Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. A’s – 03/23/11

Spring Training Game Twenty-Seven: Cubs (10-16) vs. A’s (11-14-1)
Game Time – 3:05pm CDT
Coverage – TV: None – Radio: Webcast
Location – HoHoKam Park, Mesa

Carlos Silva (0-2, 15.88/2.66) vs. Gio Gonzalez (1-0, 1.76/0.91)

Updated 11:50am CDTCubs Reduced Spring Roster Wednesday morningJustin Berg and Scott Maine optioned to Triple-A Iowa. Todd Wellemeyer and Angel Guzman assigned to minor league camp. Cubs’ spring roster stands at 36 players.

The first pitch of the Cubs 2011 Season is just nine days away …

Q’s crew has hit the stretch run of the Cactus League schedule … only seven spring games remain (including today) but the team and the front office still has a lot of work to do.

The Cubs need to play better ball over the next six days. They have yet to play a complete game and a few of those down the stretch would be a good way to go into the regular season.

Today is a big day for Carlos Silva. The Cubs need Silva to put together a good outing and stop throwing batting practice to the other team.

Aramis Ramirez is expected back in the lineup today. Ramirez has been out since Saturday but took batting practice Tuesday. Today was Carlos Zambrano’s turn on the mound. Big Z and Koyie Hill will get their work in at Fitch Park in a minor league game.

Carlos Silva has been beyond horrible this spring. Not only has Silva given up a ton of runs but he’s been hit hard and has not missed many bats. In 11 1/3 innings (four games, three starts), Silva has been touched for 29 hits, four home runs and 26 runs, 20 earned. Silva has walked two, hit a batter and has recorded only three strikeouts.

The Cubs need a good outing out of Carlos Silva today (and in five days) for more than one reason.

Gio Gonzalez has had a great spring. The lefty and former two-time Southsider has allowed only three runs on nine hits with five walks and 19 strikeouts in 15 1/3 innings … and two of the three runs have come via two longballs. Today will be Gonzalez’s fifth start of the spring.

The Cubs will face Gonzalez for the second time in the last seven days. Gonzalez shutdown the Cubs for six innings last Thursday. Geovany Soto broke up Gonzalez’s shutout with a solo homer in the seventh.

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Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney
  • Guest

    So with Baker at 2b today, what does that say about DeWitt and the cuts today?

  • Neil

    Today’s lineup:

    Johnson – RF
    Castro – SS
    Baker – 2B
    Ramirez – 3B
    Soto – C
    Soriano – LF
    Colvin – 1B
    Perez – CF
    Silva – P

  • Ripsnorter1

    Gotta love that lineup: Baker hitting 3rd. This looks like the everyday lineup, with Baker and DeWitt switching out at the 3 hole, depending on whether its a RHP or a LHP.

  • John_CC

    Seriously, 20 ER in 11 innings? Hahahaha…that is soo unbelievable bad!! And he still “has a shot as the 5th man”! O my o my…

    • paulcatanese

      You know,If you scratch a wound long enough pus will come out.

  • Neil

    Silva gave up a run on two hits (a double) in the first, 19 pitches (by my count), 14 for strikes

  • Jmvukovi

    Hopefully you jest, if Baker is in the #3 hole during the season we are in HUGE trouble.

    • Ripsnorter1

      That’s where Quade had DeWitt batting last Sept–#3 hole. Singles hitter with no power, no speed, and doesn’t hit for average or to drive in runs.

  • Neil

    Soto and Soriano with a 2-out RBI singles, Cubs up 2-1

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    Baker and Johnson both hit LHP well I like this lineup vs. LHP for during the season, except Byrd hits LHP well to I would like him over Perez of course.

  • GaryLeeT

    Silva with a 1-2-3 inning in the 2nd. That should be enough of an excuse to make him the 5th starter.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      Your wrong Gary they are going to bump Dempster back Silva will start opening day and be our staff Ace LOL.

