Cubs and WGN Begin Search for Pat Hughes’ New Partner

The Cubs and WGN Radio have begun the search to find a color analyst. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the search is still in the preliminary phase and Dave Eanet (WGN 720 Sports Director) indicated it could take up to three weeks to find a new partner for Pat Hughes.

Hughes will be involved in the decision that will be “a joint effort between the radio station that will employee him and the Cubs.” Tom Langmyer (WGN’s VP and general manager) and Crane Kenney (Cubs president) have “already consulted with Hughes” according to the Tribune.

Dave Eanet said they are hoping to have a decision in time for the annual Cubs Convention (January 14 – January 16).

Early reports indicated former Cub players were preferred candidates but according to the Trib, others will be considered.

Pat Hughes has spoken with both management teams according to the report from the Tribune. Hughes said he appreciates being consulted but he does not have the final say.

Dave Eanet indicated that the list of candidates will include those that filled in for Ron Santo in recent years. Dave Otto and Keith Moreland will receive interviews and other possibilities are Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe, Dan Plesac, Eric Karros, Gary Matthews and Mitch Williams.

Todd Hollandsworth and Doug Glanville could receive interviews as well according to the Trib.

The Tribune pointed out commitments to FOX and ESPN could conflict with Grace, Karros and Sutcliffe taking the job. Plesac and Williams both work on the MLB Network but it is unclear if either would be interested “in going through the grind of a 162-game schedule.”

As for a return of Steve Stone to the Cubs … don’t count on it. The Tribune mentioned the long-term contract Stone has with the White Sox and the Trib’s sources indicated Stone is “not expected to seek a third act on the North Side.”

As difficult as it will be on the first game from Mesa (February 27) and on Opening Day from Wrigley (April 1), Pat Hughes will undoubtedly handle the situation flawlessly.

No one will ever replace Ron Santo and whoever lands the job next to Pat Hughes in the booth should not be viewed as Santo’s replacement … but as Pat Hughes’ new radio partner.

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon
  • Neil

    Everyone should read the previous post about the new commenting system.

  • Matt Weaver

    Matt Haggard checking in. This is kind of neat. I’ll take it.

  • Tony

    No one can replace Ron Santo, Neil, you said it best. Pat Hughes new partner will be the start of a new era, and can not be compared to Pat and Ron.

    My favorite would be Rick Sutcliffe, with Mitch Williams as 2nd. Not sure if either would give up their current job, to do the daily grind.

    • Matt Weaver

      Where does Karros rank on your list? I know that he’s always wanted to come back. How do you feel about Eric?

      • Tony

        Not very high. Not sure why, but I have never cared for him, he wouldn’t be on my short list.

  • Tony

    I feel better now, I was worried I wouldn’t get my Cubs flag to show up.

  • Agustin_Rexach

    I still think Carie Muskat needs to find another job. She and JH are in the same league…. Just wanted to post something to check this new Disqus thing and well Muskat is a priority!

  • cloycub13

    Not digging the new system, not even sure if I am signed in LOL…. I guess we’ll see.

    • Neil

      How about now?

  • cubsklm

    With the overpaid underperforming outfielders we have, I say let either Fukudome or Soriano do the color commentating. Rotate, which ever one is not playing that day, or just mike them up during the game from the dugout. Falls into the category of “other duties as assigned by management”.

  • dan

    Ronny was one of a kind. Would like to see somebody that analyzes the game strategy. Dave Otto or Zonk get my vote.

  • Neil

    Thanks for all of the understanding and patience this morning … still working through the bugs, ran out of coffee last night. IE is still an issue and we are working on it.

  • $6059426

    I think Keith Moreland did a great job when he filled in for Ronnie and I would like to see him get the job.

  • cubs1967

    time to hire Cubs players only… the Bears do.
    hire Grace to replace Brenly and Sutcliffe or Moreland to take Ronnie’s place.
    Brenly is good………..but not a Cub.

    • Mark

      I agree Cubs 1967! I think any former Cub will go great with Pat Hughes.

  • ccannon

    Ron Santo will be missed, he’s a legend, but let’s be real, he was slipping in the last few years. I did love how much he cared for the Cubs and his emotions were evident. I seriously hope we don’t get Moreland or Otto, they’re terrible! Grace would be amazing. I’d prefer Hughes and Grace on TV over Len and Bob. Anyone else with me? Sutcliffe or Grace are my top 2 choices.

    • Neil

      Chad, I had no idea that was you. Great to hear from you!

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  • Aaron

    I had to change my name…guess someone else registered under my old one. Oh well. I dig the new system

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      Gramps … same for you.

  • Aaron

    there we go…I figured this out.

    Hopefully our fearless GM can figure things out as quickly…LOL

    we do NOT need pitching. PERIOD! The offense will kill us. Mark my words.

