From the Wire … Cubs Acquire Robert Coello from the Red Sox

According to multiple reports, the Cubs acquired right-handed pitcher Robert Coello from the Red Sox for minor league infielder Tony Thomas.

Coello was added to the Cubs 40-man roster, which now stands at 39 players.

Updated 7:07pm C.T.According to a report from the Tribune, the Red Sox designated Coello for assignment prior to trading him to the Cubs. Coello was drafted as a catcher.

The Reds took Robert Coello in the 20th round of the 2004 draft. The 6’5″, 250-pound right-hander spent time in Double-A and Triple-A last season. Coello posted a combined 7-6 record in 32 games, 13 starts, with a 3.86 ERA and a 1.17 WHIP. At Triple-A Pawtucket, 3-5 with a 4.22 ERA and a 1.16 WHIP in 18 games, nine starts.

Coello made his big league debut last year in a Red Sox uniform. Coello pitched in six games and did not post a decision (three runs on four hits in 5 2/3 innings with five walks and five strikeouts)

Robert Coello’s Page on Baseball-Reference

The addition of Robert Coello gives the Cubs 60 players in big league camp.

Tony Thomas was once considered one of the top prospects in the Cubs’ organization. The Cubs selected Thomas in the third round of the 2007 draft.

In his second year in Double-A, Thomas posted a .276/.338/.485/.823 line in 116 games with 29 doubles, 11 triples and 11 home runs. Thomas played all three outfield spots last season but is primarily a second baseman (105 games).

Tony Thomas’ Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • Patrick_Schaefer

    his minor league SO to BB ratio is awesome.

    • Neil

      Thank you for re-posting his Baseball-Reference page.

  • daverj

    Cue the “JH is an idiot” cries from Cubdom for this very minor deal that is most likely to mean nothing to either team …

    • Tony

      Glad to see you started the rant, but really, my question, one that will not be answererd, is who initiated this deal. Did the Cubs want Coello or did the Red Sox want Thomas?

      Thomas was obviously being bypassed, and not considered, a part of the future of the Cubs.

      • Neil

        Tony, Coello was DFA’d by the Red Sox prior to the trade.

        • Tony

          If only a had read your article closer…Thanks for pointing out, what you had already pointed out.

          That means that JH likes this guy. or someone who has been scouting the Red Sox really does.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      I like this deal Thomas doesn’t walk much and strikes out a ton. He only hit .276 in his 2nd year at AA. Good move JH.

  • Tom U

    A nice pickup. Coello has some upside and trading Thomas help ease a middle infield logjam in the minors.

  • paulcatanese

    Pujols——–I have to put this in here. He is one of the most dominating hitters in baseball right now. Good guy, great family and well liked by everyone. I have seen Dimaggio,Williams and Musial play,also B Bonds. Pujols hits the ball harder than any of these guys. His home runs are bullets,his ground balls are lasers,he just flat out squares up to the ball better than anyone I know. I want to comment on the contract he is seeking. It borders on insanity. How can one person demand that amount of money? True he faces 2-3 different pitchers in a game where D,W,and M didn’t,at the most two. I think Pujols demands on 300 mil over ten years will ruin the game. Who ends up paying?,the fans of course.Look for ticket prices to triple over the next several years. The amount he is seeking and what others have signed for is dictating what he is asking. Especially A-Rod and the amount he recieved. At this point it is totaly an ego trip with Pujols. He knows he will destroy the Cardinals either way. I cannot believe he needs the money and am sure he isn’t eating hamburger helper. I think he needs to take a step back and realize what is at stake and make the right decision.

    • Tony

      Paul – Pujols only has himself (and his agent) to blame for becoming a FA again, going into his Age 32 season. But they wanted a $100 million dollar contract back in February of 2004, to avoid going to arbitration. Their previous greed and ego, has caused him to become FA 2-3 years too late for his stage of career, and the stage of the economy. Now they want to still get a contract that nobody, in their right mind, would do, 10 years to a 32 year old.

      I would offer Pujols 10 years, if the last 3 years were all based on hitting certain numbers, to keep the money at the same level, he is asking, if not, they could be player options, at lower dollar amounts. He would be able to say he is getting his 10 year, and around $300 million, but in reality, he would need to keep performing at a Top 5 player level to keep earning it. It would need lots of “if then”, but it could work.

      But a straight 10 year, $300M, not a chance…

      • daverj

        I have no issues with Pujols contract demands. If he can get it in the free market, good for him. If ticket prices triple, I won’t go to baseball games and if enough other people stop going, salaries will go down.

        Baseball is not a necessity. Player salaries are so high because fans are willing to pay a lot for this form of entertainment. No one should be forced to work for less than then free market will bear.

        Pujols has played out a contract at a below market salary for a few years. He has not complained about being underpaid and has gone out everyday and played his heart out (even when hurt). I lose respect for a player that holds out and refuses to honor his end of a contract. But, when a contract expires, I say knock yourself out and get as much as you can …

        • daverj

          As an aside, some team will give Pujols at least a 10 year deal worth at least $280 million (to top ARod’s) after the season. If I had to guess, I’d go with the Angels.

