Day Five of Camp ‘Q’ … Position Players, the Three Amigos and Other Cubs Notes

Friday was reporting day for the Cubs position players. Alfonso Soriano, Kosuke Fukudome and Luis Montanez made their way to Fitch Park … but two thirds of the ‘Three Amigos‘ did not report.

Mike Quade referred to Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano and Starlin Castro as the ‘Three Amigos‘ on Friday before the trio was scheduled to report to camp. Soriano showed up after the pitchers and catchers got their work in but as of Friday night, Ramirez and Castro had not reported. Mike Quade did not make a big deal out of the fact the left side of his infield had not shown up yet … but said, “Just get here tomorrow.” The hard deadline for players to report is before the first full squad workout, which is Saturday … weather permitting.

The first full squad workout is scheduled for Saturday but the weatherman is calling for rain (70% chance) and a rather cool day in Mesa (63/49).

Kosuke Fukudome talked to the media. Fukudome learned a lot over his first three seasons in the majors and is hoping to build on the way he finished last season.

The Cubs announced they will honor Ron Santo on March 10 in pre-game ceremonies at HoHoKam Park. On “Ron Santo Day,” the Cubs will hold a ceremony at third base before the game against Cleveland according to the Daily Herald.

Tom Ricketts is expected to address his team prior to Saturday’s workout … and Mike Quade is slated to make his first Spring Training speech as the Cubs’ skipper. Here’s the update from Mesa …

News, Notes and Tweets from Day Four
According to a report from Carrie Muskat, Jeff Baker, Blake DeWitt and Kosuke Fukudome are the leading candidates to hit leadoff for Mike Quade this season.

One of the Cubs big goals this spring is to improve on their horrible defense from a year ago.

According to a report from Carrie Muskat, Welington Castillo is expected to get a good look this spring. The Cubs were impressed by his defense last year but said he needs to improve on the mental aspect of catching and handling pitchers.

Max Ramirez, like Welington Castillo, was delayed reporting to camp due to visa issues. Ramirez reported on Friday as expected.

Trey McNutt opened some eyes on Thursday according to a report from Bruce Miles. McNutt impressed those in attendance with a hard breaking ball. After watching McNutt throw, Miles thinks he could be in the big leagues sooner rather than later.

Tidbits from Bruce Levine
Bruce Levine chatted again on Thursday. Here are a few tidbits …

  • Levine thinks Prince Fielder is a more realistic option than Albert Pujols for the Cubs.
  • Levine is hoping that earning playing time is a part of Mike Quade’s MO … Levine thinks Quade will use players he feel he can win with, just not because they are veterans.
  • Jeff Stevens is in the mix for a bullpen job, but way in the rearview mirror.
  • It appears Andrew Cashner will make the team out of camp, either as a starter or a reliever. But James Russell could start the year in Iowa. The Cubs need a lefty in the rotation and if Russell shows promise as a starter during Spring Training, he could be sent to Iowa at the beginning of the year to work more as a starter. Levine brought up if that was to happen the Cubs have Braden Looper and Todd Wellemeyer as possible starting options while Russell is working down in Triple-A.
  • Levine doesn’t think the Cubs have had “substantive talks” with Matt Garza’s agent about a contract extension … but it is on the Cubs’ radar.
  • It appears Blake DeWitt is the favorite to be the Cubs’ starting second baseman this year.

News, Notes and Tweets from Day Five
According to multiple reports, Mike Quade did not have a problem with Starlin Castro not reporting early to camp. Quade acknowledged that Castro played Winter Ball in the Dominican Republic and he was fine with his shortstop not reporting early like many of the younger players.

Todd Ricketts discussed the plans for the Cubs new Spring Training home. Ricketts said the complex will be ready “for sure” by 2014, not 2013 as had been speculated. Todd said the complex will be roughly 50,000 square feet and will have the same dimensions as Wrigley Field. The Cubs have toured the Diamondbacks and Rockies new facility, along with the other new facilities in recent days. According to a report in the Tribune, the Cubs have not sold the naming rights to the new facility but they are looking for local partners.

Mike Quade is open to pulling Alfonso Soriano late in games for defensive purposes. Quade told the Afternoon Saloon (ESPN 1000) that Soriano is going to work with Bobby Dernier this spring on his outfield defense. Soriano worked hard at the end of last season on his defense and the plan is for him to continue what he started.

