Rambling While Waiting to Hear Kerry’s First Ovation

Friends, family, faithful …

It is once again time for me to unleash my random, ridiculous and wry stream of consciousness on everyone as is it relates to the Chicago Cubs. As we plug along towards 2011, it is time to start dreaming of the small ball once again.

Pitchers and catchers report in two months. Baseball season is not really that far away.

So, let’s not waste anymore time.

  • Welcome home, Kerry Wood. You are still a class act and always will be.
  • Whether is was giving the Cubs a sizeable hometown discount or attending Ronnie’s funeral, Wood just knows how to comport himself.
  • Many people have made the following observation so I am not new to the party, but …
  • Joe Girardi is on the Yankees.
  • Mark Prior is on the Yankees
  • Larry Rothschild in on the Yankees
  • You know what is going to happen, don’t you?
  • Do you want me to tell you?
  • Larry’s towel drill will help Prior regain in ’03 form, and “Massive Calves boy” will lead the pinstripe playboys to their 28th World Series Title.
  • Joe Girardi will then change his number to 29.
  • Ryne Sandberg will then be named manager of the Phillies after Charlie Manuel steps down at the end of the season.
  • Most people will still tell you there is no such thing as a curse.
  • Two ex-Cubs hold the single-season records for homeruns and hits in Japan.
  • Yomiuri Cubs … anyone?
  • I don’t care if the Cubs had spent $5 million on Wood. He is worth every penny for reasons beyond the field.
  • This signing is very similar to the Maddux signing of ’04.
  • Here’s hoping that we don’t trade Woody at the deadline for a below-average shortstop like Izturis.
  • This is a young baseball team, and there are many players that will be well served learning how to be a consummate professional like Kerry Wood.
  • Think Crash Davis and Nuke LaLoosh.
  • Next thing you know Andrew Cashner will be going all, “This is a team sport and the team gets the credit,” or “I just want to thank the good Lord for his guidance,” during the interview.
  • Sidebar: I just want to thank the good Lord for everything he has given me.
  • Yes, I am 100% serious. You just don’t mess with the Big Guy.
  • Demp and Woody will be the clear leaders in the clubhouse. These two, along with Marlon Byrd, will set a great example for the youngsters.
  • Make fun of this point all you want, but I doubt you can argue it effectively.
  • Whether or not it’s a lost season on the field, it will not be one in the clubhouse. And that will be a good thing for years to come.
  • And by “years to come,” I mean when Lee, Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt retire.
  • WOW. It cannot be fun to be a Mets’ fan right now.
  • Nonetheless, the Cubs team will be very eclectic next season.
  • From baby-faces to chiseled veterans, this Cubs team will have everything, except a winning record … most likely.
  • Will Marlon Byrd really be okay sitting and watching Brett Jackson play two out of every three games come August?
  • Will Kosuke regret leaving Japan … if he hasn’t already?
  • He will play the happy camper role, but that is not why he signed here. Both sides will regret this contract by the All-Star break.
  • It is feasible that the Cubs will have $18 million of outfield contracts sitting on the bench.
  • And two-thirds of the starting outfield will take home the league minimum.

All these and many other fun stories await Cubs fans in 2011. But like they say with many things in life …

When you least expect it … great things happen.

Well, there is no doubt about 2011 … I least expect it.

Feel free to share your thoughts below, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans

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