From the Wire … It’s Official, Cubs Acquire Matt Garza in Eight-Player Trade

The Cubs and Rays officially announced the eight-player trade that sent five minor leaguers to the Tampa Bay Rays for Matt Garza, Fernando Perez and Zachary Rosscup, a left-handed minor league pitcher that was the Rays 28th round pick in the 2009 draft.

The Cubs paid a big price for Matt Garza by dealing Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee, Robinson Chirinos, Brandon Guyer and Sam Fuld for Garza, Perez and a minor league lefty.

Jim Hendry told the media that the Cubs “are not giving away the farm to try and win in one year. That couldn’t be farther from the truth with a guy like Matt Garza.”

Matt Garza said he is happy about being traded to the Cubs and is excited about being a Cub … and trying “to get this thing turned around in a good direction.”

Hendry said, “It isn’t often you can acquire a 27-year-old-top-of-the-rotation kind of guy that has three years left before he becomes a free agent in any kind of traded. Obviously with that comes trading some significant young talent back.”

Matt Garza posted a 15-10 record in 2010 with a 3.91 ERA and a 1.25 WHIP in 33 games, 32 starts. Garza topped 30 starts for the third year in a row and surpassed the 200-inning mark for the second time in two seasons.

Garza owns a 42-44 career record in the big leagues with a 3.97 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP in 121 games, 118 starts. Garza tossed the first no-hitter in Rays history last season and has six career complete games.

Matt Garza’s Page on Baseball-Reference

After breaking on the scene in the 2008 post-season, Fernando Perez dealt with injuries in 2009 and 2010, but says he’s fully healthy and looking forward to his opportunity with the Cubs.

Perez was the Rays seventh round pick in the 2004 draft and owns a .234/.301/.351/.652 line in 41 career big league games with two doubles and three home runs. Perez was the Rays’ 15th best prospect according to Baseball America prior to the 2009 season.

Fernando Perez’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Zach Rosscup, a 22-year old southpaw, was the Rays 28th round pick in the 2009 draft. Rosscup posted a 3-1 record in two stops last season with a 2.64 ERA and a 0.93 WHIP. Rosscup started eight of the 12 games he appeared in between rookie ball and Low Class-A Hudson Valley.

Rosscup struck out 41 and walked only nine in 44 1/3 innings.

Zach Rosscup’s Page on Baseball-Reference

With the subtractions of Chris Archer, Robinson Chirinos, Sam Fuld and Brandon Guyer and the additions of Matt Garza and Fernando Perez, the Cubs 40-man roster now stands at 38 players.

The CCO’s Cubs 40-man Roster

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  • Aaron
    • Gary J

      No it doesn’t say it all – the analysis doesn’t account for Chirinos (projected backup catcher that didn’t crack the top 10 Cubs prospects this coming year from Baseball America or any other publication) and Escobar (former #3 BA prospect for the Brewers in 2009 and #1 BA prospect in 2010).

      So this analysis is very flawed as it didn’t take into account the best prospect given up by either team in the deals. Escobar.

      Escobar is projected to be a star in the bigs.

      • The Maven

        I agree that this was flawed logic due to the exclusion of Escobar. However, with the inclusion of Escobar and Rosscup, you can call these two trades even. I don’t agree that Escobar is destined to become a star, but could be a good player. Now it would come down as to which pitcher you would prefer, Grienke or Garza. My money would be on Grienke.

      • Aaron

        good catch. I should’ve noticed that, but didn’t…..even so, the comparison is pretty good.

        You could throw in Rosscup, and I did some research, and found out he throws between 83-85 mph, which is pathetic, even for a lefty. This report was for the draft, so I have no idea if he’s improved it much, but if he hasn’t, then he’s nothing more than a Jamie Moyer type of pitcher, and Moyer was pretty special.

        By all accounts from what I’ve read, the Cubs paid a king’s ransom to obtain Garza, even though we gave up nothing but prospects.