Angel Guzman threw off a mound Friday morning. Guzman is expected to throw batting practice or a simulated game by March 15.

According to a report from Tim Sheridan (Boys Of Spring), Tyler Colvin received a lot of time at first base during practice Friday. Colvin looked smooth with the glove according to Sheridan.

The Cubs will thank Mesa and the fans for passing Proposition 420 in pre-game ceremonies on March 7. The Cubs will also bring in near 400 Little Leaguers to watch the Cactus League opener on February 27.

Click here for great photos from Tim Sheridan at Boys Of Spring. Apparently Kerry Wood and Andrew Cashner are spending quite a bit of time together … and it is good to see photos of Carlos Pena and Tyler Colvin working on his infield defense.

Kosuke Fukudome
Kosuke Fukudome met with the media Friday as he reported to what could be his last camp with the Cubs. Fukudome would like to stay with the Cubs following the season but knows that is not his decision. Fukudome said he would like to stay in the states and play Major League Baseball … even if it’s not with the Chicago Cubs.

Fukudome is in the final year of the four-year contract he signed in the winter of 2007. The Cubs tried to trade Fukudome in the off-season but could not find a taker … and they will need him to produce when he’s called upon.

Mike Quade has discussed using Fukudome in the leadoff spot on the days he’s playing.

And finally … Michael Wilbon thinks the Cubs should do whatever it takes to sign Albert Pujols.

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Well, there’s the update … and I’m sticking to it!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne
  • Calicub

    “Levine doesn’t think the Cubs have had “substantive talks” with Matt Garza’s agent about a contract extension … but it is on the Cubs’ radar.”

    are you kidding me?

    why in the hell would this be on the Cubs radar? Even if he smacks a .276 with 40 hacks i wouldn’t do it. He’s a Boras client and in a contract year. Anyone who is looking for a contract out of a team who clearly likes to give out ludacris contracts is obvioulsy trying to milk as much of the proverbial teet as possible. Just say no. Especially with Fielder coming off the books…
    Lets be real Pujols will not play for us. Its just not gonna happen.

    • Agustin_Rexach

      I dont think anybody is thinking about extending Peña ‘so far’. Its Garza, who has arbitration years anead And should be bought off.

      • Calicub

        wow totally read it wrong. staying up until 4 am obviously does not make me the best reader.

        • Agustin_Rexach

          Lol! Go to sleep! I was JUST waking up.

  • Tony

    Tyler Colvin looked good at 1B, that might have been good info to have going into the offseason.

    Colvin could be the 1B of the future, but if they had just given him time at 1B, last year, instead of X Nady. I know, I know, Colvin hadn’t played 1B, since college. Nady had MLB experience at 1B.

    Xavier Nady 1B experience, prior to last year.
    2005 – 44 gms 299 innings
    2006 – 35 gms 240 innings
    2008 – 3 gms 4 innings

    So 2006 was the last time he saw action there more than just a fill-in at the end of a game. So Nady didn’t have any experience more recent than Colvin, as Colvin was drafted in 2006.

    I hate missing out on these opportunities for experience, that seem so obvious, even while it was happening.

    Do I think Colvin IS our 1B of the future? NO

    But could he be? We don’t know yet, IF he can handle playing there, daily? We don’t know yet, IF he can hit enough year after year? All things that I hope are found out this year.

    Who would I want on the FA market? Ranked with all factors, PAy included, and assuming all players not signed will become FA’s.

    1. Adrian Gonzalez
    2. Prince Fielder
    3. Albert Pujols
    4. Ross Gload

    Just seeing if you are paying attention, I really don’t want Russ Gload.

    Those are the only 4 that can be FA at this point for next offseason. Nick Swisher, who is mentioned has a club option, that I think will be picked up.

  • Tony

    How can K HIll make this 25 man roster this year????

    Wellington Castillo and Max Ramirez, are both capable major league BACK-UP catchers. Maybe they could be starters some day, but we are looking for a back-up catcher. They both will hit better than Koyie and Koyie is not that stud defender. I have shown before, how Soto is the better defensive catcher, and Soto is avg at best, in that area.

    I just hope common sense prevails, and they take the guy for $414K instead of $850K. Plus they are both better.

  • Tony

    This makes me think that Wells will have to earn a spot, by his performance in ST.

