Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. Rockies – 03/27/11

Spring Training Game Thirty-One: Cubs (14-16) vs. Rockies (ss) (18-9-1)
Game Time – 3:05pm CDT
Coverage – TV: WGN TV – Radio: 720 WGN
Location – HoHoKam Park, Mesa

Ryan Dempster (1-0, 1.88/0.83) vs. Ubaldo Jimenez (1-1, 4.73/1.28)

The Cubs begin the last week of games in the Cactus League this afternoon in a battle of Opening Day starters. The first pitch of the Cubs 2011 Season is just five days away.

Today is Ryan Dempster’s final tuneup of the spring after putting together a very good exhibition season. Not only has Dempster gotten his work in but he has also thrown strikes, limited his walks and kept the ball in the park.

Mike Quade announced Saturday that Randy Wells would pitch in Wednesday’s Intrasquad game and Andrew Cashner will stay in Arizona an extra day to throw in a minor league game Thursday.

Ryan Dempster will make his sixth and final spring start this afternoon. Dempster has allowed five runs, all earned, on 17 hits with three walks and 21 strikeouts in 24 innings (five starts). Dempster has been sharp while compiling more innings than any other pitcher on Q’s staff (Dempster enters Sunday’s start just 1 2/3 innings behind Randy Wells who has already made six appearances this spring).

The Cubs’ offense will face one of the best young arms in the league this afternoon. Ubaldo Jimenez, who made his first big league start against the Cubs on the final day of the 2006 season, is coming off a tremendous year.

Jimenez has allowed seven runs on 11 hits in just 13 1/3 innings this spring with six walks and six strikeouts. Today will be Jimenez’s fifth start of the spring.

The other half of Jim Tracy’s roster will host the Oakland A’s in Scottsdale.

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Let’s Talk Cubs Baseball …

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax
  • Tony

    Today will be a good test for our offense…to say the least.

  • Neil

    Today’s starting lineup:

    Brett Jackson – CF
    Castro – SS
    Colvin – RF
    Ramirez – 3B
    Soto – C
    Soriano – LF
    DeWitt – 2B
    Bryan LaHair – 1B
    Dempster – P

    • Brian K

      I like that lineup

    • Richard Hood

      Quade must love something he sees in Colvin’s Bat because it seems like all spring when he has been in there he has batted him in the 3rd spot. I may be just looking too much into it.

  • Andrew Leff

    Gotta get some better production from Pena this Spring or at least in April… These guys think he’s the key to the Cubbies’ lineup:

    • Tony

      Not sure how much credibilty this site has

      “In a down year for Pena in 2010, he still hit 28 homers and 84 RBIs. He shows little sign of dropping off at age 32, and his power numbers will be much-needed on the North Side. If Pena can cut down on the high strike out numbers that have plagued him in recent years, he could be a big contributor for the Cubbies–especially in the “Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field.”

      They say he is showing little signs of dropping off at age 32 – Did they not look at last year? They also say if he could cut down on the high number of strikeouts. What makes anyone think he can do that now.

      I would love to see 40 HR’s 100+RBI’s, but just don’t see it, watching this guy.

      • cubtex

        I think it is fair to say that the Cubs would love to have 30 plus HR’s and 90 plus RBI’s. Based on his last several years…..I would not say this is unlikely.

        • Tony

          I agree. With Pena, you will notice, its all about HR’s and RBIs. NO mention, by either of us, of his batting…

          • cubtex

            I don’t think he will hit below .200 again Tony. One thing that is a huge positive about Pena is he has averaged 90 walks a year over the last 4 years. I would take .250 30-35 and 90-95 with 90 walks and 150 K’s. I really don’t think that is unrealistic. If you haven’t yet already….look up Pena’s stats. Look at the walks and on base average. His average was awful last year but his on base was very good compared to his average. If he even hits .240 with the walks and power numbers…..Pena will be a huge upgrade over D Lee.

          • Tony

            I agree he will be an upgrade over Lee. Lee had so little power at the end. Pena will give us a nice glove at 1B, and a power bat. I will take 240/250 for him, no problem.

            I have looked at his stats. Average is overrated, to the point, that OBP and Slg are more important.

            I am hoping that the shorter dimensions of Wrigley and the wind blowing out (the same ones and reasons, I worry about Garza) will help Pena and his power numbers.

