Minor League Ball’s Top Cubs Prospects

The CCO’s look at the Cubs’ farm system continues with Minor League Ball’s ranking of the Cubs’ top prospects.

Minor League Ball recently published their preliminary list of the top prospects in the Cubs system. John Sickels pointed out that the grades are subject to change. Like Baseball Prospectus, Sickels feels the Cubs system lacks elite talent but has a lot of players that have a good chance of having successful Major League careers.

Brett Jackson heads the list once again, with Trey McNutt and Chris Archer right behind him. But Sickels has lost a little faith in Josh Vitters and dropped him all the way to tenth.

John Sickels’ assessment of the Cubs system … “The Cubs system is unbalanced. On the positive side, the Cubs have a large amount of pitching, including a large amount of high-ceiling arms.” Sickels mentioned Trey McNutt, Chris Archer, Chris Carpenter and Hayden Simpson. Sickels added, “There are some polish/command guys as well, and Jay Jackson is straddling the midpont.”

Sickels said, “The foundation for a strong pitching staff is clearly here.”

The Cubs system lacks a player that projects as a big impact bat. Sickels likes Brett Jackson and Hak-Ju Lee but is “losing faith” in Josh Vitters.

Sickels did not give out a “A” to any of the players in the Cubs system … but a lot of B’s, which is an improvement from previous years. Here’s how the Cubs’ system lines up according to John Sickels, including a list of players to keep an eye on …

1. Brett Jackson, OF – B+
2. Trey McNutt, RHP – B+
3. Chris Archer, RHP – B+
4. Hak-Ju Lee, SS – B
5. Chris Carpenter, RHP – B
6. Jay Jackson, RHP – B
7. Hayden Simpson, RHP – B
8. Brandon Guyer, OF – B-
9. Reggie Golden, OF – B-
10. Josh Vitters, 3B – C+
11. Robinson Lopez, RHP – C+
12. Austin Reed, RHP – C+
13. Alberto Cabrera, RHP – C+
14. Marquez Smith, 3B/2B – C+
15. Robinson Chirinos, C – C+
16. D.J. LeMahieu, INF – C+
17. Rafael Dolis, RHP – C+
18. Brett Wallach, RHP – C+
19. Brooks Raley, LHP – C+
20. Su-Min Jung, RHP – C+
21. Austin Kirk, LHP – C+
22. Jin-Yeong Kim, RHP – C+

Other players to keep an eye on: Jeff Antigua (LHP), Darwin Barney (INF), Welington Castillo (C), Matt Cerda (C), Ryan Flaherty (INF), Micah Gibbs (C), Cameron Greathouse (LHP), Jae-Hoon Ha (OF), Aaron Kurcz (RHP), Junior Lake (SS), Chris Rusin (LHP), Aaron Shafer (RHP), Kyle Smit (RHP), Matt Spencer (OF – 1B), Matt Szczur (OF), Tony Thomas (2B), Ben Wells (RHP).

John Sickels showed all of the depth in the Cubs’ system, which is more than they’ve had in recent memory. But it is still up to the players to do the work and develop to the point they were projected … and hopefully pass it.

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  • stormyweather

    Barney doesnt seem to be the most overly talented player. On the other hand, he did play on those 2 College WS winners at Oregon St. The one thing he does seem to do is the little things that help win. The young man strikes me as a winner, though not as a great talent.

  • stormyweather

    Thats been Wilkens trait wherever hes been. Hes always been a type who loads up with depth up the middle and in ptiching. Compare that to teams like the Cleveland Indians and Brewers, who always seem to have there best talent in Of or 1b/DH types. I happen to think Wilken has the right idea. Kinda like in football, where the winners build strong O and D lines and get the skill position players later.

  • stormyweather

    Campana is Juan Pierre jr. Weve already had a bad experiment with the first Mr Pierre.

  • stormyweather

    I certainly would have taken Caseys stats at 2nd for the Cubbies last year. We might have even made the playoffs. If Im right, his RBI total would have led the Cubs.

  • stormyweather

    Bob-Only thing id say about Greinke-dont forget, this guy skipped a year to get over mental issues. And thats pitching in a less pressured environment than what Wrigley would have been. At least in Milwaukee he will have Gallardo and Marcum to help ease the pressure to perform. Can you imagine this guy if he gets off to a bad start if he were pitching at Wrigley? or have you forgotten about another rather talented pitcher who couldnt get it done in Wrigley, One LaTroy Hawkins?



    • Tony

      That does seem to be a glaring obmission. Take these lists for what they are, projections about potential. They are wrong alot more than they are right, but that is baseball, where failure 70% of the time, is Hall of Fame worthy.