From the Wire … Cubs Release Carlos Silva

According to multiple reports, the Cubs granted Carlos Silva his unconditional release Sunday morning.

The Cubs told Silva Saturday that he would not make the team out of camp and asked him to go to Triple-A Iowa to be insurance during the season. Silva said there’s was no chance he would accept a minor league assignment.

Releasing Carlos Silva reduces the Cubs 40-man roster to 38 players. Reed Johnson will take one of the two open spots once he’s officially added to the Cubs big league roster.

The Cubs are on the hook for the remaining $11.5 million on Carlos Silva’s contract. Reports surfaced Saturday that the Cubs are not responsible for the $2 million buyout on the mutual option for 2012.

The Cubs officially reduced their Spring Training roster to 27 players by granting Silva his unconditional release Sunday morning. The only position yet to be announced is which catcher will serve as Geovany Soto’s backup.

Koyie Hill, Welington Castillo and Max Ramirez are still vying for the position.

Updated 10:31am CDTAccording to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs had planned to run out Silva on his regular day Monday in order to showcase him for a possible trade. Apparently things changed in light of the comments Silva made Saturday.

Will update when more information becomes available …

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"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon
  • Joel


    Way to step up JH … typical of pro ‘athlete’ (and i use that term lightly) to look everywhere else for blame…

    If you discount the fact that hes about 400lbs overweight, injury prone, pitching to the tune of a 10+ era this spring, already getting in dugout fights with teammates, and Cashner outperformed him/has a 10x higher ceiling… Then you can clearly see where silfat is coming from

    • paulcatanese

      I agree with what you posted. But with 95% of pro athletes,the hardest decision they have to make in their careers is the one that they tell themselves is I AM DONE.let alone admit it. Tough cuts are made every day in Pro sports and while many athletes know they are thru,they do blame others for their demise. Classless ones like Silva do what he did still believing he can perform at the highest level. Under the best scenerio the class athlete would go to the club and retire and tell them to keep the rest owed to them. But there are only so-many Kerry Woods and Cliff Lees in the game.

  • Roland

    Good riddance.

    • coutz34

      you will also have to add dempster into that list with wood and lee, as of just a few seasons ago he deferd some of his years salary so that jh and the cubs could have some more breathing room in the payroll to work with,

  • paulcatanese

    Well thats done(Silva). Now as we all know that this year the focus is placed on offense. So why do we still have Hill? I believe the Trib.(Sullivan) had said that Castillo and Rairmirez are on their way down. Hill may not get his third hit this till May. Quade needs to give the DP combo Castro-Barney all the extra time they can get. At this point in the year why DeWitt and Baker at 2nd. The combo of Castro-Barney,if allowed to play will lead the Central in DPs,plus the enjoyment to watch.

  • JasonPen

    Thanks Jim, you finally are making smart GM moves….maybe they’ll keep you around afterall-

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    WOW, that’s awesome!
    Hendry is turning a new leaf.

  • Daver

    I like it. I wish him nothing but the worst. Learn to be a proffessionial.

  • Tony

    And why we love this game…

    MLB Network doing its’ Top Announcers

    Vince Scully and Mel Allen at the top…love to listen to both of them.

    Many, many more great announcers that are fun to listen to, but I’ll take Vince Scully, any day.

  • Tony

    It seems like some of my Cubs “prayers” are being answered.

    From last weekend –

    I would love to see the Cubs make some, well, un-Cub like moves.

    Cut a player, even though they have a contract they must pay. – CHECK SILVA

    Cut a player, even though he is a nice guy, and is liked in the clubhouse. – CHECK – LOOPER (I guess we can’t list Silva here!)

    Take a chance on a player, even though is nothing more than a role player. – MISSED – I was thinking Scales or Moore

    Pick the young guy, who has upside for this team, versus a vet on the downside of his career. – CHECK – BARNEY over Ojeda

    And last but not least – Pick the best 25 players! – ALMOST, but not good enough.

    Overall – nice to see some decisions made, that go against JH’s normal moves. He has some more cutting to do this year, but nice start.