          • Aaron

            Tony…this is really meant for both you and Cubtex….but your expectations of Pena are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too high. Did you watch the telecast the other day when they showed nearly all of Pena’s numbers decreasing each of the last 4 years? I thought Sutcliffe’s comments were dead on, when he said in response to Aaron Boone’s comments about taking a flier on Pena, hoping he returns to form……where he basically said that it will likely go down as a very foolish move and an expensive mistake at $10 million where you simply do not give guys that can’t even hit over .200 that type of contract. Boone then tried to defend it yet again by saying if the player doesn’t pan out and turn things around, teams can wash their hands of that player by overspending on a one year deal versus a multi-year contract at a lesser rate per season. Sutcliffe seemed to question whether any other team would have given him even a 1 year deal at half that rate. He then went onto say that the money could’ve been used to improve the team in other ways.

            But Tony, I wanted to respond specifically to your assertion that Pena is an upgrade over Lee.

            Now, Tony…..given the fact you’ve known me for awhile on here….you know VERY well that I cannot stand Lee…In fact, my disdain for Lee was almost as great as my disdain for Hendry, and you know this…I just knew by watching a huge amount of games that Lee wasn’t even close to being a the clutch player he was paid a tremendous amount of money to be. It was almost like Sammy Sosa in a way. Sosa was paid huge money, for basically padding his stats in games that were already decided, or completely out of reach. He never seemed to get the big hit when the Cubs needed it. Anyway…I got on a bit of a tangent there, so here’s the main point….

            Lee had the following totals last year: .260/.347/.428, 547 AB’s, 80 runs, 142 hits, 35 doubles, 19 hr, 80 RBI, 73 walks, 134 K’s

            Pena had: .196/.325/.407, 484 AB’s, 64 runs, 95 hits, 18 doubles, 28 hr, 84 RBI, 87 walks, 158 K’s

            So….over 60 points less in batting average, 22 points less in OBP, 21 points less in SLG, an astounding 47 less hits, and 24 more K’s than Lee had (just 14 more walks…..yeah, I guess there’s a lot to like about him, isn’t there?!? LOL

            Oh, and Pena has a VERY ugly line this spring of: .208/.323/.340 in 53 AB’s with 10 runs, 11 hits, 1 double, 2 hr, 7 RBI, 9 walks, and a very ugly 20 K’s. Pena ranks 6th in all of baseball this spring with his 20 K’s. In fact, the Cubs have 3 guys in the Top 30 in the league with K’s this spring. Colvin is tied for 12th (4 players) with 17 K’s, and Soriano is tied for 13th (12 other players) with 16 K’s. Do you notice a problem with this? Well, the fact that Pena and Soriano have gone back-to-back quite often this spring would be a HUGE problem.

            I honestly don’t think many fans grasp the magnitude of how awful the Cubs will be this year….or how poorly constructed the team was by Hendry and Quade.

          • Tony

            I don’t believe I gave any predictions, except to say, that the Cubs would would love to have 30 plus HR’s and 90 plus RBI’s and that it doesn’t seem unrealistic, based on his history and batting at Wrigley this year.

            As far as DLee – I think his glove went down alot last year, and Pena will do better on D.

            Batting – Pena will not have the average DLee had, but will provide more power than Lee had in all but a few seasons with the Cubs.

            I think Pena was a bad signing and think he has a huge hole in his swing. But we aren’t comparing Pujols and AGon here. Neither Pena nor Lee is a good choice at 1B for a team that has post-season plans.

          • Aaron

            okay….I can agree with that explanation. It almost seemed like you were pimping Pena in your initial post.

            He’s an awful hitter at this point in his career. As I mentioned awhile ago…I was a huge advocate for the Cubs to sign him in 2006 when Lee went down with the wrist injury, and Pena happened to be on the waiver wire. But again, as is commonplace with the Cubs, and especially under Hendry, the Cubs opted to trade for the veteran Phil Nevin instead, because he offered “more experience”. Pena was 28 at the time, and was coming off a 2005 season in which he had the following line: .235/.325/.477 with 260 AB’s, 37 runs, 61 hits, 9 doubles, 18 hr, 44 RBI, and 31 walks with 95 K’s…..leading one to question what Hendry would’ve offered Pena at the time if he was considered a “seasoned veteran” as he is now? Might he have offered $20 million, plus a no-trade clause?!? LOL

          • Tony

            Now, I wouldn’t be shocked if he did hit 30 hrs’s and drive in 80 rbi’s. I would expect a 220-240 range average on the high side. All in all, I think he will be better than Lee would have been.

