Quade Talks Cubs … and Piecing Together the 2011 Cactus League Schedule

Mike Quade joined Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy during Power Alley (XM Radio/MLB Network Radio) Friday. Quade discussed several topics, including changes that will take place in his first Spring Training as the Cubs skipper.

Quade said he will be more involved than some managers typically are during camp, especially in the area of fundamentals. Quade mentioned he did not see himself sitting in a golf cart watching, he said he will be on the field working with the players. Quade stated he will have the team ready to go out of camp.

Quade admitted the Cubs are “looking at first base hard, and it’s a priority, but we’re leaving all of our options open to improve the team.” Quade also said, “We feel real good about our pitching, so we’d have to be blown away to trade any of it.”

Mike Quade believes Tyler Colvin is an above average corner outfielder, right now, and he will only get better. Quade admitted they worked Colvin out at first base prior to his season ending injury and he showed good range and hands at first base … but it was only practice. The Cubs need to see Colvin at first during a game.

Quade said if Colvin can play first base it would give them some flexibility but it is probably a better fit for Colvin to stay in the outfield.

Quade discussed the Cubs strong finish but said they will tweak the roster this winter.

Starlin Castro has to get better defensively according to Quade. The Cubs were happy with Castro’s offense last season but he must make adjustments to avoid the problems most players have in their second year.

Quade pointed out the Cubs defense must improve next season and Castro has to anchor the defense. Quade, like many throughout the game, was very impressed with Castro last year and Quade compared him to a young Miguel Tejada.

Mike Quade sounded like he’s ready to get to work.

Cubs 2011 Cactus League Schedule
The Cubs have not released their 2011 Spring Training schedule but they should in the coming days. Several of the other 14 teams have and here is a majority of the Cubs’ spring schedule:

  • February 27 – vs. A’s – Mesa
  • February 28 – vs. Brewers (ss) – Mesa
  • March 2 – at Brewers – Maryvale
  • March 5 – vs. Padres – Mesa
  • March 6 (ss) – at Reds – Goodyear
  • March 6 (ss) – vs. Dodgers – Mesa
  • March 7 – vs. Angels – Mesa
  • March 10 – vs. Indians – Mesa
  • March 11 – at White Sox – Goodyear
  • March 12 – vs. Reds – Mesa
  • March 14 – at Mariners – Peoria
  • March 15 – at A’s (ss) – Phoenix
  • March 17 – at A’s – Phoenix
  • March 18 – vs. Reds – Mesa
  • March 19 – at Padres – Peoria
  • March 20 – vs. Giants – Mesa
  • March 21 – at Angels – Tempe
  • March 22 – at Dodgers – Goodyear
  • March 23 – vs. A’s – Mesa
  • March 25 – vs. Mariners (ss) – Mesa
  • March 28 – at Indians – Goodyear

March 6 is one of the Cubs split squad days. Half of Q’s crew will stay behind and face the Dodgers in Mesa while the other half travels to Goodyear. The Cubs will play a night game on March 19 against the Padres in Peoria.

The White Sox, Giants, Royals, Rangers, Rockies, Diamondbacks and Cubs have not officially released their 2011 Cactus League schedules.

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