        Scouts project Hak-Ju Lee to be a star at shortstop, especially with his line-drive swing. The scouting report on Archer is that he’s a future #1 guy with his mid-to-upper 90’s fastball, absolutely filthy slider, and a changeup he’s added.

        Chirinos and Guyer are said to be solid MLB players in the future, though most likely not as starters….

        Fuld is nothing…

        As for what we received in return…

        Perez is just another version of Joey Gathright…all speed, no hit, solid defense, but weak arm

        Rosscup, as I mentioned, better hope he can channel his inner Jamie Moyer, otherwise, at 83-85 mph, he’ll get eaten alive at the MLB level.

        Garza sure as hell better hope he’s a number 1 for us, otherwise, Hendry deserves to be fired on the spot.

        As I mentioned, I firmly believe this is a Brock for Broglio deal.

        Garza’s stats, age, etc. are EERILY similar to Broglio’s….and I think, despite Archer’s potential, that the true gem of this trade is Hak-Ju Lee. He will end up being like Ichiro…just watch…and I’ll gladly eat a plate of crow if he doesn’t….But I think you’ll see the Cubs got destroyed in this trade, and that’s due to Lee and Archer’s inclusion in it.

        As most of the baseball pundits have put it. Hendry had absolutely no business making this trade in a year the Cubs are expected to finish no better than 3rd place in the NL Central. The Reds, Brewers, and Cardinals have far more talent than the Cubs….and Garza is NO Cliff Lee, or Roy Halladay….and even then, do you realize that the Phillies also have a fantastic lineup.

        My question is to all the bleeding heart Hendry supporters out there…..Why don’t you go ask Zambrano (11-6, 3.33 ERA), Dempster (15-12, 3.85 ERA), and former Cub, Ted Lilly (3-8, 3.69 ERA) how our lame ass offense worked for them last year?

        The funny thing is, not a single damn thing changes…..Seriously…..Okay, you replace Lee with Pena. .251 avg, .335 OBP, .416 SLG, 16 hr, 56 RBI, 52 walks, 101 K’s while with the Cubs (totals on year with Braves and Cubs, .260 avg, .347 OBP, .428 SLG, 142 hits, 19 hr, 80 RBI, 73 walks, 134 K’s)

        Compare that to….

        .196 avg, .325 OBP, .407 SLG, 95 hits, 28 hr, 84 RBI, 87 walks, 158 K’s

        So, we’d be losing, essentially 47 hits, 64 points in batting average, 22 points in OBP, and 21 points in SLG….but, hey, we gain 9 hr, and 4 RBI….wait a minute… does that work?!? LOL

        The fact I’ve always argued is that it doesn’t make a damn difference how many home runs you hit if they’re all solo shots….It ultimately matters how many runs you produce, which is why guys like Dunn, ARAM, etc. are far more valuable to a team than guys like Soriano, Pena, etc., because they consistently drive in 100+ runs.

        Pena’s 95 hits are absolutely atrocious. Embarrassing actually….95 hits!!!!!! He’s NEVER had more than 138 hits in any season in the first place. Wow!!!

        So, to “upgrade” that atrocious offense that led to just one of our 3 starters with a sub 4 ERA finishing with 15 or more wins, we added a player that is actually worse than the one we traded away at the end of last year.

        The math simply does not add up, which is why this trade angers me so much, and will continue to do so, long after this trade has sunk in with me.

        Also, realize that unless Soriano has a season like he did with Washington before the trade, and unless ARAM is completely healthy, producing what he normally does, which is 25+hr, 100+RBI, there’s absolutely no way in hell you’re going to have a better lineup in 2011.

        I will just throw this out there, but I’m predicting a major sophomore slump for Colvin. He’ll likely hit about what Pena did last year but slightly better at around .210 or so…Castro will likely also have a slump, hitting around .280-ish, and Soto will be injured.

        When those guys hit slides, we’ll have Fukudome, Barney, and Koyie Hill to fill in for them…..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        To all the Cubs fans out there that like this trade, I’m sorry to rain on your optimism, but get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re going NOWHERE, and Hendry just mortgaged our future for a 3rd starter at best. 103 years and counting….