    “It appears Andrew Cashner will make the team out of camp, either as a starter or a reliever. But James Russell could start the year in Iowa. The Cubs need a lefty in the rotation and if Russell shows promise as a starter during Spring Training, he could be sent to Iowa at the beginning of the year to work more as a starter. Levine brought up if that was to happen the Cubs have Braden Looper and Todd Wellemeyer as possible starting options while Russell is working down in Triple-A. ”

    Looper and Wellemeyer, are mentioned, not Wells or Coleman and since I believe Silva, if healthy has a spot in the rotation, we have too many starters…

    1. Dempster
    2. Zambrano
    3. Garza
    4. Silva
    5. Cashner

    Next in line for me – Coleman, Wells, Looper/Wellemeyer, Russell

    But I think the Cubs are using this order: Russell (they would like), Looper/Wellemeyer, Wells, Coleman

  • Neil

    All players are in camp … including Ramirez and Castro.

    Just a reminder to follow the twitter feed today. Lots of tidbits already from Mesa

  • paulcatanese

    Interesting comment on Castillo.” He is expected to get a good look this spring”.What happened at theend of last year? I think that would have been ideal to get a “better look”. And “he needs to improve the mental aspect of his game”.How many games with the Cubs was that based on? If the catching staff is going to be able to compete as a viable part of the team,they must and I mean must get over Hill. There is no great increase at all with him.Defense a little drop,and I don’t even have to bring up his bat,EVERYONE know what he is about there.Hill should drop to third catcher,at the least,if not gone.And Neil,nice atricle.

  • JedMosley

    I think we all need to give it a break with the Koyie Hill bashing, is there more capable back ups that could make this team? Yes. Are any of them going to make the team? No. Is our backup catcher the key to success this year? No.

    • JedMosley

      *are there

    • paulcatanese

      jimmer, your’e right the bashing of Hill has been going on for a long time. It’s the frustration of the situation that keeps it coming again and again. And it’s really not his fault,he has not asked for the contracts or has said “I’m going to be here no matter what” He has been silent about all of it. Just that Cub fans have a hard time dealing with it,I know I do.

      • JedMosley

        You’re right Paul, that’s a fair statement.

  • BillyFinT


    Somewhere on MLBTR I read that Fukudome is thinking of staying in Chicago AND with the Cubs, since he bought that house in Chicago. It came from an ESPN source, don’t recall if it’s through the same link as yours.

    If Fuk ever felt the need to stay in Chicago, I presume it’s his wife’s decision. They married shortly before he signed that 4-year contract with the Cubs. She had their first baby in Feb., 2008.

    • Neil

      Kosuke would like to stay, as you mentioned, and the twitter link from Carrie mentioned his condo … you are exactly right. He mentioned he would at least like to stay in the states. In order to do that, he’s going to have to have a big year.

      • BillyFinT

        Thanks for confirming, Neil. At least now I know Kosuke has a reason for trying, and the rest we’ll need is result. Not everyone tries, but it’s just unfathomable for me that the best of baseball cannot sustain his skills at least for another year or two. Because Fuk had real good discipline at the plate, and some power he’d shown in Japan…

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    Todd Ricketts yesterday on 670 the score, when asked about Pujols, He didn’t come right out and say it but danced around Pujols being extremely exspensive and not a probability. But, that is just my assumptions/interpretation of the interview.
    Todd Ricketts interview
    Marlon Byrd interview
    Kevin Goldstein interview on Cubs/Sox Pecota projections
    Keith Moreland interview

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      Kevin Goldstein says Pecota factors in age and compares similar players by age and history and lots of other factors. He also said it doesn’t include the scouting on different players it is more numbers.

    • Neil

      Thanks for posting the links. Tom Ricketts danced around Pujols today as well and came very close to MLB’s tampering rules.

      • Patrick_Schaefer

        I really don’t think Pujols is coming to the Cubs Mooney at CSN chicago is saying The Cards offer was 8 years and 200million!
        Ricketts says it’s not so much the annual salary but the length of a players salary when teams look into signing players for 7, 8, 9 years. Pujols wants 10 years and the Cards offered him 8 I don’t think the Cubs would go beyond 5 or 6 years if that, I certainly wouldn’t.

        • Neil

          Patrick, did you read Michael Wilbon’s article? Check the link I posted.