    • The Maven

      Take this for what an athlete would call it, a salary drive. Hendry can smell the end of his contract and knows ownership wants to use players from the farm system. Watch as, all of the sudden, Hendry becomes the great builder.

      • Tony

        I’d still fire the guy today, if it was my call.

  • cubsklm

    Sure am glad – we gave Hill that well deserved pay raise. While the knife is still hot – cut his A$$.

    Totally ridiculous!

  • xaxinho

    Well done! But I think that the disrespect on Riggins was the key to this release.

  • Neil

    From Carrie Muskat:

    Cubs mgr Quade says it was his decision re: Silva not making 25-man roster, and nobody else’s

    Quade on Silva: “I thought we treated the guy really well. I can look in the mirror all day long.”

    • Tony

      2 parts to this. From reports, it had seemed like Riggins, made the decision, so Q is taking charge and saying it was him.

      I am quite confident, that

      1) Riggins turned in his pitching staff to Q, and discussed it.

      2) Q then turned it in to JH and discussed it.

      As with all managerial structures, if JH wanted to, he could have over ruled the recommendation.

      3) Now, you know that JH, had to get TR to sign off on this as well.

      No way the pitching coach or manager, have the authority to cut a player that costs $11.5M. They can say that want to, but the owner signs off on deals like this.

      • cubtex

        Tony….I mentioned that on a previous post. The reality is that No manager has 100% authority to set the roster. That is fantasy! Terry Francona needs to go over his recommendations with Theo, Ozzie Guillen with Keeeeeennnnnny and then with Reinsdorf if money is involved to cut a higher priced player and so on.

        You are right on 100%!!!! The scenario you outlined is the way EVERY team operates!

      • Richard Hood

        I do not understand how this can just be a baseball decision. The fact that he was given a second chance after his tussle with Ramirez and he blew it.
        I Imagine that JH and Ricketts both knew that Silva was not going only have to beat out Cashner but also beat him convincingly just to make up for his actions and his attitude. So for us to go and try and put blame on anyone for Silva being cut is just stupid. I got a great idea BLAME SILVA.

        • Tony

          Whose blaming anyone else for Silva being cut?

          It is one of the first moves the Cubs management has made that gets applause.

          • Richard Hood

            Sorry was talking to Silva on that one. I also think this was worked out with upper management way before he was finally cut. They gave him a chance to prove his worth and get traded and he did not step up.

        • Ripsnorter1

          Silva became Milton Bradley #2. Can’t do that and stay on the roster.

      • paulcatanese

        Tony,you are absolutly right in the procedure of events. That being said I do not know why Quade does not do the same thing with Hill,with the exception that Hill keeps his mouth shut,as he should. We all know he has to go. But I see the soft spot Quade has in being a players manager,when he wanted to give Ojeda more time because of his back. I believe Quade is walking a tight line between Vets and Rookies. Evidently additional time is not available for Castillo and his injury and include Max Ramirez also with his.

  • Cheryl

    The move on Silva should gain Quade, Riggins and J.H. support by the team too.

  • cubtex

    My thoughts on the backup catcher situation is that they will try and buy a little time by putting Max Ramirez on the DL and let Castillo catch everyday in AAA. My hope is that they can find a taker for Koyie Hill and trade him by the time Ramirez has to come of the DL and then let Max Ramirez backup Soto. Maybe some team will have an injury to a catcher in April and they can unload Hill to them?

    • The Maven

      Great Post, that is definitely do-able

    • GaryLeeT

      Let’s hope your scenario, or one like it, will happen in the near future.
      The decision to bring Hill north defies all logic, and makes Hendry look like a hypocrite when he comments on Silva’s release with “he just wasn’t good enough”. As far as Castillo goes, there is no comparison in the benefits of catching 2 days a week in the Majors, verses any amount of time spent in the Minors.

      • Tom U

        Very good Gary, this is something I’ve been saying for a long time. When a player shows they belong on the major league roster, they need to be there. We saw how that worked last year with Tyler Colvin. All you have to do is pick you’re spots as to when to play them.

        Sending a player back down with the thought of them getting more playing time can have a negative effect, both on the player and the rest of the minor leaguers. This can be especially true with catchers, who can do a lot for the team, even if they aren’t scheduled to play that day.

