? Because that is sure what it sounds like you are saying.

        Also, Soto had a whole 387 Plate Apperances. That is not a lot. The year before – 389 PA’s – OPS – 702. IF he can get on the field for a full year of PA’s, I really doubt he will be close to his 2010 OPS of 890

    • cubtex

      I am thinking the same thing Tony! Young would play 2B this year, 3B next letting ARAM walk and let Vitters get one more year in the minors under his belt and worry about year 3 when the get there. I don’t see this being a Soriano for Young deal but if the Rangers pick up a huge chunk of his contract this would be worth exploring.

  • gocubs

    Also Tony, the are not going to let Aramis walk. They will extend him if he is healthy. There are ZERO 3rd basemen FA out there who even come close to Ramirez’ production. You think Young is a more productive player than Ramirez? You may need to take a moment and look at their numbrer

    • Tony

      Actually Michael Young does get drafted in fantasy baseball ahead of ARam, but anyway, which ARam are we talking about, the one that wants to play or the one that doesn’t.

      Michael Young gives you everything, all the time. They will fill 3B internally,or with a stopgap, like Young, if they can get offset the salaries in a deal. Do I think Michael Young is coming to Chicago…NO, but I don’t think they will keep ARam for 2012, unless he actually shows like he wants to play, and you know, give at least 50% effort most of the time.

      And that is just not in ARam to actually do. I love ARam, when he is playing hard, it just doesn’t happen very often.

  • GaryLeeT

    I was thinking we would see the error prone Castro at 2nd, sooner, rather than later. But given his age, I am sure he will be given plenty of time to prove himself at short.

    • Tony

      Can you wait until he is at least 21 before moving him? They trade away Hak Ju Lee. Castro is at SS for a long time. His D will improve, but you should just enjoy the range he has, that takes away so many singles from the box score.

      • GaryLeeT

        Tony, I do respect your opinion, but last year when I suggested the Cubs should try Colvin at first and Cashner as a starter, you told me, that it would never happen.

        • Tony

          I may have said it wouldn’t happen by Lou, or the management, but not that I wouldn’t want that. There is a difference between, what I (and others) think will happen, versus, what we would like to happen.

    • Tom U

      Gary, Castro is young and has time to improve. The Cubs have plentiful organizational depth at shortstop. If Castro doesn’t show any improvement soon, one of the other prospects should be ready.

  • Neil

    From Jon Heyman: Michael Young perfect for Cubs: 2b, 3-hole hitter, leader. But Cubs person says “not happening”

  • Ripsnorter1

    Don’t you guys get it? Its a three way trade with Silva going to the Yanks, Young to the Cubs, and Texas receiving stuff from the Yanks.My view: his defense is every bit as good as DeWitt’s, and he can hit. So what’s the problem? I wouldn’t worry about his salary since I don’t have to pay it.

  • Cheryl

    Ripsnorter1, Best of both worlds if you’re right. Yankees get Silva. Cubs get Young. Baker could also go to the Rangers. But if they want outfielder who sends the outfielder? The cubs have plenty of outfielders. Fuke could be thrown in. And, my guess is the Rangers still want a catcher. How about Hill? But the cubs need something from the Yankees. I’d be satisfied with a midrange draft pick in the upcoming draft and some salary relief on Silva from them. So, Fuke, Hill and Baker to Texas. Young and some cash from Texas to the Cubs. Silva to the Yanks for cash relief and a mid-range draft pick this year. Texas gets cash and a prospect from the Yankees. Sounds good. But is it reality?