          • Patrick_Schaefer

            Good article and well written, 7 years at 35 million would be 245 million. Ouch, anything is possible though. With Soriano, Zambrano, Dempster, (Garza, and Soto will be getting a lot more exspensive) we need the younger and cheaper guys to develop as I don’t see the Ricketts gong beyond 130 million Todd Ricketts said ideally they would like to get the payroll down some more. If guys like Cashner, and McNutt turn into top of the rotation starters, Vitters develops on offense and defense and is able to play 3b or Lemahieu shows his power potential, and Castro turns out to be a star lke many are predicting. Colvin continues to develop and turn into a Corey Hart type hitter .283/.340/.525 with 31 HR 145 SO, 45 BB and 102 RBI last year. Brett Jackson lives up to the hype.
            Marmol, Marshall show last year wasn’t a fluke Jay Jackson, Carpenter, Kurcz turn into solid bullpen guys. DeWitt or Barney or Lemahieu produce at 2b then maybe the Cubs win the World Series, IF, IF,IF Lots of variables. All before Pujols starts his decline, as he is not God or invincible.
            Still I don’t think all those things have to work out but alot of them do.

  • paulcatanese

    On Kerry Wood and Cashner spending a lot of time together,it points out what everyone knew about Wood. Truely a team player and leader.And Cashner knows what a real influence he can be. A real positive situation on being a team. I hope it rubs off on some of the others(vets) to help in the same way. That can only be an improvement in a positive way.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      I agree I like the way Byrd has taken Colvin under his wing the last year and this year and Woody is showing Cashner some things and being a positive influence, I think they could both make good coaches in the future.

      • paulcatanese

        Patrick, Class like cream rise’s to the top,and these two prove it. I really like to see it. They think in terms of a 25 man roster and not as individuals.

        • Patrick_Schaefer

          Agree, completely and I am drinking the Cubbie blue raspberry Kool-Aid and am excited to see if Cashner can live up to the potential that Riggins thinks he can. If Colvin can continue to improve, and I really like the fact that Byrd has been working with a world class sprinting coach whose pupils have won Gold medals, and he brought him to camp earlier and Colvin got some work with him too.

  • Chuck

    Could have been and should have been: Here in Fort Myers, Red Sox are well on their way of having their new spring training facilities ready for spring training 2012. Weather today is 81 and sunny. And people said it rains in Florida for spring training, ROFL. From March 15 to end of the month the minor league teams of Baltimore, Tampa, Boston, and Minnesota will be competing against each other on the diamonds that surround the stadium.

  • Aaron

    This quote is all you need to know about the Cubs way of thinking:

    Fukudome in the leadoff spot is an option Quade said he’ll explore. On Thursday, Quade called him “the best fit” among the handful of players he’s considering. But whether Fukudome is the right fit remains to be seen. He has a .233 career average in the top spot, including a .193 average last year.

    “(Fukudome) has a .233 career average in the top spot….including .193 last year.” and according to our fearless manager is ‘the best fit’….

    Are you kidding me?!?!? I mean, it’s decisions like these that have gotten into 103+years of no championship.

    I believe Marlon Byrd hit something like .500 out of the 1-hole. But, hey Quade seems to be doing his best impression of Lou Piniella, choosing the absolute worst fit for that spot based on stats.

    There have been many times throughout the years where I’ve questioned why the hell I’m a fan of this garbage. It really defies logic at times.

    If you’re honest with yourself, and you think about the Cubs and their decision-making, you’d almost expect the following to happen this spring:

    -Barney has a .320+avg, plays and plays stellar defense at 2B, SS, and 3B
    -Ojeda hits between .180-.200, and plays average defense at 2B, SS, and 3B
    DECISION: Cubs go with Ojeda, because of a “good veteran presence”

    -Max Ramirez and W. Castillo both hit .300+
    -Hill hits around .180
    DECISION: Cubs go with Hill because of “familiarity with the staff and they supposedly love throwing to him”

    -B. Jackson, Snyder, LaHair all hit with good power and around .300
    -Reed Johnson hits .225, misses time with an achy back, but plays good defense
    DECISION: Cubs go with Johnson, because he “adds veteran leadership , and when healthy, can produce at a very high level”
    *possible Part B factor is Johnson starting on DL, and Cubs going with Perez, who will hit no more than .225 in ST as well, but has 10 stolen bases

    I could probably go on and on about various pitching scenarios, but my hunch is that guys like Mateo, Maine, Guzman, Carpenter, Jackson, McNutt, Cabrera, and Dolis have almost no shot of making the team, no matter how good they pitch.