        The only problem this year is that the Cubs have two promising young catchers and only one spot.

    • Aaron

      You’re kidding, right? “my hope is that they can find a taker for Koyie Hill and trade him….”

      I don’t want to be rude or anything, I just don’t understand how you think the Cubs can possibly unload a guy with a career slash line of .215/.276/.302, and furthermore, he’s coming off a very poor defensive season that saw him commit 4 errors, 4 passed balls, and just an 18% caught stealing rate. As if that weren’t bad enough, he also had a 4.11 pitcher’s ERA, and for his career, he’s at 4.19. He’s had exactly 2 years that were above league average calling games….and that was 2007 (in just 36 games) and 2009 (83 games)….His pitcher’s ERA stats are the following: 8.02, 5.45, 2.98, 5.48, 3.69, 4.11

      That’s all over the board, and NOT what you want from your back-up catcher, not to mention, he can’t even get on base to boot. What value does he have.

      Koyie Hill is nothing more than Jim Hendry and Mike Quade’s butt buddy….I mean, seriously….how else do you explain it? Hendry is divorced…..maybe his wife found some dirty pictures of him, Koyie Hill, and Larry Rothschild.

      Check out these two articles. They detail all you need to know about Hendry and Quade’s mindsets:–20110327,0,7519918.story?track=rss

      “I took a look at this thing and said we’re going with (Andrew) Cashner, and was given the freedom from my general manager and assistant GM to do that. So I’m not sure anyone really understood that. I respect everyone’s opinion, listened to all of it, didn’t sleep, came in, made my decision- done.”
      *Now, this had absolutely NOTHING to do with the catcher’s decision, but you’ll see from the second article how it all ties together. This was Quade speaking on the Silva situation. Basically, he’s saying it’s his call for the roster spots,0,5530085.story

      There are two things that stand out in this article:
      “The Cubs have 27 players in camp, and will send out two catchers, Max Ramirez and Welington Castillo before camp ends on Wednesday. Manager Mike Quade said he doesn’t foresee a scenario in which Koyie Hill doesn’t make the roster.”


      “Basically, he wasn’t good enough to make the team,” general manager Jim Hendry said. “We try to factor in not only spring training, but the second half of last year. You’re looking at a guy who had a 14-something ERA from July 11 on, and came to camp with the notion that he already had a spot in the rotation.”

      So….basically, Hendry is saying performance matters, while Quade doesn’t really say that…leading one to believe that with him, it was more or less an issue of disrespecting Riggins and others, and that’s why he was let go. There seems to be a huge disconnect between the two of them on what they classify as good performance, etc.

      It also makes a LOT of sense why DeWitt is on the team as well, given the fact he could’ve been optioned out. Everything also comes full circle when you think about what happened with his roster management at the end of last year, riding veterans down the stretch in an otherwise lost season instead of the younger players (especially his benching of Castillo down the stretch).

      It also speaks volumes that Quade would say he doesn’t foresee a scenario in which Koyie Hill doesn’t make the roster, and yet they’re still hanging onto Ramirez and Castillo in camp……..hmmmmmmmmmm

      If I were Castillo or Ramirez, I’d have my agent ask for my trade or release immediately.

      I cannot stand Quade. I’m sure he’s a decent guy, but I have no respect for his management strategies at all, and as a fan, I can only hope the Cubs bomb this year, Hendry gets fired, and the new GM cleans house, replacing Quade’s dumb ass. (yeah, I know that’s a bit harsh to say something like that….but how else would you describe a guy that clearly would’ve gone with Silva if not for his disparaging comments), and is going with DeWitt (who had a pathetic slash line with the Cubs after his trade of .250/.314/.375, and this spring has an embarrassing slash line this spring of .204/.214/.333. Ironically, he also has the 4th most ABs this spring for any Cubs hitter…so it’s not like he hasn’t gotten a fair shot).

      Scott Moore or Bobby Scales deserved spots on the team, and Castillo might just be the best hitter in the entire Cactus League this spring. Additionally, Castillo owns a career 39% caught stealing rate in the minors (had 39% last year in AAA as well….plus 40% CS% in MLB last year).

