Cubs Closing In on Acquiring Garza?

According to reports from Bruce Miles and Bruce Levine, the Cubs are closing in on a deal for Matt Garza. Levine is reporting the Rays and Cubs are close on a multi-player deal.

Bruce Miles has learned that the trade would involve Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee, Brandon Guyer and Robinson Chirinos going to the Rays with other pieces possibly involved.

According to Bruce Miles an announcement is not imminent for several reasons, physicals for one, but Miles’ sources have indicated the package for Matt Garza would be Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee, Brandon Guyer and Robinson Chirinos.

According to Miles, “there may be additional parts to the deal for each team.”

Stay Tuned … will update as more info is made available

Updated 9:46am CT – According to Bruce Levine, upwards of eight players could be involved in the trade.

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  • waldo7239117

    Not too happy with the outlook up the trade. But I wonder who TB would include. I have always love Upton but he has no where to play.

  • Bryan

    If that is the group sent off then Hendry should be tied up and placed on the next train out of town. What an idiot GM. Like Garza is going to be a difference maker based on the current makeup of this team. Just so-typical Cubs.

    • BleacherBum

      Disagree completely. The Cubs prospects are good but we didn’t have to give up our elite prospect: Brett Jackson. We also still have Castro and Colvin and Cashner. Garza IS a stud pitcher and this WILL prove to be a great deal for the Cubbies.

  • Anthony

    Looks like Archer, Lee and Chirnos will have a WS ring before the Chicago Cubs. Typical Hendry. What was Ricketts plans again? To build up our minor league system?

  • TimothyG89

    Please do not let this trade go through! Unless Longoria himself is included, this is just STUPID!

  • paul catanese

    My computer reads”Done but with errors on page”,how true if this is a deal.It’s almost as if JH read the posts and said to himself “Here guys,stick it”. How bad is this,even for JH?I cannot believe he is trading away the future of the team. Where is Ricketts? I hope this just a rumor.

  • Jdsoto0516

    tampas radio station just announced the deal was done….for garza

  • JasonPen

    I don’t like it…why give up solid prospects for a #2 or #3 pitcher at best? Chris Archer is going to be a star, Hak Ju Lee could be our next short stop… Doesn’t make sense!

    • paulcatanese

      Your’e two comments, all I can say is “Oh my God,JH did it” What an idiot.

    • BleacherBum

      Garza is a potential #1. He will take over #1 from Dempster before the year is over. He’s a 15 game winner in the best division in baseball. Castro IS our next shortstop. Lee isn’t even our top prospect. We still have Brett Jackson. This is a great deal.

      • JasonPen

        I always felt the plan was to put Lee at SS, and move Castro to either 2nd or 3rd

  • Tony

    Talk about giving up the farm.

    I sure hope that Garza is bringing along some friends who can play baseball, and they aren’t just throw-ins.

  • cubs1967

    Yes……….4 suspects for a proven pitcher……..

    guyer is 25 and not major league ready…….so he’ll be 26 next year. tooo late….jackson and colvin in the OF and we’ll need a big bat…not Sori…… this is no loss.

    chirinios is 27……….WTF……next. he’s too old and castillo and soto are better.

    lee…….this is the only 1 I do not like……..but he is 2 yrs away…….assuming no injuries (Vitters)………and high A is a loooong way from the majors. Castro has more upside offensively…..

    archer…….hmmmm…….most of this site said we got nothing for derosa so really no one should complain………and we still have cashner, coleman, carpenter, jackson, mcnutt so not like the cupboard is bare.

    as someone who has attended 20 plus rays games over the years as the st pete is a family destination for a long time………Garza is a stud and will only get better……..he is now our best pitcher. and let’s remember he came from the twins organization who produces major league talent like crazy.

    garza-demp-big Z-cashner-wells/gorz is a great 6 man plus coleman………the offensive still sucks…but great pitching.

    we got Wood!!

    103rd yr and counting………