    • Neil

      Thanks Aaron …

    • BD

      I’m going to have to disagree with you. I think we desperately need to get an ace. I think the offense is going to kill us no matter what happens this season, if there is a front of the rotation stater available you gotta go for it. It may not have a huge impact this season, but it will in the future. I would like to see JH put his efforts into acquiring Fausto Carmona.

      • Tony

        I sure hope you don’t think Carmona is an ACE. Not even close. I don’t even consider him a #2.

  • sadowski


  • Aaron

    lol….i like this avatar better….It’s much more applicable to this season

  • Gary J

    Kudos on the hard work Neil

  • Ripken Boy

    Let’s all hope for Dan Plesac. He is not only entertaining (2008 Cubs and his conductor hat on the Blue Train) a former Cub and a great baseball mind.

  • gocubs

    when did moreland do the broadcast?

    • Neil

      Zonk filled in several times on the radio side last summer and stepped in for Bob a couple of times on TV … sorry I do not remember the exact dates.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    I’d like Todd Hollandsworth he did a excellent job filling in for Bob Brenly last year.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    Milton Bradley that would go over well! LOL

  • Guest

    Please no Judd!!

  • jw


  • jw


  • jw

    Test 3

  • Bryan


  • jw

    I liked Keith Moreland alot. He had things to stay that reflected a good understanding of the game and I learned from it and enjoyed it. Sutcliffe yes maybe Karros but I would prefer it not be Grace, Williams, Plesac or Otto.

  • lchuck

    Checking in from Fort Myers. Would like to see Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe, or even Mitch “Wild thing” Williams as the color commentor. A very Merry Christmas to all and again Neil a big thank you for all that you do. Temp here today will be in the low 70s.

  • Ripsnorter1

    I want to try out this new system. Meanwhile Steve Stone would work.

  • The Maven


  • The Maven

    Finally was able to register

    The person who gets the radio job should meet the following criteria:

    1. They should have come up through the Cub’s system. No one would know more about how the organization is run.

    2. They need to have played for the Cubs for a considerable amount of time. Its hard to understand the culture if you’ve only been around for a season or two.

    3. They need to be entertaining. These are big shoes you are filling. Don’t bore us.

    Considering the candidates mentioned, the only ones who fit the criteria are Mark Grace and Doug Glanville. Since Grace may unattainable, Glanville might be the way to go, unless someone else not mentioned fits.

    • Steven Petty

      um, am i doing this right

      • Steven Petty

        ok, I think I did this right. I am saying that we need a true Cub to be the replacement of Ron Santo. One that speaks with intelligence. One that speaks with knowledge. One that has Cubbie Blue running through his veins.

        Greg Maddux anyone?

  • studio179

    I cringe whenever I see or hear Crane Kenney’s name involved in anything Cub related. Granted, he is the team president…so I’ll cringe again.

  • Danny

    I would like to see Grace and Sutcliffe , We need someone to tell it like it is with this new ownership, which seems to be going back to the P.K. Wrigley days. Trying to sell us on a cracker jack box of a stadium and a poor product on the field and the front office. I have been a cub fan forever but we have come so close to winning, that is all i care to see now. Ron Santo was not a great announcer but was the most loyal cub ever and was the reason i have stayed true to this team, but the boat is rocking i can’t take it much longer.

  • joejoed

    Hire ‘ole SUT!

  • Bill T

    I think that you should give a long look at Dave Otto to replace Ron Santo. Over the past several seasons whenever Dave filled in for Ron he did an outstanding job. His knowledge of not only the game but of the cubs made it as if Ron was still there. His work with Pat Hughes made it seem like they had been working together for 20 years. The others may have played for the cubs but Dave is an ex Chicago Cub player and fan from Chicago. What more could the cubs fans ask for.

  • Debbie

    I think you need to get Dave Otto to relace Ron Santo. He was good enough to fill in for Ron Santo on a temorary basis so he is now a step ahead of anyone else you could get to do the job. He has knowledge of the sport having been a player but he was also born & raised a Cubs fan growing up in the Chicago area. He has a history that Cubs fans can relate to and a love of the sport that equals Ron Santo’s.

  • Brp921

    Neil, I really enjoy reading CCO. There is so much great information. I am a long time reader but have never commented. I guess now is as god a time as any to sign up. I will really miss Ron. I’ve been watching the Cubs since around the mid-sixties and Ron was one of my favorite players growing up. My preference for his replacement is Mark Grace if he is available. Actually I would love to see him as the color man on the WGN telecasts. He is a very succinct speaker and except for the very end of his career a lifelong Cub.
    I can’t tell if my comment posted either .

    • Neil

      Welcome to the CCO … and thank you!

      Your comment posted just fine … if you would like to make a profile go to

  • Davidjcrowley63

    ANYONE but Otto!

  • paulcatanese

    I hears Kieth Morland for a couple of games last year and thought he did a very good job filling for Bob Brenly. I would enjoy listening to him again,very informed and quick on the mike. They are all good choices. Ron will be a tough act to follow.