No Dice on a Possible Fukudome-Matsuzaka Swap

The Cubs rumor mill received a big jolt Wednesday afternoon when Phil Rogers tweeted the Cubs and Red Sox were “kicking around the idea of a Daisuke MatsuzakaKosuke Fukudome swap as a part of a multi-player package.” Rogers’ tweet made it all the way to the updates on XM Radio/MLB Network Radio before getting shot down by Peter Gammons.

It is no secret the Cubs are trying to trade Kosuke Fukudome and his $13.5 million salary for 2011. The rumor mill has suggested in the past the Red Sox have shown interest in Fukudome but by Wednesday night reports out of Boston indicated “the team has no interest in getting rid of Dice-K.”

Kosuke Fukudome is entering the final season of the four-year contract he signed with the Cubs. Fukudome is owed $13.5 million and many feel the Cubs will have to send more than half of his salary with him if they can find a team interested.

Fukudome also has no trade protection and is able to block trades to 15 teams … the Red Sox are not believed to be on the list of teams.

Daisuke Matsuzaka has a full no-trade clause plus he is under contract for two more seasons. Matsuzaka is owed $10 million in 2011and 2012.

Daisuke posted a 9-6 record last season with a 4.69 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP in 25 starts.

Stay Tuned …

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