          • Tony

            I agree, he will get his 10 years, if he wants, but there is no way, any team, can justify a $30M price tag at the end of that contract.

        • Tony

          I have no problems with Pujols asking for whatever he wants either. I ask for lots of things, but I don’t seem to get everything, I ask for either and neither will Pujols

          Baseball is not a necessity, well, technically true, but professional baseball is not a necessity, but baseball is in my household.

          Pujols signed a very much market value contract in 2004. He didn’t have to sign for so many years, but did. They made a mistake, by not having an out clause for when Pujols would be 29 or 30. Wow, would that have caused some bidding.

          • paulcatanese

            Great third paragraph Tony,I didn’t know that about Pujols. And I also enjoy baseball in my life,whether the Cubs,little lg.,senior,high school,college,well you get the picture.After reading youre post it seems Pujols did this to himself.

      • paulcatanese

        Tony good idea with an incentive on reaching certain criteria. If he kwwps performing as you say at a top 5 level.

      • BillyFinT

        An incentive-laden contract is plausible, but there is pride involved. I believe four years ago Fukudome would rather not sign with the White Sox or Padres for their incentive-based contract of a similar four years, although those could have been higher if most qualifications matched (and we know Kevin Tower love to tempt with those incentives).

        Pujols might not like that. He wants to be respected, like D.Jeter, or maybe not, I guess…

        Here’s an inspiring quote from the Royals owner, courtesy of MLBTR:

        …he would not sign a player to a $300MM deal. “You might as well give them the franchise,” Glass said.

        I actually love to see Pujols be signed with a 20 M x 10 yrs., flat out, plus a stake in the Cubs future as a shareholder, say 2%. Why can’t players be like, what? before 1920s? Before the Federal League came in? Way back then, the players could own part of the franchise.

        That way, a competitor and Hall of Famer like Pujols would be motivated to work his best, help the team wins, and attract more fans.

        And the point is the gate receipt plus, plus, plus all Cubbie marketing benefits which follow.

        Like the charts of Forbes say, in a time like 2009 when Cubs was a mess and in transition, they could still earn 246 M of revenue, and Pujols would love his 2% piece of cake here (that’s 5 million from 2009) to increase in the near future:

      • Baron_S

        he probably won’t get a 10 year deal…

        but $30 mill per year average? I would say at least…something like 7 years, $32 mill per year would be my guess. He is the best hitter in baseball, period!! and nobody, barring maybe Josh Hamilton and Votto (who have done it what 1 or 2 years), are even in the same Universe as this dude.

  • Aaron

    This is a classic Hendry trade….and a very bad one at that. We have almost too much pitching…and you rarely, if ever will hear that from a MLB team. This guy better be at least better than Mateo, or it simply wasn’t worth it. #1- Thomas will be 24 this year, was an excellent college hitter, above average pro hitter, but just couldn’t play anything but 2B and the occasional OF position. He also had above average speed and above average power for a player of his stature.

    #2-With Marmol, Marshall, Wood, and Grabow locked into 4 pen spots, and probably Samardzija given his salary, you’re looking at 2 spots to be filled by: Mateo, Stevens, Russell/Silva/Cashner/Coleman/Wellemeyer/Looper (likely whomever loses the rotation battle), Diamond, Caridad, Berg, Maine, Dolis, Smit, and Gaub….and that’s just the 40-man roster players besides the NRI guys in Wellemeyer and Looper. We have 15 guys battling for 2 spots in the pen. WOW!!! And I’d say Caridad, Mateo, and Dolis for sure have higher ceilings than this Coello guy, especially given this scouting report-

    Anyway, we need to be adding hitters, NOT subtracting them. If it were a deal like Tony Thomas for Lars Anderson, I’d be thrilled, and I’d say it were an equal trade as Anderson is blocked by AGON and Thomas is blocked by a lot of others at 2B.

    Thomas is a sleeper for sure in the system, and I’m happy for him to be in an organization now that actually gives a damn about winning. Good for him! Bad for the Cubs though to lose a good bat

    • Aaron

      wanted to add….

      A fair trade for Coello might have been Stevens and Smit for him, or something like that….but I hate this deal from the Cubs perspective.

      If you think about it,a guy like Coello, who throws primarily fastballs in the 90 mph range and NO other pitch really, is probably worth a guy like Stevens, who throws primarily low 90’s fastballs with NO other pitch.

      When will Ricketts realize how overmatched Hendry really is?!? It’ll never happen in our lifetime apparently

      • Wrigley Rat

        OK – I’ll bite. Tony Thomas did not rank in the Cubs Top 30 prospects from BA, but Smit was ranked #20 and Stevens was at least equal in value to Thomas and has been ranked in the top 30 for several years. Thomas has one year before needing to be protected from the Rule 5 Draft and the Cubs will not do that for an unproven 25 year old second baseman. Darwin Barney will be the starting second baseman at Iowa (Ojeda will be in Chicago barring injury), Matt Camp and Jonathan Mota will share shortstop. Ryan Flaherty, Nate Samson, and Jake Opitz will share 2B in Tennessee. Thomas has no roster spot. There is no way I would trade two quality pitchers instead of one mediocre second baseman who can’t play other positions.