  • Neil

    Silva sat down the A’s in order in the 4th. Silva has allowed just one hit since the first inning.

  • cubtex

    Ladies and Gentleman meet the Cubs #5 starter….Carlos Silva!

    Just what I was afraid of. He is pitching against one of the weakest offenses in the AL and now they have enough to justify Silva being named a starter?

    The only hope is if some team is fooled by this and might actually want to trade for him.

    • paulcatanese

      Heres the problem,Silva did pitch well today,but what about tommorow,or the next time? Silva cannot gurantee hsi problems are over without more starts and that puts him right where you said he will be. The #5 starter,too late to do anything about it until May or June. You are right on this one.

  • Neil

    Silva with another 1-2-3 inning, third of game. 65 pitches after 5, 42 for strikes.

    • Jmvukovi

      Cashner hasn’t gone 4 IP yet in a game yet, right?

      • Neil

        Cashner has not gone 5 innings.

  • Neil

    Another 1-2-3 inning for Silva in the sixth. 12 pitches (by my count), eight for strikes.

  • Neil

    Silva done after 6 innings. 1 run on 3 hits, 78 pitches … 51 for strikes. Casey Coleman coming in

    • Richard Hood

      OK he has proved he is doing good TRADE HIM NOW!!!

    • Jmvukovi

      NO walks either.

  • Neil

    Coleman retired the A’s in order in the 7th

    • Jmvukovi

      Neither team hitting…no wind..67degF. Pitcher’s weather?

      • Neil

        I don’t think so, two not-so-good offenses

  • Cheryl

    Well,. it looks as if Silva just became the fifth starter.

  • paulcatanese

    Well somebody is pitching a great game today.Maybe he ought to pull his stirrups above his knees every day. Or is he breathing thru his eyes? Anyone check what he is wearing under his uniform? Is Kevin Costner catching him? His best outing since the first half of last year.

  • Cheryl

    If they go with 12 pitchers, they could put Louper in as long relief, have Cashner and Coeman in the pen couldn’t they?

    • Neil

      Coleman is better suited for the rotation than the pen. His stuff translates better as a starter.

      There are only two spots available in the pen …

      Marmol, Wood, Marshall, Grabow and Samardzija are locks. Cashner will be one if he’s not in the rotation. Hearing Russell will be the third lefty in the pen. If that’s the case, only one spot. If Cashner is in the pen, there is the Cubs seven-man bullpen.

      • Cheryl

        Too bad. I’d lost track of the openings. Russell would be better sent down. Looks like Coleman will probably go down then.Louper has done pretty well and if they put Coleman and Russell in AAA it would be better for the team.Sure less room than I thought.

  • Neil

    Wood is in for the 9th with Cubs up 3-1

  • Neil

    Cubs beat the A’s 3-1 Wednesday. Carlos Silva’s line: 1 run, 3 hits, 0 walks, 3 Ks in 6 innings, retired 17 of last 18 batters faced. Cubs pitching allowed just 4 hits.

    Soto and Soriano drove in the three runs, last one came in the eighth after Ziegler hit Soriano with the bases loaded to force in Reed Johnson.

    • paulcatanese

      Cant deny it Neil,it was a good solid win.

    • RickinMSP

      Now if we can just get an HBP with the bases loaded in every game we’ll be good. If the Cub batters can’t hit the opposing pitcher, maybe the opposing pitcher can hit the batters.

  • paulcatanese

    Good solid win by the Cubs. me What worries me are Quades comments. “the plot thickens” and “the Cubs are starting to play ball” There is little time before they break for the season start. Does that mean that Silva has earned the fifth spot? And does it mean he is satisfied with the lineup? He is running out of time. Every game means as much now as it does at the end of the year. The Cubs cannot afford to give games to anyone while they are still searching.