            Either way, he is not a part of the future, and is just another band-aide, to try and make a run this year.

          • cubtex

            Look….We know Pena is not going to win a batting title but he is definately going to put up better numbers than Derek Lee would have

            Lee had an OBP of .335 with the Cubs last year
            Pena’s was .325………Not a huge difference considering the batting averages wouldn’t you say.

            I get you hate everything about the Cubs(I don’t know why you don’t just root for another team?) but it is realistic to project Pena for 30 plus and 90 plus. He has done that for 4 straight years!

            Yes the Cubs lineup is flawed! No leadoff hitter, too many K’s and they will struggle to score runs against elite pitching but they will not nearly be as bad as you say! I like their starting 5! I know you don’t like Garza, but I would rank him as the top #3 in their division especially now with Wainwright out for the year and Greinke out for a little while and Marcum with a shoulder flair up.

            Here are my projections for the starting rotation.

            Z,Dempster and Garza will average 15 wins apiece= 45
            Wells and Casher 23 to 25 wins

            If that happens this team will be in the race till the end.

          • Tony

            If they do that they will be in the World Series!

          • Aaron

            you need to review your stats….
            “30 plus and 90 plus for 4 straight years”

            He had 28 hr, 84 RBI last year…..2 hr, 6 RBI is not that much of a difference, I’ll give you that, but it was also the 4th straight year in which he declined in nearly every offensive statistic.

            Sorry, but “penciling” him in (actually, what you seem to be doing is using a permanent marker with himi) is absolutely foolish. It’s like Joey Gathright, and Joey Gathright Jr. (aka Fernando Perez), you can’t steal first base…..the same thing goes for Pena. The Cubs can’t score runs if he doesn’t get on base, and a .325 OBP from a corner infielder who only amassed 95 hits, and batted a pathetic .196, just isn’t going to get you anywhere.

            And to those saying, “he can’t possibly be that bad”…I got news for you….look at his spring stats. I’ll eat a healthy helping of crow if he reaches even .215 batting average this year….but it doesn’t look very likely, and as a few commentators have already pointed out during the ESPN telecasts….Pena’s bat is slider speed at best right now…’s going to get very ugly, and you’re in denial, which is okay….I used to be that way as well.

            It doesn’t mean I’m not a fan….I’ve just been duped by this team too many times, and I call it like I see it. I won’t tell you I smell roses, when I see a pile of manure.

            And just FYI…if Z, Dempster, and Garza reach 15 wins apiece, that would be the first time since 1989 that 3 Cubs starters have reached that level:
            Maddux-19-12, 2.95 ERA
            Bielecki-18-7, 3.14 ERA
            Sutcliffe-16-11, 3.66 ERA

            *and also, just FYI…they didn’t even reach that level in 1984….and last year, the San Francisco Giants didn’t even have their pitchers reach that total.

            So…like Tony said….if that happens, they’d be in the World Series.

            But, this is how it typically goes every season, and I hate to be the Grinch, but it almost never works out that way with Cubbie predictions.

            It’s like saying:
            Soriano will go 40 hr, 100 RBI
            Pena will go 40 hr, 110 RBI
            Byrd will go 20 hr, 90 RBI
            ARAM will go 35 hr, 110 RBI

            A lot of Cubs fans would cry out from the rooftops that those numbers are absolutely achievable…what they won’t acknowledge, however, is that those numbers are approximate career highs for all of them. So in an idealistic world, yes, that is probable, but we live in a realistic world that says you have a better chance winning the $300 million MegaMillions game than those players reaching those numbers.

            And here’s another thing…The Cubs have 2 players in Colvin and Castro entering their sophomore campaigns, and they are counting on those 2 to produce BIG TIME. Expectations will be that Colvin will hit 20+hr, 75+RBI, and that’s simply outrageous to presume he’ll do that. Expectations for Castro will be him hitting over .300, and putting in another ROY-worthy season…let’s see how that one plays out. It didn’t go well for Walton, Wood, and Soto (though Castro didn’t actually win the ROY).