        • DieHardCubFan

          I am with you that I am not completely convinced the Garza trade was in our best interest. I hope I am wrong but I agree we mortgaged the future for the present.

          Now JH will declare that he has made 3 of the 4 moves he advocated after the end of the season and declare victory. He will also declare the Cubs a contender and have a shot at the World Series.

          JH should have waited at least one more year to have a better idea of what the farm system would provide in terms of ML capable players before starting to trade them away.

          Instead of addressing our most glaring weakness, the offense we did very little. I am sorry but Pena does not solve our problems. I just cannot see us as a contender this year given our poor OBP, no speed, lack of situational hitting and poor fundamentals.

          Will someone please take us out of our misery and fire JH!!

    • Ripsnorter1

      I like you alot, and I love all of your posts, except this one. The remark by the author that Fuld’s “only value is that he’s white and plays hard so Cubs fans love the guy.” What a racist piece of trash remark.

      Bob Brenly once said that he thought the Cubs should have saved the $15 million spent on Byrd and just let Fuld play CF for them. Brenly said that the Cubs could have won with Fuld in CF. In my opinion Fuld might have performed roughly equivalent to Byrd. Remember, Byrd drove in a mere 66 runs in 630 PA in 2010, batting .293 with 12 HR and 5 SB. Byrd got 217 AB from the #3 hole, 136 from the #4 hole, and 181 from the #5 hole. That’s 534 AB from the prime RBI hitting holes in the entire lineup, and he produced just 66. Fuld would never get a chance to bat #3, #4 or #5. He’d probably bat leadoff. But Fuld might have hit 8 HR, stolen a few more bases, and perhaps he could have hit .280. Fuld has a good glove, can play all three OF positions, and can steal a base. He’s a 5th or 6th OF on some clubs.

      Furthermore than man’s language was straight out of the gutter. That kind of language is, imo, a deal breaker. I don’t care if it was Ozzie Guillen talking,
      it wasn’t worth posting. And that is another reason why I hope Ozzie never comes to the Northside (besides the fact that he supports a Communist dictator, Chevez).

      Sorry to be rough on you, my friend. You’ve got a lot of baseball saavy, and I love reading your posts. I am just requesting that you post “clean” posts.

      • Aaron

        I scanned the post briefly, and didn’t even catch that the guy didn’t mention Escobar in his analysis of the trade, as I mentioned in my reply to Gary. I apologize for that mistake. Usually, I catch that sort of thing, and I didn’t even notice the bad language he was using….I’ll try to be more careful next time I post a link like that

  • The Maven

    You reported that Bruce Levine had said that if the Cubs deal for Garza, a second trade clearing salary would follow. Any word on that second deal?

    • Neil

      I have not heard anything on a second trade in the last 36 hours …

      • Aaron

        Wouldn’t you think that second deal would include trading Gorzelanny, a solid lefty whom a lot of teams have inquired about……to, the Rays….to re-acquire Sam Fuld, whom Hendry already misses….LOL….But seriously, I actually expect him to practically give Gorzelanny away at this point, and I just continue to beat my head against the wall as to why he still has a job

        • Aaron

          But, normally, if you look back over his trade/FA signing history, pretty much the only 2 transactions that came out of left field were when we dealt for Garciapparra, and when we dealt DeRosa away.

          In almost every case, it’s been “wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire”, and we’ve been able to forecast his moves. He gets locked in on a target, and whether he gets him or not, it completely consumes him, and prevents him from accomplishing anything else.

          A move completely out of left field in this case would be dealing Fukudome, as there have been no recent rumblings about Fukudome, but there have been rumblings about Gorzelanny, so I’m almost 100% certain he will be dealt, even though, being the only lefty we have in the rotation, makes ZERO sense….it’s Hendry, right?

