Brett Jackson and Vitters among Cubs Second Round of Roster Cuts

The Cubs announced the second round of roster cuts Tuesday morning. The team trimmed their Spring Training roster by 18 players, reducing the number officially in big league camp down to 40 players.

Brett Jackson, Josh Vitters and Trey McNutt were among the second round of roster cuts.

Several of the players in camp on non-roster invitations were reassigned to minor league camp Tuesday morning.

Chris Carpenter, Jay Jackson, Brett Jackson, Josh Vitters, Trey McNutt, Steve Clevenger, Chris Robinson, Bryan LaHair, Marquez Smith, James Adduci, Luis Montanez, Scott Rice and Brad Snyder all received NRIs to big league camp and were reassigned to minor league camp Tuesday.

The Cubs also optioned Robert Coello, Rafael Dolis, Kyle Smit, Alberto Cabrera and Thomas Diamond to minor league camp.

Diamond and Coello were optioned to Triple-A camp and Smit, Cabrera, Dolis and Cabrera were optioned to Double-A Tennessee.

Will update when more information becomes available …

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne
  • Bryan

    Whew…thank goodness Augie Ojeda is still in the running for a roster spot, to fill out that bench with Koyie Hill.

    • Richard Hood

      Ojeda is hurt and is probably not going to make much of an impression in camp. But the idea that any team wants Koy Hill is a joke.

  • Richard Hood

    I have to wonder what they are thinking with Marquez Smith. He may not be major league ready but he should be still with the big club if nothing else just to see what else besides 3rd he can do. I guess I should be impressed that Hendry is smart enough not to try and stuff Diamond down our throats. Wait Samardija is still on our roster so that is the next best thing.

    • C_hubs30

      Thank you man!!!!!

  • BillyFinT

    What a downer with Jackson, Vitters and McNutt gone. I can’t stand a lineup with Pena and old Johnson.

    Scouting through spring training games of the Marlins @Rays right now… Boy, those Marlins made the Cubs look like Gold Glovers. I feel sorry for their great pitchers. I also feel that the FLorida organization rushed their position players to save cost, stressed on hitting but without teaching them the fundamentals.

    FL batters in general can hit. They just don’t know where to position their gloves… The game by the fourth inning already featured one error and one non-recorded error by Hanley Ramirez, on routine plays, too.

    Anyway, Sam Fuld just pinch-hit for Damon. The former Cubbie had a good plate, got on base and ran the bases well to score one run for the strong Tampa. It was really nice to hear the broadcasters comment on Archer and Lee every time a traded guy came up to the plate, as in the case of Fuld.

    I don’t hate all the moves Jim Hendry made (the Garza move I have my doubts, but I believe the org. needs proven Major League pitching, which is never enough these days when Doctors can find a lot of problems with your arm before you even admit it).

    But can Hendry be fired? The Cubs need to send a message to fans and the rest of baseball. Once the second biggest market in the world of professional sports, the Cubs, with their current management, had fallen behind the Red Sox, and very soon the Phillies and Braves, we’ll see.

    If that shall happen, the Cubs will be a disgrace to Chicago, which has been a wonderful city and stood firm and prosperous in the past when the nation recessed too much, and how ridiculed we Cubs fans were!

  • 30

    When will this organization go against the grain… I’m sorry, Brett Jackson needs to be in big league camp! Has he even had any meaningful playing time????? I been following Marquez Smith all spring. other then his inability to play short he’s a keeper! That kid deserves a REAL shot! He’s out playing every infielder on roster. I’m laughing to keep from crying…. Kouske over Colvin????? Come on Q!!!!! Augie…..Koyie…..Jefff… you breaking my heart….And seriously….thats Silva dude…. cut your losses and let that Kid Cashner pitch!

    • Richard Hood

      Brett Jackson is hurt which is why he was DHing today. They want him to get healthy without worrying about trying to impress the major league coaches. That actually makes sense.

      In my opinion Colvin should have been one of the ones optioned to make sure he gets the idea that he has work to do both offensively and defensively. His effort he has given this spring has been horrible especially in the outfield.

      • BillyFinT

        Thanks. I actually thought he needs playing time for the season (Johnson is not going away…). I guess this sounds more logical… is that even the right word to use to describe this organization? LOL

      • Ripsnorter1

        Actually, as for Colvin, the effort was there, it was the execution that was not. Hey, he’s a Soriano-type glove in the OF. We may as well admit it and get that out of the way.

        Jackson needs some more time in the minors. He might be ready by June. Smith has no glove at all. Nice bat, though, and he’s only been around since 2007, so let him work in AAA for awhile and let’s see what he can learn.

        The most incredibly stupifying decision of all is Koyie Hill making the team. How in the Sam Eugene does that happen? Max Ramirez is out of options, folks, so if you love him, he has to stay, or else someone else can pick him up. I’m not in love, but I’d certainly keep Castillo over Hill. I just wouldn’t keep Hill at all. Cut him loose and offer him a AAA contract, or even just forgetabouit.

        • paulcatanese

          Rip,maybe Hill has the right kind of beard. Thats a reason to keep him,JH cannot be looking at anything else with Hill.

  • Kingdomusa

    As long as we have Hendry in charge & Quade managing the Cubs will not go anywhere because the organization’s philosophy is veterans over Rookies but when you listen to Tommy “Mr. ameritrade” Ricketts say we will build with a youth movement you have to really wonder who is in charge. To me it looks like Hendry who has made very poor decisions. LaHair & Smith had a good Spring Training & Jackson will be a good CF. I think trading Archer & Lee (SS) was a huge mistake because of the WIN NOW attitude to SAVE JOBS and lets worry about developing the future later. We would have been fine with Big Z, Dempster, Cashner, Wells, & Gorzellany. Sila, Hill, Baker, & lil Augie staying is a travesty. Castillo is much better than Hill but not in “Q’S” eyes. Other GM’s like dealing with Hendry because he is easy pickings. Just look at what we got for the Derek Lee trade. One guy quit baseball immediately after the deal went down.