        • Aaron

          Smit and Stevens are horrible, and neither should even be on the Cubs’ Top 30 list. I said to trade both for him, because they’re both useless to us, and Coello is slightly better than them, if only because of age.

          Thomas on the other hand was valuable, because he was probably the closest to the big leagues of actual “prospects” that we had at 2B. I’d trade pitching for pitching anyday, but once you start trading position prospects for pitchers, you better make sure that pitcher is an actual prospect (especially if you have pitching depth like the Cubs have) instead of a Stevens-esque type of pitcher.

          • BillyFinT

            But maybe, likely Wrigley and Tom U said, it’s just a move to clear a minor league roster spot.

            It clearly does not satisfy any immediate need the Cubs will love to fulfill as an organization. But again, which GM other than Hendry really cares about the Cubs need? There’s no way Hendry can quickly match a trade offer before Spring training with Thomas while getting what the Cubs need.

            Might as well throw away 50 cents to the dealer Epstein and receive 5 bahts that you might be able to cash in, if you make another 5000 bahts in Thailand then run to your nearest bank, in the future.

      • Airkeys

        Stevens throws all fastballs? Have you even seen him pitch? Stevens has a very good curve! 3

      • Airkeys

        Stevens throws all fastballs? Have you even seen him pitch? Stevens has a very good curve! 3

      • cubtex

        Anger issues from a Tony Thomas trade for Robert Coello???? Give it a rest! Tony Thomas had no spot with the Cubs and probably won’t with Boston either. It blows me away when people make comments on players based on print without ever seeing them or evaluating them for themselves! Hendry got the Cubs in the playoffs more than any other GM in my lifetime has and I think he did a great job this offseason with the limited payroll. When you add Pena,Wood and Garza for 10 mill this year that is a magic act in my eyes!!!!!!!

    • daverj

      Anderson is worth a lot more than Thomas …

      • Aaron

        you are right….but you also missed the point….the point was that we shouldn’t trade decent hitting for average pitching when we already have that depth.

        Fact is, Thomas was the closest true prospect at 2B that we had to MLB. We don’t know what Flaherty, LeMahieu, Lake, etc. will do when they’re pushed to AA and beyond this year. Barney is decent, but he is nowhere near the offensive talent that Thomas was.

        Plus, Hendry made the trade… you need more proof of how bad he is at making judgement calls like that?

        It was damn near 80-90% of the baseball world with scouts AND pundits alike declaring that we got screwed in the Garza deal. This is the same Hendry that traded one of our top pitching prospects at the time (Ceda, a guy who threw 100 mph) for Gregg, who was to be non-tendered by the Marlins. Fact is, 90% of the time (whether it be trades or free agent signings), Hendry makes the wrong decisions. Consider the offseason prior to 2009, when every damn decision he made: trading DeRosa and Ceda, letting Wood and Edmonds go, signing Miles, Bradley, Gathright (who turned into Freel, who turned into Baker), and Bako……I mean, I don’t think I can remember a single GM in baseball that had that type of financial backing making that many bad decisions, and still keeping his job.

        It’s like Hendry has 9 lives….seriously, it’s ridiculous, and the Cubs are the laughingstock of baseball for having kept him around.

        • Ripsnorter1

          You said that the Cubs are the laughingstock of baseball for having kept Jim Clueless around. What do you base that on? The fact that last year, in Milwaukee, when the Cubs arrived at the stadium, the Brewers’ staff was handing out press releases praising Jim Clueless for having cut McGaHee for nothing, and signed Milton Bradley for $32 million dollars, and other hare-brained moves? Is that what you are basing your statement on?

          If so, I 100% agree with you. Jim Clueless is . . . . CLUELESS. Look at Thomas stats. Sure he hit .276, but he slugged and had an OPS of .823. Blake DeWitt hasn’t slugged that IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

          And don’t forget, sports fans: Coello was DFA’d! That means he would have been a N.I.V. free agent in just a few days! Reminds me of the Gregg for Ceda trade . . . . DUH!

          • paulcatanese

            Rip,good post as usual you disguise what you have to say until the second paragraph,you dog you,clever.

        • paulcatanese

          I agree with you on the trades that have been made.Who knows if DeRosa had stayed here he may stayed healthy,and Edmonds,I was really sorry to see him go,would have been wonderful off the bench and he proved he had years left. Miles,my favorite everytime I saw him I had to leave the room to throw up.Never could understand the Bradley thing.

        • Vivid_Reality

          Yea, getting Lee and Rami for nothing, that was rough…

          • Tony

            Even a blind squirrel…

          • cubtex

            I agree Vivid. You can break down every general manager and some trades didn’t work out! Derrick Lee for Choi? ARam for Bobby Hill? DeRosa for Archer,Stevens and Gaub and then flippng Archer and others for a 15 game winner in Garza who is contolled for 2 more years!!
            And I think the Aaron Heilman deal for Scott Maine will turn out to be a very good deal for the Cubs as well!

  • paulcatanese

    Well Marmol was a catcher,and so was Wells other than that I cannot comment as I don’t know anything about Coello.