    Z, Dempster, and Garza are locked up for the rotation. Wells has the edge for the 4th spot, so we have Russell, Cashner, Wellemeyer, Looper, Coleman, etc. battling for the 5th spot.

    In the pen, we have Marmol, Wood, Marshall, and Grabow locked in for sure. Depending on who wins the 5th spot, it would appear that the 3 spots would be filled by the losers of the rotation battle, and likely would go to Looper, Wellemeyer, and either Cashner or Russell

    This whole garbage of “building from within” is just that…..a load of garbage. Teams that want to go young typically do NOT sign veterans on their last leg, even if they are just NRI’s….Instead, they sign guys like a Chris Carter (Mets last year), or Milledge, etc., guys that are still young, and can actually supply competition for the younger players.

    But it is what it is. I expect the roster to be:

    Marmol, Wood, Marshall, Grabow, Looper, Wellemeyer, Samardzija

    C-Soto, Hill
    2B-DeWitt, Baker
    SS-Castro, Ojeda
    CF-Byrd, Johnson
    RF-Fukudome, Colvin (yes, I put Fukudome as starter, because, let’s face it….it’s the Cubs we’re talking about)

    I’d be shocked if the 25-man is anything other than what I just posted. Given the signings, previous comments by both Hendry and Quade relating to veterans, etc., I tend to take them at their word.

    Personally, I believe the smart thing to do is cut Hill, Baker, and trade Fukudome and Byrd for whatever we can get.

    In fact a Byrd and Fukudome trade for Michael Young makes a TON of sense. Together, they’ll make $19 million this year, while Young is set for $15 million. That would result in a savings of $4 million which we could use at the deadline for improvements, or to make his salary more palatable in subsequent years.

    From there, here’s what I’d do:
    Z, Dempster, Garza, Cashner, Russell

    Marmol, Wood, Marshall, Grabow (though I want to cut him too), Samardzija (I do actually like his velocity, but ONLY if he has a good spring), Mateo, Maine

    C-Soto, Ramirez (give Castillo more time at AAA)
    1B-Pena, LaHair (the reason I want LaHair is because i can almost guarantee Pena has a similar 2010 season…or, perhaps even worse
    2B-DeWitt (don’t like him, but it’s obvious he’s making the team), Barney
    3B-ARAM, M. Smith
    CF-B. Jackson, Perez (for speed and righty hitter)

    Having LaHair on the roster, allows the Cubs to have a power lefty bat as a pinch hitter, sub at 1B, and the occasional LF and RF. Perez can play all 3 positions in the OF too, allowing for greater flexibility.

    Ramirez gives the Cubs a power righty bat off the bench if necessary, and he’s played 1B occasionally too, so in the event the Cubs face a difficult lefty, he could sub there. Smith would also be the power righty bat off the bench, and could spell ARAM on occasion.

    I don’t think McNutt, Carpenter, Jay Jackson, Vitters, LeMahieu, and Flaherty are ready yet, so that’s the roster I’d go with.

    And if the trade with the Rangers happened, I’d probably trade DeWitt, or let Barney start at AAA, and go with Young at 2B.

    Having a guy like Young on the roster would make the team both better on and off the field, and since he can play all over the IF, it’d add greater versatility.

    • paulcatanese

      Aaron ,good article. It will take me a little while to digest all of it but at first glance i think you are very close to reality. One other little thing,I have watched Barney on the DVR tapes from the end of last year and I agree,without a doubt he is the smoothest and 2nd,SS, and 3b. Great hands, it would be a shame if the Cubs don’t use him.

    • paulcatanese

      Studying a little further,I believe I did not see you mention Silva,maybr you did but didn’t catch it. The lack of his name is understanable as I don’t think he will be of any help at all. And Fuko,didn’t you mention in previous posts that he hits better further down the lineup and definetely not in the no 1 spot? And you were right about it and again about Byrd in the no1 spot. A lot of people agree with you and I do not know why the Cubs don’t see it.

    • Ripsnorter1

      You know what your trouble is Aaron?