          • cubtex

            Are you seriously going to contradict what I said Pena hitting 30 plus HR’s and 90 plus RBI’s for 4 stragiht years. I am acutally making it sound less than what he put up. Give me a break. I will post the numbers from the last 4 years below so people can see what Pena has done!!

            46 HR 121 RBI

            31 HR 102 RBI

            39 HR 100 RBI

            28 HR 84 RBI ( this was last year)

            Those are pretty solid power numbers if you ask anyone!

  • SuzyS

    Interesting lineup today…I like it….for some reason, I could not post on the previous story (re: Silva)….so I’ll post here.
    For three years…I have been a JH basher…because he has done little that I thought was the right move….FOR THE FIRST TIME…JH did something I like…and gives me just a smidgeon of hope…by dumping Silva….regardless
    of the salary owed.
    It’s the first GM-LIKE Professional move I’ve seen JH do in quite a while….so I will give him one kudo for it.
    While I’m not really in his corner…I’ll give him A credit where credit is due.

  • Tony

    Neil – Do you know when teams can start putting players on the DL.

    And is there a day that they have to have the 25 man roster set, other than Opening Day for that team.

    • Neil

      Tony, all 25-man rosters must be set by Thursday, March 31. Teams can start placing players on the DL at that point. As long as the player has not appeared in a Major League Spring Training game, the DL stint can be back-dated.

      • cubtex

        Neil, do you know how much time the Cubs can buy with Max Ramirez if they decide to DL him?

        • Neil

          Depending on how they back-date it, they could buy a month by sending him on a rehab assignment.

  • Neil

    Cubs will face Clay Mortensen instead of Ubaldo Jimenez. Jimenez will face the A’s instead.

    • Tony

      I was wanting to see our hitters face a top pitcher. Kind of a status check.

  • Cheryl

    If they need time to sort things out with Hill, It looks like you, Tony, and Neil have found a solution for Ramirez. Either way, they will have to make a decision on whether to send Castillo to Iowa today, won’t they?

    • Neil

      No, Castillo doesn’t have to be optioned to Iowa until Thursday. However, it sounds like Castillo might be injured.

      • Cheryl

        Then, they’ probably wait on both. Thanks, Neil.

      • Aaron


        Given a huge backlash from Cubs Nation over the whole Koyie Hill making the team thing…..and based on both Hendry and Quade’s comments going into the spring that he was all but assured of a spot on the roster….Does any of this smell fishy to you?

        First of all, both Ramirez and Castillo outperformed Hill in just about every facet of the game….even defensively, which supposedly isn’t Ramirez’s strong suit.

        Secondly, virtually right after Ramirez hit the grand slam, we started hearing PR news about him supposedly having a wrist injury. Which seemed a bit peculiar.

        And lastly, right after Castillo had a very good all-around game, we hear of a finger injury.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is this…..Ramirez is out of options, but outperformed Hill. Castillo still has options, but outperformed Ramirez. Hill is completely out of options, and sucked all around last year, and continued with his suckiness this spring as well….

        So, my question to you is this, Neil….
        Did the Cubs start the PR spin machine on Ramirez to allow them greater flexibility with stashing him on the DL as insurance?

        Additionally, did the Cubs put the PR spin machine to work yet again with announcing Castillo’s finger injury as an excuse to send him to Iowa, even though he outperformed Hill in EVERY facet of the game…in order to not piss off the fan base?

        I just find it highly unlikely that both of the guys competing with Hill for the back-up spot would go down at about the same time….and furthermore, it seems even more peculiar that would happen given the very vocal opposition from the fan base to having Hill on the roster.

        • Neil

          Aaron, I think yes on both.

          Usually someone hears about an injury to a player prior to that player going for a MRI. I thought at the time I heard about Ramirez that it was a “wink” injury.

          Castillo, on the other hand, should be sent to Iowa. He needs to play everyday and not sit on the bench watching Soto. I don’t have a problem with Castillo going down and playing every day. You know I have been higher on Castillo than most, so I would like to see him continue to develop.

          • Aaron

            Yeah, there was a great article I read somewhere a few days ago (can’t remember where)…But regarding Max Ramirez, it was said that given other teams being mostly set at catcher, the Cubs probably went to Ramirez and said, “look, you’re not going to break camp with the team, but if you go on the DL, you’re still getting paid the MLB minimum, and can work out kinks in your game at EXST, and you’ll be next in line for a call-up if something happens to Hill, or he’s extremely ineffective, etc.”

