Dempster Named Opening Day Starter

According to multiple reports, Mike Quade named Ryan Dempster his starter for Opening Day. Quade met with his three top starters in office (Dempster, Carlos Zambrano and Matt Garza) on Monday morning and told them his decision.

Carlos Zambrano and Matt Garza will follow Dempster in the rotation to start the season.

Quade also announced that Carlos Zambrano and Matt Garza would pitch in the Cactus League opener Sunday against the Oakland A’s.

Ryan Dempster being named Opening Day starter ends a streak of six straight opening days that Zambrano got the ball. The last starter to take the ball other than Zambrano was Kerry Wood in 2004.

Dempster appreciated Zambrano’s reaction to Quade’s decision. Zambrano told Dempster he was happy for him and told Dempster that he deserved the honor.

The decision to give Dempster the ball on Opening Day means that Carlos Zambrano will pitch the first game of the series against the Brewers that begins on April 8 in Milwaukee.

Dempster said he was surprised and humbled by the decision.

April 1 against the Pirates will be the third time in Ryan Dempster’s career he’s started on Opening Day.

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon
  • The Maven

    Congratulations to Ryan Dempster!

  • GrantJones7

    Congrats to Dempster!

    Also neil, is there anyway to stay logged on? It will not let me, id love to post more, just sucks to have to log in everytime

    • Neil

      Grant, which browser are you using?

      • GrantJones7

        Neil, i am using Internet Explorer

        • Neil

          Grant, you should receive a message asking if you wold like IE to remember your user name and password. Click ‘yes’ and that should work.

          • GrantJones7

            Il look into it, thanks!

  • Gary J

    The top 3 are the top 3 and are undisputed… so them getting the first three starts in whatever order is fine with me. Based on performance the last couple of years, Demp is deserving to get the honor of opening day this year. It’s one game out of 162 so it’s largely a ceremonial selection and as such it’s a good pick.

  • paulcatanese

    Once again ,congratulations Dempster. Thought it would be this way all along.Cudos to Zambrano for saying the same thing,could be a good sign for him.Garza will certainly get his shot.

  • Trevor_P

    This was a good decision by Quade. Demps is a leader of the team and prepares/plays the right way. He might not have the pure #1 stuff of Z but Ryan deserves the opening day start. Perhaps Z will be humbled and really focus this season.

    • paulcatanese

      Trevor,not only is Dempster the right choice but a simple one based on the fact that big Z had a record of 1-2 out of 6 starts with a 6.99 ERA. Need better stats than that to get off to a good start in the opener.

  • Tony

    About time, we have a manager that understands, that Zambrano, can not pitch on Opening Day. Evening when he was the undisputed ACE, he shouldn’t have started on Opening Day. I have been saying Dempster, Zambrano, Garza to start the year, and from there, it really doesn’t matter.

  • paul catanese

    It will be interesting to watch the battle for four and five in the pitching rotation,hopefully it would be settled before the team heads east and north to Wrigley. Hit and miss and spot starts could cost a few games to decide who is who. If(again an If) the Cubs are to compete they need to treat EVERY game as though it were for the pennant. Whatever it takes to win should be exercised.

  • Cheryl

    No one can dispute Dempster getting the nod. He deserves it. Its how the rest of the pitching order shapes up behind Zambrano and Garza that will be watched. I’m keen on seeing how the other positions work out.

  • studio179

    “Mike Quade named Ryan Dempster his starter for Opening Day.”

    I’m guessing Silva has his thoughts about that decison, too.

    • The Maven

      : )

    • paulcatanese

      Got to get one in before I go to bed. Who are you talking about the “Silva Bullet)? And Garza should not be upset with the Dempster decision as he is the new kid on the block and needs to wait his turn first time around.

      • paulcatanese

        should be the (“Silva Bullet)? sorry.