      You think with your head. That’s bad, Aaron. That’s very bad. You see, if you’re a Cubbie fan, you must think with your heart, with your head in a pile of sand somewhere. And you must drink the blue Kool-Aid–lots and lots of blue Kool-Aid.

      Now if you could think with your heart, and have your head buried deep in a pile of sand somewhere, then you’d easily understand why Hill is the catcher of choice. He’s a good clubhouse guy, and that’s important.

      Having consumed copious amounts of blue Kool-Aid would enable you to understand that Mr. .196 is a very good dancer, and he can help guys that have trouble picking up barflies. They can have his leftovers. Mr. .196’s teammates call that “an RBI.” That makes for a good clubhouse guy, and that’s important.

      And take Funko. This guy is very valuable to the Cubs. He doesn’t speak a word of English. Not one single word. That’s valuable, Aaron, very valuable. Because those teammates who were enabled to pick up some barflies with the aid of Mr. .196 love having Funko around. Because they know that their wives haven’t got a single clue about what Funko is trying to say to them about last night after the game. Not one single clue. And that’s very valuable. Makes for a great clubhouse guy.

      So you see, Aaron, it’s all about winning.


    • JedMosley

      I think Aaron and Rip are the answers to all of the Cubs problems! You guys should definitely take the place of Hendry and Bush now, because it’s obvious you know more than they do. I really enjoy this website and the work you do Neil, but I’m really turned off on most of the comments on here. It seems there are more Cub haters than Cubs fans on here pulling for the Cubs. If I had this much hate toward the players/manager/ownership of a club I definitely would cheer for another club. But what do I know, I guess I’ll just keep my head buried in the sand and continue to sip that tasty blue kool-aid (which is a slap in the face comment to Cubs fans, and I believe true Cubs fans, like the late Ron Santo, drank the “blue kool-aid” every day.) I’m not saying people shouldn’t have their opinions, I just won’t read them anymore.

      • Tony

        So, is there nothing that the management of your favorite team, could do, to make you dislike the management, yet still love the team…

        Just asking?

  • Tony
    • paulcatanese

      Tony,read the blog on as you suggested,I found it interesting and was intrigued by the close comparison of those posters and those on the CCO. Guess the same opinions are spread around.

  • paulcatanese

    If and I again If Pena and Colvin were to work out at first base,I would like to see the Cubs seek a #1second baseman or third baseman power hitters (Young?) and forget trying to give the farm away on more long term deals. And again thats a big If. Puols is out and very possibly Fielder,one would be too old and the other may have problems staying in shape for long term contracts.

  • Last_ginger

    believe or leave

    • Tony

      Believe what?

      That JH knows best? Based on what!

      That this team, as it stands right now, is in serious contention for the division? Based on what!

      I won’t tell you to leave, don’t tell me or others.

      State your opinion, back it with facts, and have a discussion.

      We don’t have to agree on anything more than, sometimes we have to agree to disagree on the moves made by the management of our favorite team.

      • Last_ginger

        its from a poster dude. Facts dont really mean a thing on that field. You can say the Phillies will win the World Series but will they? Nobody really knows. Its been 100+ plus years without a title. The only way this gets turned around is if we believe and those guys in the dugout believe. Did you really think the Red Sox would come back from 3 games down? Nobody did but they believed and what happened? They won the World Series. So Ill say it again “Believe or Leave”

        • Tony

          Yes but, you can point to the moves the Phillies have made to better their team.

          No one knows what is going to happen, and I really don’t think it matters whether you or I believe the Cubs will win the World Series this year, will have any effect on whether it happens or not. You can always point to examples of both sides (teams that were suppose to win or lose) and show how the exact opposite happened.

          But I will take a line from Cubs1967….103 years and counting….

  • paulcatanese

    Just watching “The Rookie” brings tears to the eyes of us old guys.Great flick.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      I rented “The Rookie”, and “For Love of the Game” yesterday gonna watch one tonight and one tommorrow. Great movies.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    RT @CSNMooney #Cubs have club option on Aramis: “There’s no other place I want to be. We’ll see. I don’t know what they think.” about 5 hours ago
    The Cubs think stay healthy play better defense, hit .300 with 30+ HR and 120 rbi and we’ll pick up that option.

    • paulcatanese

      Patrick,right on Rami,all he has to do is produce.His fate is in his hands.PS you will like the Rookie,saw it at least 4-5 times.