Q’s College of Coaches

The Cubs made the official announcement concerning Mike Quade’s coaching staff on Wednesday.

Larry Rothschild (pitching coach), Rudy Jaramillo (hitting coach), Lester Strode (bullpen coach), Bobby Dernier (first base and outfield coach) and Ivan DeJesus (third base coach) will all return in the same roles they finished the season. Pat Listach will be Quade’s bench and infield coach and Dave Keller was named as special assistant to the Major League staff … a similar position held by Matt Sinatro last season and Ivan DeJesus from 2007-2009.

Dave Keller has been in the Cubs’ system since 2004 serving as the organization’s Minor League hitting instructor. Keller fits in with the Cubs plan of player development and building from within. Keller knows the system and one of his duties will be to assist Rudy Jaramillo.

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