  • cubs1967

    here’s the problem w/ silva today………….cashner is either a starter or a reliever; but it does not depend on silva!!!!!!!!!!!

    if cash is to start………..but they keep silva as a starter becuz ricketts has NO balls to release him; then cash starts at AAA just like coleman.

    what U do NOT do is screw w/ him between starting and relieving like they did w/ shark………..ONly until he proves he cannot start either at AAA or the majors does he then become a reliever…..and that’s his career then as a reliever…….silva should have nothing to do w/ cashner’s career.

    you cannot go into next year not knowing if cash can start becuz the team stupidly kept him as a reliever becuz ricketts has no concept of addition by subtraction and releases silva.

    and isn’t the lower payroll while tix prices have gone up twice in 2 years by cheap ass tommy due to tommy’s “mouthing” of we’ll build w/ the kids; yet castillo, barney and cash; all who have earned jobs as starters or backup C on the bubble w/ a crappy veteran (dewitt is not a vet per se; just crappy this spring)???

    just more BS from an owner who says he wants to win; but feeds the fans this BS.

    note to tommy; per the Forbes mag recent issue; cubs value has dropped almost 9 percent since ur daddy gave you money to buy the team; that means value is 772M vs the 845M you stupidly paid for it. (no one would even pay 700M now knowing the stad is a trainwreck and will NOT get voter approval for repairs plus the 102 yrs and counting is getting worse and worse by fan base disapproval).

  • cubs1967

    1 more thing…………according to street and smith’s business journal; the dodgers let fans vote on a “retro” uniform for the players to wear during midweek day games this year; 6 games in total. what’s cool about that; those 6 games will feature 1/2 price food and drinks including beer………..hmmmmmmmmm; this for dodger fans that show up in the 3rd and leave in the 6th………….while our “beloved” new owner just keeps on jacking up tix prices, lowering payroll and asking for 300M in public handouts to fix his spring HOHOKAM dump and his summer dump.

    i love fan appreciation!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha.

    • Aaron

      It’s almost like fans are an afterthought to the Cubs organization from top down…Hendry clearly doesn’t get it that winning a championship would mean the world to Cubs fans. He doesn’t understand how to put together a winning team, because he’s had so much luck signing guys that have career years, etc. Then, the Ricketts add insult to injury by purchasing the team, claiming they will make good changes, and win a championship in short order, only to witness one of the worst seasons in recent memory (given the large payroll and poor results), and then put 100% of their trust in Hendry, and maintain the status quo throughout, opting to go with Quade as manager, etc.

      This whole organization is a joke….but it’s rooted inside me to be a fan of this joke of an organization. I’ve been a fan since I could crawl, pretty much. As much as my mind tells me to just give up and root for winning organizations like the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, Twins, etc., I just keep coming back for more abuse, thinking something will eventually change….but it doesn’t.

      I truly hate to use this analogy, because there might be people reading this that have suffered through this, and I don’t want to make light of it or anything….however, I can’t think of a better analogy than this…..

      Cubs fans are like the victim in an abusive relationship where they’re facing domestic violence just about everyday. In a majority of those cases, you’ll see interviews where they ask the victim why they stuck in the relationship so long, and often times the reply is that they feel they could change that person, and they love the person despite all of the abuse. They also say they don’t think they could find another person to love, etc.

      I’m tired of being used/abused (for my time and money) with this franchise, and I firmly believe a lot of fans (especially in these economic times) are tired of it too. I think Cubs Nation is waking up, realizing that this franchise is so dumb and irresponsible with their money that they are okay with not going to games, or even watching them on tv anymore, because it’s just not worth their time. I’m starting to consider that myself.

      I look at all the logical moves this team should have made this offseason, and I’m just beside myself as to how stupid Jim Hendry really is.

      I keep thinking back to moves he could’ve made with younger players, opting to sign the likes of Melky Cabrera, Lastings Milledge, etc.

      I think back to previous offseasons as well with Bradley vs Dunn/Abreu/etc. I just don’t get it. Are they completely blind to what everyone with half a brain can see with the team?