            The problem is, it’s absolutely the WRONG move, given Hill’s horrible season last year and his horrendous spring. (side note: I firmly believe if it was any other team, Koyie Hill would’ve been easily with the second round of cuts….It’s not even close. He wouldn’t have even made it to the final cuts. He’s HORRIBLE….and what many fans fail to realize is that it’s not like Hill was a coveted guy out there. He was released several times before landing with the Cubs, and he kissed someone’s ass repeatedly to stay with the team evidently)

            As for Castillo, I can understand him being sent down. But there’s a problem with that as well. Soto is 28 years old this year. He might’ve already reached his peak in 2008 with his ROY campaign. But he’s also had shoulder/hand issues that don’t appear to be going away. In fact, I’d be absolutely shocked if he came anywhere close to his 2008 stats ever again. He’s a patient hitter, so that helps, but given injuries it’s not likely to happen again. Sooooooooooooooooooo…what’s my point? The problem is, he’s already entering his expensive arbitration years, and we have a very capable replacement in Castillo hanging around…..But Hendry NEVER has been a guy that will deal a player at his peak value. The last time he even came close to that was the DeRosa trade, where he got absolutely schooled on by Shapiro, who then turned around and traded DeRosa to the Cardinals for even better prospects (one is his current closer). Yes, Hendry nabbed Archer, who turned into a very good pitcher, but nobody at the time saw that happening, and nobody was high on any of the 3 pitchers they received in return.

            And as I’m writing this…..Hill just validated every negative thing I’ve said about him with his Little League-esque throw to 2B

          • Aaron

            …and with Castillo and Ramirez both appearing in this game, and looking just fine, it’d appear that our feelings on this are justified.

        • Agustinrexach

          Totally agree with you here…he seems like a great guy but so am I. Does that mean I could probably make the team even if I can’t hit a piñata with a guitar and my eyes open? Max should be given that chance for 2-3 months, if he sucks bring on the next rookie. Even JH knows it would not hurt to have his power coming off the bench late in the game. PLUS, and this is what kills me, you pick the guy up and tell him to compete in sp for a roster spot…the dude hits a freaking GSlam, does pretty good in limited time[that further proves he is the guy for that role] and you still think Hill is in the mix and are undecided?
          Maaaaaaaaan keep him and I’ll eat some crow, lose him and go back to being you…plain ol JH

          • Aaron

            completely agree with your post…..and this is again, why Cubs management is an embarrassment. They had the managerial position already decided prior to interviews. They had the 5th starter’s role already decided (which is the one thing I’ll agree with Silva about….though I hated his attitude, and his general out-of-shapeness year in and year out….for crying out loud….dude gets $12 million/yr and can’t hire a personal trainer?!?).

            And furthermore, just as you pointed out, they had the back-up catcher already decided with Hill, and had this huge charade, making it seem like there was actual competition with Ramirez and Castillo…then they further embarrassed themselves by announcing injuries to both Ramirez and Castillo this past week, and lo-and-behold, we see them BOTH appear in the game today. I’d also argue that the 2B position battle was a sham, as Moore and Scales outperformed DeWitt in every facet of the game, just as Ramirez and Castillo did with Hill….and they got cut. Then, Barney outperforms him as well, and they haven’t even committed to him as a starter, and it looks like they’ll open the season with him as a back-up.

  • Neil

    This message brought to you by Captain Obvious …

    Soriano looked really bad on that diving attempt

    • Aaron

      …and he looked like a frail old man trying to get up after diving, didn’t he?

  • Tony

    Have I ever mentioned how much I like Castro?

  • Neil

    Good inning for Russell

  • Neil

    Another good inning by Russell, looks like a different pitcher against lefties.

  • Neil

    Soriano cannot catch or run down a ball but he can still throw a runner out.

    • xaxinho

      He just want to keep his jersey clean 😉

  • Wickitkevin

    Wow Dewitt looks terrible at the plate.

    • Aaron

      ……..and, yet…curiously, just like Hill, he made the team. Did you read the articles I posted that put Hendry and Quade to shame with their ridiculous statements about performance, etc.?