          Right now, our rotation is essentially locked with: Z, Dempster, Garza, and Cashner (unless Samardzija, who is out of options, does better in Spring Training, in which case Cashner goes back to the pen), then it becomes a matter of Hendry wanting to eat Silva’s salary, or just pencil him in as well with his big salary. That leaves Wells, Coleman, and Gorzelanny on the outside looking in. It’d make the most sense to deal Wells, DFA Silva, and just go with Gorzelanny, but that’s the smart move, and will NEVER happen with Hendry making the decisions

  • Ripsnorter1

    I think Jim Clueless paid more for Garza than the Brewers did for Greinke. Too bad for us.

    I think Jim Clueless paid more for a second tier reliever than the Brewers did for a top tier reliever, Saito. Too bad for us. Saito is very, very good.

    Still, imo, the deal comes down to this: will Archer be a better pitcher than Garza? The last two Jim Hendry/Andy the Clown trades to Fl were:

    1. Matt Clement for Dontrell Willis in 2003. Willis won more games in 2003 that Clement, and for 3 years he made us hate that trade. We should have just kept Willis and pitched him. But he didn’t get a chance in Wrigleyville . . . .

    2. 2006 Ricky Nolasco for Juan Pierre. Nolasco is still pitching for them, albeit as a #4 starter imo. His career ERA is 4.45. Nolasco gives up more hits than innings pitched, he went 13-9 5.06 ERA in 2009; 14-9 4.51 in 2010. His big salvation is that he walked only 33 on the year, over 157.2 IP. The FL spent the year bailing his hide out of the fire. And don’t forget that FL’s bullpen was better than ours, and that they scored more runs than the Cubs in 2010.

    Still, Pierre was a bust here and gone after one year. Jim Clueless shoulda known better. Jim Clueless hasn’t figured out that it is On base percentage and Power that makes the difference. So what if Pierre hit 158 singles? He didn’t even score 100 runs! 87 lousy runs in 750 PA! 58 SB, 20 CS! His .330 OBP became an effective OBP of .3026. Gag a Eugene Maggot!

    So I fear Archer may make the jump to MLB this year and outperform Garza. That would be bad . . . .

    Otherwise I haven’t see Lee play, so I cannot judge his talents. He is an unknown at the ML level. If he is Felix Pie, we haven’t lost a thing. If he is Cal Ripken, well, we really overpaid. But we won’t know for awhile.

    And sure, we may not contend in 2011. No offense.
    But in Jim Clueless’ mind, it’s all about “pitching and defense.” Pena is a good defender. Yeah. Right. But he’s a good strikeout machine, too.

    If Z has his head on straight, he might win 15 games.

    Dempster, if he has control, might win 13-15 games.

    Garza may win 15 games.

    I’ve got Wells down for a bounce back year: 15 wins.

    That’s mighty good. And for a 5th starter we’ve got Gorzelanny, Cashner, Coleman (whom I like best to become our 5th starter). Forget Silva. Samardzija? Hahahahahahahahaaha. Give him a haircut!

    ST in 2011 will be interesting! It always is!

  • Ryanemery8

    Feelin good about this deal, gives us that top of the rotation guy that we needed! Not sure we will make any noise next year even though we have the makeup to do so. With our main RBI guy having a down year, I expect a bounce back year from him. Then the upgrades at first and the bullpen, even if they are just a slight upgrade, it helps. But this deal helps us past next year. It gives us one less hole to fill after this season when we have a ton of money off the books and could sign some much needed help. Everyones complaining that this move makes no sense because we wont contend next year. Well dont we have him under contract for 3 years! I like it! We gave away players who were blocked, and the only position player that wasnt, archer, and hes not a for sure top of the line starter, we acquired that!

    • Tony

      In this deal, JH just spent more of the money that is available for 2012. At this pace, JH will blow it all, before next off-season.

  • Ripsnorter1

    I was looking over Garza’s lifetime stats . . . .

    42-44 career . . . .

