Rambling about Groundhog Day

It’s Friday. And by now, we now that Friday means it is time to Ramble! That’s right. Get pumped! Get psyched! Scream out loud! Go crazy! Get nuts! Read your computer screens! Let me hear you!

Now that we are in the proper mindset, it is time to remind everyone that Groundhog Day is next Wednesday. Wow, that went by fast. Really? Groundhog Day is next week.

So in honor of one of the top-5 comedies of all time, we are talking all things Cubs and Groundhogs as we celebrate the Bill Murray classic video that though believed to be filmed in “Punxsutawney, PA” was actually shot in good old Woodstock, IL.

And what possible similarities do Groundhog Day and the Cubs have in common. Let’s ramble …

  • At the end of the last 102 years it seems like you just continue to live through the same year, year after year after year.
  • Or for Phil Connors, day after day after day.
  • Phil leaves his Bed and Breakfast every day to head to Gobbler’s Knob to see the groundhog.
  • Cubs’ fans leave their homes on Opening Day and head to 1060 W. Addison or any other place to watch the game. It doesn’t matter how many times they wake up that way, they still do it no matter what.
  • Sure, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. But, neither Cubs fans nor Phil Connors has gotten that yet.
  • Phil Connors sure got good at that piano, but the day still ended the same way.
  • The Cubs sure got good at pitching for a while, but the season ended the same way.
  • Phil sure got good at ice sculptures, but the day still ended the same way.
  • The Cubs sure got good at hitting for a while, but the season still ended the same way.
  • Phil sure got good at jacking a car and changing a tire, but the day still ended the same way.
  • The Cubs sure got good at defense, but the season still ended the same way.
  • “It reminds me of Rome … the way the sun hits the buildings in the afternoon.”
  • Okay, fine. I don’t really have a comparison for that quote, but it is my favorite one in the movie, and I had to include it.
  • Chris Elliot meet Larry Rothschild. Mr. Rothschild this is Chris Elliot. You know, important to the movie plot, but completely unrelated to the outcome.
  • If you have a comparison, please let me know below.
  • Phil bows his head and prays for World Peace.
  • Cubs’ fans bow their respective heads and pray for a World Series title… and hopefully World Peace.
  • Bill Murray prays for a World Series title from the Cubbies.
  • And every time a Cub stumbles coming out of the batter’s box, I like to think of Ned Ryerson … “First step’s a doozie!”
  • Wait, Ned? Ned Ryerson? Or is it Dave? Dave Otto?
  • As many times as Phil drove his truck off a cliff or electrocuted himself, he kept coming back.
  • And Cubs’ fans always like to say things, “please talk me off the ledge.”
  • Phil Connors saved the mayor’s life during the banquet dinner.
  • The Cubs enjoy saving other teams’ seasons by rolling over year after year after year.
  • I never EVER thought I would compare a World Series title to Andie MacDowell, but here we are:
  • I really hope the Cubs have their sleepover with Andie MacDowell very soon, but I cannot keep drinking sweet vermouth and praying for World Peace without some sort of positive outcome!
  • And when that happens, we can all stop singing Go, Cubs, Go and start singing: “I got you, babe!”
  • Because if it means a World Series title, I will sing Sonny and Cher until I lose my voice!
  • So, there was my best shot at it. Let me read all of yours below.

Take care. Enjoy your respective Fridays, and let’s hope for the least amount of winter as humanly possible. You hear that, Punxsutawney Phil?

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax
  • Tony

    D.J. #1: Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.
    D.J. #2: It’s coooold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?
    D.J. #1: Not hardly. And you know, you can expect hazardous travel later today with that, you know, that, uh, that blizzard thing.
    D.J. #2: [mockingly] That blizzard – thing. That blizzard – thing. Oh, well, here’s the report! The National Weather Service is calling for a “big blizzard thing!”
    D.J. #1: Yessss, they are. But you know, there’s another reason why today is especially exciting.
    D.J. #2: Especially cold!
    D.J. #1: Especially cold, okay, but the big question on everybody’s lips…
    D.J. #2: – On their chapped lips…
    D.J. #1: – On their chapped lips, right: Do ya think Phil is gonna come out and see his shadow?
    D.J. #2: Punxsutawney Phil!
    D.J. #1: That’s right, woodchuck-chuckers – it’s…
    D.J. #1, D.J. #2: [in unison] GROUNDHOG DAY!

    Brian – There couldn’t be a more fitting movie reference than comparing the Cubs to Groundhog Day! It is perfect. I just hope it ends, just like in the movie.

    Here are some more lines from the movie, many fit all of us and the Cubs.

    [Phil Connors drives (because Ralph and Gus are drunk) right through a mailbox]
    Gus: Hey Phil, if we wanted to hit mailboxes we could let Ralph drive.

    Rita: Do you every have déjà vu?
    Phil: Didn’t you just ask me that?

    Rita: What did you do today?
    Phil: Oh, same-old same-old.


    Phil: [Holding Phil the Groundhog behind the wheel] Don’t drive angry. Don’t drive angry!


    Phil: [to Rita] I’m reliving the same day over and over.


    Phil: You wanna throw up here, or you wanna throw up in the car?
    Ralph: I think… both.

  • paulcatanese

    Sweet Vermouth? Ugh!!!. Great column Bryan,well thought out,clever.

    • paulcatanese

      I enjoyed the way you and Tony presented your posts. It’s amazing the way the movie and the Cubs are alike.Both you captured the true essance of the movie,and the analogy is perfect. I would not even try to improve the posts. Tony,you do have a sense of humor,great.

  • Gary J

    well… much like one of his early female conquests – if the Cubs were in contention at Labor Day I’d make a sound like a chipmunk from getting really excited

  • studio179

    I like to drink to world peace…

  • sean

    love this! im from punxsutawney!

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    I love the Sonny and Cher part that was funny, nice job Brian.

  • MarioC

    HEY! Who else could go for some flapjacks right about now?

    HEY! Who else could go for a power-hitting right fielder right about now?