      But….that’s why the Cubs are the Cubs….and will always be losers, until they get some real baseball minds in the front office.

      And Cubtex….just so you know, about the only guys the Cubs could actually trade outright, would be the following:

      …….while, the following guys are virtually untradeable: Grabow, Samardzija, Mateo (although if he starts strong, he might have value), Baker, DeWitt, Hill, Johnson, Fukudome, Soriano, Pena, and Russell
      *or, roughly $54 million in payroll this season.

      • cubtex

        Aaron…not to be rude either but I very rarely read your entire post… so if I say something that you already mentioned that is the reason.

        Catching is one position that most teams need an abundance and want. Never have I said that Koyie Hill is a stud, but look at the backup catching postion for most of the teams….Pretty weak! I am saying maybe the Cubs can buy a month by DL ing Max Ramirez instead of losing him and in the meantime look for options to dump Hill.

      • cubtex

        I thought you would be in a better mood Aaron now that El Gordo got cut.

        One question…How can Z be traded outright when he has a no trade contract?

        • Aaron

          El Gordo? Are you referring to Silva? Yes, I’m in a good mood regarding that…it’s just a shame that Hendry and Quade are full of contradictions with the “performance matters” thing, yet Hill is making the team. Unbelievable!!!!!!!

          As for Z…I should’ve explained that more….by “traded outright”, I meant as a centerpiece in a deal….NOT as a throw-in….for instance, with the Garza trade, Fuld, Perez, and Rosscup were all “throw-ins” to the trade. Sometimes one team can get another to take their discards by including a good player, etc.

      • Gary J

        You’ve got the time frame of the comments about respect all mixed up Aaron.

        Quade’s comments in the article were in response to Silva’s comments AFTER being told he wouldn’t be going north with the team.

        Silva blasted the pitching coach for the way he was informed because in Silva’s mind there never was a competition for the spot – it was decided long ago…. which actually is right. It was decided when you stunk in every start this spring except the final one – which by that time that start was to showcase you for a trade instead of a chance for you to make the roster… which in THAT way he was right. By the time he made that start, he was already done.

        But the decision to go with Cashner over Silva WAS based on performance. That and upside/youth.

        All of Quade’s comments from the article you linked were in response to Silva’s post decision flame out.

        As for Quade’s management style… he took a team in utter disarray post-Lou and managed them to the second best record in MLB during his limited tenure at the end of the year. That end of year record, Silva released, Barney making the squad… add those together and I’m all for giving the guy a shot and seeing how he runs the show when he’s in change from the start of the year. Plus I kind of liked the article you linked above. It’s likely going to get him in trouble at some point ala Ozzie G, but he seems to speak from the cuff without a “politically correct” filter… so it should make for some interesting interviews at the very least.

        It’s WAY too early to be calling for him to get canned.

    • The Maven

      Cubtex and Aaron, perhaps it is prudent that the Cubs open the season with Hill on the roster, with Castillo in AAA and M. Ramirez on the DL. Like the Rays did with Longoria, it can delay the start of the arbitration clock on both players (although I don’t know whether Ramirez’s service time will effect that).

  • Tony

    What team will give Silva another chance?

    I mean really, even at league minimum, why would anyone take a chance on this guy, escpecially with the way he exited the Cubs.

    I don’t see a team that thinks they have a chance, wanting this guy around, and if you are rebuilding, why would you want him around your young team.

    • BosephHeyden

      That first half for the Cubs is all any team will need to take a chance on a guy for the league minimum. That Manny Ramirez signed with a team this offseason and that Milton Bradley has been given so many second chances and that Bartolo Colon is competing for a rotation spot with the YANKEES of all teams is the evidence that you can be a prick, but as long as you’ve done good once, you will never have a problem finding a team.

  • Kojak Osborne Jr.

    It is about time.

  • studio179

    Was Silva out of line, yes. Did the Cubs handle it the best way possible, no. The Cubs management stepped up here when everyone, including myself, thought they would not. Bottom line, Silva was released. The Cubs did eat the money. Give the organization some kudos here. Geez!