New Commenting System on the CCO … Time to Disqus

Something’s afoot at the CCO! Longtime readers, posters and commenters of the CCO will notice a big change to the site. We have changed the commenting system on the CCO.

Thanks to all of our readers, the site has outgrown the old commenting system. Many independent blogs have switched to a system called ‘Disquis’ and this appears to be the best commenting system available. With change, comes a little bit of inconvenience and a learning curve. We ask all of our readers to be patient with us during this change … one that we feel will improve the site in the long run.

Continue reading more info on the new system and how to sign-up to Disqus.

If you had an account on the CCO, it has been shutoff. You can click on this link and create a new profile … one that can be used across the Internet. Create Profile on Disquis.

You can also sign in and comment with existing accounts such as Twitter, Open ID or Yahoo.

Thank you for you patience during the change over.

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!


Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein
  • Vivid_Reality uses Disqus, it works pretty well.

    • Neil

      I hope everyone likes it here, thanks for the quick response.

  • Neil

    Hey everyone …

    As you can see we have installed a new commenting system and it will hopefully help with all of the errors that has been happening since May.

    For those that are unaware, the CCO was hacked back in May and has been a lot of fun trying to figure out what happened.

    We are still working through slight issues with Disqus and I ask for everyone to be patient and communicate with me. I hope to have all of the bugs worked out before Santa makes his annual run.

    I can be contacted directly at [email protected].

    Feel free to email or leave comments here.

    I really think this is going to work best moving forward and will help the site and the community continue to grow.

    • Neil

      Joe, I received your email and I’m working on the IE issues. Disqus is working on Firefox and Safari …. but not so much on IE. Plus, there will be a new left side bar soon.

  • Guest

    Test mobile

  • Billy King


  • BillyFinT


  • Tony

    Always improving the best Cubs site on the internet. Thanks Neil

  • Tony

    Always improving the best Cubs site on the internet. Thanks Neil

    • Neil

      Thanks Tony, we’re trying.

      Have something else in the works that is almost up and running. Gotta get the site working in IE first.

  • Fabio Ferreira

    It works

  • Agustin_Rexach

    I’m training to be an Iron Man.

    Hey it works!

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  • drodd

    I am pretty upset about this. I can’t read Disqus on my blackberry. This stinks.

    • Neil

      I will check into reading disqus on a blackberry … sorry. I know it shows up on the iPhone and droids.

      • drodd

        I have the same problem with mlbtraderumors on my blackberry

        • Neil

          Disqus is working on a solution for blackberry.

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  • Neil

    Thanks for all of the understanding and patience this morning … still working through the bugs, ran out of coffee last night. IE is still an issue and we are working on it.

  • Jeff in AZ

    Didn’t you attempt this last year around the same time? I signed up for the new system, posted, and then everything went back to the previous style. I don’t mind changing of course, but is it permanent this time?

    • Neil

      Hey Jeff, I did back in May. There was major issues then and had to switch back. There seems to be less problems this time around … but still stuff to sort through. The plan is to stay with it this time. I am dealing with problems in IE.

      Thanks and always good to hear from you

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    Everyone appreciates the tremendous job you do with CCO. It is a must read for every Cubs fan. So to you and all the CCO fans and participants – Merry Christmas!

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    Looks good

  • gocubs

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  • Neil

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  • Neil

    Still working on the site … thanks for all of the patience today.

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    Up and Running…..TEST?? Looking Good Neil!!!

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  • MikeT_2008

    Ok I think I figured this out, had to change my name a bit but oh well, a new system, a new year, may as well change up my name. Keep up the good work Neil