From the Wire … Braden Looper to Announce Retirement

According to multiple reports, Braden Looper announced his retirement Friday after being told he would not break camp with the Chicago Cubs. Looper sat out last season and was hoping to catch on with the Cubs this spring. Looper was one of the last pitchers in Cubs camp with a shot to make the Opening Day roster.

With Looper out of the mix, the Cubs’ Spring Training roster stands at 30 players.

Braden Looper signed a minor league contract with the Cubs on January 27 that included a non-roster invitation to big league camp. Looper put together a decent spring (1-0 with a 9.95 ERA and a 1.82 WHIP, 14 runs on 20 hits with three walks and eight strikeouts) before getting shelled by the Padres in Peoria. Looper appeared to have a shot at making the club.

Braden Looper posted a 72-65 record in 12 seasons in the Majors with a 4.15 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP.

Braden Looper’s Page on Baseball-Reference

At some point Saturday, the Cubs are expected to announce the fifth starter and the final spot on the 12-man staff that will open the season on April 1. Reports have suggested that Mike Quade will make the announcement before the exhibition game against the Texas Rangers.

Carlos Silva is the odds on favorite to land the final spot but like Andrew Cashner, Silva’s possible role has yet to be determined. Casey Coleman and Marcos Mateo are still in the mix as well.

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  • S.v.

    how do you figure silva is the odds on favorite after one good start?

    • Neil

      The odds on favorite to land the last spot on the pitching staff, not the rotation. Multiple reports stated as much today. That is not my opinion.

      • Patrick_Schaefer

        Nothing official has been made about Koyie Hill yet right?

        • Neil

          Nothing official yet on Koyie Hill.

          Max Ramirez, Welington Castillo, Marcos Mateo, Casey Coleman and Jeff Stevens are still on the Cubs spring roster.

    • paulcatanese

      I believe Silva will make the rotation and will be given several starts. They need him to at least be halfway decent if they hope to trade him. I find it hard to figure that they will just release him and lose money. I would have hoped he didnt make it but he will and relief is not his specialty. Really,really hope I am wrong,but dont think so.

      • diehardcubfan

        I agree with you that Silva will probably be slotted in the rotation at the start of the year. I do not think he will be effective in long relief. Besides we are paying him way to much.

  • paulcatanese

    Sad day for Looper,it is hard for any athlete to give up the game and I wish him luck.

  • Tony

    Let’s hope they get the last spot right.

    Cashenr 5th starter – He needs to be given a year to start, every 5th day. He has the stuff to be a front of the rotation guy, let’s start the process, now.

    Cut/Trade Silva – I think that is why they have not announced Cashner as the 5th starter, they are “trying” to make other teams think they will actually use the guy.

    Coleman to Iowa – He should get the first call if a starter is needed. Send him to Iowa to pitch every 5th day. He deserved a better shot at the rotation then what he was given this ST.

    Mateo – Put him in the bullpen. He is a lively arm, that is better then a few pitchers we have already put in the bullpen.

    Braden Looper – The hardest thing to do, is to walk away from something you love to do. He is doing so, while he could still pitch, and has job offers, to not put his family through another year of being gone all the time. I have a lot of respect for him, and wish him happiness in the next part of his life, after baseball.

  • Neil

    Bruce Levine just reported that the Cubs are on the hook for all of Silva’s salary for this season that they did not receive any salary relief from the Mariners.

    Keep in mind, I am passing on info and what Levine reported goes against everything I’ve read/heard since the trade went down in 2009.

    Levine also reported that he would be surprised if the Cubs did not release Silva and go with Mateo in the pen … and Cashner in the rotation. According to Levine, the Cubs have received no interest from other teams on Silva.

    • paulcatanese

      Levine must have a little bird that flys around picking up these little tidbits. I agree that this is at the least a small stretch on what has been previously reported. I would be surprised and pleased if they do just release him but just cant buy it. Definetly Mateo and Cashner,we will see.

    • Tony

      If that is true, that means they received all of the money last year. Wow!!

      • Neil

        Paul Sullivan just reported the same … the Cubs are on the hook for the entire $11.5 million, plus his $2 million buyout on the mutual option for 2012

  • Tony

    RT @CarrieMuskat #Cubs name Andrew Cashner 5th starter, Marcos Mateo to bullpen. less than a minute ago


    • JedMosley

      Good for the Cubs! I hope people will have a little more respect for Quade now! Mateo earned his spot, he’s pitched great!

      • Tony

        I hope you don’t think Q made this decision! JH was the one that had to finally swallow hard, and cut someone, owed money.

        Mateo has looked gooded, and should have been a no-brainer, and made bullpen as the 4th or 5th guy, not, as the last spot.

        • JedMosley

          Sure I do, he’s the manager. He told Hendry that’s what he wanted to do and Hendry supported it. That’s what I think went down. So in a way it’s both of them, Hendry could have said no and he’d still be on the team. For as much as everyone hates Hendry and says he’s so predictable it sounds like everyone believed Hendry would make sure Silva would be on the team, but he’s not, and I believe it’s because Quade made the decision against Hendry, and Hendry went with it. Now everyone is saying Hendry did a great job when all of you said he wouldn’t do it in the first place, so that’s why I give Quade some of the credit.

          • Tony

            Did you hear Q’s comments after his last start? He was all excited that Silva looked good.

            I am sure Q, said he would rather have Cashner, but the decision was all JH.

            I am not giving JH credit either, he should have moved Silva last year, in May/June, when teams may have given something, and the Cubs might not have had to pay their part of his salary.

          • JedMosley

            I’m sure he was, Quade sounds like a guy who loves his players, so he was happy one of them had a great outing, nothing more, nothing less. I agree the final decision was Hendry’s, but I don’t think that decision is made if Quade doesn’t tell Hendry he wanted to go with Cashner, that’s all.

  • Neil

    From Carrie Muskat:

    Cubs tell Carlos Silva they’ll try to trade him, but if not, would like him to consider Minor Leagues so he can be insurance for team

    Cashner named 5th starter, Mateo last spot in the pen.