    9-1 3.03 vs ORIOLES.
    1-4 4.48 vs. Yanks
    7-4 3.83 vs. Red Sox
    5-3 3.97 vs. Texas
    5-4 4.63 vs. NL opponents

  • OttawaBob

    Aaron, Bruce Levine said today it came down to Archer or McNutt.. His reports are McNutt is the better of the two.. McNutt’s control is far above Archer’s. NO WAY Levine felt that Archer is a #1.

  • Rodriguezaml

    I like this trade……Garza is a solid pitcher who we can depend on, he has pitched in the beg games and kept his cool. He is a go get ’em im not scared of nothing pitcher. With Archer he has the tools but he has not put it together yet and he COULD be great but we know Garza is a MLB ready pitcher. We still have T. McNutt who was rated above Archer in the prospect rating and Cashner is solid. I just want H. Simpson to go through the minors and in the next couple of years and we will still have three solid startes under 30 that are home grown.

    Lee is two to three years away from being mentioned in the big leagues. We also have other SS prospects who are that far away from being in the big leagues still in our systems. We have depth in the middle of the field in our systems with solid players.

    Chirinos is almost 30 and will be a back up for years. Fuld, the reason why he was dealt was because he did not have any more options for the minors and we have better outfield prospects coming up (Golden and Jackson). Guyer is a third baseman but we have B. Dewitt and S. Castro in the big leagues that will handle that when A. Ramirez leaves after this year.

    • Tony

      Chirinos is 26, turns 27 in June. He switched to catcher around 2 years ago, and looks to be a very good defensive catcher, and is batting is better since he started catching. He has a chance to be a starter in the majors, but at worse, will be a back-up.

      Guyer is not a 3B, but that would have been helpful if he was a 3B, he plays OF.

      It was a lot to trade to get Garza.

    • jey518

      Hayden Simpson has done nothing so far to prove that he will even make it to the big leagues. I would rather have the guys that have at least played in the minors over someone that was drafted before recommended and then did not play a single game.

  • roseyc

    I’m not a JH either but I think he did good on this. Garza is one of the best pitchers in the AL and for the Rays.This is about the Rays beginning of the salary dump. If I were the Cubs keep and eye out for Longoria he would be a nice Cub to replace Rameriz. The Ray will slowly sink into obilivion until they move

    • Tony

      The Rays will be contending this year. They traded away a pitcher, they have already replaced, internally, for 414K, leaving the Cubs to pay the $6-$8M, that Garza will get this year in arbitration, and took away 4 good prospects.

      The Rays are extremely happy today, they needed to be blown away to deal, Garza now, versus July, and they were blown away.

    • Tony

      They will not be trading Longoria. His contract is a team’s dream, and model for all teams to emulate, a whole $2M in 2011.

      from Cot’s
      Evan Longoria 3b
      6 years/$17.5M (2008-13), plus 2014-16 club options

      6 years/17.5M (2008-13), plus 2014-16 club options

      signed extension with Tampa Bay 4/18/08
      08:$0.5M, 09:$0.55M, 10:$0.95M, 11:$2M, 12:$4.5M, 13:$6M, 14:$7.5M club option ($3M buyout), 15:$11M club option, 16:$11.5M club option
      if Longoria otherwise would be arbitration-eligible
      after 2010, 2011 salary increases to $2.5M
      after 2011, buyout for 2014 option increases to $4M

      club must decide by 11/2014 whether to exercise 2015-16 options
      2016 option may increase to $14M based on rankings in MVP vote
      award bonuses: $50,000 for All Star selection, $25,000 for Gold Glove

      contract purchased by Tampa Bay 4/12/08

      drafted 2006 (1-3) (Long Beach State)
      $3M signing bonus
      agent: Paul Cohen

      ML service: 1.170

  • Aaron

    The thing that gets me about Hendry, is I know he had to probably respond to a question from a reporter, but his reply was ignorant, “We’re not giving away the farm to try and win in one year.”