  • Neil

    Well, so much for the Max Ramirez “injury”

    • Agustinrexach

      Neil what happened?

      • Neil

        Agustin, everything is fine. Aaron and I were discussing a possible “injury” to Max Ramirez that would allow him to begin the year on the DL. He appeared in today’s game, and appeared to be fine. Actually worked a walk.

        • Cheryl

          So, where to for him? Anyway the Cubs hang on to him?

          • Neil

            Max Ramirez was once a top prospect but slipped as many young players do. I have not heard of another team being interested but it’s hard to tell this time of year. If another team claims him, he will have to be added to their 40-man roster.

        • Agustinrexach

          tks Neil.

  • Neil

    Good at bat by Colvin … started 0-2 and fought back. Plus he made Koyie Hill’s out a little less “important”

  • xaxinho

    GRAND SLAM!! Beautiful battle. You could see a base hit by Colvin, but a HR? Great!

  • Aaron

    Anyone else think it’s hilarious when, close to the end of a game and Koyie Hill is at the dish (this has happened at least 3 times already this spring…maybe more…3 for sure that I know of), Kasper or Brenly will say, “…Cubs still have a chance”….

    and you’re thinking to yourself….”yeah right”

    Right down the pipe, and Hill’s bat is on his shoulder, and stays there all the way to the dugout.

    I cannot stand that guy, and I am positive he’s a great person….he just seems like a good guy…..but as a baseball player, I loathe him, as there is absolutely no way he should be taking the spot of someone very deserving of a chance like Castillo or Ramirez.

    Am I wrong to feel this way? I almost feel sorry for the guy. It’s like the old veteran that hangs on way too long, like Ken Griffey Jr., and quite a few others before him, where you root for the guy to come through, knowing that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell he’ll do so. Hill is so overmatched by MLB pitching, it’s not even funny. Like I said, there’s NO way he would’ve even lasted through the 2nd round of cuts on the other 29 teams.

    • The Maven

      It reminds me of what Bob Ueker’s manager used to tell him

      “Grab a bat and kill this rally!”

    • Boots

      Dont you think its also a matter of where Ramirez ends up though? If he has a chance to play everyday in AA, and gets more at bats then he would backing up Soto, it is better in the long term especially if we have an injury. Hill is there merely for his defensive abilities and gets maybe 4 at bats every fifth game. If he cant even manage to get that done, then they will send him on his way and bring up one of the other two. Also, I think you’re really high on Ramirez right now because he has hit in ST, but look at his numbers over his career in the minors and his brief call ups. There isnt a whole lot of evidence outside of this ST, and the fact that Hill sucks, to bring him to Chicago.

      • Neil

        Boots, Max Ramirez is out of minor league options and cannot be sent down without going through waivers and signing a minor league contract with the Cubs.

    • cc002600

      you should really seek out anger management classes.
      I mean really, you have written I don’t know how many posts today about Koyie friggin Hill, THE FREAKIN BACKUP CATCHER !!!!!!!!!!!! You’re talking about a guy who might play 30 games. If Soto got hurt for any lengh of time, I’m sure they would bring up Castillo.

      OMG, get over it.

      and for record, Castillo should be in AAA playing everyday, it would be STUPID to have him sitting on the cubs bench.

  • Neil

    Cubs lost to the Rockies 6-4 Sunday afternoon. Ryan Dempster’s line: 3 R, 5 H, 2 BB, 2 Ks, 5 IP. Tyler Colvin hit his 3rd HR of spring, a Grand Slam in the 8th

  • Agustinrexach

    Totally agree with you here…he seems like a great guy but so am I. Does that mean I could probably make the team even if I can’t hit a piñata with a guitar and my eyes open? Max should be given that chance for 2-3 months, if he sucks bring on the next rookie. Even JH knows it would not hurt to have his power coming off the bench late in the game. PLUS, and this is what kills me, you pick the guy up and tell him to compete in sp for a roster spot…the dude hits a freaking GSlam, does pretty good in limited time[that further proves he is the guy for that role] and you still think Hill is in the mix and are undecided?
    Maaaaaaaaan keep him and I’ll eat some crow, lose him and go back to being you…plain ol JH

    • Agustinrexach

      sry, this was a response to an Aron’s old post. I’ repost it.