Much Ado About Garza

The Matt Garza to the Cubs rumors stepped it up a notch or two late Tuesday night after a report from the Sun-Times indicated the Cubs were close to acquiring Garza from the Rays. The original report stated the Cubs were drawing near a deal according to the Sun-Times sources.

Multiple reports on Wednesday once again confirmed the Cubs are interested in Garza but no deal is imminent … and both Dave Kaplan and Bruce Miles reported the two sides have not exchanged names of players that could be sent to Tampa for Garza.

Buster Olney was the first to shoot down the report from the Sun-Times. Olney tweeted that a “well-placed source” told him a Garza trade is more likely in July than it is now.

Dave Kaplan checked in early Wednesday morning and said a deal was seriously being discussed. Kaplan questioned sending three top prospects to Tampa at the time.

According to a report from Kaplan Wednesday morning, he checked with “three Major League sources who told him that while there have been discussions about Garza between Tampa Bay and Chicago no deal is imminent.” Kaplan explained that “names of potential players that the Cubs could include in the deal have not yet been exchanged.”

Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald reported the same about the names not being exchanged yet and added “one Cubs operative said he was glad to read they were the frontrunners to land Garza because they didn’t know it.”

Kaplan was told the price to acquire Garza will be very high.

The Cubs are “willing to put a solid package of players together” according to Kaplan, if “indeed Tampa Bay is willing to move him.” But the Rays’ GM, Andrew Friedman, would have to be overwhelmed by the deal in order to trade Garza now instead of at some point during the season when the Rays could get more in return.

Jim Hendry is expected to “continue to gauge the price” for Garza and “if it makes sense the Cubs are willing to move.”

According to Bruce Levine, “Tampa Bay is known to be asking for numerous top prospects from any team interested in Garza.”

Late Wednesday afternoon a tweet from Kaplan stated a well-known agent told him “while a trade still has a ways to go, the Rays may move Garza so they have money to spend in other areas now.”

This off-season’s version of Brian Roberts and Jake Peavy just keeps going and going and going. It will be interesting to hear how many questions Jim Hendry receives about Matt Garza at the convention next week.

Stay Tuned …

Quote of the Day

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." – Arthur Ashe
  • paulcatanese

    If JH does include Gorzo,Lee,Jackson or any other high valued prospect for Garza I would hate to be in his shoes at the Covention to answer very pointed questions. I still do not think Garza at this point of the year is of any value to the Cubs andwould be a huge mistake by Hendry. I cannot even be sarcastic about JH and make fun of this because its so far fetched and stupid.

  • The Maven

    Like I said previously, don’t do it, you’ll be sorry. Any pitcher is one pitch away from blowing out their arm and ending their career. Trading anything of value for a pitcher with 5 years or more experience is just bad business. If you want him bad enough, he’ll be there in July. By then, you may not see a need for him.

  • Patrick_Schaefer…/
    From an Article on FanGraphs-
    Name: Robinson Chirinos, 26, C
    Organization: Chicago (NL) Level: Double-A
    Actual: 318 PA, .314/.409/.576 (.308 BABIP), .424 wOBA
    zMLE: 318 PA, .271/.347/.451 (.289 BABIP), .353 wOBA
    • Yes, yes, yes: he was old for his level this year.
    • But also, please consider: he converted to catcher from infield in mid-2008.
    • Walked 42 times, struck out only 35 this season.
    • CHONE has him as a .261/.341/.427 true-talent hitter. (Major League)
    • Please, people, give both peace and Robinson Chirinos a chance.

  • Jwilson3985

    Jim Hendry will overpay for Garza in hopes of saving his own bloody job. There is absolutely no reason to trade top-tier prospects for Garza before the deadline in July. Why give up Hak-Ju Lee, Vitters, etc. for a #2 or #3 starter on a mediocre-at-best team? This is ludicrous.

  • Jonny Dollar

    I really don’t think we need Garza. We have a good stockpile of young pitchers that can compete for the jobs. If we do well by the all-star break, then we can trade for an arm.

    Or, when the FA market thins out, we might be able to get a bargain arm or two on minor league deals.

    I think the priority should be on a leadoff hitter with speed.

  • paulcatanese

    I think the lack of comments regarding Garza speaks for themselves.It’s clear that most Cub fans do not want to trade for him given what they have to give up. If its true that JH would make this trade simply because he has a mind to and not based on reality,the case for his removal is bolstered.

    • Gary J

      Actually from my perspective the lack of reply has to do with having said it all before and the fact it looks like it’s not nearly as close to happening as earlier reported. I’m for the deal as long as Lee isn’t included.

      • paulcatanese

        I may have worded it wrong,because I agree that Garza would be an attractive addition,but not at this time if we have to give up our prospects.I am afraid that ultimately JH would make this trade if he has a mind to. July would be soon enough and only if the Cubs get a better look at what they would give up. Also the comments I have read seem to be heading in the same direction as I have stated.Again I agree that it is not as close to happening as reported. In addition JH has had a reputation for off the wall decisions. Absolutly not if Lee is included,and it has been all been said before as you state.