    Think about that statement for a second….Two things pop out:
    1) He’s already admitting defeat before the season even starts. Why? Because he stated they’re not specifically trying to win in one year, which begs the question….
    2) If they’re not making the deal to win this year, then why even make the deal in the first place if you think you can’t contend. Fact is, the ONLY newcomers actually expected to make the team (meaning I don’t believe Perez will make it) are Wood, Pena, and Garza. His comment also acknowledges a VERY legitimate point that he is, indeed, mortgaging the future, hoping to save his job this year.

    We were 16 games out of 1st last year, and 12 games below .500.

    So let’s examine their WAR values, which would allow us to see if Hendry really has lost his mind:

    Wood: 1.6
    Pena: 1.1 *Lee’s was 0.7, so it’s a net gain of 0.4
    Garza: 2.0

    That’s basically a total upgrade of 4 wins. This is a great indication of a player’s true worth to a team. If we would’ve gone after a Pujols (who has a WAR of about 9 every year), or a Longoria (who had a WAR of 7.7 last year)…and just FYI, BJ Upton had a 4.3 WAR last year.

    And just so you guys understand just how bad the Cubs were last year, our leader in WAR was Soto with 3.2 Coming in second was Byrd with 2.2, and what might amaze you is Fukudome came in third with 1.6. Soriano, at 1.4, was the only other player above 1.

    The Rays, alone, had 10 players over 1, and 5 above 2.

    And for reference, Adam Dunn had a 3.6 WAR last year. And also for reference, Dan Uggla had a 3.7 WAR last year.

    If Hendry had actually stuck to the most important problem facing the team in 2011 (lack of offense), and positions needing attention (1B and 2B in particular)…We would’ve gained 7.3 wins with Dunn and Uggla. And let’s assume Wood still would be on board. That’d be 8.9 wins. And if we did what I had suggested the last 2 offseasons, and gone after Upton, we’d be at 13.2 wins. That’s where you get above .500, and let the chips fall where they may. Now, I realize that’s not exactly how things work in the real world, it at least gives you a blueprint for how to get from 12 games under .500, to a competitive team, instead of just throwing crap at the wall and hoping it sticks, which is PRECISELY what Hendry is doing right now. He has absolutely no plan whatsoever for the present, or the future.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    Zach Rosscup’s page it says he only pitched in 12 games and 44 innings, do you know if he was injured or why he pitched so little?

  • Aaron

    Neil, this is kind of piggybacking on my last post, but is a question specifically for you, or anyone else on this site attending the convention.

    What I want to know is if there is anyone with enough balls in the CCU to ask Hendry in the Q&A session if they have a plan for the present and the future, and if so, what is that plan. If he gives a generic answer, which he inevitably would, something along the lines of, “Of course we do, but I can’t divulge that information to you.”

    Then, the person questioning should retort, “With all due respect, Sir, I do not think you do. And if I may….if you were going with a youth movement, then your moves the past few offseason make absolutely NO sense, as you have repeatedly blocked your own incoming talent from the system with aging, underperforming veterans. If your plan was to go with veterans, then if you’ve watched the results the past few years, I don’t know how you could possibly stick to that course…and if your plan was to infuse youth, then your plan at the end of 2010 completely blows my mind. Fact is, the lost season was a prime opportunity to let the prospects play to determine who is a prospect and who is a suspect, and therefore wouldn’t fit your long-term plans (if you even have one), but you guys rode your veterans down the stretch in an already lost season. So, excuse me if I am not a ‘Yes Man’, and don’t go along with every word you say, or that the PR department puts out….But, you, Mr. Hendry, have led this franchise from being on the cusp of something great, all the way back to loveable loser territory once again.”

    I give anyone permission to print that out, and during the Q&A session, you can blame it all on me, and just say some fan had a question he wanted to ask, but couldn’t make it to the convention, because he couldn’t justify giving his money to support a completely lost franchise.

  • Aaron

    here’s a legit link…sorry about the one earlier….but this is very articulate in why the trade was made, what it means now, and what it likely means for the future. These guys are spot on: